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  1. This is my very least favorite part of the Internet. Nearly everyone can judge from on high and act like they are above reproach. On top of that, everyone is guilty until proven innocent. IF it is proven he did something illegal(criminal, administrative, civil, etc.) he should be subject to the exact same penalties that anyone else would be in the same situation. No more, no less. And, UNTIL it is proven, the guy IS innocent and everyone should be more concerned about his health as long as no one else was hurt during the situation...
  2. 184 had NO returning AA's from 2019 in the 2020 field going into NCAA's, before it was cancelled. In 2021, Venz and Geer were the only returning AA's at the weight and Venz did his in 2018 and Geer took 6th in 2019(he was wrestling 197 in 2020). So, going into the past 2 weeks is was INARGUABLY the thinnest weight. However, with that said, I DO agree that 184 is much tougher this year with Amine added to the weight and Hidlay and Keckeisen showing they are both legit. If Brooks can stay undefeated and show he has distanced himself more from at least Hidlay and Keckeisen, he could start to have an argument for building his resume. Zero of this is written with ANY kind of hate. Brooks will to win over Amine, even though it was very close, was overly impressive. The way he dug deep and somehow turned almost certainly getting taken down into his own takedown made me a believer. I think his style is more Iowaesque than many PSU fans want to admit(he hand fights, controls ties and constantly moves forward in the ties as well as ANYONE in DI). Against the best guys, I think his style will result in scores that look close on the scoreboard, but I am not sure he will take a loss at anytime to any of them, except maybe Amine...
  3. No such agreement is accepted, nor will it be, by me or any of my affiliates. But, please, keep on keeping on!
  4. Answering for myself instead of Tbar, I am not against the law for the fact that it can and often does save lives. However, I did have issues with it when it came out because it was ONLY instituted because of insurance companies lobbying so hard and THEY were the ones that benefited the most from it. Sort of an "ends justify the means" argument in that case...
  5. Winky faced that one at the end! All said in good fun. Still, prayers are a good thing whether you believe in Religion or not. I am all for giving them out as much as possible and open to taking as many as possible as well!
  6. Definitely not Southern Baptist. I was an altar boy(while never seeing the slightest hint of pastoral infidelities, so leave those jokes at home!). Just was taught to pray for those most in need. Tbar most often seems to me to fall into that category! ;)
  7. Sorry, I meant the “Act” of wrestling at all. Meaning it wasn’t don’t During the course of normal wrestling practice or competition.
  8. I guess it would be possible if you could prove it has happened multiple times. In just referring to the 2 case listed in this thread: The 1st doesn't appear to really be wrestling action related at all and the second seemed to hover over 1 incident in practice where it would basically come down to "he said, she said".
  9. The hardest part of all this would have to be proving it was intentional vs. incidental. I mean you are in a competition where contact is expected. So, you can't assume that any contact would be intentional or even criminal like you could in a normal setting. I mean at some point there is incidental contact at basically every part of the body. Does anyone have a record of the final legal results of this case. I just can't imagine anything criminal holding up in court.
  10. Agreed. By the way I read it, it didn't have anything to do with wrestling AT ALL.
  11. None needed. Geog absolutely controlled the entire match. I was amazed at how easily he kept getting in with basic double legs and kept crumpling Rojas up. His wingspan is deadly. He looked like he towered over Rojas. How much is he cutting to make 189?
  12. In Rojas's defense he just beat Barr at 171 a little bit ago. 189 is a lot to give up if you can make 171. Geog looks considerably bigger and stronger.
  13. That match starts at the 2:48 mark.
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