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  1. If he were to take a "full" credit load, would that not cost him the years eligibility? OK, I suspect if he didn't compete second semester next season, he would need like a Hangnail to retain eligibility thru 2023-24. When a football player comes in spring of what would have been his senior he can enroll and take a full course load, since Football is a fall sport. I guess green shirts come in two shades.
  2. Doug Vollaro Graduated HS early and took a course or two at Lehigh that spring. He defeated 2-time PIAA Champ Avaree Robinson. I think his only other competition 2011-2012 was Super 32? Pittsburg is in Kansas.
  3. RichB

    Whizzer-Origin of name?

    Pretty sure I typed Whizz meaning to urinate originate 1929, not 1839. Not a lot of rail line original construction since 1929. If Whiz(Z) appeared as a synonym for Urinate half a century earlier, the hanging from a rail term would not be unreasonable. Of course railroad construction trains likely did not so much whizz by as creep. I guess Wiz, Whiz, + Whizz are both synonyms and homonyms.
  4. RichB

    Whizzer-Origin of name?

    https://www.etymonline.com/word/whizz verb -- moving with a humming or hissing sound, such as a hummingbird, circa 1540, noun version 1620. Whizzer, = something extraordinary 1889 Whiz = Urinate 1929 So??????
  5. I guess another two categories, Boarding and non boarding. A lot of the medium sized cities in Pennsylvania have a Country Day School. Typically graduating classes of not much more than 25, total of both genders. Reading CDS, Lancaster CDS, York CDS, Harrisburg Academy, I think Moravian Academy in Bethlehem. No residence halls. most Catholic Schools are such (I thought LaSalle and St Joes had boarding, but I can't confirm this) These schools are all PIAA members. But there are definitely boarding PIAA schools, the orphanages, the juvenile offenders schools, Shady Side Academy.
  6. I have run into the same problem in reverse. Who would guess that Trinity, D7; St Mary's, D9; and St Paris Graham, Ohio; are public schools. I expect if a church is not in the name, chapel is not mandatory. Just occurred to me that in the movie, Deep Impact, would not the name of the "rescue" space ship, "Messiah" cause such dissent it could never get launched on time.
  7. Interesting the comparison of religious and parochial schools. https://www.niche.com/blog/catholic-school-vs-parochial-school/ Basically, a parochial school is affiliated with a particular physical church, not just a religion. So I expect many of the K-8 parochial schools, are truly parochial, that is they are affiliated with 1 particular parish church, although, today, I am sure they bring in kids from several parishes. But an actual Catholic HS is likely not Parochial. I expect some of prep schools you consider non-religious actually have an official affiliated religion. Like I just noticed Lafayette is officially Presbyterian.
  8. First post and you may have more bulls-eyes than some with thousands.
  9. In PIAA(wrestling), I got a count of about 30 unbounded schools. (Sugar Valley[everyone's 2nd favorite hs because they don't have Basketball] and Hope for Hyndman) are charter schools but essentially bounded, created because their larger school district tried to shut them down and give the kids 40 mile one-way bus rides) The 30 include, about 4 open charter schools, about 20 ride a bus every day type catholic schools, maybe a couple of catholic boarding schools, I believe 2 actual boarding prep schools, A school for troubled boys, and the Milton Hershey school. MHS was one of the strongest programs in Preps but immediately jumped to the PIAA first chance in 1973, as did most of the Catholic Schools outside of D12. Prior to 1973 there was one Orphanage in the PIAA, the Scotland School for Veterans Orphans, but it had that status, I assume, because they were owned by the Commonwealth. There are also dozens of private-Religious schools involved in Co-ops, both with Other Privates and Publics.
  10. RichB

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

    May I offer a suggestion? It is similar to the very common (at least in Penna) in HS 8 team 2 pool tournament with a double crossover. If you are not familiar, 2 pools of 4, using 4 mats. After the first 3 rounds, the 1sts wrestle the 2nds from the other pool, and the 3rds wrestle the 4ths. then the two 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, 4ths each wrestle. If the pools were reasonable the 4 strong teams wrestle each of the 3 other strong teams. and true 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 is established. Big 10 could do the same, sort of. Divide into east-west like football. each division wrestle round robin over 4-5 weeks. leave a weekend (or two) open. On the first day, (Friday if one weekend) all the Easts host: 1E hosts 2W; 2E hosts 1W; 3E; hosts 4W...... 6E hosts 5W. Then, Sunday, 1W hosts 1E,; 2W hosts 2E..... 6w hosts 6E,; 7W hosts 7E. Obviously the next season West hosts Friday and East Sunday. Obvious problem the 7s have an open date. this would not be a problem, if done for the EIWA (16 teams) or the Big 12(12 teams) So this year Penn st would host (who is 2nd in the West, Minn?) and Mich hosts Iowa, on Friday. Then on Sunday (or the next weekend) Iowa hosts PSU amd Minn would host Mich.
  11. The PIAA holds the individual championships on a pink mat. (I guess its suppose to be cocoa, but its not). So PIAA needs a girls championship. Anyway, to the point, many schools are "coaching" girls with the hope of the various states' Federations establishing the sport, so they don't need to bring the girls in from Calif or Texas. ESU, and I Believe Del Val, are starting women's teams, and they are right across the Delaware from NJ which just started Girls Wrestling
  12. NCAA may be finally starting to finally figure out what a bad idea it was to keep the D1 Tournament away from the East for all these years, and now you suggest moving the Prep tournament to a place where no school is within 500 miles. ?????
  13. RichB

    Horsehair Mats - Who Wrestled on Them?

    All my school had until 64. Started wrestling next season. So wrestled on them at practice and when we used 2 mats. When not covered you had to love the knots every foot
  14. RichB

    EWL MAC Merger

    I would worry that this combination would cause Bloom, Clarion and Eboro to drop to D2
  15. Auburn Hills, Michigan was the largest arena since the tournament, by well over 1000. However it was possibly the lowest attendance during that period (2007 was it not?). The arena is now closed, replaced by the new one downtown