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  1. Hmmm what does this mean for Aguilar?
  2. I really don't see how changing scholastic to free is somehow going to lead to more "professional" opportunities. I much prefer Folk regardless. Switching styles would cost fans. Those fans don't need to be reeducated or assimilated. Most college fans have had some sort of exposure to freestyle despite the constant arguments that if we only understood it better we would appreciate it more. Props to the poster who made the connection to soccer fans! It is totally the same kinda thing here.
  3. The scary thing is someone can be asymptomatic and still be carrying. I know there are people who think it is all overblown, but this seems like a nightmare to try to contain. Thanks for the info Lurker
  4. Did the check and clear include a test? I didn't think tests were readily available. Was the staff associated with Nebraska? I'm not fishing for a conspiracy. I'm genuinely curious what the protocol is. How are they determining someone is safe to enter?
  5. Important detail that managed to be left out of the stories I read. Thanks for the update.
  6. Yeah, he was released. Nevertheless, he felt awful and attended an event filled with people including his own staff and players. Normally we would understand and maybe even commend this but these aren't normal circumstances. No matter how often it is repeated to stay home if you aren't feeling well, I doubt people are just going to remove themselves from the national tournament. They may not even consciously decide to ignore symptoms as much as refuse to lose focus on their goals. I don't think coaches and athletes can self police themselves on this.
  7. Look at the Nebraska basketball coach leaving mid game to go to the hospital tonight (**may have nothing at all to do with Corona virus**). The point is that nobody is going to self quarantine and stay home because they aren't feeling well. Not even coaches.
  8. Just parroting what others are saying at this point. I have heard these same conspiracy theories since this started. Maybe they can have Alex Jones weigh in as a guest caller!
  9. I think edge of the mat takedowns and wrestling for takedowns in general is more exciting than pushouts (unless a scoring table gets in the way...). I get freestyle fans see it differently. I know they sigh and groan everytime action goes out of bounds but many folk fans sigh and groan when watching freestyle and seeing someone run an opponent off the mat when they have a single elevated. I'm not sure one preference is objectively any more valid than the other. I actually like the new rules in folk despite the inconsistency.
  10. How so? He wrestled both RBY and Gross in close losses this weekend and is in the mix for a coveted AA placement. Was there a point this season where he was >/= to either of them?
  11. To be fair, RBY (twice) and Gross barely beat Aragona too.
  12. I know there is a Rutgers contingent that think Seabass could graduate and transfer to New Brunswick for his final season. (Not sure this makes sense with Suriano in limbo and Alvarez progressing well but with redshirts and juggling weight classes, who knows?). Anyway, the New Jersey shout outs post match have to make you wonder.
  13. Well, if only a handful of viewers were having trouble than perhaps I am being unreasonable. I try to be objective. The problem may have been on our end though I have Fios and haven't had issues in the past watching multiple mats. I stream other media fairly often without issue. It is what it is. I'm finished complaining about it. Looking forward to the big tournament!
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