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  1. It is my opinion that he has won NCAA and has dominated for two years, because the weight is extremely weak. I am not saying he is trash, he is a very very good wrestler. I just do not see him as this generational talent that some on here have pegged him, like the one poster saying he reminds him most of Cael. That doesn't seem realistic to me. Especially seeing the guys that have come through PSU the past decade or so. Brooks does not stack up to Taylor, Ruth, Nolf, Nickel, Hall, Retherford. I think at best, he stacks up with Joseph at best case, but more like Quinten Wright. Nothing to be ashamed of, just not all-time great status.
  2. I am not saying Hidlay was not a good win for him, he was. The weight class itself is dreadfully shallow on top talent, and Brooks doesn't have the typical grind in the Big Ten that the rest of the weights have. His top competition is out of the ACC. The Big Ten is weak at 184. I will take Amine at 184 this year, if that is where he goes.
  3. I understand that, I was just talking strictly 184. I should have implied that.
  4. I understand that Brooks is an NCAA Champ with 1 loss, but I feel like his weight has been ridiculously weak, and he doesn't have the skillset of the recent top 184lb guys, let alone Cael Sanderson. I would take non-champ Myles Martin over Brooks.
  5. I sure hope not, that is where my current 9 year old will be wrestling in college.
  6. Reading through some of these comments, and comments on social media, I think American fans have a hard time accepting Kyle Snyder is not better than Sadulaev. I really do not know what else needs to be proven to get that point across, but I have never seen so many excuses in my life, when someone is clearly better - well except for the Dake vs Taylor "debate" haha. I think the fact of the matter is, Kyle Snyder is a great wrestler, but Sadulaev is a once in a generation talent. I also believe that 97kg is actually a pretty weak weight class altogether. I believe that regardless of that, Sadulaev is an all-time great, just because he is that good. However, I do believe 97kg being low-key weak, is a large reason why Kyle Snyder has the medal count he has. I know I am not the only one that watches Kyle Snyder with boredom and question how he continues to get the results he has.
  7. The Russian coach was right, when he said Snyder would never beat Sadulaev ever again. He will never beat him ever again.
  8. btw, when is this match happening today?
  9. You are definitely entitled to your own opinion, I just don't agree with it. DT didn't necessarily have a post-olympic letdown, he just ran into one of the best wrestlers in the world. Even though he beat him in Tokyo, everybody still knew there was a good possibility that DT was going to lose in Oslo. He snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat in Tokyo. Nothing Snyder has shown in the last two meetings with Sad has pointed to any sort of closing of the gap. If anything, it might be wider.
  10. That is where you are wrong, and it seems that Flo cannot grasp the concept of customer service. I would say your customer service, and your disregard for decency when engaging in conversations with your own customer base and demographic, is definitely right up there with your poor streaming service and commentary issues. You Flo Bros just seem to think you are too cool for that to ever be an issue. You guys have an ego problem, your product doesn't back up.
  11. Super 32 and Fargo are the two biggest tournaments you should be doing.
  12. LOL I cannot wait for ROKFIN, or any other properly financially backed company, to blow you guys out of the business. The fact that they are cool with you representing their business like that, just proves how novice Flo's business sense really is. You just happen to have a monopoly on the American wrestling market at the moment, but one day you won't. It is not a coincidence that a very large percentage of the wrestling community hates your a**. Just a bunch of dorks running a monopoly. Spent millions trying to sue someone, and got your a** handed to you in embarrassing and beautiful fashion.
  13. Charlie Clark, brother of NCAA Champion Mitch Clark and former tOSU wrestler himself, passed away on 9/22/21. Charles William Clark | Obituaries | nny360.com Prayers for the Clark family in this difficult time. He was a great person and will be missed.
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