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  1. Wrestling should certainly beat out Squash, IMO. But I don't find it surprising at all that Squash made the short list of sports being considered. We will likely see it in the Olympics some day. I don't see baseball/softball as real threat to beat our wrestling.
  2. And hit Ruth? Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire. Perry should just be pleased he got it done (barely) in 2013. Barring an injury, its not happening again.
  3. Not shooting this whole idea down. I like the out-of-the-box, but the premise that a material number of bball/fball players go pro is flawed. Very few go pro. The large % of fball & bball players are no different than wrestlers as it relates future earnings from their respetive sports.
  4. How did this thread get 3 pages deep without it somehow being hijacked into a Dake/Taylor debate?! We all know DT would have beat him in a national dual tourney. All kidding aside, I guess the event in its current format does not have the proper support to make it successful. If it did, it would not be getting sh*t-canned. But I gotta believe there is a way to make it work (profitably). How about simplifying it? Make it a 1 day, 4 team event (including a 3rd/4th place meet). Let the #1 seed have first option to host it. If they decline, offer it to the #2 seed, etc.. Hold it the the weekend before the conference tourney's. Have the same committee that handles seeding at NCAAs, seed the 4 teams. Select the teams 3 weeks before the event. Stop calling it National Duals and arguing if it should determine the NCAA champion. Come up with a good name for it. Have some top notch US Freestyle matches in between meets (invite guys who are graduates from the participating schools). That's it!! That's how we can get Dake/Taylor back in play!! I don't know if that works as described, but there's gotta be a way.
  5. These guys all finished their HS careers in PA undefeated so by definition they meet your criteria. There may be others who has their first lost as a Sr. I don't know of any though. James Conklin Jerry Maurey Mike Johnson Cary Kolat
  6. And Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.
  7. Perhaps this forum does need active moderators.
  8. Some have commented on here that Ed's style make it unlikely he will achieve success at the next level. Others are much more optimistic. Personally, I have no clue whatsoever. While one can hazard a reasonable guess about most of the other top guys, I feel just the opposite about Ed. We pretty much know already which of the others are going to pursue FS and even have an initial sense of which ones are likely to be true contenders for spots on the US team. But not w/ Ed.....w/ him, we (or at least I) have no freaking clue. Clearly he was so far head and shoulders above the field this year that he did not have to push himself. He is simply that good. But in FS at the OTT he seemed out of place and had a poor showing. Will he get motivated to become a great FS wrestler? Can he adapt to the different style? If the answers to those questions are both yes, he may end up being a beast version of Jordan Burroughs and J Smith combined. But by the same token, I would not be totally shocked if it went in the other direction. Let's all hope he is interested and motivated to master FS. God that would be a fun ride.
  9. Have there been any US Olympians you disliked so much from their college days that you actually rooted against them in International competition? If so, who and why? The pro/anti Dake/Taylor situation got me wondering if either might face this if they somehow managed to make the US team someday.
  10. Most likely tied to what else was on other channels that year.
  11. I'm curious to know how many points each earned but I don't really care that much. I guess the reason I posted about it is b/c it just seems like another example (albeit a nit) of wrestling not "dotting their i's". Kind of like when you sit down to watch a match being streamed and they don't start the streaming until half way through 125. Why not start it 5 minutes early? Why not list the points for the Hodge? How can you have guys calling the match say things like "stallmate"? Jesus Christ. I can go on, but you guys know what I am talking about. There are countless examples. At this point in time I view amateur wrestling second only the the NFL as the most entertaining sport to watch. It drives me nuts that so few see it this way. So every time I see something that detracts from the sport (no matter how big or small, it jumps out at me). Probably didn't need to call this one out b/c it is such minutiae, but I did.
  12. That's the attitude that drives me nuts. Whether it be streaming issues, info on the sport itself, ideas to improve mainstream appeal (like a date change), raise money, etc, etc.. There is such pushback. i Just don't get it.
  13. It says in the link that Dake got 41 of 43 votes and Ed Ruth got the other two... Right, but that does not answer the simple question of how many points each wrestler earned. I believe the top point earners were: 1. Dake 178 2. Ruth 89 3 Oliver 88 4 L Steiber ?? Why won't they just list them? Sry for bitching, having a crap day. Just don't understand why wrestling makes things so much more difficult to follow and get info that other sports. I really don't care much about how many points each guy got. Dake was the obvious winner this year.
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