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  1. So in Pa it is ~7 of the ~20 Pa schools with at least one D1 Sport
  2. Also Shorty Hitchcock 1974 NCAA ow. I thought they had an NFL all-pro, but I don't see him on any list. So but they did have a lot of success in F Hockey and softball
  3. In Pennsylvania, arguably 9 schools could say their best sport was wrestling or best athlete was a wrestler. PSU and Lehigh of course. The four PSAC D1 teams. ESU best athlete likely Cuvo. Slippery Rock, no longer has a team, but wonder if they had a better athlete than Dzeidzic (sp), NCAA D1 champ, Olympic Bronze, World Gold. and maybe F+M. I suspect in all cases their may be a counterview (even Lehigh- prior to 1928, prior to it being an NCAA sport LU Lax, won 5 national titles and sometimes drew nearly 10,000.)
  4. Power league= BYU, Liberty, SMU, Oral Roberts.
  5. yep. I suggested it also. Unfortunately, Bucknell is about 30 minutes of Longitude farther west than Cornell
  6. If a team is forfeiting the last two weights, they will likely forfeit the last two if classes go from 14 to 12, and lose two starters If a team is forfeiting the first four weights they will not go from four forfeits to two. They will go from Four to three and lose a starter.
  7. How many were certified at each weight?
  8. There are two philosophies about how weights should be distributed. That each weight class should have the same percentage of the weights 10 weights 10%, 12 weights 8.333%, 14 weights 7.143%. OR should they be on a Bell Curve. For 10 weights, the lowest and highest maybe 8%, maybe next highest and next lowest 9%... and the two in the middle 12%. In either case you could expect the most forfeits at the lowest weight, unless you set up a system whereby one certifies at a weight, and can only compete at that weight, never going up. (that would be a wrestler certs at 144.9, he cannot wrestle 160, cannot even wrestle at 152. Obviously unacceptable Of course another question would be, if bell shaped how bell shaped 8-9-10-11-12 or 9.0 9.5, 10.0, 10.5, 11.0? Another thing. The new classes could also be considered the older (F1990 to S2011 in Pa) top 7 classes, but only 5 of the lower 7. (yeah 171-189 would be replaced 170-190)
  9. There are 14 sections in Pa AAA. I can't help you don't know how to find all the data, you seem to know everything about Pa wrestling, whereas I have only been involved 57 years the entire PIAA AA, AAA, Sections Districts, sub districts, conferences 106-305, 113-302, 195-304, 220-306. Obviously within the range of miscounts. (You do realize PIAA, does not do statistics well. Look at the stats they give to the National Federation. Every sport counts athletes by multiplying an integer by the number of schools wrestling 20, Vball(b+G) 18, Outdoor track 40.) Significantly different from when you tried to pass off 103 data as 106
  10. Only 99 schools entered Wrestlers in this years PIAA qualifiers???? 470-480 would be more accurate. No District Tournament had 99. No sectional Tournament had 99. and the Regional tournaments each had the same number per weight, unless someone withdrew too late to be substituted for. So the entity closest to 99 schools is D3 with 91 schools. Entrants 106-63 - 113-60 - 195-62 - 220-60 I then added the second largest district D 81 schools. Entrants 106-47 - 113-44 - 195-42 - 220-47 total of the two largest districts, the only two both AA and AAA have sectionals: 106-110 - 113-104 - 195-104 - 220-107: this represents 37% of PIAA wrestling programs Sure does not look like overwhelming numbers that 106 has massive more forfeits than all other weights
  11. Your Ohio Data is under the OLD CLASSES system, Yes 103 had a lot of forfeits. Here is the raw data from Pennsylvania http://www.boutmastersllc.com/results.cfm?page=701, for all 8 years of the new classes in Pa. We are talking about PENNSYLVANIA.
  12. Got solid evidence on that? I have seen evidence that the most forfeited weights in the Post Season are 195 + 220. And of course, in December, when Football and wrestling may overlap, lots of holes in the upper weights. Best plan - 13 weights, combining the current classes with the prior grouping. 106 thru 160 then go back to 171-189-215-285. (I could see maybe a tweek of 171 to 173) And how about all 9th graders, except for the super small, up with Varsity-JV.-- Jr High teams? 7-9 and varsity 10-12 made sense from the mid 1950's thru the mid 70s. But today, how many school systems have the 9th graders+10th graders in two different buildings. (The only one I know I encountered in the last decade is Jefferson County WV, at the time they had a 10-12 building and a 9 only building)
  13. Does it definitely help teams with smaller enrollment? Take a team with 10 kids, one naturally at each weight from 132 up. They Currently forfeit weights. A lot of folks don't stop to think. This does not mean they will now have 10 men in the lineup, In this case, They will have 9 men in the line-up, 3 forfeits, one guy hoping he can find a JV match.
  14. John B Sebastian attended Blair. Stuff he did with Lovin Spoonful a lot better than Welcome Back Carter
  15. When you look at the second place finisher in fund raising, T+F and CC could be considered as many as 6 programs, Wrestling would actually bee second
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