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  1. That may very well be. I just didn't see anything from last year to make be a true believer. If I were in the room watching him cracking skulls, maybe I would. But, I need to personally see it before I anoint him. With that said, PSU definitely has a knack for their elite going from very good to great between that 1st and 2nd season. So, I wouldn't be surprised if it does. Just not going to just say it until I see it. That is my thought simply because we have seen Hidlay wrestle, and beat, top talent recently. We have not with Brooks. I don't believe Brooks of last season beats Hidlay of this season. So, it falls to the improvement many PSU faithful say has happened. Again, until I see it, I am going with Hidlay.
  2. Foster, Brooks(Sammy), Abounader and Pfarr. No chumps on that list. No world beaters either. But, still pretty solid. Edited to add: Didn't they get paid? One would think post grads would be trying even harder for the money that feeds their family than a mid season college wrestling match. But, hey, that is just me being the "one".......
  3. Of course that is debatable. But, I would say a win over Amine makes a pretty compelling argument. Especiailly, considering he won 4 other matches without losing, making that win much less likely to be a "one off". With that said, I have a really hard time gauging 184. It was the thinnest weight I can remember in a long time. Venz was the ONLY returning AA and that was from the year prior. So, I am not putting too much stock into last year's abrreviated results. To me, this weight is wide open until someone can show they have distanced themselves from the field.
  4. Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact that he beat Amine at the RTC Cup and went 5-0 tells us he has improved considerably................
  5. Opinion or fact based? You do realize that the Ivies are out, right? With the Ivies out, if this tournament still goes with 33 per weight, this could be a record scoring year with talent thinned down considerably. 125 is so thin below Lee, unless Suriano or FIx ends up down there, I would be surprised if he doesn't TF or pin every opponent. Pre-Season rankings: 2021----------------------------------------------------------------------------2017(FLO Nov 7,2016) 125: Lee #1------------------------------------------------------------------125: N/R Suriano eventually but he injury defaulted to ZERO 133: DeSanto #5----------------------------------------------------------133: Cortez#8 PSU DNQ'd this weight 141: Eierman #2-----------------------------------------------------------141: Gulibon #11 R12 149: Murin #6---------------------------------------------------------------149: Retherford #1 FInished Dominant Champ 157: Young #9--------------------------------------------------------------157: Nolf #1 FInished Dominant Champ 165: Marinelli #2----------------------------------------------------------165: Joseph was not ranked until 2 weeks later Finished Champ 174: Kemerer #1----------------------------------------------------------174 Hall wasn't ranked until January 23 at 10th Finished Champ 184: Assad #8-------------------------------------------------------------184 Nickal was #3 and Finished Champ 197: Warner #4------------------------------------------------------------197 McCutcheon #9 and finished R12 285: Cass #3---------------------------------------------------------------285 Nevills #5 and finished 5th. So, to get this straight, PSU could have Joseph and Hall come from nowhere to win it all, but Iowa can ONLY MAYBE get 2 champs out of 8 guys ranked top 6? They also have a very strong chance at 10 AA's. Let's be clear, PSU had an amazing run from 149-184, but only 2 of them were favorites. After that, they still had relative weaknesses at 133,141 and 197. Now, if Suriano stayed healthy, it's a different ball game. However, that is life. To finalize, barring injury, I would be shocked if Lee, Marinelli and Kemerer don't win it. After that, Eierman has a strong chance and Warner and DeSanto could definitely make the Finals. 10 top 10 guys allows for a lot of wiggle room to score 150 pts at NCAA's. Which, that 2016-2017 PSU team did NOT do.
  6. 22 out of his 63 wins are by fall. That is still a rather high percentage. Over 1/3 puts you rather high on the list. With 2 seasons remaining, I would think his career percentage ends up quite high. Even master pinner Ben Askren was only 91 out of 153, with most of those coming his last 2 seasons. I would bet Lee gets to above 50% by the end of his career.
  7. But, you need to see where the vitriol is coming from. He feels straight up robbed by the Pandemic. No team championship last year is a monster blow. Especially when PSU was as vulnerable as they have been, excepting 1 season in the last 10. I wouldn't listen to anything he really said, simply because he kept circling back to the getting to the end topic. He simply doesn't want it to happen again and he takes things personally. Always has. To him, the whole Pandemic, B1G and NCAA are against him. Sometimes that mentality is a weakness, but it directly contributed to a large part of his success. Me/Us against the world can be a very powerful tool, when used correctly!
  8. Sort of 2 fold. 1.) These threads nearly always comment on the lost programs. Putting the #1 by far program along with a dead program, is pretty much a straight line use of Irony. 2.) And much more importantly, I like to poke the PSU fans on here. Since the pandemic, they have been unbelievably quiet. I think 4th place at B1G's may have also had something to do with it(notice what I did there?). So, no, Richard Pryor in his prime level joke it is not. But, in the context of this boards users during prime usage, it is SOLID!
  9. A 4th could be your sense of humor sucks. You can decide.
  10. https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/992407-whoosh-you-missed-the-joke
  11. Such a horrible shame that Clemson and Penn State don't have wrestling teams any more..........
  12. Actually, it did, for a bit, after Gilman beat Delgado. However, he ended up shooting himself in the foot getting stuck by Brancale. If that doesn't happen, we probably see Gilman wrestling at NCAA's that season!
  13. The problem with the Ivy is they have eligibility rules that supersede the NCAA, unless the wrestlers transfer out of the Ivy after their 4th season. The Ivy doesn’t allow redshirts and you get 4 years of enrollment to compete. Even though the NCAA doesn’t count this year, the Ivy will if they are enrolled. So, what most Ivy guys will do this season is not enroll.
  14. Here you go: https://soonersports.com/sports/2020/5/29/wrestling-all-americans.aspx Maybe it was a typo and he meant 273? Still, it is either 276, or 274, if you don't count the 2 that technically count as AA's for 2020, even though the tournament wasn't wrestled.
  15. Back to the OP’s question. This is ONLY sustainable for as long as college wrestling is strongly effected by the pandemic. When there is no wrestling, this is much better than nothing. Once fans can start following their teams again, freestyle will fall firmly back to where it has always been in terms of fan viewership.
  16. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/30534080/division-transfers-all-sports-get-blanket-waiver-ncaa-play-immediately is this going to change anything for wrestling this season? Any contenders?
  17. A Junior world title is zilch? Making FinalX as a teenager is zilch? 3rd as a true freshman is zilch? 51-2 in his first 2 seasons, with one being robbed of NCAA’s where he was HEAVILY favored is zilch? Let’s be clear NO heavyweight had accomplished as much as him at his age. THAT is why some of us consider his “pace” as being really special. Plus, the simple fact that he is obviously REALLY good at a very deep weight.
  18. Is 2 a lot? Clearly, we are both only saying Stevenson is on pace. Which is all you can say for a guy that has only wrestled 2 seasons, with one of them ending early due to Covid. Not much to see here........
  19. Correct me if I am wrong, but has there ever even been a freshman heavyweight champ? How about a true freshman? Taking 3rd as a true freshman with his only 2 losses being by 1 point to the eventual champ and a 5th year sophomore can’t really be used as a knock. Add In that he was CLEARLY ahead of the entire field as a sophomore. He was undefeated and well on his way to his 1st championship. If not for Covid, he should be a 3,1,?,? with 2 career losses in 2 seasons. GOAT over all weights? Nope. But at HWT? Definitely on pace to be considered. With Kerkvliet added to the field, Gable can write his own legacy if he can run the table.
  20. I am sure it is due to Ivy rules about eligibility. Since they aren’t allowing wrestling this season, if they stayed in school I would assume the year is still lost. So, I would again assume that he is deferring enrollment in some way to preserve that eligibility?
  21. Truth be told, it had a compelling story to start with and that story kind of disappeared with different, much littler stories filling in from time to time. The movie did NOT flow and was all over the place. How it was all of a sudden the state finals was beyond me. Also, there are about a total of 2 actual actors in the entire movie. Cole is limited by the writing of the main character and his “girlfriend” was actually pretty good. After that, the kids were brutal and even though JB gets an A+ for exuberance, he joined Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gable in the absolutely are NOT actors category. Vision Quest can rest easy knowing this movie has ZERO chance of dethroning......
  22. Pro sports should NEVER be used as any type of positive indicator for non revenue college athletics. Pro sports made it through because of MONEY. Period. College wrestling will need a myriad of things to go just right for the sport itself and, even then, they could get shut down if something else is trending poorly in the country. There is a reason this is considered a “free” year. That reason being the season is unlikely to finish....
  23. Best pound for pound spiral rider in DI History. Mr. Nelson had the love and admiration from Chapman to the level that, even now, he can’t stop thinking about him!
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