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  1. Obviously he was more successful in Judo than wrestling but he was a round of 12 guy in wrestling, a graduate, and an Olympian. He has coached successfully for years in Judo within hours of the school. I'm not really suggesting he should be the head coach at all. I did say "in some capacity". I have seen assistants that offer far less. Since this is a wrestling board, do you think a struggling judo club could potentially benefit from adding a gold medalist in wrestling with years of high level coaching success in his sport? This is all hypothetical of course. He wrestled at the same time I did in college so his name jumps out to me. Seems like a lot of upside if he wanted to get involved and help reshape the program. I think the old mindset that wrestling credentials equate to coaching aptitude can often be a bit flawed.
  2. I'm surprised Jimmy Pedro's name hasn't come up in some capacity.
  3. I don't hate freestyle but I definitely prefer folk. I don't think much needs to change. The sport is exciting as it is. I wouldn't mind a pushout rule in overtime though. Less rideouts is a win for everyone.
  4. whatif freestyle fans just enjoyed their sport and stopped worrying about folkstyle? USA has had numerous champions in freestyle before even graduating college and/or immediately following. Folkstyle hasn't really hurt them.
  5. I like the Big Ten Tournament and the EIWAs. Great wrestling, lots of tradition, and most importantly there are typically fewer freestyle whiners than NCAA.
  6. I heard he plans to play an angry freestyle fan complaining about folkstyle rules. Highly entertaining
  7. Rutgers had some big injuries this year as well as a weight issue but Rivera looks to be wrestling close to his seed so i don't think his injury has anything to do with Princeton outscoring Rutgers. I guess I was asking more about Princeton's future.
  8. Like Daniel Cormier said, this weekend is a different animal. Rutgers had built up some momentum with their finishes the last few years. I know about them but I know a lot less about Princeton.
  9. Is this going to be a trend going forward in NJ?
  10. I have been loving the wrestling with a few exceptions. Overall it has been excellent. There are always freestyle fans that complain.
  11. Fans always sell Suriano short (and even when they don't, he believes they do). He would have won either weight imo.
  12. I don't think Iowa ever wins again. It was a good run.
  13. Is staying healthy part of how we rate coaching performance? All programs deal with injuries. Not just about Iowa. Yet some programs over time do much better than others.
  14. I have to agree. My impression was psychopathic attempts to process and display confusing and underfelt emotions. Not accusing him of that but between the new look (lower weight and longer hair) and the social awkwardness it was a strange interview. He wrestled a great match. Still my pick to win it all.
  15. This debate is circular unfortunately. Some fans hate wrestling going out of bounds (almost irrationally if you ask me but nobody does) and some fans hate seeing wrestlers in vulnerable positions driven out of bounds with no attempts made to finish takedowns. Luckily we have two styles so we each can watch what we enjoy!
  16. That is actually a great example. Sumo has a wealth of throws and trips that we rarely see.
  17. I love sumo! However, it doesnt work that great. Most of their matches end fast with opponents going out of bounds
  18. Maybe If you watch freestyle, you get bent out of shape when wrestlers go out of bounds in folk. Perhaps If you don't watch freestyle, you don't have the same issue with it in folk. Conversely, Maybe if you watch primarily folk and see a free match decided by a pushout, you get upset. Yet maybe if you watch both, you won't have the same issue. I can't isolate the variables to be sure but I suspect the rules themselves that we grow used to determine the action that we expect and demand. I only watch folk so I don't see the issue at all with going out of bounds. I even see recent improvements in the ways stalling is called around the edges that has encouraged more action and less out of bounds calls. I also have noticed the difference in the coaching at the youth level regarding out of bounds. I suppose a pushout is a definitive way to address things but what are we addressing? I'm not convinced it will increase action. it will incentivize pushouts though. Are they really worth half a takedown? That is my big holdup. It should be worth a fifth or a quarter but half? Too much.
  19. I think it is more about the fans that proclaim it his year each year than the athlete.
  20. I watch wrestling all the time and I never consider there to be an "out of bounds" problem. I also don't watch freestyle though.
  21. Bo Jordan is a great example. He made people cry out numerous times. What about the wrestler from clarion around the same time period? I cant remember his name. He definitely hurt people. Not sure that is punishing in the same way. His was borderline dirty,
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