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  1. Yeah, he was released.  Nevertheless, he felt awful and attended an event filled with people including his own staff and players.  Normally we would understand and maybe even commend this but these aren't normal circumstances.  No matter how often it is repeated to stay home if you aren't feeling well, I doubt people are just going to remove themselves from the national tournament.  They may not even consciously decide to ignore symptoms as much as refuse to lose focus on their goals.  I don't think coaches and athletes can self police themselves on this.  

  2. 2 hours ago, russelscout said:

    I am genuinely curious why Pyles thinks the Democrats would do this to the country. Please weigh in Christian.


    Just parroting what others are saying at this point.  I have heard these same conspiracy theories since this started.  Maybe they can have Alex Jones weigh in as a guest caller!  

  3. I think edge of the mat takedowns and wrestling for takedowns in general is more exciting than pushouts (unless a scoring table gets in the way...).  I get freestyle fans see it differently.  I know they sigh and groan everytime action goes out of bounds but many folk fans sigh and groan when watching freestyle and seeing someone run an opponent off the mat when they have a single elevated.   I'm not sure one preference is objectively any more valid than the other.   I actually like the new rules in folk despite the inconsistency.  

  4. 11 minutes ago, Columbia_Lou said:

    Aragona progressing well? looks like he took a step back....


    How so?  He wrestled both RBY and Gross in close losses this weekend and is in the mix for a coveted AA placement.  Was there a point this season where he was >/=  to either of them?  

  5. I know there is a Rutgers contingent that think Seabass could graduate and transfer to New Brunswick for his final season.  (Not sure this makes sense with Suriano in limbo and Alvarez progressing well but with redshirts and juggling weight classes, who knows?).  Anyway, the New Jersey shout outs post match have to make you wonder.  

  6. Well, if only a handful of viewers were having trouble than perhaps I am being unreasonable.  I try to be objective.  The problem may have been on our end though I have Fios and haven't had issues in the past watching multiple mats.  I stream other media fairly often without issue.  It is what it is.  I'm finished complaining about it.  Looking forward to the big tournament!  

  7. I was watching in full screen.  The only way the graphics were legible this weekend was to watch a single mat.  Even splitting just two ways caused issues.  Again, I have been watching split screen early round big ten tournament rounds  for years.  It was never a problem. 

  8. I have to disagree.  I had company over to watch the early rounds of the big ten tournament  and nobody could see the scoring, weight, times, or names when splitting the screen.  I follow a bit more so I at least knew who was who regardless, but my guests were frustrated.  Big ten had no problems with this in the past.  They involve flo and tech issues pop up.  Before anyone says it wasn't Flo's production, each screen had a flo icon.   I can't agree they did a great job here. 

  9. Right.  I think this is the first season Flo did the scoring though.  I have BTN Plus and there was never a flo icon in the corner of the screen(s) or problems with the scoring being legible that I can recall from past seasons.  This was the first season I was disappointed with the production.  If you wanted to read the timer, names, weight classes, and scores you needed to go single screen which isn't ideal for tourney viewing.  I don't want to pile on flo because the negativity never ends and I would rather speak with my wallet, but in this case, getting BTN Plus years ago to avoid Flo and their technical difficulties and announcing styles has come full circle.    

  10. 3 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:

    Turns out Jordan Pagano broke his hand 2 days ago but didn’t want to cost the conference a AQ so he made weight entered and forfeited and is most likely done for the year 


    Wow.  Bad news!   Especially after his big win against Princeton late in the season and Correnti moving to help out at heavy.  

  11. RBY used that tactic last season.  Right?  If they haven't figured it out yet, I'm not sure they are going to in the next two weeks.  I think there is more going on besides that.  He seems less confident in the progression of his finishes when he does attack.  If he us hurt, I hope he heals up by Nationals.  This might be the most interesting weight class and his fading would make it less fun.  

  12. Has anyone figured out a work around for the problematic scoring graphics in split screen mode?  I don't recall this being an issue in past years.  About the only thing I can make sense of is the teams.  The names, weights, periods, and scores are very hard to read.   Any tips are appreciated!  

  13. If Charlie from "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia' is back announcing in the semis, it will be back to mute.  In this instance, the thought of saving voices has me worried!   It is great to be enthusiastic and I'm sure it isn't easy to control your excitement, but high pitched fast paced borderline yelling  sounds terrible on the receiving end.   


    Props for the split screen problem free feed though and great atmosphere at Rutgers!  

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