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  1. Bobby Weaver was already out of college when he won his Gold Medal in 1984.
  2. Yep, and I re-watched that match and I don't see how they could have awarded a TD to Gilman's opponent. Total screw job.
  3. Bajrang medaled at 65kg in the two most recent World Championships so you may have "thought" he looked small, but his results say othewise.
  4. It is only recently that any BIG wrestler that didn't place top 8 was granted a spot in the NCAAs. But for 8th place finishers just off the top of my hat Frank Molinaro finished 8th at BIGs and then 8th at NCAAs in 2009 and Mark McKnight finished 8th at BIGs and then 4th at NCAAs in 2008. I'm sure there are other BIG wrestlers that finished 7th or 8th at BIGs and then placed at NCAAs.
  5. Thanks, I read 2x AA and my brain heard 2x Champ. In any case he was pretty impressive.
  6. Two time D3 NCAA Champ. Still I thought RBY would handle him easier than he did.
  7. Yep, rode him for all of 3 seconds. LOL
  8. Well, it SEEMS as this info came only from steelfrog. In other works he made it up.
  9. But 3 day weigh-ins are very recent, when there are 8 AAs so a semi-finalist is automatically an AA. Even if he missed weight I think he would just forfeit out to 6th place.
  10. What Pinnum said, which IMHO is pretty obvious. Penn State benefits greatly from the NLWC, as does Iowa from the HWC, Cornell from Finger Lakes and so on. It also greatly benefits USA Wrestling and all USA wrestling fans as it allows college wrestlers to continue to compete post college and still make a decent living.
  11. Good point. Q just popped into my head without thinking about it.
  12. I'm sure there are others but right off the bat Quentin Wright finished 6th as a true frosh at 174, then redshirted and finished 1,2 at 184 before winning a 2nd title at 197 as a senior.
  13. Dan Hodge was never taken down in college. Bill Koll was only taken down once. There are probably others, but it is certainly rare.
  14. Sold out last year at Minnesota where the arena holds over 14K.
  15. Well, college wrestling programs are not flush with donors as every school operates in the red. You are right that the donors are mostly the same people. Not sure why that would create a conflict. The RTCs also raise money thru camps, clinics, etc.
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