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  1. Not on edge at all. Just saying, one RTC has millions of dollars in funding and no other RTC has even 1 million. So, yeah......money is an issue that separates PSU from EVERYONE. Also, I wasn’t disparaging Zeke or ASU. In fact, I think Zeke has them on their way to being a 5-10 consistent placing team. It just isn’t fair to compare their results with the PSU “perfect storm”.
  2. Are you serious? Compared to PSU? You know the RTC funding difference, right? No one is even remotely close and that includes the HWC. I am not saying ASU Is an “also ran” by any means, but the funding isn’t remotely close.....
  3. 1. You were the 1 stating that life choices would OBVIOUSLY be handled better at PSU under Sanderson. Which is more dangerous, a guy driving his car around 2:00 am with a .2+ blood alcohol level or a kid that did some blow out of the country(supposedly)? Yes, Ruth was able to wrestle, but life management was sanctimonious poppycock(my word of the day). 2. Everything I read kept saying 165 was too tough of a cut for Hall and most of that was directly from Hall's mouth. As a wrestling lifer traveling to Kentucky and then Minnesota to find the best competition, if 165 was his best weight he would have been at 165, unless of course he couldn't beat Joseph and that was why he went 174......... 3. Anthony was VERY OVERRATED for Folkstyle wrestling. He was rated so high due to some serious credentials at a young age in FREESTYLE. However, it was apparent that is his mat wrestling would be suspect, and it was. Also, his endurance for a 7 minute match proved suspect and he tended to break in very physical matches. Now, that isn't to say he hasn't been a very solid wrestler at ASU. He has been a top 15 guy from the beginning and was 1 very bad brainfart away from AAing freshman. Finally, I think he would have AA'd last season if given the chance. 35-7, 27-10 and 22-6 is still pretty solid.
  4. Can you actually back that up with facts? 2020: This was their best seeded year across the board under Zeke. 6 top 9 seeds and it would have been 7 if not for Zahid. This team actually beat PSU in a dual. Sadly, they were not able to even try to match or exceed their seeds due to Covid. Courtney and Teemer were 9 seeds. Shields was 6. A. Valencia was 8. Z. Valencia played with some powder. Norfleet was also a 9 seed and Hall was a 4 seed. 2019: Millhoff got hurt after Pac 12's and withdrew from NCAA's early enough to allow for an Alternate. Did Cael do that with Suriano? After that, Maruca was a 23 seed and won a match covering his seed. Pagdiliao was a 9 seed and won his 1st 2 matches making the quarterfinals, beating the 8th seed. He would go on to take 7th, EASILY outperforming his seed. Shields was the 3 seed in a MEATGRINDER weight. He actually made the semis before losing 3-2 to Joseph. He would then lose close matches to Marsteller and White to take 6th. Under seed, but still a very strong performance, considering Marinelli took 7th in that same bracket. Zahid won it as the 3 seed. So who exactly underperformed? Shields? NOt exactly proof all of Zeke's guys underperform. 2018: Millhoff battled injuries this year as well. Was the 15 seed and went 2-2 to match his seed. Naser was the 15 seed at 21-13. Over seeded and went 0-2. Tsirtsis was the 10 seed and took 7th. Shields was the 4 seed and took 7th, losing to Kemerer and beating Zilverberg for 7th after losing to him on the top side. A. Valencia was the 15 seed and went 2-2, matching his seed. Zahid won it as the 1 seed. Norfleet qualified as an un-seeded true freshman and went 0-2. Hall went 2-2 as an 8 seed. Pretty solid performance overall, with Hall being the only real underperformance of any substance. 2017: Maruca went 2-2, unseeded at 149 with a win over Collica. Shields went 1-2 as a 9 seed freshman. A. Valencia made the quarterfinals as a 7 seed before losing to Massa and then in the R12 on a last second move 8-7. Zahid took 3rd as the 1 seed, losing 4-3 to Hall in the semis. He won his other matches 19-5, 12-3, 14-8, Fall 1:36 and 15-5. Hall took 3rd as the 7 seed. Again, pretty solid performance overall. 2016: Brady went 1-2 unseeded. Mathers went 0-2 unseeded. Krauss went 1-2 as a 13 seed. Stauffer lost in the R12 to Boyd 6-4 as the 6 seed. Boyd took 4th. DaSilviera was a surprise qualifier and went 1-2 unseeded. Hall lost in the R12 3-2 to Dhesi as an unseeded freshman. Only his 2nd season and they Qualified 6 guys with Hall being his only recruit. 2015: He started in April of 2014, so no real recruits of his this season. Krauss went 0-2 unseeded. Pagdilao went 0-2 as the 10 seed. Pierce qualified as a freshman but got injured and defaulted out his 2nd match to go 0-2 unseeded. Waters went 0-2 unseeded. Stauffer took 4th as the 3 seed. Not bad for the 1st season, with none of his recruits.
  5. Has Sanderson coached a 4 time champ yet? To say Valencia would have done better than 3,1,1 and almost assuredly another 1 is laughable. Life choices? You realize that Ed Ruth got a DUI with a blood alcohol level about 3x's the legal limit, right? Zeke is a high end coach without remotely the name recognition Cael has, nor the resources. Cael is unquestionably the best DI Head Coach. That isn't debatable. But, to say every top guy that went somewhere else would have done better at PSU is PURE POPPYCOCK!!! A perfect example IS THE GUY that Valencia beat for 2 of his 3 titles. Hall was at PSU and was an even HIGHER sought recruit. Why was Valencia beating him more and developing more than Hall?????
  6. He was in the first episode. It wasn't an in depth interview, but he did talk about some experiences.
  7. I think he accepted the USA position, but hadn't officially started it when the ISU offer came up.
  8. You weren't going to get the full answer from Dresser about the Virginia Tech situation and you weren't going to get a full answer on why Brent left. Make no mistake, these coaches are damn near political figures. Finger pointing isn't going to get them anywhere, whether you are right or wrong. One thing I did like was the limited answer Brands gave. He took responsibility. He didn't go into great detail, but he took it on the chin. A lot of respect for that, but there is definitely a lot more to it than either let on. The way Brent answers you could just tell he was squirming for the political answer. I think he is genuinely happy and has moved on, but I think he definitely still feels wronged by that situation. Finally, it is good to see a guy that had a "win at all costs" persona, find peace with not getting there Internationally. Even better, he put everything into perspective. Blood is thicker than water. Losing your closest family member, makes everything else in life trivial, in comparison. He seems a stark contrast to Kolat and Terry Brands who still seem visibly wrecked by not reaching their highest goals. Not to say both don't seem to be in a good place, but Metcalf's intensity made me think he would be just as torn as they both seemed to be.
  9. That is really only true because it has LITERALLY been the ONLY way you AA over the past 75+ years. It is not their fault a pandemic shut down the post season. Does the AA deserve an asterisk? Probably. But, these guys work way too hard all season to have it basically count for nothing. Saying a top 8 seed was an AA is fine with me.
  10. So you know, Anthony IS an AA. Top 8 seeds got it last year and I am pretty confident he would have anyway....
  11. It isn’t? So the Flo film lied? Is that what you are saying?
  12. I don't know, Zeke sure seemed to do pretty well with Zahid. Sometimes schools and/or coaches are NOT the best fit for a specific wrestler, REGARDLESS of their accolades. Sanderson is UNDENIABLY the best DI Wrestling Head Coach . However, IN NO WAY does that guarantee Penn State/Sanderson would be the best for Valencia. A great example is Kolat. He just didn't feel he fit in at PSU(obviously before Sanderson) and ended up transferring to Lock Haven. He didn't win a NCAA Championship at PSU his 1st 2 seasons, but won twice at Lock Haven.
  13. To be clear, my argument was only about using a win over a freshman DT to say a PRIME Jenkins couldn't beat Nolf. That version of DT was as good as any of his 165 seasons and that bracket was most certainly tougher(obviously Dake is better than any single guy, but that bracket was NOT deep). In fact, I still believe Fittery was by far his best College win. I also am not convinced that Nolf would beat that DT. Hall, Fittery, Jenkins, St. John, Saddoris, Welch, Flemming and Dong was definitely a hell of a lot better than the empty 165 he dominated his sophomore year.......
  14. I am sorry, but that is a pretty poor assessment. That "scrawny" DT WRECKED that weight class all season. That included a Steve Fittery that was REALLY GOOD. Bubba Jenkins was much like Darrion Caldwell, not always at his peak. BUT, his peak was about as good as ANYONE. Now, with the above said, would I favor Nolf over a PRIME Jenkins? Sure. I favored DT. But, I was NOT surprised that Jenkins beat DT and would not have been surprised if he beat Nolf. Finally, yes Nolf should wreck a 32 year old MMA fighter that always had a suspicious gas tank. The pace Nolf wrestles should be extremely problematic for Jenkins. However, Nolf loves to put himself in dangerous situations and Jenkins is dangerous enough to catch him. So, I would say Jenkins still has a "puncher's chance", but I would heavily lean towards a tech-fall in Nolf's favor.
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