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  1. It was right before they added the clinch, wasn't it?
  2. I don't follow HS wrestling very closely any more so some of my numbers might be a little off. In MA there are 3 divisions (big, medium, and small schools), each has their own separate state tournament. The following weekend the top 4 placers from each of those tournaments compete at the all-states, there is probably the occasional kid who's too banged up after states or who get's hurt between states and all-states but I've never heard of anyone just deciding not to go to all-states. The top 6 (at least top 6 back in the day, might be a different number now) from MA all-states qualify for new-englands. Different states send different numbers of wrestlers. Teams scores are kept at New Englands by high school, I don't think there is an official score by state. All-states didn't keep official team scores for a while but have added it someone since I graduated.
  3. I don't know what your definition of successful is, but MA has been running an All-State tournament for over 20 years. It's taken seriously and doesn't devalue the divisional state championships. NH and CT also have similar events.
  4. It's not a 3-peat curse so much as a 'seniors who are defending champs' curse. Lockhart Mocco Ellis Rey Nelson GWiz Konrad is the only one who's escaped since at least 2002.
  5. Eric Guerrero was 'associate head coach' for all 3 of Alex Dieringer's titles.
  6. Don't forget to factor in Dake's less than stellar record in fantasy matchups.
  7. What do you think is a better marketing pitch for home duals? 1: "Come watch your Campbell Camels take on App St. for a conference title and a birth in the NCAA tournament!' 2: "Come watch your Campbell Camels take on App St. and try to improve their individual seeds for the SoCon tournament!'
  8. I'd argue that attendance is more important for events on campus, TV viewership matters more for events away from campus (nationals).
  9. ^This. All of this. We currently have a system where the only time any casual (wrestled in high school or had kids who wrestled in high school) fans hear any buzz about college wrestling the season ends and any re-kindled enthusiasm disappears over the next 9 months. There is a model for a successful postseason tournament, basketball figured it out, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, etc have all adopted it. ADs are dropping wrestling to add these sports because just getting into the tournament gets your team on ESPN for 2 hours, in wrestling if you get a kid into the finals you'll be on ESPN for 10 minutes.
  10. 5-6 extra weeks of duals, 2 of which are for the duals tournament, the other 3-4 weeks would be for regular season duals needed to qualify for the duals tournament.
  11. Getting people to watch on TV is more important for growing the sport than getting people to attend live.
  12. I think the longer trend is for heavyweights who were champs as juniors not repeating their senior year. D1collegewrestling.net has results back to 2002 and since then seniors trying to defend their title are 1 for their last 7. Lockhart (3rd in 2002) Mocco (2nd in 2006) Conrad (1st in 2007) Ellis (6th in 2010) Rey (2nd in 2012) Nelsen (2nd in 2014) Gwiz (2nd in 2016)
  13. There are no middle school athletic teams (in any sport) where I live, middle school age wrestling is run through the town recreation department. You might have better luck with the rec dept than the school board.
  14. Just for some historical perspective. In the last 16 years, 7 seniors have tried to defend their HWT title and only 1 (Cole Konrad) was successful.
  15. Eric Juergens coaches at Augustana (DIII) Steve Marianetti coaches at Elmhurst (DIII)
  16. Indoor and outdoor track count as 2 sports for title IX purposes, going that route with wrestling would be a disaster.
  17. A team dual-championship (like all the other successful NCAA team championships formats) would have weeks of buildup, not the 2 days we currently get, which only die-hards pay attention too anyway.
  18. While you're at it, ask those middle/high school kids to explain how tournament team scoring works, since they're all so excited about the team race.
  19. If only there was some way of getting a second, national level, college wrestling event onto ESPN...
  20. If I remember right, there were 3 undefeated guys heading into nationals that year. Hall, Taylor, and Fittery.
  21. Everybody always beat Dake in the hypotheticals
  22. There are already a couple of tournaments the weekend before Nationals that are fun to watch.
  23. Who also won the most falls/least time award at nationals one year.
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