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  1. I would agree with that, IF he didn't immediately go with them not beating PSU and sending them somewhere that "actually" could win like NCState with "better" weather........As if NCState has done anything to this point to considered a contender, let alone moreso than Iowa. Add in that he has a history of knocking Iowa and you should get where I came from.
  2. I am well aware of that usage. HOWEVER, his WHOLE message leans towards it being taken LITERALLY. He isn’t known as a poster pro Iowa and he immediately calls for the talent to go elsewhere. Either way arguing with you is a waste of time. Hopefully he will actually jump in and confirm it was an Iowa troll job.
  3. Please explain to me what his very first sentence means then......
  4. Not true. Look at my last post. NOONE besides tOSU has been ANYWHERE positioned to beat PSU over the Young Guns at Iowa timeframe and NOONE would be better positioned this season if they traded.....but go ahead and be your usual PSU blow hard self......
  5. A little creative team switching over the past 3 seasons using all Iowa rostered Young Guns results: 2019: Lee went as a true sophomore. Kemerer missed the season due to injury. Young went as a RS SO. Murin went as a RS FR. PSU- 137.5 tOSU-96.5+24(Lee outscored Malik by 24)+11.5(Young outscored Hayes by 11.5)=132 THEY STILL LOSE! OkState still loses by more than 30 pts. Michigan loses by more than 40 pts. Missouri loses by 39 pts. 2018: Lee went as a true freshman. Kemerer was a RSSo. Young filled in at 174. Murin redshirted as a TF. PSU-141.5 tOSU-134.5 +7.5(Lee outscored NaTo by 7.5)+2.5(Kemerer outscored Jordan by 3.5)-144.5 tOSU WINS BY 4. Michigan-80 gains 23.5 from Lee over Mattin and 5.5 from Kemerer over Pantaleo. They still lose by 33. NCState 80 gains 26 from Lee over Fausz and 16.5 from Kemerer. They still lose by 19. Missouri loses by over 40...... 2017: Kemerer is the only Young Gun starter. Young redshirted as a TF. PSU-146.5 tOSU-110 OkState-103 Missouri-86 NONE OF these teams SNIFF PSU
  6. Then I am not sure you understand his point and mine. His POINT is that Young Guns is being WASTED at Iowa. There is next to NO data to support that. The ONLY team that could have beat PSU over the past 3 years with ALL of the Iowa rostered Young Guns is tOSU and that is assuming that the 4 do at least as well as they have done and that is NO guarantee. As far as the amount goes, that is a GOOD thing for Iowa AND Young Guns. Lee is on pace to be a 4x Finalist, Kemerer a 4x AA, Young a 3x AA, with Murin on the fringe and Teasdale having 4 possible years of a 2nd chance. If Murin and Teasdale AA a couple of times and the other 3 finish as expected, that is MORE than anyone could rightly have expected from that group.
  7. Seriously? How many Young Guns have wrestled at Iowa so far? For how long? The answer? 4 and all have at least 2 years of eligibility remaining. That sure is a HUGE sample size to say it is "stupid" and not team productive. 1.) Spencer Lee-1,1,?,? 2.)Kemerer-3,4,?,? 3.)Young-DNQ,5,?,? 4.)Murin-R12,?,?,? Of the above 4, only Lee and Kemerer were inside the top 25(Young was 25 on the button) in their respective class rankings. Max Murin was #44. But, don't let actual statistics get in the way of your agenda....................
  8. There is hope for you, yet. At least this shows that you can’t be wrong ALL the time! ;)
  9. FLO is good. But, good is relative. They are NOT ESPN. In fact, they are much closer to "The Ocho". The Ocho is better than nothing. But, do you really want to be happy with "better than nothing"? Now, I know that the sports they cover do not create the revenue, nor the fanbase to warrant major productions, top notch announcers/analysts or seamless coverage. As a result, the quality that should be expected IS within the ballpark of what FLO provides. However, that doesn't mean that the critiques shouldn't be voiced or should be ignored. jon is admittedly a broken record and the way he goes about his message leaves a lot to be desired. But, that doesn't mean a lot of what he says is incorrect. It also doesn't help that some of the FLO guys come on here and argue when people complain. It comes off like a "big fish in a little pond" mentality with a "how dare you question me" image. I like much of what FLO does. Guys like Bader come off as truly genuine and much of his content is great. The Techniques portion is TOP NOTCH. Yet, there is MUCH that can be significantly improved or completely revamped. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing options and I say that when I use it enough that I am fine with what I pay now. But, the "die hard" is the only demographic the current system appeals to. I just don't get why you wouldn't market certain duals or events and give them a "pay per view" option. Do you really think you are going to lose the die hards that pay yearly? Hell, if you did, I would bet many of them would possibly end up paying more buying multiple pay per views or whatever you decided for access to the technique portion. I doubt guys like Willie will listen to this, but the "kill them with kindness" or "taking the high road" goes a lot further to caring about customer support does than getting into petty arguments on wrestling boards. This comes from a guy that has had plenty of these petty arguments on wrestling boards, but I don't have a brand/image that I should be protecting...........
  10. Here is a little taste for you WITHOUT copy and paste or anything of the like: PSU 1 and Iowa 2. Here is the side by side: --------Iowa-------PSU 125 #1-----------NR 133 #5-----------#6 141 #9-----------#2 149 #6-----------NR 157 #2-----------#5 165 #2-----------#1 174 #4-----------#1 184 #10---------#6 197 #8-----------#3 285 #11----------#1
  11. Didn’t Snyder wrestle 285 for 3 years and BEAT those guys? It was admittedly in a different style, but the guy has had significant experience wrestling at that weight class. He would admittedly have to deal with the size disadvantage again, but his motor should be at his highest. That could be a huge factor at a weight that generally doesn’t showcase stamina. If he thinks 97 is still his best, then he stays there(which I think happens). However, I do think his going up would be best for the USA Olympic run if J’Den goes up. 57-Fix/Gilman/Lee 65-Retherford/Yianni/Oliver 74-Burroughs/Dake 86-Taylor/Dieringer 97-Cox 125-Gwiz/Snyder That is 5 out of the 6 weights with at least a World Silver medal and a RIDICULOUS amount of medals from 74-125. Even as good as Russia is topping that is hard to do!
  12. So very true. With the limited amount of recovery time, even if you are the clear #1 at the weight, wrestling the #4, #3 and then #2 back to back to back would be extremely hard to do. This is especially true if the last 2 guys have shorter, much easier matches leading into that match up. A solid example is Metcalf. Granted, he never got it done at World's(nor was he the #1 guy), but he was also sort of his own worst enemy. Whoever beat him was so drained by wrestling him, they inevitably had nothing left and couldn't pull him back through to repechage. Tough matches that early, or that often, make it that much harder to make it through the bracket. Pretty much simple common sense, actually..........
  13. Your body type and experience/willingness to rigidly manage weight are bigger concerns than trying to maintain a freestyle weight that isn't even an Olympic one. Not to mention the fact that you have just become a student athlete with MANY concerns other than what weight you MAY wrestle to TRY to make the US Freestyle team in a different wrestling style. I know many are now sold that these KIDS are ALL out of the gate planning for the Olympics, but I hope most of them aren't putting the cart in front of the horse. Look at Spencer Lee. Does anyone really not think he will be a major factor at 57kg once he goes after it? Still, he has focused on classes, his team and folkstyle wrestling. DI wrestling is hard enough. Add in whatever extra grind all those extra freestyle factors would create and you have a recipe that could backfire. Now, I say this based on his build and the fact that he doesn't appear to be someone that has ever really focused on weight management. This is an especially significant factor with the old 215 and 220lbers. I have seen MANY struggle mightily as "tweeners" trying to hold 197 with little to no experience doing so. If he does go 197 all 4 years, good luck to him. Hopefully that is more because he is closer to 197 than 220/285 vs. trying to do it for some misguided reasoning.......
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