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  1. Stanford also replaced a 90,000 seat football stadium, which once held the Super Bowl, with a 50,000 seat stadium. Why? (Luxury boxes?) I do not see Penn tearing down Franklin Field
  2. Men's is club varsity, but that is a technicality, allowing LU to avoid T9 potential problems. Simple enough, not an NCAA sport, also an unofficial Patriot League sport. Otherwise they are treated, pretty much, the same. This is why so many are idiotic to complain about women's rowing (which dates to 1875 at Welsley.) I suppose the PSAC teams may drop to D2. Lock Haven Would be least likely to downgrade, since their Field Hockey is D1
  3. I might have thought Stanford Rpwing was a bigger surprise, but they are non NCAA. I wonder if they consider themselves not competitive with Cal-Berkley, Like Lafayette not being able to compete in wrestling with Lehigh, despite being at the locus of HS wresting.
  4. Can Air Force survive when they are the only D1 west of Ames and Stillwater?
  5. In 1980 Cal Poly had 2 #1 seeds. They went 1-2. Admittedly Cal Poly had a nonseed place (8th)
  6. Teasdale can get three more D1 years if Iowa drops the sport
  7. It looks like the assault on Anthony preceded most, if not all, the murders
  8. The governor of Illinois is opening state park camping Friday 29. National Forest camping in Illinois is closed, save a site or two. In fact over 90% of federal campsites are closed. If you Crap in a gold commode, you have nothing but contempt for those who use vault toilets.
  9. The young lady, Lines in Emmaus, Near Allentown, my 60 year old friend and his wife are teachers in a 15 people per sq mi part of Maine, They are teachers and got it on an early march field trip. My Classmate lives in Little Rock. I have been on Zoom parties with folks in Vail , Moab, and Costa Rico all on lockdown. All professional outdoors-men. Also Have a friend in Allentown area whose elderly father died of it in a nursing home.Every County in pa has had at least 2 cases, and there are 3 with under 7500 pop, Why are cases where they are? Planes Asia kept landing at Seattle, san Francisco, LA throughout Feb and Early March, Including 1000s of Americans returning from China. Then there were 100s of thousands returning from Europe Landing at 3 NYC airports. Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Detroit, Chicago. The Americans were crowded with the Europeans for hours. There were no tests. Someone refused to accept WHO tests. Maybe Southern Illinois would have more of a Problem if Air Italia had a direct route Milan to Belleville Should we ignore Nuclear War because you knew no-one who died in Nuclear War? I did (so did Gimp, my cousin Bill)
  10. Although it was nice to be considered high risk, along with Football, competitive cheer and dancing were also included, along with Male Lacrosse. Actually, Wrestling should be considered highest risk, along with judo, and maybe some other combat sports. boxing might be worse than wrestling as face to face is worse than even constant touching. One thing a lot of people are talking about is fatality rate, whether it be, 0.3% or 3.0%. there is also the incomplete recovery rate. If a person has gone from before a 50 mile a week runner to an after 1 mile a day walker with an oxygen cart. Hard to say he has actually recovered. Consider something like this: Recovery 0. Death Recovery 1. Essentially bed ridden, maybe ok to get in a wheelchair with help Recovery 2. Able to walk with an oxygen card Recovery 3. From Runner to Walker Recovery 4. from runner to jogger. recovery 5. No change other than what would expect from say a month of Bronchitis. Etc Etc. I have seen no study on this. It would be interesting to see how any wrestlers or other vigorous college athletes have fared. Friends I have with recovery level. 28 year old super fit girl, Says she is fine. but a couple of miserable weeks. 60 year old guy; maybe milder than the 28 year old girl, his wife maybe a little worse. = And a 70 year old HS classmate. Only word I can use to describe him is solid. Better student than natural, better athlete than natural. Came out of the hospital with some kind of heart problem. Maybe not too bad but....
  11. 'Twas I who said 19 days after NCAA-BBall. Even with Playoffs, a single purpose Arena can work around a 4 day interregnum. If it means rotating the tournament primarily between the Penguins Arena and The Blues Arena, that is OK by me. With that date, and the first events of the season being between the end of Finals (say Dec 15-21) and Christmas, it would mean like a 12 day shorter season, which feels right. .If it were 5 days. NCAA might not like championships of their possibly 3-4 sports (ice Hockey) on the same weekend, The next weekend could be OK, just compete with a less popular (attendance wise) sport - swimming or indoor track?. The conference Championships would be the same weekend As Basketball, But men's is Saturday-Monday, so if most of the conferences have finals Sunday. Again, next year, may be a short season, so be it
  12. Pretty sure for many years there was an AHL team called the Cleveland Barons. I see that for a couple years there Was an NHL team by that name, which, it looks like combined with another team to become San Jose, Looking Further it appears the AHL was founded with a team called the Cleveland Falcons, that became for a long time Cleveland Barons. When the NHL team formed, the Barons moved South to Jacksonville, then Syracuse, then disappeared, I don't really follow Hockey, but being 15 miles from Hershey it is hard to not catch something on sports I did not know where the lake Erie Monsters were located- could have been Toledo.
  13. That would be a good reason to put it always in the 5 domed stadiums within the area wherein the championships normally occur. Actually, of the sites hsed over th last 20 years. AHL stadiums easiest to schedule around (des Moine, Albany, Omaha), but they are mostly too small. Then NHL only Stadiums, (St Louis, Pitt Maybe Buffalo, Newark). NBA stadiums next Cleveland- but they may also have AHL Teams (minor league professional basketball is the NCAA- thus NHL easier), Then, of course places like MSG, Philadelphia WFA, Chicago (UA), Detroit, with both NBA and NHL are tough (note do the Cleveland Barons AHL team play at Quicken or at CSU?) I think even a 2 major sport arena can work around a four night gap.
  14. The D! individual finals should be 19 days after the D1 Mens BB final give or take a couple of hours. It means the conferences will compete with the Frozen Four. It would seem to me that not big a deal. However it might be just better to have a short season, No duals before christmas, just some 1 day low pressure opens
  15. In the Showtime series last night (5/17/20) Bobby Axelrod was informed his son was about to be expelled from his ultra fancy New England prep school. Of course in his totally ethical manner Axe decided to dig up dirt on the Headmaster. What he found was that was the HM was syphoning $200,000 from an annual $1 million donation meant for the wrestling team and use it to bring in Syrian Refugees to work as domestics (not the Tour de France type). So is there any Prep School Wrestling Program that would not notice a missing annual $200,000?
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