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  1. My DVR never recorded the semis. Does anyone know where to find them?
  2. When are officials going to call stalling? Both coaches were giving that official a piece of their mind. From the OSU side. "We don't need a cheerleader. We need an official". From the PSU side. "You're making our sport boring". And, "what match is he watching"?
  3. Does that official know what stalling is? He's the same official that screwed up the Grajales/Alton match.
  4. Garrett vs Delgado. Garrett will beat McBono. He can't handle the style that Garrett brings.
  5. If there was a post on Mike Kelly, I haven't seen it. But why did he not wrestle against PSU and now again today against Illinois?
  6. I'll give you that FT. I think result will be different come March. Be great to see again.
  7. After watching Iowa vs PSU on BTN, doesn't Illinois' mat size look small. Isn't there a regulation or is Iowa just bigger?
  8. Delgado just beat McD 8-4. Won in my book against Megaludis
  9. I know its been said, but the ref is at fault for what happened at 174. It is the refs job to hit both 157 wrestlers with flagarant misconduct. Throwing punches is automatic. Once he let that go, it was open season at 174. At the 174 lb match, the ref was clearly in position to see the punch from MSU and he did nothing. Ref has to take the blame on this one and be reprimanded.
  10. Both calls were correct. The first one was reversed because it was so loud that he couldn't hear the horn. One second is one second. Doesn't matter what position you're in. It's a fall. Kudos to the ref for making a tough call that a lot of officials wouldn't make in a tight match. Listen to Coach Dresser in his interview that say's that "they were really stupid at HWT". As far as the ref, he knows his stuff and he's pretty good, IMO.
  11. Virginia Tech at Pitt in 90 minutes. A preview for ACC supremacy.
  12. I appreciate the infor that is already out there but it would be nice to see other information as well. For example, year, previous ranking, record, full name, and full school name.
  13. Is his new name going to be Cory Hensen?
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