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  1. My issue wasn't with Maple penetrating, it was with how EASILY Houdashelt threw Maple off each time. The way Houdashelt positions himself, I am not sure Maple can create a 100% clean attack. I think Maple will need a quick, clean and crisp takedown without Houdashelt having a chance to defend. Houdashelt simply looked WAY too strong for Maple.
  2. You crack me up. Obama may really like the Tea Party. When Peyton Manning says "Omaha" it may not actually MEAN anything. There may not be life on any other planets. Evolution may not be true. The ONLY guarantee is that your body will die. That doesn't mean you have to try to argue the LESS LIKELY scenario, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  3. This kid looks really big. This kid looks really long. This kid looks really strong. I am very surprised he has lost, even though it is only 1x, this year. Maple was NOT able to break through Houdashelt's arms in ANY way. Any time Maple attacked, Houdashelt was able to manhandle him off. The craziest part of it all is for as big as Houdashelt looks, he has a big gas tank. You would think he would at least have some issues due to what appears to be a huge weight cut. Before last night, I really thought Maple is the guy to beat at 149. Now I really think Maple will need a sympathetic ref(stalling calls) to have a chance against Houdashelt. Without a major mistake, I don't see Maple breaking through Houdashelt's defense.
  4. That is truly impossible for us to qualify and quantify. UofM was able to hide rape charges on one of their football players for FOUR years! There is NO WAY for us to know how well EACH AND EVERY wrestler at a University is doing socially. Academics can be looked at, but I don't exactly remember them having too many Academic AA's either. I will agree with you that there are MANY facets involved in coaching at the DI level. Minkel is actually decent at a couple. The PROBLEM is his OVERALL performance is WOEFULLY bad and no attempts at deflection can truly hide that fact..........
  5. So coaches are above reproach? Fans of sports have NO right to criticize the performance of teams and the coaches responsibility for said performances? I am sorry but I wholeheartedly disagree with your viewpoint. These guys all make pretty damn good money and are DIRECTLY responsible for putting forth a product that fans have an interest in. If this were not the case they wouldn't CHARGE for people to come to events. As a PAYING fan you ARE 100% QUALIFIED to question their livelihood. In the end what we say means little or quite possibly NOTHING(as is the case of MSU). However, that doesn't mean we SHOULDN'T say anything.
  6. I really don't see how Port doesn't get the 1 seed. He really hasn't had a close match with the exception of Sabatello way back in early November. In fact, I don't think anyone has scored anything other than an escape against Port with the exception of Sabatello. I could see two wins over Stieber giving Retherford a big boost but I still am not sold that a true freshman, even if undefeated, can get seeded over an undefeated Port.
  7. He was with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2012. I believe he is currently a Free Agent, which in his case, means not likely to be seen in the NFL again. Still to have made it there is pretty darn special.
  8. I agree with the spacing of the qualifier a month ahead of the NCAA tournament being HORRIBLE. If this was the schedule Andrew Howe's junior year he would not have been an AA. I am ALL FOR the Duals but the Qualifiers NEED to be as close to the NCAA tournament as possible for the wrestlers to have their best chance to be physically ready.
  9. Definitely THE State when it comes to producing DI talent. I am sure someone with PA ties will notice a few nonstarters that I missed. AA's ------- DI Megaludis ------- Rappo, Mack, Horan Port ------- Young, McGinley, Galloway -------- Snyder(R12 2x), Pennesi, Handlovic -------- Choate, Pearsall, Waltko, Sherlock, Albright Oliver -------- Dziewa, Kindig, Bedelyon, Kristich Alton ------- Kemmerer, Resnick, O'hara, Johnston, Laird, Marino -------- Alton, Fischer, Tasser, Peppelman, Busler Fleming, Peppelman ------- English, Resnick, Napoli, Vollrath Sheptock ------- Bonnacorsi, Shuster, Easter, Dallago, Robinson Bosak, Evans --------- Ernest, Shupe, Milano, Kemerer Wright, Ruth ------- Loffredo, Tasser, Bryson Wilps -------- Ruggear, Salopek, Giorgio, Kennedy Eachus(NFL) ------- Enck, Buchholz, Vaughan -------- Bennett, Craig, Haines
  10. Wow, what an indictment of the current MSU product. 12 seeds:4 11 seeds:2 10 seeds:2 9 seeds: 1 7 seeds:1 Rizgallah has an outside shot, but I am really only expecting 1 NCAA qualifier. I am torn, as I really would like to see McClure AA. I simply am afraid that Minkel will find some way to twist McClure AAing into a credit to his coaching.
  11. I didn't include Morrison because he simply looks super outgunned against Ramos. I don't think, even at his best, he could beat Ramos. I was torn on whether or not to include Nevinger. I feel he is more likely to not AA but with his ability to ride and returning from a 5th place finish I decided to include him. Sakaguchi has proven, in the past(highest returning AA), that he can wrestle with anyone at the weight. If he wasn't struggling this year I would have put him as a contender. Other than Howe, Evans is my favorite 174. However, I do NOT see ANY way he wins 174. I think he pulled the Storley win directly out of his rectum and considering he would have to pull some kind of Brown, Perry and Howe combo to win, I simply could not put him into the darkhorse category. Meeks falls exactly into the Sakaguchi reasoning. Remember Meeks is the highest returning AA AND he did beat Schiller at the All Star Classic. If he wasn't struggling a bit this year I would have him as a contender.
  12. To whom do you refer? Meeks is the only 1 I am 100% sure was ranked #1. Was Tsirtsis? I wouldn't really argue if you wanted to include Meeks as a contender. I simply chose not to as he has NOT been wrestling well enough for me to put him in the top group. He fell into the darkhorse category because he needs to step it up and be consistent to win it all. Tsirtsis is a true freshman and has taken a couple questionable losses. I cannot in good faith call him a contender. Especially with Maple and Houdashelt sitting at the top.
  13. I think you guys may be arguing more about the difference between contenders and darkhorses. For example, a contender, ESPECIALLY when the word "real" is used to emphasize they should be significantly capable of winning the weight, should be someone who has beaten or placed above everyone of significance in the weight class. A darkhorse is someone who has shown they are capable of beating anyone but would have to have their best performance to do so. 125 Contenders: Delgado, Megaludis and Garrett. Darkhorses: Gilman 133 Contenders: Ramos, Schopp, Graff and Colon. Darkhorses: Brewer and Beckman 141 Contenders: Stieber, Port and Retherford. Darkhorses: Khishignyam, Henderson and Nevinger 149 Contenders: Houdashelt and Maple. Darkhorses: Sakaguchi, Tsirtsis and Grajales 157 Contenders: Green, St. John and Dierenger. Darkhorses: Alton and Ness 165 Contenders: David Taylor Darkhorses: Caldwell and Sulzer (albeit they are VERY dark) 174 Contenders: Howe and to a much lesser extent Perry. Darkhorses: Brown, (Kokesh Storley are very dark. 184 Contenders: Ruth, Sheptock and Dean Darkhorses: Lofthouse, Loder and Steinhaus 197 Contenders: Schiller, Gadson and Rutt Darkhorses: Cox and Meeks 285 Contenders: Nelson, McMullan, Telford and Coon Darkhorses:Gwiazdowski, Chalfant, Myers and McClure.
  14. Are you really trying to compare the 2 in their past and current formats and then blame the NWCA for poor marketing? The NCAA Tournament is the CHAMPIONSHIP. In DI's current format it TRULY IS ALL that matters. No matter how the NWCA tries to market or format the National Duals, it is simply several dual meets over a 2 day span. Coaches will decide/project on how/if their team will be good/ready enough to attend. There is NO true VALUE assigned to the event. You are delusional if you do not think a National Duals that actually DECIDES the team champion would draw exceptionally well. In addition, you ignore how skewed the Individual Tournament attendance is as you have 330 wrestlers and 200+ coaches who have family and friends that attend along with the hardcore fanbase of each school. This portion of the overall attendance is considerable and will NOT change regardless of Team Championship format. Give the National Duals the NCAA Championship Tag and it would excel. The other thing I don't understand is why so many are against having TWO huge events instead of the one!?!? I know certain teams are set up to win Championships in the current format, but I truly believe they are being short sighted if they don't see a possibility of growing the casual fan by putting more focus on the team vs team format. A casual fan will NEVER take to the NCAA tournament as it is SOOO long and difficult to follow. Let me finish by saying I LOVE the current Tournament Format. In a perfect world I would LOVE for it to stay the same. The problem is the World is NOT perfect. DI wrestling needs to try SOMETHING to shake thing up. I would rather a proactive ATTEMPT at something than the status quo, that in NO WAY, can improve the current product. If they don't try SOMETHING, before you know it, the B1G will be the NCAA championships..........
  15. 125:Patterson tweaked his knee pretty good in the Northern Iowa dual against Peters. Didn't look too severe, but you never know with knee ligaments. 133:DiJulius, has been rumored to be dealing with something, but that could just be the patented Tom Ryan seed protection. I kid, I kid....but not really..... 141:Chris Dardanes and Chris Nevinger. The heartbreaker of them all is Devin Carter out for the year! 149:Maple and Tsirtis were rumored to have some health issues and A. Alton had the shoulder surgery before the year started. 157: Dylan Alton coming off same surgery as brother but looks to have recovered better. Ian Miller just injury defaulted, while leading, in his last match due to an arm injury. 165: They all have the David Taylor virus.... 174: Cody Walters has missed quite a bit of time this year. I am not sure what his injury was/is. 184: Ruth was suffering from boredom. Lofthouse, Swartz and Steinhaus have all missed significant time and none look 100% as of yet. 197: Heflin has missed some time. 285: McMullan missed a couple of months, but appears to be back in form.
  16. LOL, I will give you 5-1 odds, but you have to at least bet $100.00, that Cox does NOT major( a pin would negate the odds but I would pay even money) Rutt. A pin would be far more likely as Rutt is damn near impossible to score on. Cox is more likely to catch Rutt in something than outscore him by 8 or more. Hell I would be willing to give the same odds that Cox doesn't even score 8 pts. I am not saying Cox can't win. However, Rutt fits into the top 5 in the country defensively. The highest anyone has scored on him is 5. That was Chris Penny with 3 escapes and a late takedown. Cox is REALLY good. But Rutt is one of the last wrestlers I would pick other than Howe(he actually gave up 8 pts 2x this year winning 23-8 and 22-8 LOL) to see a wrestler score 8 pts against him NO MATTER what he scores himself.
  17. Actually there are 7 returning AA's as Cody Walters AA'd last year and you also have Weatherman back whom Walters beat in the R12 to make AA status. Walters has been injured most of the year so he hasn't been very visible but healthy he is the 7th best guy. Simply put 174 has more high end wrestlers than any other weight and it is BY FAR the easiest to pick 6 AA's correctly.
  18. The more I think about it this thread reminds me BIG TIME of the first Metcalf/Caldwell match. Metcalf shoots in on a single and lingers. Literally EVERYONE in the gym is yelling watch the spladle. Instead of bailing out and giving up the 2 Metcalf clings to the single and we ALL know how that ended for him. When guys are this good their mentality negates them from thinking about safety first. I know that I had the "There is NO WAY this guy is going to put me on my back mentality!" and I was nowhere near the level of these NCAA champs. It has to be the hardest part of coaching to get winners like these to know when to back it down and eliminate ANY chance of the big move.
  19. I think he was agreeing with the part where I said DSJ was not riding safe with essentially a 2 pt lead and that his mentality is hard to coach him to hold back. I am not meaning to create a woulda shoulda thread. I love to watch the Ness bros wrestle because they are exciting and find/found ways to win. I simply tried to point out that the move Ness used to win is the ONE thing St. John should have been coached to avoid, ESPECIALLY, in the situation it occurred.
  20. There have been a lot of well thought out responses on this thread. My whole thought process on this is to TRY to create MORE offense. 285 gets attacked so often because matches are often decided in OT, by riding time or 1 takedown. In addition to the weight disparity that happens too often in this weight class you get too many wrestlers afraid to be aggressive knowing that the size of this weight class actually makes it easier to score off of bellying down on someone else's shot than it is to actually create your own offense. A lot of posters on here have cited exceptions to the rule while ignoring the VAST majority that fit into the above. If, while wrestling in High School, you knew college was limited to 245, do you not think 99% plus could manage their body weight to maintain 245? First off, how many people do you know that are over 245? Secondly, how many of them are truly physically fit? Thirdly, how many of them spent a TON of time building their body up to be OVER 245 and be fit? Finally, and most importantly, how many of them wrestle or wrestled while weighing above 245? A man at 245 and in great physical condition is a VERY large man. There undoubtedly would be a few of the past we lose if this rule was changed while they were in college. However, announcing that the weight would be changed in 2018, would give everyone time to get ready and I think there would be such a limited number affected that it really could benefit wrestling as a whole.
  21. I am a bigger fan of Ness than DSJ, but your comment is hogwash. DSJ had a 1 pt lead AND riding time. With that short of time he should have been doing his patented ankle ride and if Ness got even close to his head he should have let him loose. It is hard to take the killer instinct away from somebody when they need it to stay competitive. However, a good bit of coaching or safety first mentality could have EASILY reversed that result. My point is DSJ appeared to have the good sense to stay low. It's not like he didn't have the data. He failed continue with the strategy. I'm sure he didn't plan to give up the opening TD either. Had he not done THAT, the outcome would have been different. Or would it? DSJ spent quite a bit of time working for the fall. By no means was he staying back on the hips late into the 3rd period. Again, I really like Ness and would love to see him win the whole thing. I simply disagree with you saying Ness couldn't be denied. With short time I would have been SCREAMING for DSJ to stay back and do NOT let Ness catch his head. I am sorry but it is a VERY avoidable move. Now who knows, maybe if he cuts Ness, Ness still pulls off a miraculous takedown to win but I would have made sure St. John at least eliminated the possibility of the Elevator Ness has perfected.
  22. The way seeding is looking he will have a BRUTAL gauntlet to run to win at 174. It is VERY likely he is the 3 seed at NCAA. If he is the 3 seed he will most likely have to beat Evans at the 6th seed, then Perry at the 2 before finally Howe in the finals. The worst part for him is that is his BEST case scenario. If he falters at the B1G tourney he could end up with the 4 or 5 seed and have to wrestle Kokesh or Storley then Howe in the SEMIS before even getting to the finals against the likely Perry. You can add Brown to the mix all you like. If I were a betting man, I would have to consider him a long shot.
  23. I am a bigger fan of Ness than DSJ, but your comment is hogwash. DSJ had a 1 pt lead AND riding time. With that short of time he should have been doing his patented ankle ride and if Ness got even close to his head he should have let him loose. It is hard to take the killer instinct away from somebody when they need it to stay competitive. However, a good bit of coaching or safety first mentality could have EASILY reversed that result.
  24. So basically McClure gains NOTHING for beating Coon? Interesting philosophy......
  25. I would substitute the word tough with talented. I have watched a lot of Morse since his early high school matches. This kid was a wide open whirlwind. FUN TO WATCH. However he never looked physically mature to me. This really came to the forefront in college. When he would wrestle someone of lesser caliber he would destroy them. However, as soon as he hit a top 20 type with size, he got manhandled. My best way to describe Morse up to this year is, remember Scott Winston and then picture the EXACT opposite. Winston came into NCAA's stronger than everyone else but got exposed because his strength wasn't enough to trump everything else needed. Morse got exposed because his skillset needed physical strength to allow for him to work. The good thing is I think Morse is starting to gain some of that necessary strength and should make it to the podium by the end of his career, while unfortunately, Winston was not able to.
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