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  1. MSU158

    Final Coaches Rankings

    I don’t argue with you, IF seeding was truly done based ONLY on this year’s results. However, rankings simply aren’t done that way and rankings are a significant part of seeding. Dhesi was the highest returning placer and I think most chalk the Parris loss up to rust. Both rankers and coaches aren’t going to put Dhesi down any lower. He only has 1 loss, coming after missing half the season, due to making a World Team, right after taking 3rd at NCAA’s. If he is back to the same form he was at lay NCAA’s, he will finish Top 4 and Steveson has by far the toughest quarter final out of the top 4 seeds.
  2. MSU158

    Final Coaches Rankings

    https://drexeldragons.com/services/download_file.ashx?file_location=https://s3.amazonaws.com/drexeldragons.com/documents/2019/3/14/2019_Final_Coaches_Ranking_Mar_13.pdf Lemonpie, Please note that Dhesi ranked almost identical to Flo and Intermat with the understandable exception of Wood ahead of him. So, he was very likely to be in that 4/5 semi slot against White if not for the inexplicable 5 seed for young Mr. Parris. As I said, and even Flo themselves have often pointed out, the coaches have been known to literally just copy their rankings. Now, obviously the seeding committee doesn’t follow these verbatim, but they often seem to give them more weight than assigned depending on head to heads available as those 2 criteria often seem to be damn near the only criteria used.....
  3. 133 will likely surpass even 149 when all their careers are done and Gross isn’t even in this year’s bracket. Fix has 3 more years left. Suriano has another. DeSanto has 2 more. Micic has another year. Phillipi is only a freshman. Wilson has 2 more left. Pletcher has another. Gomez and RBY are both freshmen as well. Simply put, there are a ton of guys that are going to be 3x AA’s if not 4. If some of them move weights(which is inevitable), they should increase the amount of Championships as well.
  4. MSU158

    Tommy and Terry 4th is the new 1st

    The problem is that comparison has been fully debunked many times and you are absolutely smart enough to know that. And THAT is what makes it trolling and I am pretty sure you know that as well.....
  5. MSU158

    Pre-Season Prediction Challenge

    So, let's see how the brackets have adjusted these possibilities. 125: Still possible and I am sticking with it. 133: No Gross due to injury. For sake of consistency in this particular exercise, I will just bump Suriano up and say Suriano over Fix. 141: Possible and Likely. Yianni over McKenna was the pick. 149: Possible and Likely. Ashnault over Jordan was the pick. 157: Possible. Deakin needs to wrestle much better than he has to get there. Nolf over Deakin was the pick. 165: Possible. Marinelli' draw is brutal and Marsteller could benefit from it. Joseph over Marsteller was the pick. 174: Possible. This obviously calls for a big upset. But, Amine wasn't too far behind at B1G's. Valencia over Amine was the pick 184: Parker got screwed at B1G seeding and it carried over to NCAA's. One dumb mistake against Venz cost him, while Rasheed wrestled 1 guy all season to get his seed. The bottom half of this bracket is hot garbage. But, I will insert ZZ as the finalist, losing to Martin, out of sheer contempt. Martin over Parker was the pick. 197: Possible and likely. Nickal over Moore was the pick. 285: Seeding at this weight made very little sense. Parris at the 5 getting full credit for his win over Dhesi(6 seed) but they ignore his 37 losses to Jennings(12 seed). Anyway, I will say the winner of Dhesi/Steveson wins NCAA's. However, the brackets do give him a crazy chance at my very original Steveson over Stoll prediction. Sadly, I don't think he is nearly in the shape necessary to pull that off. So, I say Dhesi over White to stay consistent with the brackets based on my predictions.
  6. MSU158

    Marinelli's draw

    Yes, He is the 5 seed.....
  7. MSU158

    Marinelli's draw

    Is there a more RIDICULOUS possible draw? Joe Smith Viruet Lewis WIck Joseph
  8. MSU158

    Selection Show

    Yeah, they basically ignored Parris's not so good performance at B1G's and ONLY counted his win over Dhesi.........Carr benefited similarly.
  9. MSU158

    Selection Show

    They LITERALLY stacked the weight against Marinelli
  10. MSU158

    Selection Show

    Deakin the 3 after that performance at B1G’s. Was expecting Hidlay at 3 with Pants 4 and Deakin 5.
  11. MSU158

    Selection Show

    How does Carr get the 6 seed?
  12. MSU158

    Selection Show

    About which part?
  13. MSU158

    Selection Show

    The main outlets all have him at 4 and the Final Coaches Ranking usually damn near mirror these. But, who knows, we shall see.
  14. MSU158

    Selection Show

    Coaches ranking should play an integral part here. Parris was his 1st match back and he hasn't lost since. If the coaches have him at 4, with the hodgepodge there is with many having 6 or more losses, I would be surprised if anyone else ends up ahead of Dhesi, except maybe Wood.
  15. MSU158

    Selection Show

    Don't get too excited. If Dhesi gets the 4seed, which he should, he could definitely win the weight, especially if he is back to last year's Tournament form.