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  1. If you brought YU forward in time from April 1, 1966 to March 1 2020 and told him he was competing against Lee March 2, 2020 he might lose. == and he might not, Tell him bout is march 1, 2021, and let him train modern rules and techniques for a year, Lee has no chance
  2. Reporter "How do you think you would fare against modern pitchers?" Ty Cobb. "I would hit about .270" Reporter ~"But you had 4300 hits, A lifetime batting average of .380. Why do you think you would only hit .270" Cobb. "I am 78 years old" ------------------------------------ More seriously, When YU wrestled the weights were 115-123-130, he was at 130. Lee would have likely been at 115, Desanto 123. Remember the wgt cutting rules were different.. Could he have jumped two weights and beat an Olympic Gold Medalists
  3. Hoffman almost Defaulted 3 days ago, from the knee. Obviously no long term damage.
  4. Hoffman beat Maurica 4-1 at Journeyman, but after injury, TB against Army, Almost defaulted in a 2-1 win at Penn, and only 5-4 over Maurica this time. If you don't think a knee injury, to a healthy knee has a career effect on a wrestler, you must be new to the sport. The Minnesota coaching staff's decision to complain about the call instead of be apologetic, is, (they received a warning) is sufficient for me to suggest a deliberate act.
  5. From the Same school that said Brayton Lee's destruction of Jimmy Hoffman's knee was not illegal, when it sure was illegal, and probably intentional. Probably set Back JH's results by a level or two the rest of his career
  6. How about a first period default to a teammate, with no competition points ie Takedown scored does not count towards winning percentage or RPI
  7. I would have said the only time in the last 30+ years where I have seen a couple (1-3) JV matches in D1 is when it is the last meet of a long tour by the visitors, who brought a couple of "spares", no longer needed to possibly substitute
  8. I think Lehigh weighed in 17 at Bucknell. Of Course Ed Peery use to weigh in more than 20 for a big dual, maybe almost 20 on their plebe/jv team
  9. are you talking NCAA D1 or HS or something in between?
  10. in the Harrisburg It is usually a Jr Hi meet, maybe with a couple JH exhibitions, Then maybe 2-5 JV matches Before the Varsity, And this is at all sizes of schools not just the AA schools, but the biggest ones Like CD, CC, CV, Chambersburg. Back in the late 80s thru 99 it was typically 2 mats for preliminaries, JR-HI on Mat A and almost full JVs on the other. But I was getting at was in the 80's at Lehigh frequently there would be a JV meet on Mat A and a HS Varsity Dual on the other, But I feel that all stopped circa 1987.
  11. When was the last time anyone saw a preliminary meet either JV or FRosh before a varsity dual, The preliminary either being between the same two teams or the visitors being a JC etc. I remember some at Stabler, so the 80's at least. Is there still a plebe dual before Army Navy? )I doubt it)
  12. I need to start binge watching. I have only seen about 1/2 dozen episodes, but it is excellent. 2 years at highland park HS I found another interview with her, on Kelly and Ryan. Unfortunately there was a substitute for Kelly, Kelly's son, and I think Husband, wrestled. Son and Husband were at the Rutgers Michigan Dual
  13. Take it from the $100+ I am forced to pay PSU every year as a Pa taxpayer I don't know Cinabun but he seems to be as arrogant an Iowa fan as You PSU fans are, But Andy the Troll changed the criteria for his bet. I can read so I saw it, If you can't read that well, it explains a lot
  14. You said ONE of those guys would score at least 3.5 team points at NCAA, Now you are saying allFive of them will score at least 3.5 team points, Kind of hard to call even JimmieC a welcher when you want to change the conditions of the bet,
  15. Paetzel of Lehigh sat out the Princeton open, But has wrestled 3 bouts at Journeyman individual, 10-2 in duals. but got a fft against Duke. He should get to 15 tonight at Bucknell. If it were still 17, he might not get there, good chance of a fft against Penn. Something wrong if you only miss one event and can't make it to the. 15 seems to make more sense. If it were 17 he would need to go to one of the Feb 23 opens, and wrestle until he gets a D1 bout Kutler would be in the same situation as Paetzell, sat out against duke. Except he was one of the few guys who got 4 bouts at journeyman
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