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    ironmonkey reacted to TobusRex in Prediction Contest: Highest Seed to...   
    Me too, I'd like to see him do well. But his record in big tourneys in college isn't inspiring. 
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    ironmonkey reacted to IronChef in Best Never to Win Hodge?   
    Snyder is a good answer for the topic "Best to Never Win Hodge" and a bad answer for "Guys Who Should Have Won Hodge," which is not the same question.
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    ironmonkey got a reaction from gowrestle in Why Folk/Collegiate/Scholastic Style for The U.S.?   
    I really don't see how changing scholastic to free is somehow going to lead to more "professional" opportunities.  I much prefer Folk regardless.  Switching styles would cost fans.  Those fans don't need to be reeducated or assimilated.  Most college fans have had some sort of exposure to freestyle despite the constant arguments that if we only understood it better we would appreciate it more. Props to the poster who made the connection to soccer fans!  It is totally the same kinda thing here. 
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    ironmonkey reacted to jon in Winter sports denied extra year of eligibility   
    "They got their season" absolutely is obtuse and "there's real problems affecting the world" absolutely is off-topic. This is a problem and it's one NCAA can fix.
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    ironmonkey reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    This is a college wrestling award therefore the senior national wins do not count. Snyder never won the Hodge because he chose international over college. Lee had a chance to wrestle the 2 seed twice and failed to show each time. Don’t reward not showing up. 
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    ironmonkey reacted to CoachWrestling in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    He defaulted at the Midlands, missed a couple duals. Give it to the guy who showed up. 
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    ironmonkey reacted to CoachWrestling in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Should have been Moore. Make these guys wrestle, not these short schedules. Bad precedent is now set. 
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    ironmonkey reacted to olddirty in PSA: College is not about wrestling   
    Nice of you to tell someone what college is about for them. 
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    ironmonkey reacted to TobusRex in Do we really trust the coaches/administrators?   
    Probably not as far :D 
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    ironmonkey reacted to Lurker in Do we really trust the coaches/administrators?   
    So from what I read he was checked out by the tournament medical staff prior to as he was feeling a little "peekish".  He did not have the specific symptoms that spring going from normal testing to the coronavirus testing, so they cleared him.  Then during the game he began feeling worse so he removed himself and went to the hospital.  They ran a full battery and came back positive for Flu A.
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    ironmonkey reacted to Lurker in Do we really trust the coaches/administrators?   
    He was checked and cleared by medical staff prior to...
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    ironmonkey reacted to Mphillips in University Affiliated Travel Ban   
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    ironmonkey reacted to Housebuye in 149 bracket?!?   
    I hope you are right. 
    My shoulders are busted from wrestling. I’m always shocked when guys can perform at this level with shoulder issues. It is incredibly painful.
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    ironmonkey reacted to gutfirst in NCAA Assessing How Covid-19 Might Impact Wrestling Championships   
    Take a listen to what Michael Osterholm had to say on Joe Rogan's podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3URhJx0NSw
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    ironmonkey got a reaction from russelscout in Dear Wrestling "Journalists"   
    Just parroting what others are saying at this point.  I have heard these same conspiracy theories since this started.  Maybe they can have Alex Jones weigh in as a guest caller!  
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    ironmonkey reacted to silverback in Out of bounds stalling   
    No one is forcing you guys to  watch folkstyle wrestling.  We already have freestyle.  If you like it so much, spend your time watching it and discussing it on the freestyle forums.  It's great to have different styles to enjoy.    
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    ironmonkey got a reaction from The Bog Man in Out of bounds stalling   
    I think edge of the mat takedowns and wrestling for takedowns in general is more exciting than pushouts (unless a scoring table gets in the way...).  I get freestyle fans see it differently.  I know they sigh and groan everytime action goes out of bounds but many folk fans sigh and groan when watching freestyle and seeing someone run an opponent off the mat when they have a single elevated.   I'm not sure one preference is objectively any more valid than the other.   I actually like the new rules in folk despite the inconsistency.  
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    ironmonkey reacted to GockeS in Out of bounds stalling   
    i love the takedown where a guy catches a guy trying to escape and gets two
    edge wrestling is very exciting... 
    i can't think of any coach who ever said: stop wrestling on the edge. its a point... so just push them out.
    or its a point so you have to run back to the center
    beyond that... it is supposed to be stalling if I dont allow someone to circle in... how does that play into the step out. its not called in free either
    again, i say consistency and training refs is what needs to change.
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    ironmonkey reacted to GockeS in Out of bounds stalling   
    pushout or not
    there is still stalling/avoiding in freestyle.
    there always will be.
    my question: if i cant finish a single inside the circle with a leg up, am I stalling?
    b/c pushing someone out with the leg up isn't wrestling. finishing the takedown inbounds is wrestling.
    if the guys flees the mat, then I am weak. and if he flees the mat, I should get a point..that rule was made several years ago... helped ONE year... hasn't helped since... unless it has changed 
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    ironmonkey reacted to Antitroll2828 in MSU   
    Maryland deserves to lose with those hideous uniforms
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    ironmonkey reacted to TBar1977 in Sebastian Rivera Wins OW   
    This guy Rivera is really easy to like. Sounds really enthusiastic literally all the time. Big fan. 
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    ironmonkey reacted to Columbia_Lou in Sebastian Rivera Wins OW   
    you mean Alverez?
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    ironmonkey reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Seth Gross wrestling style   
    Let's hope he reads this thread, realizes the error of his ways, and makes a change before NCAAs.
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    ironmonkey reacted to Mphillips in Flowrestling   
    That sucks. I was hoping it would be a simple fix. I've never had that problem since the first time.  I was even able to watch four screen split with scores and names.
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