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  1. One thing occurred to me. The four guys seeded in the 30's 4 guys who probably got to the tournament by over performing. You probably want to be 32 or 33. Figure the 32 guy has a 51% chance of winning that bout and giving his team 1 team point. The 33 seed therefore has a 49% of chance winning that point. Either then has a likely 98% chance of losing to the #1 seed then likely another loss. The loser of 32-33 likely wrestles the 30 seed. and that winner picks up a half point for his team. The 31 seed of course has to wrestle #2 then 15 or 18, maybe a 90%+ chance the 31 scores 0. Obviously I hate to take a chance away from 10 guys to go at nationals, and wish the bracket were expanded to 36 or 40. But is there something wrestling could trade to the NCAA for those 10 slots (maybe increasing wrestling scholarships from 9.9 to 10.0
  2. Will the restaurants understand the tourney is coming? I have been to 3 of the 4 (I think) nationals in OkCity, at the Myriad and Ford Center, and the restaurants were never prepared And they never figured it out. And OkCity is between OkSU and U of Ok. Tulsa has nearby Tulsa (and Oral Roberts?), with never wrestling. But I will be there
  3. Gimp can help you out on fashionable no socks
  4. I left some doubt to try to encourage you to go to the site, and see the story. Sadly, apparently, you do not care if he lived or died.
  5. At 7:35 AM (EDST) this morning (2022/02/30) Good Morning America was running an article on a Base Jumper whose parachute caught on the cliff. I wasn't paying close attention until they mentioned he was a wrestling coach. Went back and saw it was Johnnie DiJulius, who is now an assistant at Harvard, and a stunt man. Sadly, they did not mention he was part of an NCAA championship team (OhSU), part of the only program to win the two most important championships, Football and Wrestling) in the same school year.
  6. looking at 1968, only 6 were seeded. As late as 1975, they only seeded 10, but 9+10 were made irrelevant, thrown back with the unseeded, if the first 8 mde weight and passed medical the next day. It looks like about half the entrants for the tournament would not be eligible today. 2/3 are at schools that no longer have wrestling and 1/3 are at schools that are now D2, D3, or NAIA (some of the small schools may have dropped wrestling since, but I did not bother to look them up) I was surprised MIT had 3-5 guys there. MIT use to brag about having the most varsity Athletic programs in Cambridge Mass, because Harvard has the most in D1. Sadly, their wrestling team is no longer varsity status, about 10 other sports were also dropped
  7. I assume this is scorers table time. 6 minutes if a regular decision, Up to 8.5 minutes if the top guy rides out an UTB, less than 6 minutes if pin, default DQ?? In Pa I observe the AA pigtails, and 8th finals are about 9.5 minutes from the starting whistle of a bout to the starting whistle of the next bout. maybe 30 seconds more for the 1/4 finals and another 15 seconds for semi finals. Finals of course are more complex: waiting for completion of place bouts, awards etc. About 20 seconds more for AAA.
  8. RichB

    NCAA Mats

    Resilite makes Mats for schools and allows some to be used for the PIAA dual and individual championships. Then they got the HSs who ordered them. (HERCO - Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Co) also owns as many as 4 including a couple they no longer use. The NCAA use to do the same. I remember Albright College ordering 2 that were used at Maryland 1987 or 1990., Then Sadly they dropped the program, just a couple years later. It seemed that the next time I was at NCAA at Cleveland State, NCAA had gone to the plane jane mats they use now, mostly Blue, black, and dark green (just Blue and black this year). I think it would be wise to have 10 unique color mats, plus 2 championship light dark blue mats. Sometimes, it is easier to refer the mat color than mat number, when telling some to look closer at Bout X. (A champ mat, and 5 colored mats each for D1, And D2.)
  9. I had a fire and lost a lot of my T-Shirts.But I think my favorite was preceding the 1984 Olympics in L A. It showed our mascot, Sam the American having just pinned Misha the Soviet Bear(their mascot for the 1980 Olympics.). I think Sam had a foot on Misha's chest. (in NCAA, even PaSU or Iowa would have gotten a penalty for that)
  10. In PIAA AA 172, five of the top six place winners had older brothers, possibly a cousin or two, who won eight State titles.
  11. 1n 1975, syracuse had two champs, and Pitt, which was still in the league had one.
  12. Spooky Nook would have been a good option.
  13. One thing. There has always been a 145 pound weight class. I see no reason the Federation changed that weight to 146 for 13 classes. Just keep what Pa chose.
  14. Without proof, just estimating, if 160-170-182-195-220-285 were changed to Pennyslvania's 160-172-189-215-285 The Wrestlers might be: 160-80 172-94 189-88 215--88 285-88 so 438 new wrestlers vs 449 current, so losing 1 weight class from the hose above 152. Sounds bad. What if we kept the current weights from 145 up and went back to the weights below 145, thus increasing total weights to 15. I(maybe the lowest weight being 105 not 103)? I would guess about another 10-12 wrestlers. Basically, increasing the number of weight will always mean more guys taking the mat, if not wrestling, but more forfeits. Decreasing the number of classes, fewer guys take the mat, fewer guys forfeit. So any collection of weights is a compromise. Maybe the choices should National Federation should have given the choice of a plan for 11-13-15, if we were to agree an odd number of weights is better 12-14-16 or 10-12-14 if you prefer an even number of weights. Nothing is perfect nationwide. States allowing sub 9th graders means smaller average kids (
  15. I had forgotten Bordley. Ringing a bell is how Quasimodo went deaf. Quasimodo is 54 days from today (2022-03-01)
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