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  1. I know NCAA's ended a little while ago but life's been hectic for me recently so this is the first time I've been able to post this. I'm sure most of you, like myself, filled out your own brackets for NCAA's. I'm curious to see how everyone's brackets turned out. In other words, how many of the 80 All-Americans you picked placed. In addition to that, how many that you picked to All-American actually placed in the RIGHT place that you picked them to. I picked 57/80 All-Americans correctly. Out of the 57 I picked correctly, I had 23 place in the spot that I picked for them. Personally, I don't think I did that well this year. 149, 157 and 285 really hurt me. I was just starting this topic to see how everyone else did and to compare. Cheers!
  2. I would personally like to see both a Duel and Individual championship. Obviously enjoy the individual championship for the glory/rivalries/individual fans etc. The duel championships can be awesome because you're wrestling for something bigger than yourself and that's when you really see how wrestling is a team sport. Just like how there are upsets in individual tournaments, duel matches can be exciting to watch especially when holding or trying to regain match momentum. I will support an NCAA sanctioned duel tournament any day. Just my thoughts from my experience wrestling in/attending state duel tournaments.
  3. I laughed, especially at the kid on the medical board. Duke Wrestling did a Gangnam Style video a little while back:
  4. I would say Cory Cooperman should be in this discussion. He was obviously talented and battling through 141 during the Ware-Gallick era.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^ My mistake. I think a redshirt would be good for Rogers though. The kids obviously a stud and a redshirt will only give him more time to grow and develop.
  6. Latest word from out neck of the woods .... Jordan is looking to RS this year. He's good no doubt. YET, even for 90+ percent of incoming "studs", that RS year can pay huge dividends down the road. For example, if a kid has goals like a 4X NCAA Champ, that 1st year in the room as a RS, is invaluable. NOW .. understand this is from comments in early mid-summer. And there hasn't been much chatter on our local web-site. My hope ?? He takes a full RS year. Didn't he already redshirt his true freshman season?
  7. I think that Ruth, McDonough and Stieber are in the top three with no real particular order. Not only because they are talented wrestlers but also because they have proven to have set themselves apart from others in their weight class. I understand the logic behind the uncertainty of moving up a weight class but in Ruth's case, I personally don't think it will make a difference. Perry, Oliver @ 141, St. John @ 157 (If Dake stays at 165) and Kilgore are also up there. Again, proven themselves to be studs but I think that the competition aspect plays more of a factor and makes it a little more uncertain for them to win titles than the aforementioned. In my opinion, Dake and Taylor should not even be in this discussion. I think we can all agree that ONE of them will win a title this year regardless of which weight class each of them go. They have obviously proven themselves to be some of the top wrestlers in the entire field pound for pound. However, due to how close I think the match will be when they meet and because of the uncertainty of which weight they will be at come March, they are not in my list. At this point, I think one or both of them will win a title but I don't know which one and because of that uncertainty, they are not in my list for best chance to win a title. As I always say, preseason means nothing and it will be entertaining (like it always is) to see who comes out on top in March. Cheers!
  8. Oh no. Nope. No No No No No No. We already debate far too much on these forums to bring politics into the mix.
  9. Not exactly relevant to the topic discussion but I thought it was interesting seeing some current All-Americans names in there and how they performed: -103: Already covered in an earlier post. - Nauman: Already mentioned but impressive run at 3rd at 112. - Matt Moley (2x AA at Bloomsburg): 4th at 119 - Steve Fittery (AA at American): 5th at 119 - Quentin Wright (1x Champ. 2x Finalist at Penn State): 1-2 at 125 his Freshman year (Interesting Ha) - Alex Krom (AA at Maryland): 4th at 135 -Zack Kemmerer (AA at Penn): 5th at 135 as a sophomore(?) - Joey Eckloff (AA at Pitt? May have been his brother): 1st at 152 There are many others in there who have qualified, had Round of 12 performances, AA'd on the DII or DIII level, etc. Just thought it was kind of interesting.
  10. You are correct and in that particular situation, it is rather unfair. For the sake of argument, I think that this is an extreme example. I think the scoring system that they have in place now does a good job on ensuring examples like this do not happen often. At that point, personal pride means much more than tournament points in my personal opinion. I'd take a Round of 12 showing by my wrestler over a tournament point any day of the week.
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