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  1. Weird sequence in the Heflin vs. Atwood Match. 0-0 second period. Heflin down. Heflin stands up and as he faces Atwood, Atwood hits a lateral drop right on the edge of the mat. It appeared the ref gave him a 5 count. Then all of a sudden they restart and the score was 3-1 with Heflin down. Where did that 1 pt. come from?
  2. Not so sure. This isn't the first time he has taken a pot shot at me......
  3. Really? That is your response? I watched the dual on my laptop. I couldn't get better than 240 resolution and it kept reloading. The signal simply wasn't clear enough to identify the wrestlers. Considering I am not best friends with Taylor Walsh or Alan Gregory I am sorry that I could not VISIBLY tell the difference. Also add in they never changed the names on the scoreboard in the upper left hand corner AND the Student U producers cluelessly called Gregory Walsh throughout the match and NEVER corrected. So by watching the dual in my library on a laptop I am supposed to know better than the production crew who the ACTUAL wrestler is? Did you even watch the dual before making such a dickish statement?
  4. I am sorry but I think your bias is showing here. I have no issue with a stalling point deciding this match. However, what offense did Coon generate during the match? A vast majority of Gingrich backing up was a direct result of a bigger, stronger guy driving his opponent back with collar ties and underhooks. Gingrich did not back up in an attempt to disengage or avoid contact. In fact, I didn't see much of him backing up on his own. He was simply outmuscled by a bigger stronger guy. I do not agree that being pushed around the mat warrants more stall calls than there were.
  5. Walsh didn't wrestle Ness today, it was Alex Gregory. My feed was a little choppy so I couldn't see a difference in the appearance of the Indiana wrestler. It was Student U produced and they kept saying Walsh. Add in that the banner had it Walsh vs. Ness and I don't see how I would have known. I turned the volume down halfway through the first match as the announcers were clueless. I just went back and re watched it and you can hear the public announcer say Gregory's name.
  6. I think sickness is almost always the first excuse, er, reason, provided for a "gassing." Problem is, I am not aware of an illness that lasts for 2 years that would allow you to still wrestle in DI.....
  7. As you can see the dual was such a blowout that the 2 Alton matches were the only thing worth watching. The 285 match was close but it was not entertaining and the dual was so far out of reach that it didn't matter. That is WHY this thread has been nearly all about the Alton matches.
  8. Ness looked really good today. He handled Walsh. You never know what to expect from Ness, but hopefully beating St. John and Walsh the last 2 weeks shows he is back, or at least close, to 100%. If Ness wrestles like he did at the Scuffle he gets pounded by Alton. If he continues to wrestle like he has recently Alton is in trouble.
  9. Why? Murphy pulled him back on top of him and there was no separation between Alton's back and Murphy's chest. The ref even voiced that as the reason he did not award back pts.
  10. I disagree with you COMPLETELY. He had a TON of crazy situations to try to call correctly at 149. He did his best to not only review the situations, but he checked with the scoring table multiple times. At 157, that was 100% the correct call. Alton had complete control of Murphy's leg to the point it ended up hurting Murphy. It was in the same potentially dangerous position and how easily Alton resituated position at the point of the wave off showed Murphy was not in control. The ref really tried his hardest throughout both of those matches, and having reffed before, I can tell you a match like that is nearly impossible to not get caught up in the craziness yourself.
  11. The crazy part is Alton gassed that badly with a timeout for blood, a timeout to review a takedown at the end of the 1st period AND against another guy who is well known for gassing as well. Alton is SOOOO incredibly dangerous!!!! He simply is too far gone physically that there is NO WAY he could put together a good run over a grueling 3 day tourney like the NCAA tournament.
  12. I picked PSU to win, preseason, every year but their first championship and this will be the 4th time in a row I will pick them to win going into the tournament. Because I am not a PSU fan does not mean I don't respect and admire the current product. They are great for DI wrestling. However, the top dogs should expect and even invite criticism from time to time. You can't be at the top without it.
  13. Wow, troll status? Interesting... And you base this off of what posts? Do you actually read what I post in it's entirety? You are 100% entitled to your opinion. I will equate this to politics. You haven't really made it until you get a death threat. You haven't really become a substantial part of a forum until someone calls you a troll. I like it. That you for the status upgrade. Since your opinion matters so much to me I will wear it as a badge of honor. Thank you, fine sir! Have a wonderful day!
  14. Really? You don't think people pick A. Alton, over the last 3 years, considerably more than they do the other ranked wrestler? I honestly am NOT the type of guy to sift through posts forever and ever to cite other posts. If you believe I am wrong, I will not dispute you, simply because I hate sifting through old posts. Please let me add in that I do not mean to directly bash Alton. He has seemed to have some misfortune over the last couple years. Mix in injuries, burn out factor and gas tank issues and I am surprised his heart is still in it. I did say and do hope that he AA's before his career is over. I simply think he has a huge mountain to climb and my PERCEPTION of many posters on here is that they have too high of expectations.
  15. Since you can only put so much into the title of your thread, I thought I elaborated that my post was relative. Guys like Metcalf and Dake always seem to lose potential match ups on here while someone who has achieved considerably less often gets the benefit of the doubt. It would be insane to pick Alton to win B1Gs with what he has shown so far. Yet, with what he has shown so far, he still gets the benefit of the doubt in most cases. I simply would like to see him actually win a couple big matches BEFORE I can pick him.
  16. It is amazing how a 4x guy like Dake has such a poor fantasy matchup record on here, while Andrew Alton(yet to AA) always seems to be the favorite in every match. I think I would like the kid more if everyone didn't seem to think he should win darn near every match. I really hope he gets an AA finish as I am sure he is under a lot of pressure but some of you guys' expectations are way too high.
  17. And the biggest tragedy was that Simmons never even made the NCAA finals. I am sorry but I am a 100% disgruntled fan. There was a time, nearly 20 years ago, when Minkel was good for MSU. That time has passed. No B1G program should fall this far, PERIOD!
  18. Not a chance, unless Chalfant sprouts a clone of himself and the clone makes 197. Atwood of Purdue only won 3-0 at 197 against Indiana . I wouldn't bet on a MSU loss at 197, but NOTHING would surprise me anymore where MSU is concerned.
  19. The funny thing is Indiana is head and shoulders above MSU this year. They are actually a top 25 team. In fact, I think they have a great chance at SHUTTING OUT MSU. Chalfant beat McClure earlier this year and if Rizgallah keeps wrestling like he has recently this dual could get VERY ugly for MSU.
  20. I was cheering for the Michigan native as well. He did a great job slowing down Delgado's offense. However, you can't gouge an eyeball right in front of the referee without asking for a penalty call. Hopefully, he can generate some offense from such a low stance. He did a great job neutralizing Delgado but that type of wrestling usually generates stall calls at Nationals. Referees seem to feel more obligated to penalize the less aggressive wrestler at the Big Dance.
  21. Phenomenal mind and body discipline. There are healthy and NOT healthy ways to cut weight. His is an amazing testament to will power. With the new age technology available to managing nutrition and physical fitness things can be done that simply couldn't be thought of 20 years ago, let alone executed. I do not necessarily believe his way is any easier. It is simply healthier.
  22. Would that same ref call stalling on Maple for the 8-10 times he backed out of bounds. Drake gets shot on, doesn't back up, stands his ground, and is called for stalling. I think Maple had a sympathetic ref last night Houdashelt reminds me, EXACTLY, of the style of wrestling Iowa wrestlers get blasted on here for. Drake made Maple go out of bounds several times. That is absolutely true. However, it was done by NOTHING MORE than hard tie-ups and pushing. Can you tell me how many full fledged OFFENSIVE attacks Houdashelt had? This is not to say Houdashelt isn't a beast but his style could lend to stalling. Even then, I say Maple needs a ref that would see it as stalling, knowing a lot of refs may not. I do not necessarily even think Houdashelt warrants multiple stall calls. I simply think Maple really needs this to win.
  23. Push, pull, push, pull, Maple shot, Houdashelt defended, go out of bounds, restart, push, pull, push, pull, Maple shot, Houdashelt defended, go out of bounds, restart, push, pull, push, pull, 1st period ends. Maple starts down, escapes in 10 secs, push, pull, push, pull, Maple shot, Houdashelt defended, go out of bounds, restart, push, pull, push, pull, Maple shot, Houdashelt defended, go out of bounds, restart, push, pull, push, pull, 2nd period ends. Houdashelt starts down, escapes in 25 secs, push, pull, push, pull, Maple shot, Houdashelt defended, go out of bounds, restart, push, pull, push, pull, Maple shot, Houdashelt defended, Houdashelt caught Maples leg, Houdashelt takedown on edge(20 secs left, go out of bounds, restart, Maple down, Maple escapes quickly, push, pull, Maple half shot, push, pull, period ends.
  24. You crack me up. Obama may really like the Tea Party. When Peyton Manning says "Omaha" it may not actually MEAN anything. There may not be life on any other planets. Evolution may not be true. The ONLY guarantee is that your body will die. That doesn't mean you have to try to argue the LESS LIKELY scenario, EVERY SINGLE TIME. What are you talking about? I don't argue the "less likely scenario every time". In my exchanges with you, I believe that I argued for the most likely scenario. The scenario that best fit the available evidence. I've learned long ago to not assume that someone is cutting a lot of weight because of how "big" they look. Yes, that can be a good indicator, but it can also be misleading. I've seen situations where the smaller looking wrestler is cutting 2 to 3 times more weight than the bigger man. Of course, YOU THINK you are arguing the most likely scenario. There is no point arguing ANYTHING with you. Nearly everyone on this board is in agreement. If you don't think so, take a poll. You destroy threads by constant in-fighting over minutiae that are impossible to 100% prove in either direction. I will not respond to you again after this because I don't want to ruin this thread as well. All I will say is Houdashelt wrestled 157 his first 2 years and looked pretty damn big then. The MORE LIKELY SCENARIO is he is cutting substantial weight.
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