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  1. RichB

    ESU adds women's wrestling.

    How many weights is NJ going to have?" In theory you could hold it at giant over first 4-6 sessions by usin 8 then 6 mats, but the problem is guys have 2 classes, and obviously girls would start with one class
  2. RichB

    ESU adds women's wrestling.

    There has been an unofficial tournament the day after PIAA finals for several years. PIAA could take it over and hold it at the Giant Center the day before. 16 high schools in the Lehigh valley league are 5 or 6 A (football count) they could certainly form a league of girls, maybe 10 weights.
  3. Chicago is the easiest city in the country to get to, certainly for wrestling fans. The only rivals among big cities for ease of auto transportation would be St Louis or Indianapolis, or maybe somewhere in Kentucky or Tennessee, but those cities have no where near as many airline flights. Most of the other top 10 airports are on the nations periphery, Atlanta La, NYC etc. The only other contender would be Denver but about 10 programs are west of there and 70 east. So the advantage of Chicago is being able to quickly make plans to get there. Not essential for NCAA, as most fans make a decision to go there months ahead. So to me Wintrust might be best utilized by wrestling for some type of national duals involving qualification. (Allstate Arena is actually, I assume, to get to because of "right next to O'Hare", and not driving into the heart of the city[I assume} but Allstate is more like 17,000, I guess less intimate and more expensive). So if a national duals is ever re-established, (except like the early ones where 16 teams are invited 8 months ahead.), Chicago seems the city and Wintrust (maybe) the facility. I will now throw in my suggestion for practical national duals that truly gets the years best teams: 4 "regional" tournaments (Regional like basketball regional) hosted by colleges that could not, that year be considered top 30.All on the same weekend Fri+Sat or Sat+Sun, 20 teams assigned to each region, which of course means adding 1 or 2 D2, D3, or NAIA teams to each. The 4 highest ranked teams from each of the regionals, instead go to Chicago National duals. All the Colleges will have planned to go to a dual meet tourney that weekend, so nothing unexpected. 64 teams will have pre-planned travel. Those 16 who changed their travel plans, have changed to the easiest city to get to. Cut down on the meat grinder National Duals can be. Ever team wrestles four Duals, two each day, probably (maybe 3 + 1). Pre season seed the top 24 or 32 distributing them between regionals.
  4. RichB

    Wrestling Mats sliding

    Duct tape on a wrestling mat does not sound like a good idea
  5. RichB

    most SV losses in one dual?

    About a dozen years ago my HS had a 215 pounder who lost the toss in 3 straight bouts of a round robin style tournament, then did not have the choice in a dual(against the same opponent as the final tournament bout). In all 4 bouts the opponent had choice after a scoreless first period, chose down, escaped which meant he would have choice in the ultimate tiebreaker. all ended up 1-1 after regulation, all then 2-2 after six periods, and all then opponent chose bottom in UTB to win 3-2
  6. RichB

    Hands to the Face Penalty - New Emphasis

    17 years overdue
  7. RichB

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    In 1988+89 Pa had 5+6 champs. forget which year had more
  8. RichB

    Lehigh at Iowa

    The 1993 LU-PSU dual featured the Nittany Lion going onto the mat to erase the marks caused by Kolats shoulders as he pushed himself off the mat. That is to say everyone in RecHall, except the ref saw that when Cary did that backflip thing out of a single leg, McCumber caught and pinned him. Multiple time LU NCAA place winners Cassidy and Hepp Lost close bouts to Sunderland and Bob Hart, NCAA finalists. Worst injury situation ever might have been Bloomsburg 1971-72. 35 Guys on the roster. Entered ES(not yet U)U open with like 14 healthy guys. Scrimaged Lehigh the next day. Left the Sheridan wrestling room with 9 guys healthy enough to compete. The lost Shorty Hitchcock and Ron Sheehan (and one other eventual NCAA place winner) over the weekend. That week they decided to suspend the entire season, NCAA gave everyone an extra year of eligibility.
  9. RichB

    States using different weight classes than NFHS

    The Majority of Schools with Wrestling in Pa have fewer than 600, probably fewer than 575 kids in the top 3 grades
  10. RichB

    States using different weight classes than NFHS

    Do you realize the smallest Public school in New Jersey would be in the middle third of school size in most states. That is to say, the smallest school [maybe the second or third smallest} might only be the 150th smallest of 450 in Pa. And in states like North Dakota or Wyoming it might be in the top half sizewise. If your school always carries a 25-38 man roster a forfeit may be a rare event, a freak distribution. if You have 1/3 of the boys in the school out for wrestling, and it is only 18-22 boys forfeits are inevitable. It is a real problem, but half the folks on this board are only capable of platitudes as solutions.
  11. NO. Roger Reina, according to Boomer's database, entered 2 EIWAs and was 0-4. not listed in his Jr year, apparently[?] could not break into the lineup of the last place team. in other words - not round of 12 in 16 team EIWA. Possibly the most successful Ivy coach of the 2nd half of the 20th century..
  12. RichB

    States using different weight classes than NFHS

    Bob Dole. Choosing the weight to opt out would obviously not be a night of weigh in process. It would be either for an entire season, or maybe you could revise [or end] your opt out weight once during the season. The following might be suggestions for those who want totally different weight class structures. AAA or the National Federation standard =============14 classes = 106-113-120-126-132-138-145-152-160-170-182-195-220-285 AA or the standard of states wanting fewer classes ===== 12 classes = 108-115-122-128-135-141-148-156-168-180-200-285 Obviously this is very chaotic. And it still might not solve the "too many forfeits" problem. For Example, a small school coach just cant find anyone whose certification weight is under 118. With 14 weights he has 12 wrestlers and 2 ffts, With 12 weights he still has 2 ffts. Under the opt out plan, he would declare, "we cannot field a 106 pounder, likely for the entire year unless someone moves in." He still must surrender six points at 113, but does not begin each dual down twelve. And if he goes up against a large school with a large roster he still fields 12 guys at their better weights. The opt out system is the answer to your second paragraph problem, no one changes weight classes just because they go against schools in a different classification. No perfect solution exists, but as long as there are small schools, or too many disinterested/discouraged kids, we must choose the least bad.
  13. RichB

    States using different weight classes than NFHS

    The idea of fewer weight classes for smaller schools, like 6,8,9 man for football. How about, with the present 14 classes [106,113, .... , 220, 285] require any team to field the even classes [113, 126, 138, 152, 170, 195, 285. Teams would be allowed to "opt out", i.e. avoid a forfeit penalty under certain restrictions. For example, in a state with 3 classes, an AAA school could declare "we cannot field a 106 pounder," their opponent might declare no 220 pounder, so there would be 12 "contested" bouts. [a team may still fft a second waight, say 113, or 285, or even another odd weight, like 120 or 182]. AA teams may opt out of 2 weight classes, and A teams might opt out of 3 classes. So, possibly a dual between two very small schools with fairly weak programs might end up with only 8 bouts.
  14. RichB

    States using different weight classes than NFHS

    I would like to see both 92 and 99 pound weights added, but I would like to see all 9th graders up with the JV-Varsity [Jr-Hi being renamed as Middle School] 92-99 would not be weights competed in Varsity Duals, or in the State Tournaments [unless sub 9th graders are part of the State individual tournament, like NY]. 92-99 would, of course, be part of JV Duals, JV tournaments. 92-99 could also be part of in season individual tournaments, either as point scorers or exhibitions. 30-45 years ago I often attended Pa "Christmas Tournaments" with an 88 or later 91 class, usually exhibition.