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  1. I wish Swede Umbach was Alabama's new Senator. I don't know if he is alive, but I will bet he knew the three branches of the federal government, unlike Tuberville. To restore an SEC you would need 5 teams, plus missouri. Cost $150 million of endowment. $30M for each school, for a wrestling program, and two womens teams, and $1M bribe to the AD.
  2. Notre Dame was able to swindle the wrestling money because they convinced the widow to sign the funds over to girls soccer. The sons got the money back, but not the team. I think future endowments will be closer to ironclad. I suspect it is more challenging to have such arrangements at a public university..
  3. At Spooky Nook? Shady Maple may be in an interesting position. (maybe the nations biggest smorgasbord, but closed Sundays)
  4. Jewish Studies and Wrestling. Sounds like there needs to be a statue of Henry Wittenberg at the entrance. Looks like there have been about 5 other Jewish Wrestling Gold. 1 Hungary, the others Soviet
  5. Last year I got the three different Lehigh TShirts. Did not get a chance to use them. Could I send them 3 cutouts?
  6. Earliest competition For Pa Jan 8, if the school has already had about 10 practice dates. with no practice dates so far, it would be the 14th. I think something similar to No Carolina makes more sense. Vaccinate the Wrestlers, coaches officials with underlying conditions. Vaccinate coaches and officials over about 55
  7. with a 11 man bracket there is 1 chance in 8 of a given seed being in a position guaranteed 8th With a 9 man bracket there is 5 chances in 8 of a given seed being in a position guaranteed 8th With a 10 man bracket I think 3 chances in 8 of a given seed being in a position guaranteed 8th With 8 it is certain, with 12 it is zero. I think 3 of the guys in a 7 man bracket would be guaranteed 6th
  8. In an 11 man bracket, exactly one of the 8 seeds is guaranteed at least 8th place. It is the seed who gets a bye in the 1st round, and is in the quarter bracket opposite the quarter bracket that has both seeds getting a first round bye. It has nothing to do with which one of the 3 non seeds he would draw in the first round. When I Went to EIWA Friday, reports had that all the coaches agreed they would do that, to make sure they had the best chance of winning getting a B1G NCAA champ at that weight. Nothing wrong with that, just as there was nothing wrong with, for example, choosing three 8ths and nine 7ths for your twelve wildcards. I was at BJC Sunday and noticed Siebert did not wrestle, as expected. Until you pointed out that Siebert and Illinois's coach must have decided to earn the spot at the tournament. So I guess you have convinced me that B1G is not as tough as I thought. The salient point is that, except for the accidents of the bracket, sometimes 3rd would have defeated 2nd, 5th def 4th, 7th def 6th. So 9th may beat 8th, and if the formula comes up with 9th deserving then they it is not much more unreasonable that they qualify and place than 8th. I assume that the bracket is correct on Jay's site, even though that years 190 B1G is a mess, which I am sure was not Jay's fault.
  9. Eric Seibert of Illinois in 1998 finished 8th, in B1G then won NCAA. Of course he went into B1G ranked #1 in the nation. forfeited all 3 bouts. But the coaches agreed they would keep re-drawing the "random" bracket until the one variation came up that guaranteed the #1 seed minimum 8th, so he could wildcard in
  10. Obviously no driver to driver transmission on the track would be bear impossible. Obviously transmission within the team, drivers, owners, pit crew, other mechanics, other support staff is possible. But certainly teams can be kept separate. I guess a pit area is 8-10 meters apart (center to center). Transmission between teams would be rare, it would be like volleyball setting a rule forbidding anyone crossing the attack lines, 3 meters from the net.
  11. $10M won't save the program. Will $300M? Bertand Russel. : Young lady will you sleep with me for 1M pounds Girl : Yes I guess So Would you sleep with me for 5 pounds? What kind of a girl do you think I am? Lord Russel: We have already established what kind. Now we are just haggling over the price
  12. A scale like that has to be logarithmic, so right in the middle. No one should graduate HS without being able to use a slide rule.
  13. D1 Wrestling is fun? (yeah, I know, Cael)
  14. When I see a PSU game, The lower Bowl of BJC is rarely half filled. Much less the upper bowl. Thousands of season tickets are sold because it guarantees priority for football tickets. I suspect that Rec Hall wrestling meets are 90-99% full, unless inclement weather. I know they had a good team last year, unfortunately, there website is not amenable to looking into the past
  15. Just some info. 60 minutes Sun Dec 6.2020. Middle segment on the whacking of non revenue, nothing other than an image or two on wrestling. focused Minn M Gymnastic. Interesting than the sport in the 70s ad 150 (all levels I think teams, and are down to 13. (I think many of us new that number was in the teens) ? do Ice Hockey and wrestling out draw BktBall at Minn. I think PSU Wrest and Hockey outdraw the real people at bball. Of course back in the 70s when Minn Gymn coach was at PSU, Ice Hockey wasn't varsity But Wrestling and Gymn outdrew BBall
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