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  1. I understand your reasoning, however I have two rules I stand by when it comes to the 3 day grind of the NCAA tournament. 1. Give the benefit of the doubt to the proven guy. He has already been through the Meatgrinder. 2. Do not pick true freshman. As in everything there are a very select few exceptions(Smith, Schlatter and Dake) but even those were not going up against multiple time returning champs like Stieber and Nelson.
  2. It's about that time of the year to get an idea of how each weight is shaping up. I figured it was time for me to toss out my AA picks for each weight and see how I stack up against the great minds of this forum. 125: 1 Delgado- had a couple hiccups last year as well, but come Nationals he will be the man. 2 Garrett- Doesn't seem to match up well with Delgado but too much for everyone else. 3 Megaludis- As good as he is I think his bid at being a 4x finalist ends this year. 4 Gilman- As well as Gilman has come on it is a shame Clark isn't hitting on all cylinders, Clark could win it 5 Patterson- As long as his knee is ok from the Peters match I think he is the best of the rest 6 Terao- As long as he doesn't hit Martinez, who he doesn't match up well with he swoops in. 7 Cox- Wyoming boy gets it done due to more experience 8 Peters/Lambert tie- I know you can't have ties but with both being freshman I need to see a bracket before I could decide. 133: 1 Ramos- I am happy his hiccups were early so he could refocus. He will be the man in March 2 Graff- Graff will get the 5 seed and his 3rd time will be the charm beating Colon in the semis 3 Colon- He is such a wild card at this weight........ 4 Schopp- If he could just find some offense from Neutral....... 5 DiJulius- Almost the wild card that Colon is. 6 Mango- He will turn it up in March and AA again 7 Morrison- Very solid but simply not enough offensive firepower 8 Thorn- He is needed for Minnesota to have any chance at the Title. 141: 1 Stieber- Come March he just knows how to win the close ones. 2 Port- This kid is a BEAST. Too bad he has to follow an undefeated Maple with Stieber. 3 Retherford- Another BEAST but being a Freshman at the Big Dance I just can't see him winning it. 4 Dardanes- A grinder who I want to pick higher but the guys above are so darn good. 5 Undrakhbayar- Been here before and will take advantage of his 2nd chance. 6 Mecate- I like this kid a LOT and a solid finish can do a lot for Old Dominion's program. 7 Henderson- Very entertaining style 8 Durso- Go Franklin & Marshall! 149: After the first 2 this weight is WIIIIIDE OPEN! 1 Maple- See Ramos 2 Houdashelt- STRONG. This is a big boy at 149, who healthy and hydrated will be tough. 3 Tsirtsis- I will buy into the fact he has been affected by an illness and think he is the best of the rest. 4 Sakaguchi- Another early season head scratcher that uses the senior factor to refocus in March. 5 Villalonga- His last year to get it done 6 Sueflohn- A grinder with nice leg attacks. 7 Dardanes- The only one of the remaining B1G talents with a gas tank. 8 Habat- Grajales, Alton or Kindig could easily fit here but they are way too up and down for me. 157: Nebraska Power 1: Green- I have such a hard time picking against St John but their matches remind me of Ruth vs Lewnes 2: St John- An All time Iowa great but Green is his Kryptonite. 3: Dierenger- So good at every position 4: Ness- All based on the assumption his body and mind are ready to go in March 5: Alton- He is the steady horse that will finish in the money(top 8 in wrestling, top 3 in horse racing) 6: Napoli- Gonna go out on a limb and have him healthy in March unlike last year 7: Walsh- One of Indiana's 2 bright spots. 8: Pena- Will sneak onto the podium again. 165: Barring an Act of God we ALL KNOW 1: Taylor-Caldwell could see him in semis which would set up a pin in the finals to end his career. 2: Caldwell- I will put him here as he is the 2nd best but losing to Moore may have put him on the wrong side of the bracket in March. 3: Sulzer- Another grinder, shouldn't have any difficulty with anyone not named Taylor or Caldwell. 4: Monk- This kid is FUNKY. Not to the level of Askren but entertaining nonetheless. 5: Moore- Morningstallesque*** 6: Moreno- He will be ready in March 7: Yates- Homegrown Michigan man finishes his career off in fashion. 8: Morse- Another wrestler from Michigan who can sneak onto the podium. 174: HOWE, HOWE, HOWE! 1: Howe- IMHO the best lb for lb wrestler in the Nation. 2: Perry- He is very cerebral. He always knows where he is at and what it takes to win, even if ugly. 3: Brown- As good as the top 6 are he seems to have distanced himself from the remaining 3. 4: Storley- Kokesh will be nipping at his heels 5: Kokesh- He will be nipping at Storley's heels. 6: Evans- He is good but the top 5 are a bit better. Unless he finds some renewed enery 6th is his. 7: Wilps- He is a goer and his match with Perry has me sold. 8: Weatherman- I wanted to go with Walters but I don't think he will be ready in March 184: Ruth, Ruth, Ruth! 1: Ruth-The Dean match was an outlier and Ruth will prove it in dominating fashion 2: Sheptock- Super solid and with Ficker in his corner, a Finalist he will be. 3: Dean- A freshman who will continue to get better and better. 4: Steinhaus-Could finish higher, just not sold his body will hold up for the 3 day grind. 5: Loder- Very similar to Steinhaus evaluation. 6: Lofthouse- Boring but dependable 7: Swartz- I expected big things from him this year prior to the injury. 8: Fausey- Have no idea so I picked one for Foley. 197: 1: Schiller- I would not have thought preseason that he was Minnesota's best chance at a Champ. 2: Rutt- He will reverse the regular season result with Gadson in the semis. 3: Gadson- The last of the top 3 will add another AA finish for his father. 4: Cox- A little green but too good to finish any lower. 5: Meeks- Another of the Beavers who will get his head on straight come March. 6: McIntosh- A little overpowered by the big guys but talented. 7: Perry- a solid finish for the small school standout. 8: Wellington- Ohio seems to find way to find the podium 285: B1G, B1G, B1G!!!! 1: Nelson- Been there, done that, TWICE! He will be challenged but gotta go with the winner (3x) 2: McMullan- He will have several nipping at his heels but healthy he is the best challenger. 3: Gwiazdowski- One of the most mobile 285's he could make the finals. 4: Coon- He will be at least a 2xer but I can't pick a true freshman over the proven talent above. 5: Telford- The best of the rest. 6: Felix- I like his leg attacks. I just wish he was 20lbs heavier and still had the same attacks. 7: Chalfant- Has looked good this year. 8: McClure- Against my better judgement, I will pick the only MSU qualifier to AA. Thoughts, both positive and negative, are welcome! I also have teams at: 1 PSU 125.5 2 Minn 118.5 3 Iowa 110
  3. 125: Gilman md. Brancale (Gilman isn't a scoring machine could easily be a regular decision) Iowa 4-0 133: Ramos dec. Thorn (Should be a 2-3 takedown separation 8-4 type match) Iowa 7-0 141: Dardanes dec. Dziewa ( Dardanes healthy wins comfortably if backup possible major for Iowa) Iowa 7-3 149: Dardanes dec. Grothus (Somewhere similar to Ramos vs. Thorn) Iowa 7-6 157: St. John dec. Ness (Ness just hasn't looked right and if he isn't careful could pin himself here) Iowa 10-6 165: Moore dec. Zilverberg/Kingsley (Z. has a better chance to win but either way Moore wins by 2) Iowa 13-6 174: Storley dec. Evans ( I want so badly to pick Evans but he looks burnt out and behind the other 5)Iowa13-9 184: Steinhaus dec. Lofthouse (Steinhaus looks likes he is back after dismantling Rizgallah) Iowa 13-12 197: Schiller dec. Burak ( Comfortable win) Minnesota 15-13 285: Nelson dec. Telford (Even with a couple of losses Nelson is still the man to beat) Minnesota 18-13 Obviously Dardanes being healthy at 141 and Storley winning at 174 decides the dual. Should be an entertaining match.
  4. I remember 174 had nearly the same ranked that high a couple of years ago. 5 AA's came out of the B1G that year. Does anyone happen to know what the record is for most AA's at 1 weight class from the same conference? I would think that the B1G has a legitimate chance to get more than that at 285 this year. If it wasn't for Gwiazdowski, I could see all 8 AA's coming out of the B1G.
  5. According to Intermat 8 of the top 12 ranked wrestlers at 285 are from the B1G Conference. The Conference Tourney is gonna be a meat grinder. It will also give Ban another reason to complain about the qualifying process.....
  6. I don't blame Gilman one bit. It just was VERY hard to watch....
  7. I can not disagree more I love watching mat wrestling. I really like mat wrestling as well. However, pushing the bottom man out of bounds to avoid allowing an escape is NOT mat wrestling. Never breaking the man down on bottom is not mat wrestling. They are both perfect examples of holding on......
  8. So, at what time did Gilman appear to improve his position? Are you saying he didn't force Lambert out of bounds as soon as he standed up?
  9. Greene is St. John's style nightmare. Other than Taylor I can't remember someone finishing a takedown against St. John so easily. Seeding is going to be big at NCAA's.
  10. I know a lot of posters complain about Nelson's ride but compared to what Gilman just did Nelson looks like poetry in motion on top. Gilman literally pushed Lambert off the mat every time Lambert stood up. Gilman ended up with 1:04 of riding time while never breaking Lambert down and approximately 45 seconds spent on their feet. There wasn't even a mat return. I am not a big fan of calling the top guy for stalling if he stays active but that was embarrassing.
  11. I understand your trying to give the ref the benefit of the doubt. He may not have had a personal dislike but I know refs form opinions about the look and overall style of a wrestler. Even if it isn't personal a dislike often occurs. This really hits home for me,obviously at a lower level, as it happened to me at the high school individual state tourney. I took 3rd at regionals and had the #2 from a different regional. Went 0-0 thru 1. Kid was really long and had a tight waist that came around to the middle of my back. Did nothing but that most of 2nd I got out with little time left in 2nd up1-0. 3rd he chooses down. I throw in legs quickly thereafter I get a stall warning. Soon after he sits on a hip boom stalling again. He them tells me that if I throw them in again he will immediately call stalling. Now it is 1-1 he has taken away my best ride I cut him with around 30 left he bounces around and I lose 2-1. He would go on to take 3rd. I win my next match. Then guess what ref I have again....So now I know I have to be aggressive on my feet. Get an escape and 2 takedowns in the first 2 periods end the 2nd up 5-2. Here is where the nightmares start and haven't gone away. He chooses down I am a little tired having wrestled harder on my feet than I can remember. I figure up 3 I can work on him from the top. I was wrong. Legs go in, stalling. Soon after stalling again. Cut him and now it is 5-4. Shoot with about 30 left he reshoots I kick out go out of bounds and get called for fleeing. Go to ot and My mind was reeling. Afraid anything I do loses me the match. I kept shooting he kept defending shot a loose shot got stepped ove and lost 7-5. He wrestled back to 4th. After that I do NOT give refs the benefit of the doubt. The style that got me to that point was taken away. My mind was rattled and I lost two matches that still haunt me.
  12. Wrestling should be treated like ANY other sport. If you are a fan you are ENTITLED to follow your team however you like. I prefer Ficker types to Elitists every day of the week. Should you have to be able to dunk a basketball to critique one? Should you have to be able to hit a 500ft homerun to critique a hitter? Do you need to be able to run a 4.4 40 to critique a football player? The above sports THRIVE because of the multitude of fans they have that don't even come CLOSE to having the above abilities. Radio stations stay in business off of phone calls from the above mentioned fan base. The Elitist mentality needs to go out the window and these people need to somehow find a way for casual fans to FEEL like they are a part of their team like they do at other sports.
  13. You can start a line of argument on almost ANY topic with "just because a happened doesn't mean b is true." I used an example where the data supports the argument more than the dissenting argument(which is what you did) does. So to be very clear, Although it is not a guarantee it would be safe to assume that the same ref choosing against a 2x champion twice could hint at some bias. Again, to be clear, it is not a guarantee that polar ice caps melting is a direct result of global warming but the data seems to support this.
  14. So in the end it comes down to one word, ACTION. How much action, and more importantly, what type of action do you expect from an elite wrestler? First off, guys like Howe and Nelson take tons of abuse for what you would define as a LACK of action. However, against everyone not in the top5 or so they DOMINATE. I think people have become spoiled by the likes of Taylor and Ruth and inevitably forget how rare a constant barrage of attacks are when 2 COMPARABLE upper echelon wrestlers match up. You say you want to see more scrambles and close calls if you still have to watch a 3-2 match. The problem with that is the forced mentality on the wrestler. How many wrestlers like ending up in a front headlock? Because, for the most part, positions like that are what a more aggressive wrestler will be "rewarded" with a majority of the time. If he is "lucky" he may get rewarded with a stall call, but does that offset the wear out factor being in the front headlock multiple times causes? Risk/Reward is the deciding factor. Unless there is a major rule change to somehow benefit someone who attacks more you are going to see wrestlers who are 100% fundamentally sound not take risks knowing the other guy can't beat them if they stick to their plan.
  15. Just because ref Finn Erikson thought Hutton's opponents won the match does not mean that he had anything against Hutton. Just because the Polar bears are having trouble with Ice melting doesn't mean it's because of global warming. See I can do that too........
  16. The top 6 guys at this weight brutalize all their competition except each other. The top 6 guys are really good. It seems a majority on here complain about not enough scoring, but truly how often is a match between 2 elite wrestlers high scoring? Believe me none of the top 174's want to be in a 3-2 type match, however the level of competition inevitably forces a ton of hand fighting as neither wrestler is prone to getting out of position. With that in mind it is quite apparent that Howe is content being heavy on the head, wearing down his opponent and eventually capitalizing on a mistake. I know a large majority of fans want to see high scoring matches, but I am not a big proponent of this if it forces wrestlers who are elite BECAUSE of their positioning and unbreakable defense to come out of their element. Howe is NOT stalling. Howe is working on his opponent from the start of the match. His style is not wide open but it does NOT mean he isn't 100% wrestling. I may be in the minority on here but I like to watch the handfighting. If I had to choose between watching cheap back door tilts that make a score 10-2 or a double OT 3-2 match where the two wrestlers wear each other down I would choose the latter every time.
  17. Careful gentlemen. I called out Tom Ryan a while back for selectively holding back wrestlers and was attacked quite vehemently by certain tOSU supporters. I am certain someone close to the program will have some inside info that yet again clears Ryan of any suspicious activity.
  18. Yes, and recruiting is a part of coaching. I'm not ignoring any facts, it's just as I get older, the distinction between recruiting/coaching is becoming more meaningless to me. Yes, Cael's name helps him recruit. The same can be said for Brands, Smith, Gable, Roderick and many others. And PSU does get great recruits, but so does every other top program. And did you see my earlier posts about how it's very difficult to judge the quality of individual recruits? And being at Iowa is what put Brands "over the top". Being at Okie State put Smith over the top. You make seem as if I have ignored your responses to my posts in the past. Where have I done that? The only topic I can think of where we exchanged posts is the one where we discussed McD's injury. And as I recall, my position was far more consistent with the evidence than your own. Actually, I believe you failed to answer several of the questions that I asked you. Every program has advantages and disadvantages. And again, recruiting is part of coaching. I already covered a lot of this in a previous thread. Check it out: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=279589&sid=05fcdb0bac0dbbaea391b58568198fdd#p557995 All I can say is debating with you is like debating politics. You have a viewpoint and nothing is going to change it. I believe being a great recruiter is a HUGE factor that can trump any other weaknesses a coach has. You obviously don't believe that so there is no further point arguing. The above reasoning is why I stopped responding regarding McDonough. You say you have facts? Actually everything said by EITHER of us, unless we personally know Brands and McDonough and spent major time with them throughout the season, is CONJECTURE. The ONLY facts are McDonough did not place his senior year and he had surgery quickly after the season was over. You thought McDonough and Brands not wanting to make excuses ABSOLUTELY MEANS that the injury was NOT a major factor in McDonough's drop off as a senior. I tried to point out his biggest weapon throughout his career was his ability to finish takedowns while almost NEVER having a clean, crisp set up to that takedown. I believed his not having that weapon as a senior was a direct result of his injury. You didn't. Again, after debating ad nauseam, I decided there was no point continuing. You are entitled to your opinion. I don't want to load this board up with pointless arguments. I will try to avoid entering into a debate with you unless there is indisputable proof on said topic.
  19. Small quibble. Of course best coach in the business is really not a provable thing. It's more of an opinion based idea. Anyway, my opinion is Cael is not the best coach in the business, but right now he is the best recruiter in the business. I think the distinction between best coach and recruiter is almost meaningless. Recruiting is part of coaching, they go hand in hand. I also don't like the slippery slope the distinction causes. In the end, what matters is winning ncaa titles. Since Cael currently is coaching the 3 time defending champions, he's the best. Of course it's technically an opinion, but so is the statement "Dan Gable is a top 10 ncaa coach all time". Or Cael Sanderson is a top 10 ncaa wrestler ever. Going by what I've heard a few say around here, we should just get rid of the word "best". Being the best recruiter makes it a LOT easier to win, and therefore by your definition, be the best coach. The problem is you are ignoring the fact that you put the biggest Folkstyle name in the recent past (Sanderson) on at team(PSU) that is centered in the INARGUABLE MECCA of High School Wrestling. Sanderson going to PSU changed the demographic of DI wrestling over night. Giving Sanderson the inside track to Pennsylvania recruits IS what put Sanderson over the top as a Championship coach. I have debated topics with you in the past so I know you will somehow skirt what I just stated. However, I cannot see how you can ignore how having an inside track to recruiting is "meaningless" when quantifying coaching. It is NOT the all defining aspect as a coach. It is simply the MOST POWERFUL aspect. If Sanderson wasn't the best recruiter do you think he would still be a 3 time defending Championship coach? If not, how can you say it is meaningless?
  20. You may be able to add Minnesota and OKState but I really can not think of any other schools that, at least from a financial standpoint, benefit from dual meets. Formatting the B1G wrestling conference in a similar format to Football sounds like a great idea. The problem is the importance of dual meets themselves. In football winning each match up matters. In turn, winning your division matters. Finally, winning your Conference Championship is HUGE! In wrestling there is next to NO reward for accomplishing the same. I know the Dual Meet NCAA Championship idea was squashed, however without something to bring more value to dual meets, what is going to create more interest in anything other than the Conference and NCAA championships?
  21. This post brings up some interesting questions. 1.) How many B1G conference coaches aspire to win the Dual Meet Conference Trophy? 2.) Where does this accomplishment rank on their list of desired accomplishments? 3.) How quickly would they disregard winning a dual meet if it gave them a better chance to be healthy in March? 4.) How do they value winning the B1G Dual Meet Trophy vs the B1G Tournament Trophy? I know there is a polarized view on this forum in regards to protecting seeds and holding back wrestlers. However, the current format surely promotes this type of activity. Unless there is a way to increase the value of winning dual meets and inevitably dual meet championships any format, no matter how well thought out, will suffer.
  22. You can watch more than one but you have to do it from one device. You need to open multiple windows and log into BTDN each time.
  23. I have opened multiple windows and logged in multiple times. The only issue is you need to do it on one computer.
  24. I love the idea, however as long as dual results have no real importance, I don't see much benefit. Simply put as long as the NCAA tournament is the "Be ALL, End ALL" of DI wrestling, I don't see any dual format really making much difference.
  25. Did you not even read my post? I believed he was in the 170's which infers the cut to 157 was AT LEAST 13 lbs and more likely 15-20. I then said he COULD make 157 but it wouldn't be easy. I THEN said he looked like a big 165lbr to me. I do not believe his body, even at walking around weight, had anything loose to cut. I never said his cut to 165 was huge, I was only pointing out that he definitely NATURALLY outgrew his first 2 years and an argument could be made that he outgrew 157 as well. I cut from 170 to 145 my junior year in high school. We still had night before weigh ins and I wrestled a dual meet at 145 weighing 161. I have as much "understanding" as ANYONE about weight cutting. How can an argument be made that Dake outgrew 157? Dake was planning to wrestle 157. He certified at 157, and went up to 165 on a dare. And in your original post, you wanted to exclude Dake as an example of moving up a weight and having success. You didn't specify that you only meant his first two years. Just because he certed at 157 does NOT mean 157 was the best physical weight for him. He was quoted as feeling stronger at 165 than 157 AND being at 170 with roughly 5% body fat. I would say that one could argue he outgrew 157 vs. he built himself up to 165. Anyways, my WHOLE point was not about what weight you can cut to it was about eating healthy AND NOT cutting weight. If you want to argue his senior year, feel free I was simply pointing out that he, at least MOST of his career outgrew a weight class vs. building his body up to the next one.
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