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  1. Seems like a waste to me too. 2 matches versus a whole season of use next year as a backup to Suriano who at or may not have trouble keeping healthy. Perhaps as a spot starter, or more, at 133 which may be a weak spot for the team next year. Do they have a lock type starter penciled in for this spot already I am not aware of? I just don't get the argument he can do it again next year. Sure, he could, but the team loses him for the season. People arguing in favor are acting as if there are no forseeable circumstances where he would be needed. As a Rutgers fan, I hope you are right.
  2. So nothing more substantial than last week when he didn't show for the matches. I really hope none of this is true.
  3. What exactly are the rumors?
  4. You're right. He could still use it next year, or another year even. Or sit 2 more duals and be free to contribute as needed next year. Again, I have no inside info so there may be very good reasons for the decision. But with no obvious stand out 133 lined up after DelVechio leaves, having as many options as possible to step into the lineup, or contribute in spots, seems like a good thing. Coming out of redshirt midseason makes sense and people sometimes question that. But coming out with 2 matches left raises some eyebrows. Especially with Suriano missing another match today against Princeton. I guess we will know what's what soon enough.
  5. They don't have a 33 pounder locked in for next year that I know of. So yeah, burning the shirt of anyone around that spot seems questionable if they have to sit a capable wrestler who could potentially compete for that spot next year, or at least provide some depth at it. Unless Suriano is not expected to return this season...
  6. Without knowing all of the details, I definitely agree with Tbar. Especially if they had another wrestler they could have sent out there available on the trip. I am guessing they think Suriano might not be back this season. Otherwise it makes no sense at all from the outside looking in.
  7. By the logic used earlier this week, he is still good at freestyle so he can still win the Hodge.
  8. I'm not sure he is trolling entirely, though he may be purposely phrasing things in a way that will drive freestyle elitists bonkers. THe same elitists who think people who do the sport part time should be rewarded. Kyle Snyder is a great athlete and a great person by all reports, and he is certainly fun to watch, but he still isn't the most dominant college wrestler this season. 6-0 is not the most dominant body of work. If you want to argue the hodge criteria are pointless and show examples supporting that, nobody can really disprove that argument. In which case, who cares who gets it if it doesn't mean anything?
  9. So you want to give the best/most dominant college wrestler award to someone who you admit isn't as good at certain aspects of college wrestling while also admitting he doesn't train in the style that college wrestling utilizes while neglecting to mention he does it part time? Just because? Do we give judoka world medalists and champions hodge trophy consideration if they wrestle in college part time because they contribute to Olympic goals? How about a Greco champ?
  10. Very good chance at 3, and a good chance at 4.
  11. I would agree that Zain is the most dominant college wrestler. He is destroying everyone and scoring more points for his team than anyone else this season.
  12. Wasn't Snyder 5-0 entering this match? He wasn't in the Hodge conversation before this match.
  13. I have personally known quiet and respectful people who use the the term dirty jerz. I am not sure there is a message there. At least not one worse than throwing jabs during matches. It is just a way of taking pride in something everyone else thinks "stinks". Or so I always thought anyway being a resident myself. I took a moment to consult the urban dictionary: dirty jersey A term used to describe MOST(the best) parts of New Jersey, such as PARTS of North Jersey (201 area, Elizabeth, Newark, Etc.), and parts of South Jersey. For some reason, middle class white kids from suburbia NJ aka Sussex County like to say they are from the real Dirty Jerz. Sorry to burst your bubble kiddies, but... no. 2 dirty jersey parts of south jersey like camden or atlantic city. some of north jersey. oh **** were lost in dirty jersey, roll the windows up. 3 Dirty Jersey A mixed drink, best enjoyed at house parties. Fill the largest cup possible with at least a splash of every liquor in the house. Add beer to taste. As the night continues, continue to top it off with other people's leftover drinks. It will become more and more disgusting by the end of the night, and you'll get freakishly drunk in the process. Ideally consumed in Jersey, but anywhere will do. You win the prize if you don't vomit. "I made a Dirty Jersey at Sarah's birthday last night and feel like I got hit with a train full of dog****. I think there were 5 different kinds of whiskey in it by the end 4 dirty jersey 1. A role of coins wrapped in electrical tape and used as a combat apparatus. This weapon is commonly found in New Jersey, hence its name. 2. A term used to define northern New Jersey or the New Jersey shore. 1. I didn't have my brass knuckles so I resorted to the dirty jersey. 2. We accidentally crossed the George Washington Bridge and ended up in dirty jersey. I couldn't include the other 3 possibilities as they could be offensive to some. But I am not sure they support the argument that dirty jerz is somehow a "tough guy" thing. Richie Lewis sounds like a moron, and De Luca acted like one, but that isn't an indictment of the entire program. For a while, Rutgers wrestled soft. Now they have a chip on their shoulder and get after it. As a fan I definitely prefer this newer version. If the president and the pope can fight on twitter with the public, I really don't see why wrestlers can't use it to posture a bit.
  14. yeah the headgear call was bogus. I get squeamish when watching the knees during scrambles. I couldn't give an objective opinion as it all looks potentially dangerous to me. Reffing is a tough job. I certainly wouldnt want to do it. As for the scramble and the injury itself, I didn't for a second think anything about it was dirty or intentional. I didn't see anyone from Rutgers wrestle dirty other than Deluca who was penalized. The rest just seemed eager to take a shot at the champ which should be commended, not criticized. The actions of one wrestler don't reflect on the team and Rutgers has no history of wrestling outside the rules in recent years. I thought Gravina wrestled really well and I think he is a strong AA candidate. He has some signature wins in his career when healthy. I have watched many of his matches. Several in person. Never once have I thought he was a dirty wrestler.
  15. What a bunch of crybabies. Penn state is fun to watch, but some of these fans are intolerable. Maybe take up knitting if wrestling is to physical for you? The injury was accidental and had absolutely nothing to do with the physical, aggressive style Rutgers employed.
  16. Walsh. I don't think this will be that close. Not a major or anything, but Walsh will control the match.
  17. I think Nato will win. I think he is too physical for Lee. I think the same about Suriano. I am usually wrong though.
  18. I don't really see the "cockiness" in Suriano at all. Not sure where this is all coming from other than that he went against the grain a bit in leaving PSU.
  19. True. I think he had a good shot at fourth
  20. Seems like a far climb but if Suriano wins a title, who knows what that will communicate to recruits. They have created a great atmosphere in a great wrestling state. I think being the "best of the rest" is at least in reach if they can keep taking steps the next few seasons.
  21. Not at all. I picked Jack last year preseason and was wrong. But refusing to make a pick is no fun, soooooo Meredith. I like the way he is wrestling this season. I will be rooting for him. I am about 3% certain in my prediction.
  22. Would he have forfeited in the finals had he made it? if not, why is the additional mat time in the wrestlebacks less valuable? This is not like the Nato situation. Nato is avoiding a difficult matchup while working back to form, while Lee would have most likely taken the challenge of a hard match with the same opponent in the finals but decided (and/or the coaches decided) potentially easier ones weren't worth the effort. Unless of course he wouldn't have wrestled in the finals which may be the case. On the surface though, this is not the same as the Nato situation. The Nato situation makes sense, though the explanation offered by some fans about protecting the knee doesn't. The Lee situation makes less sense if he would have wrestled another match had he won. Neither matter since the end of the season is all that matters for better or worse.
  23. Couldn't het get injured in practice or against another opponent? Or just working out? Not sure I understand the logic. I get he might not be ready to go 7 minutes hard. He might not be ready for Suriano's physicality. But I don't see anything unique about Suriano that would endanger a knee more than any other opponent or activity.
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