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  1. I still uave a save Syracuse Wrestling T shirt
  2. Ott should have received a major Suspension when he attacked Mike Schmidt from behind. Probably cost the Phillies the Eastern division Pennant that year. Schmidt hit homer in a game then got beaned. Phils went somewhere. In that series Each game he hit a homer. Then faced the pirates again. Schmidt again hit a Homer, Beaned again. Went towards the mound finally, And that is when Ott assaulted him. Pece of $hit decision by by ML President to find against Schmidt.
  3. On his back, in Defensive position. Herb Campbell of Lehigh. He Broke Dan Gable's 26 match pin streak, fighting off his back like 6 times. - Also he seemed to have won a lot of matches 6-5, giving up TD, 3pt NF, then Reversing, Reversing, 2 pts RT.
  4. American has a better Athletic Profile than Stanford (or will if wrestling at Stanford is not saved). To someone who is receiving an undergrad degree from Stanford, American is a good choice if they in someway intend to involve with the Federal Government
  5. Johnson Lock Haven HS 58-61, Pitt career ended after sophomore year. (Injured in finals?). Unscored upon in HS
  6. PIAA 4 time champs undefeated untied. Marstellar, Kolat, Mike Johnson, Conklin had a tie. I had thought maybe garrett Scott was undefeated, did not wrestle states as a senior, academi reason. But as a frosh, 2 close losses to Jake Strayer About half dozen with one loss, 3 or 4 titles
  7. Well since it began with the wrong date for nationals
  8. 1997 Penn had 6 champs and 2 runners up. more points than Lehigh in 1975
  9. In the Tour De France The Classification of Young Rider is Under 26. Physical peak for Stage Bicycle Races is Around 30-33
  10. Chris Campbell was a vegetarian. May have helped. Was there a 1980 World championship? Usually no wrestling Worlds in Olympic ye ars
  11. I seem to remember Army had a Rhodes scholarship wrestler a couple of decades ago.
  12. Considering the amount of Gray Shirting at Cornell, I guess we are going to see a lot of guys stop wrestling after their junior years?
  13. Too bad there was not a good guy with a gun, like a police officer
  14. Unless Military, D1 eligibility should end at 6 years. No more 3 year Mission then 5-6 years in college.
  15. Maybe some could take off 21-22 by trying to become pushers on 4 man bobsled teams
  16. What about all the Chinese, like the champs at 125 and 141? Or the head of the army of Northern Virginia? Some kind of covid conspiracy.
  17. I am guessing the percentage of world population that could make 105, is way down, likely much better nutrition throughout Asia. .But the mathematical projection of the other 9 looks perfect. If Wrestling weren't getting screwed by the IOC this would be the 9 weights we should have
  18. Milo Was about 37 when he won his sixth title, Pretty certain ha was over 40 when he lost, yielded because of Fatigue.
  19. RichB


    There was an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS wherein the (female, pretty rare on the show) seemed to be killing because she had to play soccer for Pitt instead of Penn State. Quoting one of the agents "Pitt is good but no Penn State." I can't imagine how pissed a Pitt grad should have been, especially as there average SATs are like 40 higher.
  20. Squish the first nine weights down and together, like 122 - 188 then like 210 & 285 11 weights, if all the victorious scores are odd, and unsportsmanlike penalty points are 2 instead of 1, the total score must be odd, unless there are 1-3-5 Double Forfeit, double default, double DQ (I don't recall the last time I saw either of the last two. So 1 pt for a tiebreaker victory of less than 1 minute time advantage 3 for a sudden victory or tiebreaker victory , any points 3 also for default or DQ by 4 penalties in OT 5 for a 1 pt margin in regulation 7 for a 2-7 pt margin 9 for 8-14 pt margin 11 for 15 or more victory 13 for pin or default or DQ by 4 penalties in 2nd or 3rd period. 15 for forfeit or 1st period pin or 1st pd default or 4 penalty DQ 15 plus 2(or multiple) team point minus for fragrant misconduct, any period - or before or after bout 2 questions for myself, for everyone: Points for pin in OT? maybe 3 - maybe 5 - maybe XX Dq because of injury from illegal hold or move, not flagrant move, same as a pin
  21. Did he touch the "Floor" then get his hand under the mat. Or did he start to tug on the mat before a finger touched the "Floor". either is possible
  22. So the no 32 seed would need to beat, 33, then 1, Then 2. Then 3. then 4, then, in the finals, 5.
  23. When Syracuse announced drop. around 1995, After some initial discussion, their President agreed That if their boosters could raise $2,000,000 The Program could remain with out scholarships. If they Raised $6M they could be fully scholarship. Tommy Hilfiger, A fan not a wrestler (or not a starter?) Announced if $1M was raised by everyone else, He would make it $2M. If they Raised $3M (maybe even $2M) he would make it $6M. Obviously he could have funded the non scholarship version on his own, probably the big version on his own. Other EIWA fans planned to donate a couple hundred grand, maybe a half million. Did Tommy make the right decision, considering how little support From the Orangemen wrestling alum. Now Bucknell, pretty much all one person.
  24. Griffith can get his Associates this year. Any school that drops wrestling should be considered a Junior College. Like Lafayette CC and Yale JC
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