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  1. MSU158

    The All-Transfer Team

    With limited scholarships and only 10 weight classes(starters), the transfer #s are actually quite low. Remember, until quite recently, it was very difficult to transfer and keep full eligibility and/or scholarship monies.
  2. I wasn't really interested in who was better in a dual format. I was talking about how IRRELEVANT the conference has become in the NCAA Tournament. Still, you are arguing dual format in a sport that only values the NCAA Tournament. Being a National Dual proponent, I sympathize, but your argument falls on mostly dead ears. Ask most PSU or Iowa fans which team they would consider better regardless of the dual result. Either way, the Pac 12 is a mess with the exception of ASU. This is exceptionally sad considering all the West Coast wrestling talent, especially California.....
  3. You realize he was 28-1 going into NCAA's that year? Admittedly, he had a disappointing tournament, but he lost a crazy OT match to Thorn(who proved a bad match up mollywhopping him 13-3 the next year while at tOSU) and he would then lose to a redhot, dangerous Eierman in the R12. Eierman also beat Kolodzik and Ashnault in that bracket.
  4. MSU158

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    Cam Simaz. Solid, but not blue chip recruit. Wrestles up to help the team and AA's. Fills into 197 while improving at a rapid rate(went from getting manhandled by Hudson Taylor to beating him for 3rd as a soph). Clean cut and well spoken.
  5. Although I really would like to see Borelli do well, Stanford's position in the Pac 12 is more indicative of how BAD the conference is now versus Stanford being a good team. Do you think they could score 5 pts or more at NCAA's? Although OSU admittedly relies on their bookends to score nearly all their points, they still have 40 pt potential. That is a GIANT difference considering this sport only really cares about March............
  6. There was a time, not that long ago, where the Pac-12 was a force. Now, it is pretty much ASU and then blah. OSU has a couple top guys in Bresser and Dhesi, but they are both Seniors. It may be time for Zalesky to retire soon with the future looking quite bleak for the Beavers.
  7. MSU158

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Lee teched him because he turned him at will. Russell adjusted and hand fought a million times better on bottom and also made huge adjustments in neutral. Still all those adjustments did was slow down the pace and keep it somewhat close. He still didn't come close to escaping or really generating points of any kind. My real point is that the blueprint has been laid out for how to wrestle Lee going forward. That isn't to say Lee won't keep winning, but scoring in bunches against the better guys may prove a lot harder if they can protect their wrists on bottom and wrestle from space in neutral.
  8. MSU158

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    I respect that, I just think he and most greats of any sport, have performances judged based mainly on nearly unrealistic expectations. When Drew Bree's wins and goes 20-30 for 250yds, 2 tds and 1 INT against a top 7 defense, many will call it an off game because they expect over 300 yds and 3 tds. But, compared to nearly every other qb that went against them his stats are better and most lost. Simply put, because he is Spencer Lee and dominated his way to a title last year, everyone expects him to even dominate AA's and, imho, judge a 3-0 win too harshly when the opponent had a smart game plan and did a lot to minimize Lee's offense.
  9. MSU158

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    His opponents are tying up with him nearly as much and are keeping their hips back when they do. Since a vast majority of Lee's offense comes off inside ties and counter offense, if guys stay away from those ties and don't take desperation shot attempts, his offense can be limited. Aa good as Lee is, he hasn't shown the speed and level changes from space to really expect much offense from him there. He needs to find ways to close the space and get to his ties when his opponents try to dictate neutral positions.
  10. MSU158

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    And Russell couldn't have improved or learned how to avoid being turned? Again, expectations are too high. When you don't give up a takedown or an escape or ANY points to an AA, I refuse to knock you for how you wrestled.
  11. MSU158

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Such an unbelievably ignorant comment. The kid had already lost 2 out of 3 post seasons due to injury. Gable wrestlers would risk the 3rd unnecessarily for whiny guys like you? Take away your bias and use common sense. If you do even wrestle him, you put him in situations where he can win going 80% or less and be extremely confident that he can avoid positions that would increase risk of re-injury. It is NOT about seed/ranking protection. I can guarantee the Coaches would be happy with a 12 seed at NCAA's as long as he makes it there in the best physical condition possible.
  12. MSU158

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Russell is no joke and having Sanders in his corner has definitely cleaned up his wrestling. No matter who the guy is, it is unfair to base expectations off of one NCAA tournament. The DI season is a grind and, like Lee just said, we don't even know what these guys are wrestling through. If you beat an AA 3-0, you still look pretty good to me.
  13. MSU158

    Michigan and Illini (results inside)

    The guy has career wins over Martin, Venz, Foster, Priesch, Ness, Gravina and Wisman. That is half the other top 15 guys. That doesn't even include graduated AAs in Abounader and Nate Jackson. Hell, he took 3rd in a harder 184 class last season. NOONE else, other than Martin, has that strong of a resume, let alone better. On top of it all, he arguably gave Nickal(not that he was in any danger of losing) his toughest match of the year last season, losing 5-2. Simply put, there are guys that are overrated, but he is NOT one of them. Let alone the 2nd most over rated in DI.....
  14. MSU158

    Michigan and Illini (results inside)

    The guy took 3rd last year going 28-4 wrestling in the B1G, where the top 4 NCAA placers came from. Last year's champ is up at 197 and he is undefeated this season. Where in the hell should be be ranked????
  15. MSU158

    tOSU 125

    NATO was 19-0 as a redshirt.....he only had 4 losses the year he won it and all were solid AA's(Dance, Peters, Waters and Gilman).