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  1. One thing I think we can all agree on is how easy it is to be the moral police on message boards......
  2. "it"? Immense Talent? Incredible Triumphs?
  3. Not what I am saying at all. The situations aren't comparable. My point was that he "pulled up". He WAS chasing a guy inarguably celebrating with time still on the clock. Was he wrong to do that? By the time Caldwell went full flip, he had ABSOLUTELY throttled down. We can debate the semantics of how he throttled down, but my point is simple. What he did was the equivalent of a shoulder bump, but equated to worse because Caldwell was in the air a split second after the whistle and ABSOLUTELY started the move before. All of the above absolutely should be considered. It's not like he was standing in front of Caldwell after the whistle and attacked him. The situation itself is very unique and I think Metcalf deserves some consideration. Now, I am not saying he did nothing wrong. If you have read what I said, he absolutely did. I just think the situation and what I truly believe was him backing down at the end, make it much less egregious than you believe.
  4. I like that you caught that and I actually did do that intentionally. That is a saying that goes a long ways back for me!
  5. I agree with everything you said. However, this is about "worst losers". To me, this is WAY LESS than what it could have been which, by definition, takes away the "worst" part.............
  6. Dude, at one point he was running damn near full boar. By the time he gets to him he is damn near standing still. Not sure how you see anything different than that. If he stays at the same speed he was at by the time he hits the N in the NCAA center, he takes him off the platform. Is that even the slightest bit arguable? Edited to add: Did you play football? I actually played strong safety. So this situation was right up my alley. If a guy goes airborne and you are running at them to the point you can be underneath them mid-air, you could do more damage to the umpteenth power over what Metcalf did. How do you not see that? Yes, he did wrong. I am not denying that. But, he OBVIOUSLY held off by the time he made contact!
  7. Look: 1.) Caldwell STARTED his celebration and flip(just because he isn't in the air before the whistle doesn't mean the flip doesn't start before it) BEFORE the clock ran out. 2.) Metcalf STARTED chasing him around the mat BEFORE the clock ran out. 3.) By the time Caldwell is in the air, Metcalf has almost completely stopped and barely touches him. He OBVIOUSLY pulls up. What he did was the equivalent of the minor shoulder bump when walking past someone walking towards you. 4.) If Metcalf was so bad, he would have kept his complete momentum, by the time Caldwell is mid-air, he ends up flying OFF the platform. Should Metcalf have COMPLETELY pulled off? Sure. But, what he did is NOWHERE NEAR what some of you paint it to be......................
  8. Not sure how that is relevant to this discussion. The way the guy wrestled, those words fit him as a coach about as well as they could anyone that wrestled DI.
  9. One BIG thing about the Metcalf situation that Appears to have been overlooked is he DID back off a ton right before contact. With his initial momentum, he EASILY could have flown him off the platform like Thunderlips did to Rocky! With that said, there is no way to justify what he did. But, I think many simply understand it since the celebration started before the match was over. I haven’t defended it and won’t here. However, I really don’t find it all that egregious because of what Caldwell did to precipitate it and how Metcalf obviously pulled up at the end.
  10. Just not a great argument if you are solely trying to say who the better wrestler is. For instance, who would win at 141, Spencer Lee or Luke Pletcher? Who is the better wrestler?
  11. Yeah, I remember that match, just thought it was the 4-1 I had in a different year. I looked these up and added them periodically while getting my haircut after 3 months. So, I have no problem admitting the likelihood a mistake was made!
  12. I don’t know that Retherford really was more dominant nor do I think his level of competition was nearly as good his last 3 seasons. Also, 5th is not “almost the exact same thing” as 2nd. What Retherford did as a TF was special, but he was controlled by Stieber the last 2 times, while IMar squeaked both out. With that said, I wouldn’t fight over a 1a-1b for both and can definitely see an argument for Zain. Edited to add: Nolf: 2019- 31-0 with 27 bonus wins. His 4 regular decisions were 10-4 over Berger, 9-2 and 7-1 over Pantaleo and 3-2 over Hidlay. He had 15 falls, 1 inj., 5tfs and 6 MD’s. 2018-26-1 with default to Van Brill. He basically came back on 1 leg and won it all rather easily. He had 16 falls, 3tfs, 3 mds and the 4 decisions were Pantaleo 6-4, Crone 6-1, Kemerer 6-2 and Hidlay 6-2 2017-27-0 with 14 Falls, 8tfs, 3 mds and the 2 decisions were Kemerer 9-4 and 8-2. So, essentially Nolf had 2 close matches his last 3 seasons. Hidlay 3-2 and Pantaleo 6-4. Out of 84 wins: 45 Falls, 16 TFs and 12 MD's. Retherford: 2018- 30-0 with 26 bonus wins. His 4 regular decisions were Ronnie Perry 6-2, Heillman 10-4 and Sorenson 2-0 and 6-2. He had 17 Falls, 5 TF's and 4 MD's. 2017-27-0 with 25 bonus wins. His 2 regular decisions were both Sorenson 2-1 and 9-8OT. He had 17 Falls, 7 TF's and 1 MD. 2016-34-0 with 30 bonus wins. HIs 4 regular decisions were Theobold 8-1, Clagon 2-1, Collica 4-1 and Sorenson 4-0. He had 15Falls, 8 TF's and 7 MD's. So, side by side: Retherford 91-0 with 49 Falls, 20 TF's and 12 MD's. Bonus 81 out of 91. His close matches were Clagon 2-1, Sorenson 9-8OT, 2-1, 2-0 and Collica 4-1. Nolf 84-1(inj def.) with 45 Falls, 16 TF's and 12 MD's. Bonus 73 out of 85. 3 of Nolf's decisions came after the injury. He missed 5 matches due to that injury in 2018 and 3 of his 4 decisions that season came after the injury. His close matches were Pantaleo 6-4 and Hidlay 3-2.
  13. I am definitely partial to Nolf. I have been adamant that he deserved a Hodge and he was an IMar away from being a 4x undefeated(not counting the injury default) Champ. I know the controversial Hidlay match took the shine off for some of you. But, he won the match and there is NO WAY to say he wouldn't have still won if that sequence was scored differently. To me, 2,1,1,1 with his only real losses being as a freshman, to a guy that went 1,1,2,2, whom he also pinned, trumps anything the others did. With that said, going simply off DI results, I would go: 1.) Nolf 2.)Retherford 3.)Ruth 4.)Taylor 5.)Nickal
  14. Not in Folk. I am not sure, but I don't think they wrestled in Free either. Amuch beat Perry rather convincingly in the Semis and then Ruth THRASHED Amuch.....
  15. Depends on what gap you are referring to. If you are talking the entire Big10, I would agree that the gap between the B1G’s 2nd and 3rd tier and the rest of DI has shrunk. However, it can definitely be argued that the top 2 or 3 have even distanced themselves further from the rest of the pack. PSU and tOSU have been way above everyone else for several years. Iowa was way above this past year and PSU’s tourney team was likely to finish a clear 2nd. Excluding OKState, a proven powerhouse, I am not sold that ANY other non DI team is truly a title contender or will be for some time. Except, MAYBE, Cornell and they have been close for quite some time. Although I would agree that some teams like NCState have improved considerably, I still think the B1G has a very large stranglehold on the team title landscape for some time to come.
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