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  1. Because it isn’t a straight “time clock”. It’s based on enrollment. In another words you aren’t in school, so the clock stops or doesn’t start until you are attending the University. NCAA rules still apply, so it’s not like they can spread out 8 semesters to allow for 8 seasons either.
  2. I am as high on Stevenson’s skills as anyone. But, there is no way that you can say a different coach makes a true freshman GUARANTEED to win over a 5th year Sophomore of that caliber wrestling at PSU. Gable simply got big brothered and I seriously doubt anyone short of Sanderson gets Gable both of those matches. Gable matured soooo much, both physically and mentally, from his 1st to 2nd seasons. That is why so few guys wrestled as true freshman until recently. You can send Mr. Eggum packing, but be careful what you wish for. There aren’t that many coaches that would do better and most of them aren’t leaving to got to Minnesota.
  3. Completely agree. The top coaches aren’t leaving where they are since they are in greater situations. So, you would need a huge young, but inexperienced name like a Burroughs, Dake or Taylor to step in and give recruiting a massive boost. Like has been said on here, the first paramount step would be to keep all the instate talent, since it hasn’t been happening. Like PSU and tOSU recruiting their own rich backyard makes it so much easier to create depth in your roster. Now, Minnesota isn’t nearly as rich as those 2 states, but they are a top 10 and deep enough so they wouldn’t have to be fighting so hard for national talent every year.
  4. Missouri isn’t exactly a long time top wrestling destination and yet Smith has them up near the top every season. Even with top coaches like Henson and Eierman leaving. Man, I really wanted him back at MSU once Minkel finally left. Not that he would have came back after a 5 minute conversation with anyone representing the dumpster fire that MSU’s Athletic Department currently is. Still, back on topic. They lose both Eiermans and haven’t missed a beat. Many thought the way the left showed some internal problems that could cause a serious drop off. Instead, Hart takes over 141 and is ranked 4th. On top of that, they should rather easily have all 10 qualify for NCAA’s. I just can’t imagine any coach doing more with what Missouri has to offer. I am truly very impressed!
  5. For all the way this is leaning, they are STILL a top 10ish type team under Eggum. Remember, they placed 17 JRob’s last season. Under Eggum: 2017: 7th 2018: 17th 2019: 8th 2020: they were seeded for about a stock 45 pts which is usually good for about 8-12. 2021: they were ranked 11 going into the Iowa dual. Are they a national title contender? No. Are they still top 10ish? Absolutely. With the way the RTC’s have changed the landscape, OkState and Missouri are about the only programs that have somehow still stayed competitive with PSU, tOSU, Iowa, Cornell and now a waking giant in UOfM. Add on an NCState squad that is getting there and Minnesota is still pretty good sitting just outside those 8 rising teams. edited to add: Man this thread made me think how good Brian Smith is.
  6. Freestyle is a different beast and Berge has always been able to slow down a match and hold position. A 9-4 loss would give me more optimism than 5-0. As far as transitive properties go, I prefer to use real data in the same style. We finally saw Deakin go a healthy, full season last year. He went 21-0 and beat Hidlay decisively 6-2. Not to say Hidlay couldn't beat him. I would just favor Deakin, if healthy.
  7. Hard to glean much positive from a 5-0 match in freestyle. It showed that he couldn't get a takedown in 6 minutes. HIdlay is only the favorite at 157 if Deakin is at 165. Now, I do say a healthy Berge is a solid, lower end AA candidate, but so is Coleman. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if those 2 were wresting in the R12 match to see who AA's.
  8. Here is the breakdown for each top 3 team against Purdue: Iowa over Purdue 43-0 Coleman is probably the only guy with any chance to win https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/dual/34/iowa/64/purdue Michigan over Purdue 30-9 It has Schroeder beating Ragusin, which I am not so sure of. Mattin over Filius, which could flip. Coleman over Lewan, again not so sure of. Finally, Penola winning at 197 over Davison, who may not even be their starter and still could win. So, best case scenario would probably be losing 27-12 and they could just as easily lose by a shutout. https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/dual/40/michigan/64/purdue PSU over Purdue 27-11 Schroeder is the only best bet win for Purdue. They have Kruse beating Bartlett, which isn't happening and Coleman over Berge, which depends on if Berge can truly be healthy. Other than Schroeder they could easily get blanked the rest of the way. https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/dual/60/penn-state/64/purdue
  9. If you said top 3, I wouldn't argue with you. However, they would get steamrolled by Iowa, Michigan and PSU. Nebby probably still puts it to them, but I could see Purdue being competitive with them.
  10. That may very well be. I just didn't see anything from last year to make be a true believer. If I were in the room watching him cracking skulls, maybe I would. But, I need to personally see it before I anoint him. With that said, PSU definitely has a knack for their elite going from very good to great between that 1st and 2nd season. So, I wouldn't be surprised if it does. Just not going to just say it until I see it. That is my thought simply because we have seen Hidlay wrestle, and beat, top talent recently. We have not with Brooks. I don't believe Brooks of last season beats Hidlay of this season. So, it falls to the improvement many PSU faithful say has happened. Again, until I see it, I am going with Hidlay.
  11. Foster, Brooks(Sammy), Abounader and Pfarr. No chumps on that list. No world beaters either. But, still pretty solid. Edited to add: Didn't they get paid? One would think post grads would be trying even harder for the money that feeds their family than a mid season college wrestling match. But, hey, that is just me being the "one".......
  12. Of course that is debatable. But, I would say a win over Amine makes a pretty compelling argument. Especiailly, considering he won 4 other matches without losing, making that win much less likely to be a "one off". With that said, I have a really hard time gauging 184. It was the thinnest weight I can remember in a long time. Venz was the ONLY returning AA and that was from the year prior. So, I am not putting too much stock into last year's abrreviated results. To me, this weight is wide open until someone can show they have distanced themselves from the field.
  13. Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact that he beat Amine at the RTC Cup and went 5-0 tells us he has improved considerably................
  14. Opinion or fact based? You do realize that the Ivies are out, right? With the Ivies out, if this tournament still goes with 33 per weight, this could be a record scoring year with talent thinned down considerably. 125 is so thin below Lee, unless Suriano or FIx ends up down there, I would be surprised if he doesn't TF or pin every opponent. Pre-Season rankings: 2021----------------------------------------------------------------------------2017(FLO Nov 7,2016) 125: Lee #1------------------------------------------------------------------125: N/R Suriano eventually but he injury defaulted to ZERO 133: DeSanto #5----------------------------------------------------------133: Cortez#8 PSU DNQ'd this weight 141: Eierman #2-----------------------------------------------------------141: Gulibon #11 R12 149: Murin #6---------------------------------------------------------------149: Retherford #1 FInished Dominant Champ 157: Young #9--------------------------------------------------------------157: Nolf #1 FInished Dominant Champ 165: Marinelli #2----------------------------------------------------------165: Joseph was not ranked until 2 weeks later Finished Champ 174: Kemerer #1----------------------------------------------------------174 Hall wasn't ranked until January 23 at 10th Finished Champ 184: Assad #8-------------------------------------------------------------184 Nickal was #3 and Finished Champ 197: Warner #4------------------------------------------------------------197 McCutcheon #9 and finished R12 285: Cass #3---------------------------------------------------------------285 Nevills #5 and finished 5th. So, to get this straight, PSU could have Joseph and Hall come from nowhere to win it all, but Iowa can ONLY MAYBE get 2 champs out of 8 guys ranked top 6? They also have a very strong chance at 10 AA's. Let's be clear, PSU had an amazing run from 149-184, but only 2 of them were favorites. After that, they still had relative weaknesses at 133,141 and 197. Now, if Suriano stayed healthy, it's a different ball game. However, that is life. To finalize, barring injury, I would be shocked if Lee, Marinelli and Kemerer don't win it. After that, Eierman has a strong chance and Warner and DeSanto could definitely make the Finals. 10 top 10 guys allows for a lot of wiggle room to score 150 pts at NCAA's. Which, that 2016-2017 PSU team did NOT do.
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