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  1. Announcers who don't make me want to turn off the sound.
  2. ^^well said. Nothing wrong with wanting new leadership for stagnant programs. That is the nature of sports. The goal is to win.
  3. Well, what you describe sounds like stalling, not a problem with going out of bounds. Hard wrestling on the edge of the mat where two wrestlers are scrambling to score with limited space is fun to watch. A push out rule changes that. A push out rule does not change stalling though which will just take place inside the circle.
  4. I love edge of the mat wrestling. I don't think the push out rule will fix stalling, but it will remove a lot of the excitement on the edge of the mat. I do like the idea of standing wrestlers up after a minute.
  5. I absolutely agree with the above posters. Rutgers coverage is top notch and I actually look foward to listening to the announcers, rather than tolerating them or even muting them like I often do with some other wrestling coverage. They bring a lot to the table and are always well prepared. I am going to miss watching the matches through RUvsision next season.
  6. Rutgers 133 Dellafave seems to have regressed after leading the team in wins last year.
  7. Thanks for the reminder! Another win for Rutgers!! 133 and 165 don't seem to be wrestling to their potential...
  8. Is Visicaro wrestling hurt this year? I really thought he was going to seperate from the pack a bit coming into the season.
  9. I would never approach them or their families, but discussing wrestling amongst fans should be no different than discussing other sports like football or basketball whose fans are not nearly as sensitive as some of the fans of college wrestling seem to be.
  10. I would never approach them or their families, but discussing wrestling amongst fans should be no different than discussing other sports like football or basketball whose fans are not nearly as sensitive as some of the fans of college wrestling seem to be.
  11. I have to say that my experiences with football, rugby and wrestling seem to be different than those posting. I saw more knockouts/concussions in wrestling by far. I remember several teammates in both high school and college using the special head gear (that never worked) after getting knocked out in matches. Some guys went out after headbutts, knees to the head, elbows, or heads slamming into the mat during takedowns, breakdowns, and returns. Come to think about it, I may have simply ignored the injuries in football or rugby because less was known at the time about head injuries and a loss in wrestling seemed like a much bigger deal than losing a few minutes during a football/rugby game to recover on the sideline.
  12. it still sounds like were taking AAs then. besides winston and mason, who both made R12, who should have improved to an AA level but did not? It is not one specific wrestler. The recruiting classes have been on par with other programs who are having success at the end of the year. If 44th at the NCAAs (last year) is an acceptable level of success for some fans, so be it. No sense trying to convince them otherwise. However, many fans think having ranked recruiting classes should lead to better finishes.
  13. Nobody wants to see anyone get fired, but as a fan of the team, something needs to change. This is no longer the "building" phase. Goodale has been there for several years. 133 and 165 should at least be close to, or preferably be placing at these events. Right now they are a one man show at HWT. They can't continue to get ranked wrestlers who fail to develop. Nobody is out of line for questioning the results. This is a future Big Ten program that finished behind Brown this weekend. Nobody is saying Goodale is a bad person. Turning this around and into a defense of his character is a strawman. By all measures, he seems to have very high character. When should fans expect to see some results though? And why are they out of line for asking for results? Do fans of college football and college basketball have to hear about families when coaches fail to perform and they comment about it? This is a big time college program... This is not about Winston, Mason, Melde or Langel. Those debates should be over (although Rutgers has their faces plastered across the wrestling site still). This is not about last year and the 12-8 final record or 7th place finish at the EIWAs. This is about the future. If Kyle FLood is under fire for 2 winning seasons and two bowl appearances, it is certainly reasonable to question Goodale and the wrestling program. Rutgers is a huge state school in a big wrestling state. Results matter! I don't think the season is over yet though. Far from it. Hopefully they will peak at the right time and make some noise late in the season.
  14. While I submit you'd like to be the focus here, clearly my diatribe wasn't directed at you and your general questions. Everyone can question the progress, that's cool. Discussing RU Wrestling - that's something that didn't happen before SG got there, so it is fantastic. The never ending calling for SGs job by idiots is getting way past old. Are there people who might do a better job? Yes. Can they guarantee / quantify the improvement? No. Has he done a nice job bring the EIWA program forward? YES. Do we want to step it up now that we are in the B1G? Yes. With increased $$$ is that possible? Yes. For once let's give a good guy a chance instead of calling for blood. I have no interest in being the focus here other than to point out that some of us discussing this aren't sharks in the water circling the program, but simply fans from the area who have no real connection to the program other than a shared location and appreciation for the sport. I responded to your criticism because I started the thread, and would love to see an occasional thread about this team, even if it is negative. Like you said, discussing Rutgers wrestling is "fantastic"!
  15. Hmmm sucks to be a fan of this team considering we shouldn't discuss the team, we shouldn't want conference titles or AA individual honors, and if we do, we should expect to lose our jobs which in my case anyway, pays a fraction of what Coach Goodale is being paid? Sounds like maybe we should root for another team!!! I must have been mistaken when I heard Rutgers was now a member of the BIG 10. Isn't that the big time? I don't think discussing the team is stirring the pot. In my case anyway, I have very few friends who care about this sport, and the few who do, stopped following it as soon as they were done participating. Since I follow Rutgers and live in NJ, it is nice to hear what other fans are thinking about the progress of the program, just like guys talking on the train or the ferry in the morning before work about Sanchez, Eli Manning, Derek Jeter or Rex RYan, or perhaps more comparably, Rutgers football. I am not a keyboard warrior. I was an average div 2 wrestler a long time ago and never have claimed to be anything more. I never implied I had the answers or that Gooddale was bad for the program. Perhaps others may have in this thread, but I didn't. I was simply talking sports. Perhaps that was my mistake. Maybe we should let the threads go back to Dake and Taylor and fans of programs never mentioned here should just continue to follow those teams in silence because they might offend someone associated with the program...
  16. Goodale has done a decent job setting the plate, but I don't think he has the answers on how to clear it now. In other words, he got the program to where it can attract some talent, but it doesn't seem like he can get over the next hurdle. Obviously, as pointed out above, Z is the only exception. He has improved a lot under SG's watch. However, Winston and Mason seem to have gotten worse, while Langel, Melde and RInaldi seem to be wrestling at the same level they have been for the past few years (RInaldi is wrestling well in my opinion, he is just getting more recognition now and deserved the same recognition in the past. Has he improved much though from last year or the year before?). This is supposed to be the year for Rutgers to make a mark with so many redshirt seniors from that highly ranked recruiting class. However, they got beat up by Nebraska (one dual means little - could be just bad matchups, but still....), and when their guys have a chance to wrestle a top 10 guy, they come up short. They should still be a decent dual team this year, but I think expectations have to be tempered a bit after what Nebraska did to them. Which brings up the obvious: Is this the best Goodale can do, and if so, is it acceptable? I don't think Mason or Winston place... I think Zanetti and Rinaldi still have a chance though. They are tough enough to make a run. Smith, Langel and Melde could win a couple of matches. If this happens, it will be an improvement over last year, but is it enough? It will be a few years just to get back to where they are now, and now is not exactly where they hoped to be.
  17. Latest rankings: Updated @Intermat rankings for #RUWR: 141-Melde, 20th; 157-Winston, 18th; 174-Zannetti, 10th; 184-Rinaldi, 14th. - Does Rutgers get over the hump and get an AA this year, and if not, what does that mean for the program? - Who has the best chance to do it?
  18. Agree 100%! As a Rutgers fan, it is great. I see other fans from other schools complaining about announcers who don't understand the sport. We have two announcers who can follow (and explain) the action clearly while giving the history of the competitors. As far as Rutgers "homerism", often it adds a bit of comedy while watching. Winston match was tough, although he looked good in the 1st. 3rd period continues to be his weakness so to speak... Viscaro looked great! Any word on Mason? I was suprised they did not mention him during the 149 pound match...
  19. Wrestling looks as exciting as ever to me. Why rock the boat? I hate the idea of a pushout point. Wrestling taking place near the edges is some of the most exciting wrestling. The "shot clock" won't work well for reasons mentioned above, most notably, why must a wrestler match shots when there are other ways to score? Attempting to improve position is more important than taking shots. I don't see any more stalling than has ever existed. I think some people have their hearts set on convincing nonfans the sport is exciting and/or get hooked on freestyle. I have given up on the former and don't care much for the later. College wrestling is great!
  20. True story: My first collegic match freshman year and I was losing by one late in the 3rd period. We were neutral, and after going out of bounds, I grabbed my opponents arm on the way back to the center of the mat, and asked, "How damn long is 7 minutes!?!?!" Well, he didn't respond, and I ended up losing. I ended up losing a lot of matches in the 3rd period that year and the next. I can't speak for others, and my lifestyle at the time was questionable at best (waaay too much partying), and it was only div 2 which is a lot different than div 1, but I never got used to that extra minute no matter how hard I trained.... I could run 5 minute miles, I could run 5 miles at a good pace, but I could not wrestle for a full 7 minutes hard. It really changed the sport for me. I began dreading matches because I was anxious about running out of gas, and I became less aggresive while acknowledging that worry early in matches. I did not have a hard weight cut so this is not really related to the original topic, but I had to respond when I saw what JohnnyThompsonnum wrote. For most wrestlers, I suspect the extra minute may not make much difference, but for others, it makes a lot of difference physically and/or mentally.
  21. While burnout could be the problem, I think it could also be frustration. Mason looks stronger (looks alone, not in his wrestling) than he has the past 3 years. he obviously put some time in the gym this offseason, yet he is struggling. He still can not keep up physically with the better opponents. If he did work this offseason to get stronger, and become more physical, and it made no difference, I can understand his frustration. he probably has high hopes for this season. Many felt he just lacked the strength and intensity to AA but the skill was there. if he added some strength, and still feels physically outmatched, he might just feel powerless which would account for the hanging head, lack of will to escape etc etc. At the highest levels of college wrestling, genetics definitely make a difference. He is off to a tough start but peaking happens at the end of the season, not now. He can still turn things around. Losing to Vinson is nothing to hang your head over. I was disapointed he did not take the mat against Army, but maybe it was for the best. On a semi related note, do they have someone to share the load at 149 this season? What happened to Jordan Beverly? IS Perrotti at 157?
  22. I think Winston will AA this year. Rutgers haters (why are there so many of you anyway?!?!) should focus their attention on Mason, who may not even make nationals the way he is wrestling.... I figured Molinaro would help Mason, but that doesn't seem to be the case so far. Any inside info? Is Mason injured? Why did they forfeit against army @ 149?Z and RInaldi look tough and Langel looks healthy and will be a handful for anyone. They have a good lineup this year and should have a couple of guys that can make a run late season! The only weak weight class looks like 197 from an outsiders perspective.
  23. Just give me the feed. The bells and whistles are not neccesary. I don't need someone knowledgable commentating or summarizing or a neat little score table in the corner. Those things are certainly nice, but considering we are forced to follow twitter feeds today, live video alone would be a HUGE and welcome improvement.
  24. Rutgers is posting results as well @ http://twitter.com/JoePollard1 .Rutgers beat Columbia 30-6. Columbia won decisions at 149 and 197. Highlights were Winston over Ohara and Zanetti over West. Lowlights were Mason losing to Santos. Of course, this is reversed if you are a Columbia fan... Rutgers is leading Binghamton 7-0 right now behind Langel and Defalve wins. The above link http://www.tournaflex.com/nedualsresults.asp is not working for me either...
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