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  1. Did you not even read my post? I believed he was in the 170's which infers the cut to 157 was AT LEAST 13 lbs and more likely 15-20. I then said he COULD make 157 but it wouldn't be easy. I THEN said he looked like a big 165lbr to me. I do not believe his body, even at walking around weight, had anything loose to cut. I never said his cut to 165 was huge, I was only pointing out that he definitely NATURALLY outgrew his first 2 years and an argument could be made that he outgrew 157 as well. I cut from 170 to 145 my junior year in high school. We still had night before weigh ins and I wrestled a dual meet at 145 weighing 161. I have as much "understanding" as ANYONE about weight cutting.
  2. Dake didn't naturally outgrow the 157 pound weight class. He only outgrew 141 and 149. I thought Koll was quoted saying Dake's "walking around" weight was in the 170's his senior year. He may have been able to cut to 157, but it would not have been easy. Going up to take on Taylor may have been a factor, but he was still a BIG 165lbr.
  3. I understand that, but I do not think that was this case regarding Graff. If I remember correctly the plan was for Graff to wrestle 141 and Thielke go 133. I believe it would be safe to assume that Graff had plenty of time to prepare his body for 141 as it wasn't a midseason change going up to 141.
  4. I do not, necessarily disagree with Graff cutting too much weight. However, you need to remember he tried 141 at the beginning of last year and decided against it. Some people at the lower weight have a hard time with the 8 lb gap between weights. Depending on your body type, even if the cut is hard, the next weight up is too big of a gap. The above is why I have always been a doubter, and have recently been surprised, that wrestlers can move up a weight, sometimes 2, and be as successful. Of course you have to exclude people like Dake, who not only was an amazing talent, but NATURALLY grew each year. With that said I was astonished to see Ruth move from 174 to 184 without missing a beat. I know there are a VERY limited number of proponents for weight cutting on this site. However, there is NO doubt that eating healthy and wrestling at your natural weight is NOT the answer for every wrestler. I think "weight cutting issues" is used too often as a blanket response to any performance issues. The wrestlers of today manage and monitor their weight 10x better than we did only 20 years ago. Simply put, some wrestlers get caught in between weight classes. It would be one thing if they kept cutting without considering the other option. However, Graff tried 141 and went back to 133. With that said I don't think you can simply say the weight cut is his issue.
  5. Very interested in how this was designed. I was best matched with Missouri. I find that quite intriguing as their head coach is on my very short list as MSU's much needed replacement. I will have to follow Missouri more closely as this system can't be wrong.
  6. That sounds about right. Were there any undefeateds the year Metcalf won the hodge with a loss? I think Tyler Caldwell has a decent chance of beating David Taylor at NCAAs this year. "Creative techniques" (i.e., grabbing headgear) aside, he really slowed Taylor down in the Scuffle finals, albeit without much offense, which may actually be enough to eke out a win with some solid riding and an escape. I wonder if this year's Taylor-Caldwell is like last year's Dake-Taylor, with both guys steamrolling through competition (but with Caldwell wrestling DT competitively but maybe not quite figuring out how to close the deal?). Should be fun to watch again. Anything can happen when 2 folks wrestle, but I doubt many would say Tyler Caldwell "has a decent chance of beating David Taylor at NCAAs this year." Last year, they met in the Southern Scuffle. DT won 10-0. Bottom line, Caldwell didn't score a single point. This year, they met again in the Southern Scuffle. DT won 9-1, with the point being off a caution. Bottom line, Caldwell didn't score a single point. I'll give Caldwell credit for slowing down DT's offense in their recent meeting. DT was unable to score in the 1st period, as Caldwell really did a nice job of tieing him up. That said, DT rode out Caldwell in the 2nd period, and turned Caldwell twice during the ride, and when Caldwell was on top DT reversed him and turned him again. So in 2 matches, Caldwell has yet to score a point while on his feet, has yet to score a point while on top, and has yet to score a point while on bottom. How that equates to a decent shot of beating DT in their next meeting is beyond me. Then again, Gabe Dean defeated Ed Ruth a month after Ruth had pinned him, so like I said in my 1st sentence, anything can happen when 2 folks wrestle. Caldwell has to stay off the mat to beat Taylor. That is his ONLY chance. I was shocked he chose bottom, especially when he could have, at the very least, deferred to the third period. I guess he was trying to test out whether his chances on the mat had improved from their last match. I hope he realized he CANNOT pick bottom again. He needs to keep that hard, hands to the head tie, don't worry about the 1 pt escape Taylor scores, and hope the heavy hands to the head can wear Taylor down. A tired Taylor(problem is I don't ever remember a tired Taylor) would still be aggressive and may just make a late mistake. His window is small, but this is the only way I can see Caldwell sneaking a win.
  7. The higher the level, the bigger the importance of "chain wrestling" becomes. I don't care what move it is, or who uses it, it is rare that a first attempt move is executed from beginning to end without morphing into a different move. A high crotch morphs into a double leg almost every time it is finally a takedown. Sitouts, Gizoni's, granbys, cutbacks and other variations of non stand-up escapes most often create the SEPARATION needed as the top guy follows to allow for the Stand-up to finally execute the escape. Etc. etc. etc. I can go down the list but a move, even if executed perfectly, is still NOT a perfect move. Great coaches teach moves for every situation, the best coaches teach wrestlers how to "feel" the situations. Just because it LOOKS like a move is there does NOT mean it is there.
  8. This a perfect example of Subjective vs. Objective. All the main rankings are done SUBJECTIVELY. No matter what criteria they use, inevitably, it is their opinion. This system is at the very least objective. It is based on a formula with very reasonable variables. I am sure that like any system it may need some modifications from time to time. However, I think it is pretty accurate, at least for the teams Dual strength based on results. What team do you think is over ranked? What team stands out to you as under ranked? Also, remember this isn't based off of the BEST 10 guys each team could possibly put on the mat. It is based off of who HAS wrestled for the team each time.
  9. Is that really your question? How many fans on here that are "DIEHARDS" do you think ACTUALLY went to the school they are a fan of, were on the team, were starters, were All Americans, were NCAA champs and remain influential to their program. I guarantee it is a VERY small percentage and I don't think they think all of the above are a prerequisite to follow their program of choice. I am disheartened to see the product now since I am an ALUM and was a part, regardless of how small, of the program. It is also irking me to consider how much easier walking on would be now.....
  10. Almost 20 years ago......I was just a short time walk on. We were LOADED around my weight then and the cut was simply too hard. The sad thing is Minkel was the coach then and only had a couple years under his belt. He really looked like he was gonna turn things around......
  11. I put up a post at the beginning of the season that MSU would most likely get shut out at least 3 times this year, and that is with them scheduling the softest schedule I can remember. After being shut out by Iowa 41-0 they get Minnesota on the 17th, and if Minny puts out their full lineup the result should be as bad or worse. Depending on Lawson vs. McClure, PSU has good chance to make it 3 shut outs. If the super freshman for Michigan wrestle well UofM has a chance for the 4th shut out. The funny thing, after looking at match ups, is Indiana has a decent shot to goose egg MSU as well. With all that said, does anyone know what the record is for being shutout the most times in B1G competition? If they set the record it is just another stat to prove change is needed, but it will more likely be additional proof that the Athletic Department simply does not care.
  12. http://s103.trackwrestling.com/tw/opent ... eSize=1359 Notables: 125 chalk, 133 gulibon beat mango, 141 spisak beat small and mecate beat henderson, 149 chalk, 157 miller beat Bradley, 165 chalk, 174 chalk, 184 chalk, 197 biggest fireworks Schiller pinned Rosholt, Bonaccorsi beat Beazely 2-0, Cox beat McIntosh 2-0 and Gadson won, 285 chalk. Lawson won In 2nd tiebreakers.
  13. Ramos never got the chance. Incorrect. Ramos escaped from him without too much difficulty. However, he got DOMINATED in the ties and looked like a deer in the headlights whenever Colon snapped him down in neutral.
  14. Here is the last minute of the Colon vs Schopp match. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... p-Edinboro Due to it being under BTN's control I do not think anyone has full matches available.
  15. I don't want to bag on schools like Bloomsburg and Lock Haven, who definitely do more with less, but if MSU is relegated to wrestling these tournaments to be the "Big Fish in the Little Pond" what does that say about their future? They won a tournament with a total of 4 ranked(Intermat) wrestlers. Wilcox(133 16th), Garcia(15th), Perry(197 8th) and McClure(285 9th). So McClure won like he was supposed to and Rizqallah is the only wrestler to beat a ranked wrestler as the other 3 pretty much dominated their weight class. What high end recruit would want to wrestle their current schedule? Other than the mandatory B1G schedule they look like a 2nd tier EWL team.
  16. They could have went to the Cradle Gear Invitational instead. They would have had to get by a SOLID MSU squad to win the title. And let me tell you MSU wasn't giving that title up without a fight. Just ask Indigo.......
  17. It is not so much how good he looks, but how STRONG he looks. Ramos controls EVERYONE in the ties and Colon made Ramos look LOST in the ties.
  18. It is not so much how good he looks, but how STRONG he looks. Ramos controls EVERYONE in the ties and Colon made Ramos look LOST in the ties.
  19. I have debated responding to this topic as there are so many great wrestlers and coaches and varying opinions on the subject. Although I agree that certain moves if executed correctly should and most often would achieve the desired result I firmly believe it is NOT that simple to expect EVERYONE to be ABLE to do it. Remember, it is not just about you executing the move but about how your opponent responds to how you execute it. One thing I learned between wrestling and coaching is no matter what and how long you drill something, a large portion of those drilling do not gain more than a rudimentary understanding of the move. Even less are able to master it. I agree that drilling for every situation will at least give every wrestler an understanding of what position they are in and what to do to best maximize their and/or minimize their opponents position. However, I think drilling everything helps each wrestler find his strengths. Instead of expecting every wrestler to not just know a counter AND be able to execute it, I would rather see a wrestler who has developed a strength or 2 in each position where he has become confident enough to force a match to be wrestled his way. I guess what I am saying is that even at the highest level some wrestlers simply CANNOT execute certain moves. For instance, I was admittedly not at the level as many who have posted on this topic but one thing I could do was stand up against ANYONE. I don't care what position they had me in. And most of that didn't come from technique but more from speed, strength and explosion. Another instance is that I do not have long arms. I was not short for my weight class (5'9") but no matter how hard I trained, and believe me I wanted to master them, ankle picks and cradles just weren't my strengths. We can talk about moves until we are blue in the face but in the end wrestling truly comes down to wrestling to YOUR strengths while minimizing your opponents strengths. What seems so easy to some is often the OPPOSITE to most.
  20. How are you convinced Ruth is levels beyond Dake? If Taylor hadn't ran into Dake, he'd be toying with the vast majority just like Ruth. Taylor likely would have less losses with better ncaa placements, but Dake came along. I think we get carried away with the top wresters killing lesser competition, especially since the majority of the competition isn't very good. I wouldn't put Ruth ahead of Dake due to Dake's career accomplishments, but I do think over his last 3 years Ruth's style and length makes him the best DI wrestler I have seen since Cael(Burroughs in his senior year has an argument).
  21. This McDonough crap is so transparent. It's beyond argument that a shoulder injury can make a great wrestler look very average - see Nickerson, Q. Wright, the Altons, on and on. But apparently the Iowa bashers can't cut McDonough any slack. His injury, which required surgery, simply played a secondary role to whatever the know-it-alls want to throw out there. Why the difference in the way McD is treated as oppossed to Nickerson for example? I agree that this is just Iowa hate, but Nickerson took a lot of crap on these boards, too. And Nickerson's injury was patent and plagued him for a significant portion of his career - and he won the NCAA's with a shoulder that dislocated during his championship match. Nickerson might be the worst wrestler you could point to in order to convince people to cut McD some slack. Yes but the KEY difference between McDonough and Nickerson was that McDonough wasn't remotely the technical wrestler that Nickerson was. Nickerson was considerably more able to stay in position and win with an injured shoulder. McDonough dominated with his LENGTH and STRENGTH. He was one of the VERY few dominant DI guys who didn't have to set up a shot to finish it. He was able to get to the legs without much or any type of set up. He was then able to pull the legs in on ANYONE. He was also able to control everyone on top the same way. The weight cut definitely could have been a factor but his shoulder eliminated his biggest strength and his weaknesses inevitably became a bigger factor.
  22. He should replace about 47 or so. The biggest problem/argument used in the GOAT argument is 4 years wrestling vs. 3. A lot of people bring up 3 year wrestlers when comparing and I think this argument would actually HELP Ruth. He, in all likelihood will finish UNDEFEATED his final 3 years. Since the 3 year wrestlers only wrestled 3 because they couldn't wrestle Varsity as freshman Ruth fits right in. As far as 4 year guys go his career record will be better than EVERYONE not named Sanderson. If he finishes this year undefeated, and more importantly, as dominant as the last 2 years he has a GREAT argument to be a TOP5 guy. Would you place him ahead of this man? • Bill Koll: Some present-day fans may be familiar with Koll's rough, tough image; reportedly the "slam" rule was instituted because of him. While wrestling at what is now Northern Iowa, Koll earned three college titles (1946-47 at 145 lbs; 1948 at 147.5 lbs) and Outstanding Wrestler honors two years in a row (the first to do so). Even more impressive than Koll's perfect 72-0 record: in his entire college career, he was taken down only once, reversed just twice … and pinned all five opponents at the 1948 NCAAs. I think it is next to impossible to compare wrestlers from 70 years ago with those of today. They wrestled considerably less matches and had inferior training facilities and equipment compared to today. I would not argue with you that the talent of yesteryear COULD be just as good with today's access to training through internet, camps, facilities, nutrition, etc. The problem is they did NOT have access to them. I simply do not see them competing, EXACTLY as they were then, with today's rigorous season and competition level. You would see this in every sport. Football, Basketball, and keep going down the list. Ruth plays with his opponents like no one I have seen. His Finals match with Amuchestegui convinced me he is levels ahead of anyone over the last 3 years. With the amount of matches current DI guys wrestle, I cannot put more than the 4 timers, and MAYBE Kemp ahead of someone with 2 freshman losses, one of which I am now convinced was injury related. I have no issue with your arguments. The greats of the past COULD be as great today with the same access but since they did NOT have that access I simply cannot compare them.
  23. It is my opinion that Cael (Kale?) chose a 1-month suspension because that was how long it would take Ruth to sober up from a 0.281 BAC. Lol, the average person filters roughly .015 from their system per hour. A career alcoholic is closer to.02. So Ruth had alcohol in his system for anywhere from 14 hours to about 18 1/2. I hope he at least got to eat his Taco Bell because jails aren't supposed to let you out until the alcohol has cleared your system. He had to spend longer than most waiting.
  24. That depends on if the match adheres to college wrestling rules. I have learned to never underestimate high level athletes in ANY form of a confrontation when they can bench press 450lb+, squat 600lb+ and standing high jump 3ft. LOL. No it doesn't. You can write any rules you want and Ed Ruth will pound the crap out of this guy. Didn't a 150lbs wrestler at Michigan pound the crap out of their starting TE one year? I have made it pretty obvious that I think Ruth is a beast. However, one hit from a guy that big is called "the great equalizer." I wouldn't bet against Ruth but as Mickey told Rocky before fighting Clubber Lang, "he'll knock you into tomorrow" could aptly fit this scenario.
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