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  1. Do wrestlers always sound like that at the WTT level? If so, we need better mikes to capture it; that makes for some compelling video. Damn.
  2. Elam has never wrestled year round, and has only been in the Mizzou room for a couple months. I'm in no way saying he's going to beat Steveson, but anyone who thinks Elam won't be a top 3/4 Hwt for the next 4 years hasn't been paying attention to the results Coach Smith gets.
  3. Jack Spates and Brian talk frequently. I find it hard to believe the topic never came up. I just don't think he was interested in going anywhere else.
  4. Gowrestle, I'm surprised you didn't mention Mizzou. Brian Smith has been here for 20 years now and other than possibly Cornell, there is no better example of a team rising from obscurity to national prominence in the last 20 years, although Mizzou has now been a top team for over a decade. Not to mention PSU, their meteoric rise to the top goes without saying.
  5. Jarrett Jacques will be at 157 and could be the only true freshman out of Mizzou's stellar class to see the lineup this year. He'll be competing with Luke Fortuna for the spot. He is ready to turn some heads.
  6. Last year was Leeth's first on the mat in 2 years. Since he's already been granted two additional years after this year, he was technically a freshman in effect. With wins over Heilman and Lewallen, he'll be tough to beat the next 3 years.
  7. I'm not so sure. I know that at least one coach does not read these forums, and I'm sure there are others. Head coaches are very busy with things that actually matter, to their professional performance, their wrestler's lives, and their own personal lives. I'll bet at least one assistant at most schools keeps an eye on things, but I doubt many head coaches bother with this nonsense.
  8. Grant Leeth was granted TWO additional years of eligibility. Next year will be his rs Senior year, but he was granted eligibility for 2020 and 2021. https://mutigers.com/news/2018/5/17/-mizzouwrestlings-leeth-receives-two-years-of-eligibility-from-ncaa.aspx
  9. Dom Bradley was top tier. Brent Haynes was #1 or #2 at his weight as well.
  10. I can't find anything on the NBC app on my roku. What do you search for? Nevermind. Found it on NBC Sports, duh.
  11. This is such a great example of a lie, repeated often enough, becomes accepted reality. I'm not an American apologist, and we have gotten our hands dirty with the best of them, but we had EVERY reason to invade Iraq, the first time and the second, including full UN security council approval. https://www.un.org/press/en/2002/SC7564.doc.htm As for wrestling, I'm now considering not making the trip to IC. Not sure though.
  12. Miklus is heavier than he looks. He carries a lot of weight in his calves, ankles, and his cement shoes.
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