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  1. The all ear team was funny. A lot of wrestling fans have no sense of humor. I dig the coverage!
  2. Loved his interview. Loved the passion. I even loved the veiled shot at other programs which he just earned the right to make. Not a fan of tossing headgear though. if we teach kids they shouldn't do it when they lose, they definitely shouldn't see the superstars of college wrestling doing it when they celebrate. Just my two cents as someone who works with the kids.
  3. Suriano has beaten Cruz twice (a national champ). I am not sure he hasn't already separated himself. Adding strength? I really dont think that is an issue at all. Outside of Tomasello, who was (is) stronger than he was (is)? He just lost to an extremely talented wrestler. Lee was lights out this weekend. Props to Lee. I don't think Suriano needs a complete overhaul of his approach though. He just was runner up in a tough weight class while less than 100%.
  4. ​I would totally agree if it were not for 3rd place. These guys are on camera shooting the breeze during the consi finals while guys are wrestling their hearts out. And if you want to grow the sport, you best show those matches and not tell people to break out their laptops during on air coverage of the medal rounds. If you are going to cover it, show the matches!
  5. The guy likes wrestling. I like his inclusion in the broadcast. With that said, the consi finals coverage was horrible. Entire weight classes missed. What happened here???
  6. Suriano makes it physical. Lee gasses in the third. Suriano keeps pace through 3 periods and takes a close one.
  7. What do freestyle results have to do with college careers? pretty cool list. fun!
  8. I totally agree. Seems pretty mature to me. He left what would seem like perfect situation to find his personal perfect situation, or closer to it anyway. Every transfer isn't selfish. That narrative is hogwash. He has said some things that seemed questionable to me in the past (had a national title taken away??), but nothing about changing his surroundings seems questionable at all. HE wanted something different and he went and got it. Now we will see how it works out. Keep in mind the results may not tell us how it works out for him personally; only how it works out on the mat.
  9. Massa has gone full on Heel mode in the past.
  10. Surprised there isn't more buzz around Richie Lewis. He is right with the top guys at this weight class heading into nationals and held his own against Imart.
  11. weak showing following a rough year. I get that they caught the injury bug, but lots of teams do. They just weren't very good this year even though they competed hard for the most part.
  12. The 4 time AA needs the shirt even less than the guy who might just develop into a starter by year 4 or 5. One is ready to compete and win. One isn't. I agree with you about redshirts being terrible unless Olympic or injury related though. I am less sold on the Olympic even. The original intent as I understand it is completely lost in some of the arguments above. Redshirts are now only for AA quality wrestlers who enter college most ready to compete?
  13. No doubt. Rutgers has a strong recent history of prioritizing duals. I definitely applaud that. Doesn't change the fact there was another option though, and they were not going to forfeit.
  14. Gantry pretty much summed up everything I was thinking. They had another option available. But who knows why or what they were doing? We obviously don't have all the details. We have enough though that the decision definitely seems odd. Regardless, it is great news that Suriano is ready to go. Not an easy way to get back to it with this particular weight class in the big ten though.
  15. Seems like a waste to me too. 2 matches versus a whole season of use next year as a backup to Suriano who at or may not have trouble keeping healthy. Perhaps as a spot starter, or more, at 133 which may be a weak spot for the team next year. Do they have a lock type starter penciled in for this spot already I am not aware of? I just don't get the argument he can do it again next year. Sure, he could, but the team loses him for the season. People arguing in favor are acting as if there are no forseeable circumstances where he would be needed. As a Rutgers fan, I hope you are right.
  16. So nothing more substantial than last week when he didn't show for the matches. I really hope none of this is true.
  17. What exactly are the rumors?
  18. You're right. He could still use it next year, or another year even. Or sit 2 more duals and be free to contribute as needed next year. Again, I have no inside info so there may be very good reasons for the decision. But with no obvious stand out 133 lined up after DelVechio leaves, having as many options as possible to step into the lineup, or contribute in spots, seems like a good thing. Coming out of redshirt midseason makes sense and people sometimes question that. But coming out with 2 matches left raises some eyebrows. Especially with Suriano missing another match today against Princeton. I guess we will know what's what soon enough.
  19. They don't have a 33 pounder locked in for next year that I know of. So yeah, burning the shirt of anyone around that spot seems questionable if they have to sit a capable wrestler who could potentially compete for that spot next year, or at least provide some depth at it. Unless Suriano is not expected to return this season...
  20. Without knowing all of the details, I definitely agree with Tbar. Especially if they had another wrestler they could have sent out there available on the trip. I am guessing they think Suriano might not be back this season. Otherwise it makes no sense at all from the outside looking in.
  21. By the logic used earlier this week, he is still good at freestyle so he can still win the Hodge.
  22. I'm not sure he is trolling entirely, though he may be purposely phrasing things in a way that will drive freestyle elitists bonkers. THe same elitists who think people who do the sport part time should be rewarded. Kyle Snyder is a great athlete and a great person by all reports, and he is certainly fun to watch, but he still isn't the most dominant college wrestler this season. 6-0 is not the most dominant body of work. If you want to argue the hodge criteria are pointless and show examples supporting that, nobody can really disprove that argument. In which case, who cares who gets it if it doesn't mean anything?
  23. So you want to give the best/most dominant college wrestler award to someone who you admit isn't as good at certain aspects of college wrestling while also admitting he doesn't train in the style that college wrestling utilizes while neglecting to mention he does it part time? Just because? Do we give judoka world medalists and champions hodge trophy consideration if they wrestle in college part time because they contribute to Olympic goals? How about a Greco champ?
  24. Very good chance at 3, and a good chance at 4.
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