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  1. ironmonkey


    No doubt this is a way to get around people posting duck pictures. I don't buy this suspension narrative at all.
  2. ironmonkey

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    This is kind of an ink blot test. What people see tells us about them rather than the back and forth. - Iowa creates horrible people and brings out the worst in the opposition too - these antics are just more signs of the impending fall of society and I miss the good old days. - this stuff is hysterical. I love it and it is entertaining. - wrestling is a sport where athletes are supposed to behave like diplomats and exemplify the best in humans so Vulcans can bring us the warp drive - wrestling needs more of this/this will destroy wrestling. Maybe I am crazy but some back and forth banter doesn't seem new or even out of character with the sport though spitting on the mat and manic throat slashing seem to be taking it to a different place. I guess if the coaches dont mind how it reflects on the team and don't care about lost points, why should we?
  3. ironmonkey

    Princeton vs Rutgers, featuring Ashnault vs. Kolodzik...

    Plus, as mentioned above, Ashnault gave up those takedowns you mention late when tired. I doubt he gets tired next time they meet having had a bunch of matches and continued time to get back to speed since.
  4. ironmonkey

    Princeton vs Rutgers, featuring Ashnault vs. Kolodzik...

    Micah is likeable and certainly talented, but the "if he can stay out from under wrestler X" hypothetical has never played out the way his fans hope in multiple seasons. Ashnault is on a mission and is competitive to dominant in all 3 positions.
  5. ironmonkey

    How can Rutgers become a top 10 team?

    They aren't that far off really. They have had multiple AAs the last few seasons and their dual meet attendance and atmosphere are great. New Brunswick as a destination for out of state recruits who don't value the access to NYC probably works against them a bit but not much the coaches can do about that.
  6. ironmonkey

    Flo big match promotion - question

    I was thinking about football. When a football team no longer plays meaningful games after locking up the playoff spot, they rest their starters. Do fans care less about those games because the games don't matter or because the stars aren't playing? I suppose preseason exemplifies the same thing, whichever it is. Though to be fair, that is an example of a professional sport. Random thoughts. I totally get wrestlers missing matches. Especially following the holidays. It stinks but I get it. Peak performance at the right time is the name of the game for better or worse. I do think if duals had some bigger meaning for the teams we would likely see less wrestlers taking matches off **when the outcome isn't certain** but I doubt the problem would go away entirely. In the case of Iowa vs Northwestern, it wouldn't have made any difference at all for the teams as an example. Changing seeding criteria might help but all the ways I envision seem to have their own problems.
  7. ironmonkey

    Flo big match promotion - question

    That seems reasonable to assume and you are likely right. I'm not sure viewership from home is a shot in the arm though. I agree with your point about stars attracting attention but I'm just not sure the example illustrated it well. One of the things Rutgers has done really well is attract a local fan base enthusiastic about the sport with few if any stars outside of Ashnault.
  8. ironmonkey

    Flo big match promotion - question

    Rutgers was doing really well in attendance before Suriano arrived
  9. ironmonkey

    Flo big match promotion - question

    I don't have Flo (I did years ago and all the yelling by the announcers made me crazy so I cancelled). So to me, this seems a bit off to blame Flo for hyping matches wrestling fans know are coming and are excited about regardless of Flo. Wrestling fans can and do follow college wrestling without Flo (like the Big Ten network and their plus offering for instance). Flo isn't responsible for dual meets not mattering or coaches sitting guys. Someone above suggested hyping the dual rather than the individual matchups but the duals iare the individual matchups when team wins and losses don't really matter.
  10. ironmonkey


    Snooki mascot?
  11. Breaking attendance records is great but is it evidence that the duals matter as much as they are promoted and made to be more entertaining? I guess we would have to clarify what we mean by matter. I suppose you are absolutely right but that doesn't mean I am wrong. I'm not trying to be clever with semantics either. I agree with you based on what you posted above. I think this is more or less true too. I didn't imply teams don't care. Nevertheless, there is a lot of evidence that teams care less than they do in other sports about the regular season and that they possibly/arguably care less than they did in the past within this sport about it. I wasn't looking for a national duals debate. You are right, saying that they don't matter is an overgeneralization and an exaggeration. I guess it would be more accurate to say they matter less than they could. If coaches are prioritizing individuals preparation for the end of the season over winning dual meets (which makes perfect sense), I am not sure flip flopping weights which may or may not have starters on the mat makes duals any more interesting and might even make it confusing to fans. When I said matter, I meant it in the context of winning and losing as a team. Nevertheless, that is not an all inclusive perspective and I stand corrected.
  12. interesting. I don't know what this would do though considering teams don't really seem to prioritize winning duals. It seems like change for the sake of change that might even make things more confusing for all but the most attentive fans.
  13. ironmonkey


    Maybe. I suppose there are people in other places who have never heard of Rutgers. Would a name change convince this type of recruit to consider this school? I don't see it but there is a vocal group of local fans who swear it would help with recruiting.
  14. ironmonkey


    I definitely agree a name change would do next to nothing for enrollment and recruiting, this has been an ongoing topic. It isn't new. I have heard it for a few years from Rutgers football fans.
  15. ironmonkey


    While it sounds almost ridiculous, it is a significant improvement. Rutgers teams during the start of Goodale's tenure were notoriously soft. I'm not sure you need to shoot guns at opposing benches but the guys are fighting at least and have a chip on their shoulders. As for inclusion in the big ten, Rutgers showed fairly recently they can be a top 10-20ish team in football. All it took was a coaching change to unfortunately dismantle what was built but it can be done again.