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  1. If he were still at 184 I would lean your way. However, I have to lean towards nhs's way of thinking and I am also a HUGE fan of the Deans. I just am not sold that his build is good for 197. If Ferrari stays at 197 you will have him, Bonaccorsi Warner, Elam, Woodley and Buchanan all returning as AA's. Then add in AA's in Brucki and Darmstadt that should be back and add in guys like Norfleet, Schultz, Caffey and Sloan, who are all high end threats. So, with Beard placing 7th amongst most of that group, I am NOT sold that Dean is considerably more likely to place higher in this year's field!
  2. Only IF I am ALLOWED to use CAPS for EMPHASIS and not be told I am YELLING when I am NOT!!!! Plus, wrestlingphish needs to learn to write BETTER!!! ;)
  3. All caps isn’t reserved for only yelling. I learned to write BEFORE social media. That is how I learned to emphasize words. Social media isn’t going to change that so DEAL WITH IT. Now, your sentence structure is TERRIBLE regardless of what you meant. Nowhere does it say, or not say, that the sure thing IS NOT the one losing both matches. Clarity is your friend when making a point. That is why I “suggested” you change the beginning of your sentence. Start off by saying the sure thing only needs to take 1 major upset to not AA and there is no discussion here. Starting off by saying you only need two major upsets, while immediately transitioning to the sure thing missing the podium is just poor writing.
  4. you can't say "MAJOR UPSETS" but then say "only losing one match they 'shouldn't have'"....that is LITERALLY an Oxymoronical Paradox!
  5. I get it, but you may want to change the 1st half of your first sentence: "All it takes is two major upsets..."
  6. The other part to that is how many of them will want to compete for 4 more years? I mean you went into college expecting 4 years to compete, Covid may have changed that for a few, but I would think a solid percentage will move on after 4…
  7. You can't call out unintelligent voting in 2016 without pointing out that we replaced him with a Geriatric, with visible dementia, and a Prostitute. They were honestly the best the Democratic Party could come up with??? Those that voted him out were so ANGRY they ignored those facts and were just happy to get rid of him!
  8. So, what are you saying? People should be forced to get vaccinated? Because, let's be clear, it isn't just politically minded people that aren't getting it. Many of them may be the most vocal, but the numbers of people not vaccinated tell a very different story. So, to be clear, many people aren't avoiding the vaccine due to politics. Politicians are simply using the fact that people aren't getting it, to MAKE IT political!
  9. Differences: 1. First polio vaccine in the US was in 1955. It took 24 years to remove polio from the US. In 1955, the US population was 165.9 million. The current US population is 328.2 million. In 1955, they didn't have the Internet for researching(right or wrong) vaccines and essentially telling other people they can't tell you what to do. 2. Small pox vaccines originated in the late 1700's and routine vaccinations stopped in 1972 in the US. US population was 209.9 million at that time. Again, no Internet. 3. There is a very VOCAL movement against vaccines, period. Right or wrong, this sways enough public opinion to keep many not willing to get it. 4. LAZINESS. People can stay in their homes for just about everything now, INCLUDING WORK. 5. Infant/early youth vaccinations. see point #3 and add in the fact that it is not currently available as a standard vaccination during the early years.
  10. But it IS political just as much, if not more, as it is viral. Just like the flu, it is NOT going away. It is NOT going to be "defeated". A considerable percentage of people are NOT going to get vaccinated and another percentage are NOT going to keep getting the shot annually. There just is NO WAY I see, that changes these people's minds and trying to force people to do so would create an EPIC ****storm. Now, to be clear, I have had Covid. It was NOT friendly to me. I have been fully vaccinated(Moderna 1 and 2). I had VERY unfriendly reactions to both shots as well. Still, I did it and will continue as long as no clear data pops up showing serious, negative side effects. However, I still believe each person has the fundamental right to refuse putting something into their body and I don't see how you can force anyone to do so. As long as that is the case, the virus WILL be politicized EVERY SINGLE TIME numbers spike!
  11. MSU158


    Pretty sure I didn't have to spin A N Y T H I N G. The team I listed just won the NCAA Title and had 7 AA's. They finished 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th and 7th. A LOT more than hinging success on just 1 guy. As far as the future goes it is still WAY brighter than you can possibly darken it. Even with losing Lee, DeSanto, Eierman, Young, Marinelli and Kemerer they still have the makings of a top 4 team. 125: Ayala-Kid is a monster. He isn't likely to fill Lee's shoes, but noone would be. Still he definitely has the look of a 4xAA and likely Finalist. 133: Schriever-If his health keeps progressing and he can maintain it, this kid is a major sleeper. 141: Henson-Another with a very high ceiling 149: Murin-Finally finds the podium? 157: Reyna-Would think he is the most likely and probably their closest thing to a hole 165: Can Kennedy get down here? If not 165 is possibly another hole. Would be a shame to logjam him, Brands, Assad, Wilson and Glazier with only 2 of them likely to start unless one gets down to 165 174: I like Brands here if Kennedy can make 165. 184: Assad-see 165 and 174 197: Warner- There is a good chance this becomes his weight class if Ferrari moves to 285. Amine moving back down to 184 makes a lot of sense for that lineup(if he comes back) since Brucki is there. 285: Cass-With Steveson gone his only real obstacle is Parris. I know many expect a big jump from Kerkvliet, but his mat wrestling will have to DRASTICALLY improve for that to happen. Cass rode him like a broken mule. Most teams would be in a MASSIVE REBUILD after losing that much firepower. Admittedly, that team will be hard pressed to keep up with PSU, but every other team has the same problem. It's just that every other team is chasing PSU with 2 paddles in a rowboat and Iowa is the only team left with a motorboat.
  12. MSU158


    Classic Iowa hate spin. Iowa has sold its soul by hanging all of its success on 1 wrestler? Kemerer doesn't count? He was the start of their big push into Young Guns. Marinelli had a very compelling special on ESPN. Brands has gone on record as saying he has been the heart and "soul" of the team for several years. 125: Lee is a generational talent. Anyone with a brain would be showcasing him. Hell, you COULDN'T hide him if you tried. Also, lets not act like Lee hasn't gone on record as saying HE WANTED to do everything HE COULD to put Iowa back on top and win multiple team championships. He is NOT a mindless drone being puppeteered by the Brands. Watch every special on him and you will see he has ALWAYS done things his way, including when his parents have pushed him in other directions. 133: DeSanto-A unique personality, but his success and personality are a big part of Iowa' recent success. 141: Eierman-Hate that he left Mizz all you want. The guy wanted to be at Iowa. When a 3x AA wants to leave a school to come to you, ALL that does is add to Iowa's popularity. 149: Murin- Round of 12ish type guy who was about that level of a recruit. Actually does a ton of homemade videos that his fanbase loves. 157: Young- Married into the Brands family so he may be a bigger part of the "SOUL" than the rest of the team! 165: Marinelli-Guy wears his heart on his sleeve. Wife works for the team. Has had some huge wins but just hasn't got it done at NCAA's. Still, there is NO question who is the actual heart and soul of that team. 174: Grandpa Kemerer-This guy was literally the start of Iowa's resurgence. Brands driving all the way to his house right after he left from his recruiting visit tells you all you need to know. 184: Baby Brands-May he "bite" and "scratch" every PSU opponent he wrestles for the remainder of his career! 197: Warner-Noone on that team has taken more abuse and yet he is a 3x AA and just came off a 4th place finish losing to a bronze medalist in the 3rd place match. 285: Cass-2xAA having taken 3rd with 2 generational talents above him. Plus, the kid smiles ALL THE TIME. Quite a bit of "soul" unsold! That doesn't even account for a very strongly credited room guy contingent with guys like Costello being credited as much, or more, as many of the starters. Hate them all you want, but they aren't going anywhere. Keeping up with PSU will still be VERY hard, but that will be hard for EVERY OTHER DI team. Iowa is just the ONLY other team with the commitment and resources to MAYBE sneak a few championships from them once in a while.(tOSU was well poised, but losing Rosselli seemed to start a chain reaction of events, losing Snyder, Kerkvliet decommitting, etc. that makes it hard for me to see them back to scoring 115+ any time soon).
  13. No real arguments from me. It is simply such a small sample size that it makes it really hard to define and single out marked improvement. One thing I will say, is he seemed to be "right" mentally. He had a great gameplan against Uguev and there was zero letdown after, as he simply decimated Abs and Atri.
  14. That may be the case, but I really didn't see some newfound technique to his finishes. He scored exactly 1 takedown against Uguev and, quite frankly, his 2 opponents on the backside looked like they mailed in their performances and were seriously outmatched physically. Prior to that, I hadn't really noticed a string of performances to show a difference in finishing takedowns. I am a huge fan of Thomas. I took quite some heat for defending him on HR. I was very happy for him when he medaled and was crushed when Uguev snuck by him. He wrestled very well at the Olympics, but I just didn't see something that stood out to me as transcendent and I was looking VERY hard!
  15. How exactly did Gilman's actual wrestling "transform"? I would concede that a mental reset helped, but I just didn't see any of his best wrestling being different than what it was before. What am I missing specifically in his wrestling?
  16. Now, remember, I am not arguing that he won't be a great Head Coach. I am simply pointing out that there is a LOT of risk considering how little actual experience he has coaching at the DI Level. Again, just like JB and Dake, I wouldn't like that fact that they made it into their 30's without getting DI coaching experience and I would want to see some of that before I would pull the trigger at a top University and fully give him the reigns...
  17. Seriously? Did you really just ask that first question? First off, being a great wrestler IN NO WAY guarantees you will be a great coach, let alone even a good one. Secondly, running a very successful youth and high school training program also does NOT translate. Izzy has been sensational in that arena and ask anyone that knows if they think he would be a good DI head Coach. Experience being coached by a great staff and staying around a very successful program is a night and day comparison to actually coaching that very successful program. Now, I have NO DOUBT that he would be a very successful recruiter, but his lack of establishing himself as a coach all the way into his 30's gives me considerable pause. Now, to be fair, I would say the same thing about Dake and especially Burroughs. Running a program isn't for anyone. Guys like Terry Brands and Casey Cunningham are incredibly highly regarded as mat coaches, but Terry has basically gone on record saying he didn't care for the "CEO" part of it and Casey could have EASILY been a HC a LONG time ago if he wanted. FInally, I have NO DOUBT that DT, Dake or Burroughs could be great mat coaches at the DI Level, but there just isn't anything to go off that says they would be great Head Coaches...
  18. I wasn't saying it was a necessity for all of DI, but I sure think it would be for the top 10 schools or so. Taylor has a big name, but he would be a very BIG risk when he is so obviously unproven at a rather advanced age...
  19. Honestly, I would be VERY surprised if a big name school took him with ZERO official coaching experience. If DI Head Coaching is actually something he eventually wants to do, he needs to latch on somewhere as an assistant coach SOON to get some official experience. He can keep training, but would have the experience on the resume. The problem is, he would almost assuredly need to go somewhere OTHER than PSU as I don't see them cutting ANYONE from that All Star Staff to make room for him. Unless, MAYBE, they get creative and move one of them to strictly NLWC(God knows they have enough money to pay one of them for now) and let Taylor on staff. But, I truly don't see that benefitting PSU, as I see Cael staying on for quite some time and I doubt Taylor would want to stay being the 3rd assistant for that long(since he is already in his 30's). With that in mind, I don't know why PSU would want to juggle a great winning formula to inevitably groom Taylor to become a Head Coach somewhere else. With all that and the fact he is already in his 30's without official coaching experience, does he even want to be a HC when he retires from competition????
  20. July weather was very........odd! Multiple floods due to a ridiculous amount of rain. Definitely a running joke that being a weatherman in Michigan is about the easiest job possible. If you can predict it 1 out of 5, you are a Unicorn!
  21. methinks you missed his solid attempt at humor....If John didn't give it away, orbit should have for sure!
  22. Everyone has a bit of a different definition for a "dive bar", but Madison Park Bowl has a pretty large bar area and it actually hosts shuffleboard tournaments(including the state tournament), so their boards are very well maintained. Also, they are located exactly 2 miles north of Detroit just east of the major Freeway(I-75). http://www.madisonparkbowl16.com/Sports-Bar-Home.html http://www.madisonparkbowl16.com/Shuffleboard-Home.html
  23. Without the Casino, I don't know that it Greektown would even have a chance to really come back. That was what I meant. As far as Mexicantown vs. Mexican Village goes, I was only really referring to it from a Visitor's perspective. Again, I was stressing the need to have a seasoned local on the Nav if you are even going to try to visit these places. I have been to El Barzon and Mexican Village Restaurant several times, but my favorite was always Xochimilco. Now, it has been quite some time since Covid basically shut me down to going anywhere, even if they were open, but Mario's is still my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Italian Steakhouse. TO BE CLEAR. If you like an AUTHENTIC Italian Steakhouse, you can do NO BETTER! Mario's: Home page https://www.mariosdetroit.com
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