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  1. I think I wrote several sentences that should have explained what I was looking for quite clearly. Jaggers was a perfect example of someone who turned his wrestling up several notches come tourney time. I was asking if there was someone out there that could do something similar and stated that Ness seems to fit this scenario as closely as anyone I could think of. Chill. I knew what you meant. To me, to do something "similar" to Jaggers means a prior champ. That's where you start. Preferably with someone who wasn't 100% at the close of their first title victory (the ankle will heal, losing won't). Is there a Jerrod King this year? I wasn't referring to a career I was referring to how a wrestler performs during the regular season and then transforms in the postseason. Since Jaggers happened to do it 2x I found him to be the perfect candidate to use as the example. I would like to thank you for reforming my question to the way you want it, then answering it, and then asking another question. I am very grateful for your help.
  2. I think I wrote several sentences that should have explained what I was looking for quite clearly. Jaggers was a perfect example of someone who turned his wrestling up several notches come tourney time. I was asking if there was someone out there that could do something similar and stated that Ness seems to fit this scenario as closely as anyone I could think of.
  3. +1 Grajales-Tessari is half the reason I got off my butt and drove to Cliff Keen to watch the meet. Be careful what you say. Certain tOSU fans will tell you to shut up and be happy to take what you can get. Remember it's not about the fans it is all about the wrestlers.
  4. It was always quite entertaining to see how many people gave him no shot and called him overrated while he struggled during the regular season. He would then go to the Tourney and CLEARLY separate himself from the competition. Is there anyone out there this year that has struggled during the year that could really turn it up come Tourney time? The only one I can think of is Dylan Ness, but with Oliver in his bracket he would REALLY REALLY REALLY need to turn it up.
  5. Sorry it was Sulzer that also beat Massa not Polz twice. In my defense Sulzer does have a z in his last name as well. :oops: As far as the remaining AA slots available at 165 I would say you should add Graham and Yates to that list. I don't see them losing to anyone ranked below them. Sulzer, Monk, Polz, Massa, Lear, Moore look to be battling for the 6-8 slots.
  6. I really think this is the most intriguing match up of the dual. Polz has handled Massa on multiple occasions and Massa looks to be the odd man out for AA status. If Moore can beat Polz the possibility of him AA'ing increases greatly. Moore AA'ing is paramount for Iowa to have any chance at winning Nationals.
  7. Good to see u are coming around:) Seeing as McD is perfectly healthy and the #1 ranked guy in the nation, Brands will not hold him out simply based on "fear" of losing a B1G seed. Now, if Mcd was nursing an injury and was say, 70%, maybe i could understand holding out. No way in hell does Brands hold out a healthy, multi NCAA Champ #1 ranked wrestler. NO FREAKIN WAY. So, to put ur mind at ease, go ahead and pay the $10 to see this one MSU. You wont have to worry bout getting a refund bud. You seem to think it's about the money for me. I have the all access pass, joined FLO and Intermat. I donate as well. I would pay REGARDLESS. My pt. is these actions are disingenuous to the FANS. A lot of fans, not related to wrestlers on the team, pay to see certain match ups and when there is nothing leading them to think a wrestler is being held out I think it is unfair to the fans. I know sports betting is the main reason you get injury reports in many other sports but I would like to at least see a probable, questionable, doubtful and out designation before meets. At least that way you know there is a possibility of someone not wrestling. I understand the need to protect this info in Wrestling but for things to grow I think these things need to change to continue to improve with the Social Media outlets available to take advantage of. Wrestling doesn't have the luxury the major sports do to be flippant with their fan base. 77 DI teams is SAD. I know there are many factors that influence this that are hard to deal with. But, things like this are pretty simple.
  8. It doesn't seem to be something Brands would do but there really is no benefit to having McDonough wrestle Delgado. McDonough has the 1 seed locked up for B1G's and with Delagado most likely being the 3 seed McDonough may not even see Delgado. Depending on how seeds go for Nationals the last guy to beat McDonough may not even wrestle him. I really would like to see the match but with the current system I don't see why you put him out there. P.S. To all the tOSU fans please notice I didn't call it pulling a Tom Ryan this time.
  9. Going back to 1990, ANYONE ELSE FEEL FREE TO RESEARCH BEFORE THAT, the most has been 5 undefeated champs. It happened alot. 2011,2010, 2001, 1999, 1997, 1994, 1993, 1992 and 1991 all had 5 undefeated champs. The least during that span was 2008 when Keith Gavin was the only undefeated champ.
  10. MSU158

    Seeding 174

    I wouldn't put it past Intermat to rank him #1 tomorrow(not serious, well kinda, maybe sorta). The lovefest they have had for him so far along with Perry losing I am truly interested to see how they rank this weight tomorrow.
  11. The NCAAs start at the conference level for qualifying, the entire team participates, so it is a representation of the better team. I am starting to see this argument is like arguing Politics or Religion. No matter what you say you will NOT convince the other side.
  12. Ah yes, the age old "dual meets will grow the fanbase" argument. Never mind the fact that the majority of NCAA duals throughout the country get a hundred people in attendance. I get it - PSU vs. IOWA was awesome. It really was. But, it was a gigantic exception in a sea of unattended duals. Duals generally suck, and the attendance proves it. Check out the World Cup attendance and get back to me. I find it funny that you only quoted a VERY small portion of what I typed showing how convoluted the current format is and how difficult it would be for a casual fan to keep up with the Team Race. I also do not flat out say Duals are a GUARANTEE to grow the casual fanbase. However, I DO believe the current format ABSOLUTELY will NOT. A perfect example of a successful format is NCAA Basketball. Do you really think they have that many fans? It is March Madness and how it is put together that DRAWS fans that truly don't even have a CLUE which teams are the best and who plays for which team, etc. THEY WANT TO FILL OUT BRACKETS. And also see an upset or 2. I am NOT delusional. I do not see Wrestling mimicing Basketball's format and suddenly gaining that same fanbase. I do, however, see a change to this format and an aggressive marketing campain along the lines of some type of partnership with MMA to gain exposure helping to grow this sport. Again I will say I truly like the current format. I am a purist and enjoy the 3 days the NCAA Tournament provides. I am also a realist. Every time the tournament comes around I have to fight to get it on TV where I am at and NO MATTER how much explaining I try to do to friends or other patrons at the establishment I get roasted because we are supposed to be watching basketball. Unless something is done to get MORE fans this sport will continue to dwindle. Keeping the STATUS QUO is NOT the answer.
  13. If you are a proponent of the current system I can see your argument if you said you found it more entertaining. It adds drama to the tournament and certainly enhances the importance of the consolation bracket. But, HOW do you think it is a better representation of the better TEAM? In almost EVERY instance the whole team isn't even participating. In a lot of cases roughly 6-8 of the guys EVEN qualify for the tournament. In some cases you see the team championship photo and the non qualifiers aren't even in the picture. A tournament format simply says our best guys are further ahead of their competition than your 's are. How do you possibly grow the casual fan base when you have to explain to them you need to watch Trackwrestling the 1st round and 2nd rounds on Thursday, EspnU on Friday morning for the quarterfinals and EspnU again in the evening for the Semis while hoping you can continue to follow the consolation bracket and then wake up early saturday morning to watch the end of the consolation bracket on EspnU so that you can finally watch the 3rd-8th place matches prior to the finals on ESPN Saturday night. While all this is going on a couple 100 people TOTAL have a clue how to calculate what team is actually winning. SO you actually have to wait for the tournament to update what team is in the lead so that when the finals come you may have some semblance of a clue what the teams need to do to win. Now that is hard enough to do for a diehard like me, and I enjoy doing it. IMAGINE how confusing this would be to a new fan and what the chances are that he has lost interest by the time you read him the 2nd sentence of my above ACCURATE explanation. Now I actually truly like the current system even though I don't see it as a true gauge as the best 10 man team because it makes consolation brackets fun to watch. But I want DI wrestling to be going strong 50 years from now and I think it's fanbase needs to grow to do so. It's ONLY chance to pull out of fringe sport status is the casual fan base and the current system WILL NOT get that done.
  14. As a die hard PSU fan I do not doubt you believe this. However, I am then interested in your opinion of the Churella/Hendricks match. Since they were both saved by the end of a period I want to see if you call them the same way when it isn't your team it happens to.
  15. I would REALLY like to see some still frames, ala Hendricks/Churella. He looked like he was pretty flat there for a bit.
  16. So as not to further upset the tOSU faithful I will rescind my " Pulling a Tom Ryan" comment to refer to keeping a wrestler out of a match to protect his seed and will now reference it as "Pulling a Brian Smith".
  17. I could see situation #1 needing to be protected against by some type of language penalizing a forfeit in certain situations. Situation #2 is FAR more unlikely since you can no longer be stalled out of the match and it would take something egregious to get DQ'd and I simply can't see a coach telling their kid to "Sweep the leg" so Johnny can "put him in a body bag".
  18. I can already tell any discussion with you is pointless. Because I understand something doesn't mean it's BEST for Wrestling. You miss the pt that without fans WRESTLING DIES. In addition, I disagree that what I said was a cheap shot. Ryan has been blasted for this act on here since 2009 when the Pucillo incident went down. I used a HIGH PROFILE name who was accused of something as an example to prove a pt. How is that different than everyone who attacks Bonds for using Steroids when he has NEVER been proven to have done so. I could be wrong and if so I apologize, HOWEVER, it DOES NOT change the point of my argument. Protecting seeds is BAD for the sport. With the advent of Social Media wrestling has a HUGE opportunity to Grow the sport and save it. DI is down to 77 teams. If everyone had your mindset how many teams do you think there would be 10 years from now?
  19. Not really, since the team with a fall could still have 4 wins by 7 pts and the tech team could have a major decision winning by 14 and 3 other wins by 2 and still lose 28-20. I agree that the odds go up since they have the only match that wins by 8 or more buts its far from a forgone conclusion.
  20. http://www.nwoaofficials.org/PDF/Breaki ... cation.pdf The above link seems to clarify that Falls and Techs do not count towards match points totals.
  21. They scored 143 points last year, and 138 of them came from those 6 wrestlers. That's the point. When 60% of your team finishes 3rd or better you're going to win NCAAs every time on placement alone. The bonus points were just gravy. The funny thing about this is if you take away PSU's bonus they tie Minnesota. PSU scored exactly 25.5 bonus pts and Minnesota scored 117.5. 19.5 of that bonus was between Taylor, Ruth and Wright.
  22. I believe it was, allow me to set the poster straight on this. Logan Stieber had a legitimate hamstring tear that sidelined him for 3+ weeks that was shown by an MRI scan after he obviously felt something was wrong. To say Ryan held him out to protect a seed is pretty idiotic and anyone who would believe that is, well...and idiot. Also, Stieber is #1. The Champ. His closest competition is a guy he beat 3x in a row in one season. Would make no sense whatsoever for a coach to hold out a wrestler who has dominated that opponent in the past, only to stick in a sub who is surely to get destroyed. Trust me, Ryan wanted Logan in that match. Now, for the guys who are seeded 2-4 who get shuffled around by coaches to get the most favorable seeds are doing it because ITS THERE JOBS to get these kids in the best possible position to make a run at a national title/AA status. So u didnt get to see the marquee matchup u wanted to see. BIG DEAL U LIl BABY! These kids have worked a lifetime to get to this point and i highly doubt they give 2 shts about ur crybaby whining. Sit back, watch the matches they give you and shut up. Wow where did ANYTHING I say warrant the personal attack that you just threw at me. I am FAR from a little baby and I am confident if you knew me in person you would apologize for the crap you just spewed my way. Ryan has been in the spotlight for this on several occasions. There is no way to prove or disprove his motivations but when it happens more than once it can be considered more than circumstantial. In addition, I even said I UNDERSTAND why it is done. I know first hand how hard you have to work to try to be an AA and with the current format this has to be done. But I believe it is a MAJOR part of why wrestling is falling off the map at the DI level and your attitude is a MAJOR reason we need to change the current format. Telling a fan they should just shut up and take what they give you is a GREAT MARKETING TOOL. A dual meet can help wrestling SO much more if we could do something to make them matter more. You are entitled to a differing opinion but you turned this into a jr high argument that helps NOONE.
  23. It is my understanding that both teams would have an equal number of falls/techs that cancel each other out. So I believe the scores of the matches not won by fall are used to calculate the match points total. I had the same question and concern as bigrig. Is this stated somewhere in Rule 3.12? My preference: do away with tie-break rules alltogether. They only provide bragging rights, but you never hear anyone bragging about such "victories". I agree that it is VERY vague. The official rule change has no additional descriptions listed for each criteria. So I assumed If a pin and a tech are given equal standing in a prior criteria it only stands to reason that it would be held the same in a match scoring total. Otherwise I DO NOT understand why a team benefits from a Tech fall not only from it being valued the same as a pin in one criteria but it obviously slants the team total more than a pin would.
  24. So if St. John is a CLEAR favorite, who is your definition of just a favorite? It's likely where we disagree. To me, a clear favorite is Jordan Oliver, Logan Steiber, Ed Ruth. A favorite is simply someone who is the one most likely to win out of the group. A CLEAR favorite is someone who is CONSIDERABLY more likely to win than anyone else. I gave 2 examples up above that should have helped you understand what I meant. So is St. John in the same category as Ruth, Oliver and Steiber in regards to clear favorites? I would put Ruth and Oliver ahead of him while I think St. John is slightly ahead of Stieber simply because I have a hard time picturing Ramos losing. If Stieber handles Ramos at B1G's I would put him ahead of St. John.
  25. It is my understanding that both teams would have an equal number of falls/techs that cancel each other out. So I believe the scores of the matches not won by fall are used to calculate the match points total.
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