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  1. Not the first time I have disagreed with a Judge! Probably won't be the last time either. Plus, I didn't say SOME College Athletes don't deserve some monetary compensation. I just don't think the Colleges should be responsible and I don't see how you could properly determine that value even if they did. As far as getting screwed goes, the Athlete MUST know what he is signing when he commits. To me, it is much like a non-compete. Don't sign it if you don't want to honor it......
  2. You make a LOT of assumptions in that response, don't ya think? 1.) These so called "smart people" are going to be whom? The Government can't properly regulate ANYTHING. They are going to step into something so unprecedented and wave a magic wand and get it done right away? To be clear, someone will ALWAYS say the system is terrible no matter how it is changed... 2.) My watching College or Professional sports has NOTHING to do with how much they make or don't make. If somebody wants to pay them 100,000,000 dollars that is up to them. I just gave my opinion on whether or not the School ITSELF should be FORCED to. 3.) So few wrestlers will get ANY money from the University REGARDLESS of this new rule. They simply won't be able to prove they have ANY value compared to revenue sport athletes. So, my having to ONLY watch High School Wrestling because of your non sequitur has no merit. 4.) I have no issue with "purity" relative to "product". I won't lose an ounce of sleep if they do end up having to pay. I just gave my reasons why I thought they don't have to. 5.) Finally, the "product" isn't going to improve ONE SINGLE IOTA if the athletes start to get paid. In fact, I would argue the opposite. The current system has the revenue athletes busting their asses because the ONLY real money is based on how they perform NOW. Give them some money right off the bat and that incentive lessens. As far as non revenue guys go, their hunger is personally driven. Add some money into the mix and I could EASILY see that being a distraction....
  3. How do you set a value and regulate it? Who gets paid what? Who is responsible to pay what? Where does the revenue come from? Is it taxable? How is it taxed? Even with that said, I still TRULY believe the benefits I listed above are ENOUGH for an 18-22 year old to go onto an INCREDIBLE life if motivated and dedicated.
  4. Let's be CLEAR. The College Athlete is NOT getting screwed. They WILLINGLY sign a CONTRACT with said College knowing EXACTLY what they get going in. If they don't want the free education and think they are more valuable there are ways to skip it and/or go overseas in Basketball and go get paid and then enter the draft. Football hurts more, since they require you to be 3 years out of High School before being draft eligible, but play well in College and you BUILD your stock. Other than Football and Basketball a MINUTE portion of College Athletes are losing out on real revenue due to NCAA Regulations. Now, with that said, i am fine with them getting paid off their image/likeness as long as it can be separated from the University. Simply put, other than Free Education, Room and Board, Food, quite a bit of clothing and the INEVITABLE Networking avenue for career opportunities outside the sport, I DO NOT see the Colleges/Universities owing athletes ANYTHING else........
  5. The truth is, the DI wrestling lifestyle is NOT for everyone. A lot of the guys listed here had the ability to be highly successful in DI if it were solely about wrestling. But, the time you have to dedicate to school and wrestling, while basically being on your own for the 1st Time in your entire life is DAUNTING. Like Gable said, you only have the time to be successful at 2 of these three things: school, wrestling and partying. Pick 2. The truth is, you BARELY have the time for school and wrestling. You have to be so regimented and dedicated, it can get debilitating very fast. A few bad practices or a couple subpar test scores can quickly throw you into a downward spiral. Now, I do like this topic still, because, without a real pro Avenue, DI wrestling essentially is the pro level for folkstyle wrestling. As such, it is much like seeing a top draft pick not live up to expectations when you see top recruits not doing it. I just don’t see it in any negative light for the wrestler recruits as they aren’t moving into a position for millions of dollars while their sole focus can be on their craft. They instead are bombarded with a slew of basically never ending tasks for usually less than what it costs to achieve them!
  6. I just pasted the list. Not my place to decide that. However, I can say that Maloney was a monster in High School and I don't remember him really being challenged back then. I know he went to MSU, but didn't stay there for too long. The other 3 are too far ahead of me to rightly say anything...
  7. Michigan actually has 30-4xers and 9 technically still have eligibility: https://www.mhsaa.com/Sports/Wrestling/Record-Book/Finals-Records
  8. Not the people that ACTUALLY wrestled the matches. Trust me, they remember the 2 Big Ten Finals matches and the dual as well. When it comes to them talking and being friends, it would be a TON harder for IMar if he wasn't 3-2 against him overall. If it were just 0-2, with both losses in the NCAA Finals..........
  9. Perfect PSU fan. Way to make sure to leave out all the other matches(which Cenzo lost)!!!
  10. I don't know. But, you can REALLY like the Cowboys but not know the years they won the Super Bowl, can't you?
  11. Yes, I did actually. And I can directly relate to his plight. I am the resident "spellchecker" in my office. Have been for 20+ years. However, with age, I have started to doubt myself from time to time and am not as quick to give answers once in a while. I am almost always still correct, but that edge of doubt has started to creep in and there are times I want to verify my answer before giving it. If you watched Koll, that is basically what he did. He doubted himself, went to look up the answer and when it was given he chastised himself for not being confident enough to give that answer. I know EVERY anonymous poster on the Internet knows everything about everything, but his not immediately answering a 49er questions is far from cringeworthy to me. Now, if he didn't know something about DI wrestling, THAT would be cringeworthy to me......
  12. So its embarassing to not have the year memorized(1849) and not want to pull the trigger and be wrong with the answer? Hell, Jeopardy contestants are on there with the SOLE PURPOSE of answering questions for money and sometimes don't click the button........
  13. If you want to say "people" which is plural for "person" you would then need to include yourself, as Drew was the only other one to say it and he really didn't. All he said was Coon "looks" more like an OT than Neal but went right back to to "lineman" after that. I know how hard it is to actually make the NFL, let alone start, so I am not overly optimistic Coon pulls it off, but going in(without knowing Neal pulled it off) I would say he has about as solid a shot to do so as Neal did.
  14. Why tackle? Who says he won't be a guard?
  15. You are selling Coon woefully short. The guy went 2,3,2 his last 3 years in DI and his losses were all by 1 point to Gwiz and Snyder. Both of whom have done VERY well in Free. Plus Coon is a World Silver Medalist in Greco. As far as athlete goes it is actually quite funny that he was all state as a linebacker, a position much more known for athleticism, but was “only” honorable mention as a lineman....
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