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  1. To be fair to the reasoning, Alex only lost to the NCAA Champ last season and his only other loss since 2019 is to Joseph, whom he has beat multiple times. He also has wins over Recent AA’s Wittlake and Amine and has beat Wick several times in a row. I get that he hasn’t got it done at NCAA’s, but a last second Takedown loss to the Champ while breaking ribs isn’t going to drop him down much…
  2. Guys don’t miraculously change their style at the DI level. Especially big heavyweights. It’s taken nearly all of them years and years of hard work to develop the skill set that got them there in the 1st place. Now many continue to refine those skills as the level of opponent t increases, but a guy like Schultz doesn’t all of a sudden start hitting sweep singles and it is pretty much ridiculous to expect otherwise. On top of that, if he started trying it he would probably actually lose more because it would open him up to Counters and wrestling positions he has next to no experience in.
  3. You do realize he is a Greco guy, right? “Shooting” isn’t going to happen.
  4. Iowa simp??? I literally pointed out where I didn't think DeSanto can beat RBY. My only other thing really about Iowa or PSU expectations was in regards to putting Bartlett into a can beat anyone but Yianni category while calling a guy that has AA'd every time more likely to lose in the R12. If that is Iowa simping, what are all the other PSU fans in this thread doing???
  5. I have to admit, I wouldn't pick DeSanto over RBY and I admit I never thought RBY would beat him after the 1st couple times they wrestled. The way RBY can stay out of the inside ties and force his best positions on DeSanto has been super impressive. DeSanto needs to learn how to elevate that outside, lefty single right at the point of attack. If not, I just don't see how he wins.
  6. I just say to not use it as gospel that that person would win in Folk, let alone dominate and that situation actually fits perfectly, since Lee actually destroyed Eierman in Free. However, it is enough to show that Lee was more than capable of beating him.
  7. Make no mistake, trolls are good for topics for discussion. As long as you see him for what he is, the topics themselves are often pretty good.
  8. My apologies. Maybe I should have said most instead of many. Any which way, thanks for your contributions. They keep me on my toes, figuratively speaking.
  9. To be fair, Eierman lost to a guy he barely beat 6-5 less than 2 weeks prior and had lost convincingly to in the offseason. His other win was in Lee's redshirt freshman season. Nick Lee last season was inarguably WAAAAY better than he was as a RSFR. Everyone that knew wrestling, knew that match was a coin flip. When did Kemerer beat Starocci for the 2nd time? Finally, Marinelli is an enigma. He is good enough to beat anyone at the weight and usually does. He just hasn't had things go his way at NCAA's, but yet he can win the B1G's over a 2x NCAA Champ. So, I think it is totally fair for you to predict another underperformance. But, it is also fair to say he has a good chance to win. He can beat anyone at the weight, he just needs to prove he can do it at NCAA's.
  10. But your response was to some saying they have a good chance to have 4 champs, NOT that they WILL have 4. I was simply showing you a year MUCH more recent where saying they had a "good chance" to have 4 champs was more than fair...
  11. I get it now. You were referencing debates Tbar had with other posters, while abbreviating those posters names. Hate was a bit of a strong word, but many of your posts in regards to me seem to show substantial disdain...
  12. Hey, you were the one that said the 1990's...
  13. Really, that is what you go after? Any chance I was voice texting and didn't proofread?
  14. I specified 5 "calendar years" for a reason. I figured anyone here would still be smart enough to be able to do simple math. Still, 3 years and 3 months is still a LOOOOONG time in DI wrestling, is it not?
  15. For the record, they had 3 in 2010 with 2 other Finalists. Saying 141 and 174 "wilted" when they lost in OT is pretty laughable. 165, is simply a brutal weight class and the guy broke ribs. S Simply put, saying they have a good chance isn't ridiculous. Predicting it, on the other hand, is going out on a limb a bit...
  16. Re: LOL #1: I know you are my resident hater, but please expound a bit on that 1st one. Russel/duck/whatevers doesn't resonate for me... Re: LOL #3: How can you have a debate without specifically talking about how that personal opinion was formed. By definition, said debating would call into question how you formed it. We aren't saying it is against the law and you should be executed for doing so. It is simply the part that causes the debate to happen in the 1st place. For the record I ENJOY the debate and hold ZERO ill will towards those that have differing opinions, even if those differences are vast!
  17. That transitive property thing is LAUGHABLE. In no world can you say a guy who has AA'd EVERY time he has competed is closer to losing in the R12 than being top 4, especially when one of the years he PLACED top 4. 1. The TF loss to Sloan happened in 2018, which will be 5 calendar years before this upcoming NCAA's. Since then, he placed AA'd at NCAA's both times and Sloan has yet to AA. 2.) You went back to the year Warner redshirted to get his 2nd loss to Brucki. So, do you now count Sanderson as having a loss since he lost as a redshirt? Can he lose to the guys you named? Absolutely. Would it be fair to so he is "likely" to lose to many of them? Absolutely not...
  18. I am definitely aware of both. I listed Brucki(whom Warner also beat) in a different post and I just replied to you about Darmstadt in another...
  19. It feels like it has been SOOOOO LONG since Darmstadt has wrestled healthy, that I have NO CLUE what to expect. Even though he wrestled in 2020, the starting off at 184 before moving back up to 197 threw me off and he took a few weird losses(especially Whitman). I was a huge fan of him early on and he was really fun to watch. Do you know if he is fully healthy now and is back to that early form or better?
  20. I have no issue with anything you said, except at 141 and 174 you can't say that about Eierman and Kemerer without also including Lee and Starocci. They both went 1-1 against their counterparts and the last wins were both in OT. So, I don't see how you can say those things could happen to Eierman and Kemerer without saying the same thing about Lee and Starocci...
  21. So it is crap to say a guy is going to take 3r-7th? Wow, if that is crap I would hate to see what you consider really bad. With that said, Kerk DID seem to get punished by the bigger 285's. Cass ragdolled him and so did Schultz. Now, maybe his health changes that but we actually need to SEE it on the mat before crowning him. How do you not see that as "fair" vs. being "crap"?
  22. There is NOTHING worse in wrestling than whining about a pin not being called like it should have been. It wasn't get over it. The part of that situation that is considerably more telling is that he CAME BACK from that deficit to win the match and 4 more after that. To be clear, he beat Caffey and Woodley in that tournament. On top of that he has beaten Schultz and Brucki and placed above Elam, Norfleet and Sloan in that same tournament. 197 also had Amine in it whom I would put ahead of anyone you added to the group. Now, my issue isn't so much saying Warner is beatable, it is calling for it when he has done as well as he has while calling for Bartlett to win matches over guys he HAS yet to beat. Do you not see the bias?
  23. What crap is being piled onto him? Because I don't see ANY. The only thing I see is people saying that he needs to SHOW he can beat guys who CONVINCINGLY beat him last season, before saying he will. I mean that is just literal common sense...
  24. Yeah, even his own fans are pretty hard on him. HR beats up on him pretty good. A lot of that has do with his style. He has a tendency to wrestle very defensive and often sat on leads. However, I think the Reenan scare was the BEST THING to happen to him. He wrestled his best tournament BY FAR the last 5 minutes of that match and every match thereafter. If he wrestles that way this season he should be top 5 and I see no reason why he couldn't be wrestling on Saturday night if things go right.
  25. So, Bartlett can beat "anyone" at 149 but Yianni when he didn't even qualify for NCAA's last season. But, Warner probably loses to at least 6 guys when he has AA'd EVERY time he has wrestled and took 4th last season only losing to Ferrari and Amine? I give you credit those blue and white glasses have to be permanently attached to your head!
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