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  1. Which is why it is nicer! It is a zoo during the summer. Take a stroll along the bayside of Sandy Hook in the fall or spring and appreciate nature. Return in the summer and see it trashed... Anyway, I am very excited to follow Rutgers next season. Should be lots of fun.
  2. As a person who lives on the Jersey shore, it is most beautiful in the 3 seasons besides the summer.
  3. It isn't really Suriano's job to look out for Cael's interests. He is an athlete, not a coach. As far as I know, he lived up to and exceeded expectations as an athlete which certainly helped further Cael's interests during the season. Of course he received top notch coaching in return. You seem to feel coaches have no obligations to athletes beyond the sport itself. I disagree. So does Cael from everything he says during interviews. As far as transfer rules go, you are correct; I am not in favor of restrictions on athletes who are successful athletically and academically. I am not suggesting unlimited transfers. One transfer per athlete will do for those who are deserving (no trouble. Minimum GPA etc etc). I really doubt this would create chaos as someone else suggested. There are social and financial reasons that would prevent mass transferring. If a kid is unhappy though he shouldn't be prevented from seeking a better fit for himself. I agree we don't know all the facts. Some may be attacking Penn St for being Penn st. I think others are attacking the rules themselves though and are upset Penn St is using those rules to essentially help block the transfer when they have an opportunity to sign off on it and possibly help allow Suriano to continue his career without suffering the loss of eligibility. If and when we hear the facts we will be better able to judge. Till then, it seems those who think these rules serve some greater purpose will see no problem with it. Others will continue to blast Penn St for playing games that could cost an athlete who sacrificed for the program a year of eligibility.
  4. enlighten me. I would love to hear a good reason why endorsing the move is bad for wrestling or even Penn St. He isn't going to stay and nor should he be made to if he is unhappy. In this instance and others like it, yes I believe coaches and programs should endorse moves for athletes who met the academic and athletic expectations for the year. Had Suriano been a problem, that would be a different situation. I don't think that was the case though. I don't think it is narrowminded to expect coaches to assist athletes in bettering their lives. In fact, I think it is narrowminded for fans to claim coaches are done with athletes once those athletes are finished wrestling for them.
  5. What better things does he have to worry about? His handling of this not only affects his team, but potential recruits as well. Is it a cutthroat business or is it Jesus and fun? Just endorse the transfer and move on.
  6. so let me get this straight; Penn st fans now think the coach, team and university owe nothing to an athlete who competed for a full season for them?
  7. I am not a Penn St hater at all. The rules stink. More importantly, the rules allow for Penn St to support their athlete in this move. Penn St has decided not to. You have created an either or scenario that doesn't exist. it is perfectly acceptable to hate the rules and also hate Penn St handling of the rules.
  8. This whole situation stinks. These transfer rules stink. Penn St not supporting the transfer stinks. I could see blocking him if he was coming off a redshirt year and you as a coach felt you got nothing in return for the coaching investment (and even in that case it would still stink), but Penn St already got a very productive season out of Suriano. I see nothing about fun and Jesus in this decision to not support his decision to transfer. They aren't doing the right thing by one of their athletes. Furthermore, Rutgers isn't in a position to compete for the title so I don't even understand why playing hardball is advantageous in this situation.
  9. Getting caught often implies an element of luck. Cormier was set up and knocked out. Perhaps you may not have meant caught this way, but many MMA fans would when speaking about a knockout. I agree he doesn't need to catch any more of those head kicks or the blows that followed. He should coach and/or commentate. He would excel at both I think.
  10. I was pulling for Cormier. He was fighting really well, till he wasn't. I don't think he got caught. I think Jones set him up low and mid kicks for 2 rounds. Cormier looks like he was attempting to defend against one of those kicks, leaning in and flinching as if protecting his midsection, only Jones switched it up and went high and finished the fight. I am not a fan of Jones, but he is pretty amazing. I hope Cormier retires. He has a great head on his shoulders and has nothing left to prove.
  11. Yeah, I watched it live and remember it well. So when did Gilman throw a punch during his collegic wrestling career? A slam is arguably still wrestling, although this particular one was outside the rules. However, it wasn't a punch, kick, bite, headbutt, knee, push into the score table, or any number of illegal moves intended to injure an opponent that one unfortunately sees in the sport. It was a slam out of frustration. Not comparable to a punch, which was what I pointed out when I asked, " Has the guy ever thrown a punch during a match? What evidence is there that he is more violent than anyone else?". I don't see this is evidence that he is a violent person. A physical one maybe and one who gets caught up in the moment in the context of a combat sport, but not much evidence of anything else. I didn't think this was a big deal then, nor do I now. I do think the scoring was pretty outrageous though.
  12. Hard to believe where this thread went. I get that some people dislike Gilman, but this is all nuts. Has the guy ever thrown a punch during a match? What evidence is there that he is more violent than anyone else? I loved his interview where he offered to go the the parking lot. Funny stuff and the attitude was pretty much exactly what I remember of most of the wrestlers I competed with in both high school and college. I wouldn't have said it myself, but I still found it funny and not nearly as far outside the box as some of you seem to think it was. I certainly never thought it was evidence he is an at risk individual for antisocial or even criminal activity. Context is everything. He reacted after being cheap shotted in a combat sport (notable he didn't retaliate btw). I am fairly certain his reaction to a boss requiring extra work or a neighbor trimming a limb on a tree that he feels is his would be different. I am not an Iowa fan. So no, I am not biased by an allegiance to that particular program. Gilman was just an interesting interview and a physical wrestler that I enjoyed watching compete.
  13. Couldn't this be an example of people looking for latent racism and finding it where it may not be? An old dude dressed in jeans in an academic building might just be a janitor, irregardless of race. Professors tend to dress professionally in most cases and students are generally younger. The apology from those who made the mistake may have been simple courtesy, rather the desire to remain employed and/or excuse their alleged racism. The story fills in the blanks with a bit of what seems to be a predetermined narrative. We can take that same story and spin it 100 other ways too based on our individual subjective expectations about what peoples' motivations are. Maybe the professor looked strong for instance and the person asking had a back injury. Did this really happen a couple of times, or just once but made for an interesting story to illuminate what the professor was interested in teaching? What course was the professor teaching? just curious. I had a Sociology professor in college who saw racism in anything and everything. He was an interesting professor, but not very convincing. Confirmation bias is just as real as racism.. Gilman has never been a polished interview. The use of the word was unfortunate, but I am not convinced everyone knows it is considered offensive.
  14. I would like to see an objective study done to compare scoring. NCAA tournament vs University free for instance. Which style has more points scored per match? How the points were scored? Were more points scored in the early rounds than the later in one style or the other? Which style had refs award points for more subjective calls like stalling or violations versus more objective ones like takedowns (I am aware these are somewhat subjective too). That sort of data would be far more convincing than just hearing over and over that freestyle creates action and folkstyle is boring because that narrative is not convincing. I am however open to seeing actual numbers. That sort of breakdown would make for a great topic. Unfortunately not great enough for me to put it together though...
  15. I wasn't cherry picking so much as disputing that the "vastly superior rule set" creates action. Freestyle has low scoring matches too. I am not even saying the match I referenced was boring. I was just saying the way the points were scored was horrible. The only thing worse would be if they settled it with rideouts. But for people that love the pushout, it is hard to understand how the other half cringes at watching that point awarded. And vice versa I am sure. Maybe you jump out of your seat and cheer. I don't recall many boring matches at the NCAAs. I enjoyed them all actually. There have been some boring matches obviously. But the last two years have been great I think. Not sure about post 114. I am sort clueless about navigating here. I just come to read some college wrestling fans' opinions since I watch most of it alone. That sort of goes along with what Jaroslav said above; we can bicker about styles but nobody wants to watch either with us anyway. They find them equally boring. I get to a Rutgers match or two with some old buddies each season, but the rest I watch solo despite the effort to drum up interest.
  16. 3 pushouts and a shotclock. That was all the scoring in one of the most antipated matches in freestyle recently.
  17. Exactly! Great example. I don't see why someone would remind you that this is a college wrestling forum and what he did after wrestling should be discussed elsewhere? Thanks for the info. Ended up reading about him and learning something new today.
  18. So if a former wrestler succeeds in other professions like teaching or politics, would you object to a thread celebrating their success?
  19. No need to worry. I wasn't offended at all. Nor were my family and friends. It is true that my comments didn't directly relate to what you were saying. However, considering where you are posting them, there is some relation worth noting. I am sure you realize that though. Had you posted your disdain for MMA on a forum about comic books, my response would not exist. I agree there is no valid opinion. There is just opinion. Having worked rehabbing dogs who have been abused in dog fighting, I do find the comparison to MMA pretty off the wall though.
  20. Does it actually work? The protective headgear used by some teammates back in the day who struggled with concussions seemed to do nothing. Have there been advances in protective headgear?
  21. Nor could I. That doesn't change the fact that the opinion you share with many wrestling fans about MMA continues to surprise me, and is similar to those I have heard about wrestling many times.
  22. I know countless former wrestlers limping around from knee injuries and/or unable to get a full range of motion from shoulders injuries. I had guys on my high school team with recurring concussion problems, and two on my college team. Chipped teeth, scarred up ears, and the run of the mill black eyes, bloody lips and bloody noses were never given a second thought. During my time I unfortunately saw a few wrestlers get carried out of matches on stretchers. One landed on his head and his body went limp during an attempted throw. The other drove on a double leg right out of bounds and into a gymnasium wall at a tournament. I saw a college teammate post on a mat return and his elbow collapsed and popped right through the skin. Nevermind the running in plastics and spitting in cups and the long terms impact cutting weight had on us. Wrestling isn't exactly chess. I get that MMA is far more dangerous than scholastic wrestling, but I find it somewhat surprising the amount of wrestling fans that trash MMA for "being too dangerous". You say it is a sick way to make a paycheck. if you asked some of my family and friends, they would say wrestling was a sick way to get your kicks.
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