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  1. Being the 1st American to medal in karate EVER has a bit to do with it….
  2. You do Barr a serious injustice by knocking Haines for a close win. Barr is legit. Out of the same school as Metcalf, Reader and Donahoe and came up through Team Donahoe and now at Davison under Roy Hall. On top of that he is only a Junior, is undefeated winning 2 Michigan HS State championships in rather convincing fashion and just won Junior Fargo Free. There is a pretty good reason he was Haines opponent!
  3. My bad. Misremembered when he ended up countering Bleise on his head as being Berger!
  4. Just caught that. Supposed to be parity. Corrected!
  5. MSU158


    It's SIMPLE. SOMETIMES, and ONLY sometimes, there is NO NEED for points of EMPHASIS!
  6. There are definitely pluses and minuses to it from Iowa's perspective but, they have definitely shown how much high level parity there has been at many weights while AA'ing, but not quite reaching the top of the podium having beaten those that do. 125-Lee(1st,1st,1st) He obviously doesn't count in this part being the 3 time defending champ, but he does have a couple wins over NaTo and a win over Suriano 133-DeSanto(R12,5th,3rd) 2 over RBY, 1 over Suriano and 1 over Gross. Also, wins over Lizak, Mueller and Micic. 141-Eierman(5th,4th,3rd,2nd) 2 over Lee, 1 over Yianni, 1 over Heil and 1 over Ashnault. Also beat McKenna. 149-Murin not close best win is McKee. 157-Young(5th,7th)-best wins Dellavechia, Deakin and Berger 165-Marinelli(6th,7th,R12)-2 over Joseph 174-Kemerer(3rd,4th,2nd)1 over Hall, 1 over Starocci, 1 over Tsirtsis. Also, 2 wins over finalist M. Jordan, 1 over Hidlay and 1 over LaVallee. 184-Brands- This weight is essentially impossible to have a hit list since the last AA going into the 2020-2021 season was Taylor Venz in 2017-2018. Still, Brands did have a win over Venz. 197-Warner- Best wins are Miklus, Schultz and Brucki. 285-Cass-All of his losses are to Steveson and Parris. Has beat pretty much everyone else. So, to sum it up, the team has 17 wins over 13 different NCAA Champs along with wins over 8 runner ups. Only Spencer Lee has won 3 Championships, but the other 5 guys that contributed to that total have combined for 2-2nds, 3-3rds, 2-4ths, 2-5ths, 1 6th and 1-7th places finishes.
  7. The 2020 NCAA's getting cancelled makes this exercise really hard, but: Eierman- 2 wins over Lee, 1 over Yianni, 1 over Heil and 1 over Ashnault. Also has a win over McKenna DeSanto- 2 wins over RBY, 1 over Suriano, 1 over Gross with wins over other Finalists in Lizak, Mueller and Micic. Marinelli-2 wins over Joseph.
  8. MSU158


    I didn't think it was all about me. I simply responded to that part that was. I am happy to have been able to make you laugh. Laughter is essential to a long and happy life. Finally, thank you for contributing to my enjoyment level for today. Your feedback is much appreciated. Have a wonderful day!
  9. MSU158


    1.) I don't take it emotionally and/or personally. I simply responded to a post that came right after you laughing at 2 of mine that directly fall into this category. 2.) My deductive reasoning skills are in fact strong enough to see you laugh at 2 of my posts right before your response. 3.) The fact that you posted about my usage of caps makes me happier that I use them 4.) I am so relaxed right now that I just got done spirit walking with Chris Farley and the Kung Fu Panda!
  10. MSU158


    No one specified who did or did not "dump". I was simply saying to NOT take TOO MUCH out of backside results in these types of events. I never for a second said it happened or named a specific person, when it comes to Starocci's results. I just said it DOES happen, more often than many want to admit, and I can say I witnessed it FIRSTHAND quite a bit in my time. Some guys just ARE NOT built to wrestle in consolations. Meanwhile, some guys are able to turn it up even more so. Starocci may very well be one of these. Still, my overall point is you shouldn't take too much out of his backside run, while ignoring he lost to Lujan on the front side 1st round. Oh, and if you noticed, I CLEARLY stated he should be the favorite going into NCAA's....
  11. So, back to the original topic at hand: It basically comes down to which other teams can score 100+, because even if Iowa and PSU were to falther, their faltering won't put them below 100 or so. With that in mind, here are the teams I think at least have a chance to get into the 100's, with lineups based on what Wrestlestat.com currently has: 1.) Michigan-A TON hinges on Micic and Myles Amine wrestling. Still, Parris is , damn near a lock to make the Finals, Brucki could make the finals and Massa is a very strong mid level AA. Add on that Cameron Amine, Storr and Lewan are strong AA candidates and you have 6 strong AA chances besides Micic and Myles. Hell, even Medley could sneak onto the podium. The Stars would need to align just right, but I think they would have the best chance to score 100 out of the rest. 125-Medley 133-Micic/Ragusin 141-Mattin 149-Storr 157-Lewan 165-Amine 174-Massa 184-Amine 197-Brucki 285-Parris 2.) ASU-Not having Suriano at 133 makes it a bunch harder for them since they really don't have a STRONG Finalist contender. Still, Courtney, McGee, Parco, Teemer(I really like him to challenge everyone if he stays at this weight) and Schultz have all placed top 6. Valencia is a returning AA and Norfleet has shown at least Mid AA potential. If they can get some solid point production out of 141, 174 and 184 they could sneak into the 100ish range. 125-Courtney 133-McGee 141-Chlebove/Vasquez 149-Parco 157-Teemer 165-A. Valencia 174- C. Valencia 184-Fagen 197-Norfleet 285-Schultz 3.) Missouri- So much potential that just hasn't quite hit their ceiling at NCAA's. Still O'Toole, Mauller and R. Elam have proven themselves there and all the other guys have won matches at NCAA's. Essentially, every guy in that lineup could AA without any being a major surprise. If they could manage to get 2 or 3 guys in the Finals they have a solid chance at reaching that 100 pt. threshold. 125-Surtin 133-Schmitt 141-Hart 149-Mauller 157-Jacques 165-O-Toole 174-Mocco 184-Kent 197-Elam 285-Elam 4.) OkState- I think a lot hinges on the health of Brock, Gfeller and Plott. All 3 have had their performance seriously hindered due to injuries. But, fully healthy, they are legit AA contenders. After that you have Ferrari, Fix and Wittlake who all can definitely reach the Finals and Geer is a likely AA, while Sheets made a nice backside run to sneak onto the Podium. 285 is still a hole and 125 is probably only a couple points again, but, fully healthy, this team can score 100+. 125-Mastrogiovanni 133-Fix 141-Brock 149-Gfeller 157-Sheets 165-Wittlake 174-Plott 184-Geer 197-Ferrari 285-Harris After that, I just don't see anyone else with the firepower to reach 100. NCState should still be very solid and Nebraska looks pretty tough, but they just don't have enough big point scorers to get them to that necessary threshold. Also, I would say don't sleep on tOSU, but with all the recent musical chairs, I would be surprised if they get a maximum return out of a lineup that is still very much unproven but LADEN with potential! Here is tOSU's projected lineup since they do have a TON of yet to be proven talent: 125-Heinselman 133-Decatur 141-D'Emilio/Echemendia 149-Sasso 157-Gallagher 165-Kharchla 174-Smith 184-Romero 197-Hoffman 285-Orndorff
  12. Anything other than 133 just doesn't make sense for ASU. Which is why I am not surprised there are rumblings of him being at PSU if he were to go. PSU DESPERATELY needs a 125lber. ASU has a returning Finalist that can actually wrestle the entire season. Meanwhile, do we even know if Suriano can pull down to 125 and be effective for a College season? Even knowing that it would be a Winter semester hybrid season, he would still need to make the weight several times and it would blow up ASU's dual meet season in the process. I have a hard time believing Zeke wanted to blow up his line up to have Suriano for a couple months on the back end where the return isn't guaranteed to be much higher than with Courtney back at 125. So, if Suriano was willing to go 133, I think he would already be part of ASU's lineup!
  13. MSU158


    That may very well be true. Still, what I stated and proposed pretty much covers both stances. Either way, he is clearly asked to quit deflecting and simply answer what he thinks the score would be. He can avoid betting, while still clearly defining his stance.
  14. MSU158


    Man, do YOU keep FLYING by his actual point. It isn't whether or not HE thinks Kemerer will win or lose. He has already said he thinks it is a coin flip. His ENTIRE point of making the bet at +4 is the FACT that several of YOU are flat out saying Starocci wins comfortably. What don't you get? He isn't talking about HIS opinion. He is talking about those of you that say it will be an easy win for Starocci. By setting the line at 4, he is essentially asking those of YOU to put your money where your mouth is in that regard. So, for 100% clarity, the bet is NOT in ANY WAY about what Vak thinks will happen. It is a bet 100% for those of you that think Starocci wins by a significant margin. It is essentially a " put up, or shut up" bet. Now, we know the Internet, so you really don't have to put up or shut up, but PLEASE for the love of God, stop deflecting and at the very least understand what the ACTUAL BET offer is!!! Edited to add: Instead of bickering over a betting line, why don't you clarify what you consider will be a "controlled win" for Starocci? You may not want to take the bet at 4, because it doesn't give you what you perceive as a padded line. So, then why don't you just say what you think the score would be? This way you don't have to take an actual bet for money, but you have clearly stated the type of win you think Starocci pulls off. That way you 2 can just wait until the match happens and revisit it then. I would think that would save a ton of back and forth bickering over an anonymous online bet that often results in the winner not getting paid!
  15. MSU158


    Some skillsets just don't fully transfer from folk to free. Guys like Retherford, Ruth and Askren were just such great overall wrestlers that they still did damn good in Freestyle, but losing their mat wrestling skillset hurt all 3 considerably. Zain, even more so, because he scored points in BUNCHES on top!
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