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  1. I don't think anyone is saying he doesn't wrestle back and if they were, they wouldn't be accurate. Even his 1st season, he won 4 matches in wrestlebacks to take 8th. The issue is more about the apparent "grit" he shows on the winner's side vs the consis. In many of the matches he won in the consis he was simply the superior wrestler. But, there were matches like NaTo his freshman season, where he looked like a deer in headlights and the match against Wilson he looked like he was already making his plans for Easter...
  2. 1 out of 3 could keep him playing baseball, but I am pretty sure that percentage wouldn't keep him playing in any of the other major sports. Plus, it helped that he only hit the 7 and 8 seeds in wrestlebacks, both were freshmen and he beat the 8 seed on the front side already.
  3. He may be overlooking Mr. Eierman at his own peril. In addition, he may want to work on losing to Wilson by less than a major before being "world class"! But, bravado is ABSOLUTELY an NJ thing, so this is exactly what should be expected!!
  4. Which people? The ones dumb enough to make a bet with a blatant troll with a very specific theme? I am sorry, but anyone who thought he would actually pay should have their head examined…
  5. I would say it is about as "CLEAR" as this river:
  6. Yeah, I watched it multiple times. Nothing illegal and the guy is a flat out clubber. That is how he wrestles. Hell, he literally throws his under hooks harder than he clubbed him in that match. Now, I wasn’t saying Myles isn’t the better overall wrestler. But, Hidlay has beat him before and if Amine can lose to Ferrari he can lose to Hidlay again. With all that said, I would pick Amine to win it all at 184, but he simply isn’t as far ahead of Hidlay as you think he is.
  7. You do realize the last time they wrestled Hidlay beat him, right? Granted, it was in Freestyle, but I don’t see mat wrestling being a factor for either side, so I wouldn’t be so confident. Would I favor Amine? Sure. But, it is quite a bit closer than you portray.
  8. Was that an intentional double negative? So, you are saying you understand the impulse?
  9. Hell, Dieringer almost stuck Burroughs in OTT's with an outside leg version. DeSanto also made a living off of similar moves. It just looks different at 285 because Parris uses all the arm pressure without attacking a leg and circles once he gets both guys body's on the mat, so it becomes such a shorter "dump" than the lighter guys who need to use a modified leg attack along with the arm clamp to get their opponents on their hips. Such a great move if you can get them so focused on clearing/countering the tri clamp pressure that they get off balance and leave themselves open...
  10. Taylor did NOT "get caught". If you stop on a single with your knees next to your chin, Bubba Jenkins was going to cradle you. J. Jaggers was going to cradle you. Hell, ask DeSanto about RBY. This a standard counter to a single if you get your head trapped and can't come off your knees. "Getting caught" implies flukiness. That position was no fluke. Now, Taylor got better to never allow himself to be in that position again, or at least not be in it with someone skilled enough to work that pinning combination, but that was a well drilled position by Jenkins and he capitalized on it!
  11. Didn't Parris just make it to the Finals of this year's WTT's? Cherry pick much???
  12. Fargo is definitely the marquee event. There are absolutely tons of tournaments now, but that one clearly stands out. If you can get him on one of the state sponsored teams for the scholastic duals in freestyle and or Greco and maybe Disney Duals as well.
  13. Terrible logic. Wrestling through injury is admirable. Wrestling like you don't actually have that injury is ignorant...If someone asks, what is the issue with answering. In damn near every other sport, injuries are common knowledge. In a sport like wrestling, where an injury/illness can seriously effect performance, honesty is way different than giving an excuse!
  14. As of now, they do have a pretty salty lineup, but it definitely will be very unproven having to replace so many 4 year starters: 125: Ayala 133: Schriever 141: Henson 149: Murin 157: Rathjen 165: Reyna 174: Kennedy 184: Assad/Brands 197: Warner 285: Cass I think Ayala and Kennedy will be immediate contenders. After that, they need Cass and Warner to be damn near locks as Finalists. If they can get all 4 in the top 4, Murin to be a mid AA, it really comes down to Assad/Brands making the jump to AA status and Henson and Schriever meeting their potential. That just leaves Rathjen and Reyna and I don't know what to think of them as of yet.
  15. Decatur is really the ONLY guy you can MAYBE put mat issues on tOSU themselves. Ech came in almost solely Freestyle centric. Any issue with mat wrestling started way before tOSU and would make it very hard for any DI coach to magically develop. Still Decatur was actually the ONLY starter on last year's team at B1G's and with rumors of Ech going down to 133, only 1 of them is likely to start again this season. So, I would say 1 out of 10 doesn't really count as a trend. By definition, it would actually be more of an outlier, wouldn't it?
  16. LOL. Pletcher improved DRASTICALLY every season. McKenna was CONSIDERABLY better his senior season, regardless of where he started his career. Are you honestly trying to tell me that Martin's senior year wasn't better than every other by a substantial margin? He may have lost the one match at NCAA's, but it was by far his most consistent and dominant season of his career. Finally, Moore went from getting walloped by Conel to an undefeated substantial favorite to win NCAA's his senior year. Every one of those guys INARGUABLY got better by their last year at tOSU, which 100% contradicts your overall argument that their best guys don't improve over the course of their careers at tOSU. They still finished top 10 in the country. By your reckoning, how many teams are "good enough" to notice details like mat wrestling???
  17. Jury is out on them. Way too early to paint them into any corner.
  18. Bo "Tbar" Nickal Mic dropped. Discussion closed!
  19. Snyder, Pletcher, McKenna and Moore NOT EVEN REMOTELY peaked as freshmen. Hell, Myles Martin had, by far, the best year of his career as a senior, but simply had 1 bad match at NCAA's. The mat wrestling comment is getting old, tired and inaccurate as well since it is really only based on the Jordan family's performance on the mat. Of their current starting lineup, how many show glaring weaknesses on the mat. Please be specific...
  20. Yousa bea wronga, too. Technically, it is: "Of those 21, 4 have yet to wrestle." Since, 21-4 is 17. I can see how he misplaced 17 into the 4 slot and then further got you to incorrectly use 17 as well!!!!
  21. Of those you mean 4, not 17, have yet to wrestle. Correct?
  22. Yet, if David Taylor were winning at 79kg or 92kg instead of 86kg you would be arguing the EXACT OPPOSITE!
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