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  1. Seems obvious joining the Big 12 instead of the PAC 12 was part of the problem. That would have allowed them to fly into big city airports for a lot of duals. By my quick count, within an 1.5 hour bus ride of NYC, Philadelphia, DC you get 6-6-4 D1 teams
  2. most of the 14 schools(7) are 7000 to 9999 students. West Chester is like 17,000. Indiana is like 12000, and I believe the only one one to issue doctorates. Cheyney is under 700. But I was surprised to see Mansfield is under 1500 Boro- Haven-Clarion are in the 44-5400 range Probably makes sense to elevate WCU doctoral status
  3. Hmm, Slimy Pebble closer to Clarion and Boro than is Calif, Does Cheney combine with West Chester or Lincoln? ---- I am thinking this is like combining School districts( the idea of making 67 is kind of stupid
  4. Either OKC city or 80% of the Restaurants did not want us there. OKC had what, 5 chances, and never got it right. So maybe give Tulsa a single chance, or put in the rotation after the state of Alabama. The St Louis indoor football Stadium will never be used by NFL again. Converting the stadium to something like a 125' by 225' "Playing field " might be useful to our sport -------------------------------- Although years are listed, months and days are not. Hopefully that means a chance at going to a sensible Dec 27 to about April 25 season.
  5. Yeah I stumbled that when I accidentally clicked on the WR Icon instead of tMat. I guess no one knows Bruces status
  6. I am confident PIAA will approve girls wrestling before Mississippi
  7. In spite of their academic accolades, Stanford accepts athletes who would not get ten minutes in to the admissions process were not they athletes.
  8. Yeah. I know. An interesting idea would be to find facility similar to the West End, Allentown racquet club where you have a sepatate "building" for each tennis court. Two mats each? So 16 buildings,32 mats
  9. The G-7 said it was a dump, so could it be good enough for the S-32?
  10. If it where mainly a T9 numbers game they could have just dropped indoor Track, not losing many if any opportunities
  11. 18,600 schools with boys Bkt-B, 18,200 with Girls BB. so about 0.5% of male and 10% of female. Assume 99-98% of schools with sports have BB. Just look at NFHS.org participant statistics. https://www.nfhs.org/media/1020412/2018-19_participation_survey.pdf
  12. Return to limited substitution. 2 players at a time unless clock stops or possession changes (then unlimited). Anyone remember when that rule ended.
  13. I think girls HS gymnastics has 10+ times the number pf boys. 104 boys teams 1,600 individual. Girls 1600 teams, 19,000 individual Of course, their are a lot of Gymnasts who compete for a "club". No idea of the number. Girl HS Wrestlers(21,000 outnumber Girl HS Gymnasts. And that number does not, for the most part, reflect all of the introductions since August 2019
  14. Jim Thorpe lived until March 28, 1953, so in many of our lifetimes. Hard to imagine anyone physically or mentally more tough than Alex Honnold. Apparently truly fearless.
  15. Highest Quality swimmer most of us know of, from the state of Iowa is Dan Gable. HS State YMCA champ. Did I understand correctly there are only 10 S+D programs in the B1G. Not to be confused with D+D or S+M.
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