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  1. I have to disagree. I had company over to watch the early rounds of the big ten tournament and nobody could see the scoring, weight, times, or names when splitting the screen. I follow a bit more so I at least knew who was who regardless, but my guests were frustrated. Big ten had no problems with this in the past. They involve flo and tech issues pop up. Before anyone says it wasn't Flo's production, each screen had a flo icon. I can't agree they did a great job here.
  2. ironmonkey


    Right. I think this is the first season Flo did the scoring though. I have BTN Plus and there was never a flo icon in the corner of the screen(s) or problems with the scoring being legible that I can recall from past seasons. This was the first season I was disappointed with the production. If you wanted to read the timer, names, weight classes, and scores you needed to go single screen which isn't ideal for tourney viewing. I don't want to pile on flo because the negativity never ends and I would rather speak with my wallet, but in this case, getting BTN Plus years ago to avoid Flo and their technical difficulties and announcing styles has come full circle.
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    It would be nice if the scoring graphics could be read in the split screens during the first few rounds.
  4. Wow. Bad news! Especially after his big win against Princeton late in the season and Correnti moving to help out at heavy.
  5. RBY used that tactic last season. Right? If they haven't figured it out yet, I'm not sure they are going to in the next two weeks. I think there is more going on besides that. He seems less confident in the progression of his finishes when he does attack. If he us hurt, I hope he heals up by Nationals. This might be the most interesting weight class and his fading would make it less fun.
  6. Lol thanks. Just keep squinting!
  7. Nobody else is having trouble with this? Maybe I need glasses.
  8. Alvarez is so close to the top tier in this weight class. He is fun to watch
  9. Has anyone figured out a work around for the problematic scoring graphics in split screen mode? I don't recall this being an issue in past years. About the only thing I can make sense of is the teams. The names, weights, periods, and scores are very hard to read. Any tips are appreciated!
  10. If Charlie from "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia' is back announcing in the semis, it will be back to mute. In this instance, the thought of saving voices has me worried! It is great to be enthusiastic and I'm sure it isn't easy to control your excitement, but high pitched fast paced borderline yelling sounds terrible on the receiving end. Props for the split screen problem free feed though and great atmosphere at Rutgers!
  11. I am muting a bunch of the big ten tourney because the announcer that sounds like Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is yelling when he gets excited. This probably doesn't make you feel any better... At least we get to watch the action!
  12. I couldn't agree more. Looks like they showed up ready for practice.
  13. I am surprised this thread has legs. I noticed it this morning and couldn't decide if the OP was trolling or serious. Did someone really say they think weed is a gateway drug? Do people really believe that?? My college teammates were some of the hardest partiers I have ever met.
  14. The hawkeye hate runs strong. From what I have watched, this Iowa team doesn't have too many problems with extracurriculars and poor sportsmanship. I think people don't like Brands' and their antics and by association, the athletes are judged harshly. AD is on a short leash and he deserves that but what has he done that is so terrible this season?
  15. I am really surprised to hear so many disagree with the OP. The challenge brick is horrible. It kills match flow. Since duals don't matter anyway, why not reserve the brick for Nationals where it can be argued the stakes are high enough to warrant the brick? I guess some fans like the brick apparently but I am definitely with the OP on this one. Nothing worse than a hard fought match with lots of action being stopped so the wrestlers can stand there while the coaches and refs run around in circles for a few minutes working it out.
  16. I didn't think Van Brill purposely tried to hurt Nolf. Rutgers has had some jerkoffs in their lineups the last few years but Van Brill was never dirty that I saw. He was unorthodox and fun to watch but dirty? I'm not sure where this is coming from. That dual was chippy from start to finish. Rutgers didn't roll over like they were supposed to I guess which means they were trying to injure their opponents? It seems like a stretch
  17. Current 33 pounder is killing it. I think most Rutgers fans are pretty psyched with what we see right now at that weight class.
  18. I'm disappointed. I hope he charges back for third!
  19. I bartended for several years in Monmouth county (near that Long Branch area) following college. The specific upscale neighborhood bar I worked at had over 40 seats and plenty of tabkles away from the bar, a projector screen and 10 TVs with satellite. I always tried to push wrestling when it was on but the amount of near instant requests to change it made me apathetic. Changing channels is time lost and time is truly money when working behind a bar. I am glad you had better success but my experience is that the public mostly hated it. We even had more success with obscure Olympic sports like curling than wrestling matches.
  20. In the future you can do monthly for the season and/or tournament through Big Ten Plus. You might find that option useful.
  21. Video feed was pretty clean on my end, though mat two had some minimal lag. I can't complain at all about the feed. However, the screaming while announcing is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  22. No issues for me with the picture through Big Ten Plus. I had to mute it though after the Suriano Desanto ending with the guys screaming.
  23. Good call. Had to go back and watch again. I had the 4 mats up and was watching my 5 young nephews at the time. I saw him start down and assumed it was his choice. Glad to be rid of kids for the semis! Thanks
  24. Yeah, I kinda said "huh" when he chose down with that lead against Lizak. Not that it mattered much after dominating. 133 is nuts. I wonder how the wrestlebacks will shake out. I am not a Desanto or an Iowa hater but I am not sure he places top 4.
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