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  1. I'm disappointed. I hope he charges back for third!
  2. I bartended for several years in Monmouth county (near that Long Branch area) following college. The specific upscale neighborhood bar I worked at had over 40 seats and plenty of tabkles away from the bar, a projector screen and 10 TVs with satellite. I always tried to push wrestling when it was on but the amount of near instant requests to change it made me apathetic. Changing channels is time lost and time is truly money when working behind a bar. I am glad you had better success but my experience is that the public mostly hated it. We even had more success with obscure Olympic sports like curling than wrestling matches.
  3. In the future you can do monthly for the season and/or tournament through Big Ten Plus. You might find that option useful.
  4. Video feed was pretty clean on my end, though mat two had some minimal lag. I can't complain at all about the feed. However, the screaming while announcing is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  5. No issues for me with the picture through Big Ten Plus. I had to mute it though after the Suriano Desanto ending with the guys screaming.
  6. Good call. Had to go back and watch again. I had the 4 mats up and was watching my 5 young nephews at the time. I saw him start down and assumed it was his choice. Glad to be rid of kids for the semis! Thanks
  7. Yeah, I kinda said "huh" when he chose down with that lead against Lizak. Not that it mattered much after dominating. 133 is nuts. I wonder how the wrestlebacks will shake out. I am not a Desanto or an Iowa hater but I am not sure he places top 4.
  8. The institutions awarding them PHDs. Wladimir is an adjunct professor who speaks 4 languages while Vitali is involved in politics and was the leader of the political party he belonged to(open to debate if political activity shows intelligence). They clearly aren't dumb men and made a living getting punched in the face in addition to their other less profitable but perhaps more notable pursuits.
  9. I have no issues with Jaroslav but I would agree with the rest of it. I found the personalities on Flo annoying. Maybe I'm just old. Obviously a lot of people love it and can get their wrestling fix through it. To each their own.
  10. You can still watch Big Ten wrestling through the Big Ten site with a small monthly subscription which can be easily terminated at the end of the season.
  11. Thanks! Good to know. For what it is worth, I think Suriano will step up in March when it counts. I think he is likely to finish second or third. All of this talk is premature. I don't see the regression as much as a tough schedule and a tough weight class.
  12. Do people really think religious missions offer a competitive advantage because a select few excelled despite the disadvantages of lost mat time and dedicated sport specific training? I cant tell if this is all sarcasm or if some really think there is an advantage to be had here. Seems kinda crazy to me.
  13. No doubt this is a way to get around people posting duck pictures. I don't buy this suspension narrative at all.
  14. This is kind of an ink blot test. What people see tells us about them rather than the back and forth. - Iowa creates horrible people and brings out the worst in the opposition too - these antics are just more signs of the impending fall of society and I miss the good old days. - this stuff is hysterical. I love it and it is entertaining. - wrestling is a sport where athletes are supposed to behave like diplomats and exemplify the best in humans so Vulcans can bring us the warp drive - wrestling needs more of this/this will destroy wrestling. Maybe I am crazy but some back and forth banter doesn't seem new or even out of character with the sport though spitting on the mat and manic throat slashing seem to be taking it to a different place. I guess if the coaches dont mind how it reflects on the team and don't care about lost points, why should we?
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