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  1. On 12/20/2020 at 6:24 PM, NJDan said:

    I was mainly guessing. But when was the last time a 9th place guy in the B10 won or placed?

    It is only recently that any BIG wrestler that didn't place top 8 was granted a spot in the NCAAs. But for 8th place finishers just off the top of my hat Frank Molinaro finished 8th at BIGs and then 8th at NCAAs in 2009 and Mark McKnight finished 8th at BIGs and then 4th at NCAAs in 2008. I'm sure there are other BIG wrestlers that finished 7th or 8th at BIGs and then placed at NCAAs. 

  2. On 7/18/2020 at 5:52 PM, steelfrog said:

    Well, it SEEMS that Bo was asked and agreed to accept the position to replace PDIII, and then when Flo told DT about it, DT nixed the matchup.  Hence, MyMar.


    I guess Flo shoulda checked with DT first before offering Bo.

    Well, it SEEMS as this info came only from steelfrog. In other works he made it up. 

  3. On 4/13/2020 at 7:17 AM, Pinnum said:

    That’s exactly who finds the RTCs. It is the same people giving to the school team.  It is all about giving a competitive advantage to the college teams.  

    The RTCs are a recruiting advantage.  It is a way to get additional coaches and training partners that NCAA rules don’t allow.  It is a way to sell recruits on Olympic aspirations and to keep the team brand strong. 

    What Pinnum said, which IMHO is pretty obvious. Penn State benefits greatly from the NLWC, as does Iowa from the HWC,  Cornell from Finger Lakes and so on. It also greatly benefits USA Wrestling and all USA wrestling fans as it allows college wrestlers to continue to compete post college and still make a decent living. 

  4. 38 minutes ago, NJDan said:

    Forget about Dake's 4 titles, are there other guys who wrestled 4 weights (or even three) and had amazing careers, such as three titles or even two? 

    I'm sure there are others but right off the bat Quentin Wright finished 6th as a true frosh at 174, then redshirted and finished 1,2 at 184 before winning a 2nd title at 197 as a senior. 

  5. 21 hours ago, rpbobcat said:

    Does anyone know what kind of attendance the Big 10  Championships get.

    The RAC is relatively small (8000 seats I believe).

    I know when it was first announced that Rutgers would host the championship,

    a lot of people around north Jersey where i live,thought they should consider 

    holding it at a larger arena,like the Prudential Center  or Izod,especially since by then

    American Dream will be open.

    Sold out last year at Minnesota where the arena holds over 14K. 

    21 hours ago, rpbobcat said:





  6. On 8/8/2019 at 9:24 PM, NJDan said:

    I understand there is some kind of controversy about RTCs and whether they allow an unfair advantage to college teams that train in the same room.

    But my question is how these RTCs get funded.

    I gather they have to raise their own money. But wouldn't that mean that the same people who are trying to raise money for the college program-- that is, the head coach-- would be fundraising for the RTC? In other words, Rob Koll or Tom Ryan or Cael Sanderson would be asking for money for both their college program and their RTC program. I would think they'd be calling the same people for both-- who else? Wouldn't that create a conflict? Or are college wrestling programs so flush with donors that they can tell some of them to give to the RTC instead?

    Well, college wrestling programs are not flush with donors as every school operates in the red. You are right that the donors are mostly the same people. Not sure why that would create a conflict. The RTCs also raise money thru camps, clinics, etc. 

  7. On 8/9/2019 at 2:44 PM, bnwtwg said:

    When football, MBB, and the XC/indoor/outdoor track get the conglomerate of scholarships this is how the small sports and their alumni + supporters "fight back" (perhaps there is a better term to use?). I hope every swimming, tennis, gymnastics, and rugby team also has RTCs because playing by the rules has done nothing but see a large removal of our less glamorous collegiate athletic programs through the years.

    Track has 19 individual events plus 2 relays and Cross Country needs 7 scoring runners and men's T&F/XC gets a total of 12.6 ships, so me thinks you are WAY off base with that one. Obviously, FB, and BB (both men's and women's) get way more ships than they really need.

  8. Doesn't necessarily mean anyone is leaving.  If I'm not mistaken, the Goophers had 6 volunteer assistants last year.


    There is an NCAA imposed limit to how many official coaches you can have.  However, he can be an athlete in training for the Storm and still work out with the Gophers, effectively making him an additional coach. 

  9. Austin Matthews, PA state champ for Reynolds, was national qualifier for Clarion last year. I'm goin on the assumption that he will be ranked higher to start the season than Demas, who did not compete last year, hence on a paper a Demas win being considered an upset. I know national duals is late in the season so who knows who will be ranked higher when the dual happens. I know Demas is good, I remember watching him give St. John all he wanted in the dual a couple years ago, so I know this will be a good match.


    Matthews won't be eligible this season for Edinboro unless Clarion grants him a release.  If that has already happened I haven't heard about it. 

  10. Because a true scheduling would continue to open the eyes of our bottom tier. If they would come aboard and say beat MSU, Purdue, IU. What would that say about our overall conference


    i ran this through google translate and got nothing. can anyone interrupt for me? thanks!


    It's kind of hard to interrupt someone on a message board. :lol:

  11. I understand that the Big XII only has 4 teams, but they don't get ANY AQ's? So a guy that doesn't qualify for Silver or Gold might as well just say, to hell with it? That's one of the reasons why I enjoy conference tournaments, to see an underdog possibly squeak through. Under this premise, a guy like Jimmy English wouldn't have had a chance at the NCAA tournament.


    They could still get an at large since they could have been bronze status. Plus also being proposed is another set of coaches rankings after the conference tournaments so a wrestler that wins the Big 12 tourney could move up in status.

  12. Not every school even allows redshirts. Even at Cornell their "greyshirts" cannot even practice with their team during the official NCAA season.


    Is that true because the NCAA rules don't say that. However, the Ivy rules may say that.


    As to the Big 12 it sounds like what the Committee is trying to do is force the Big 12 to merge with another conference to form a viable qualifying event.

  13. Without looking at lineups, I would figure Illinois, Northwestern, and Michigan are the teams that could prevent Nebraska from going undefeated but they all could be winnable. Would be interesting to see what the conference does if Nebraska were to finish undefeated.

    I would assume they'll be treated as conference (co)-champs just like you would expect them to.


    Yes, which makes me wonder how the other schools would respond when Nebraska is claiming they are dual champions despite possibly being the 5th best dual team in the conference.


    The Big Ten dual schedule makes no sense (to me). It is clear the conference doesn't value the dual portion of the season too much.


    Nebraska won't CLAIM they are dual champs, the BIG will. I do agree that the conference and the schools for the most part don't pay much attention to who wins the regular season dual title since it doesn't really mean much. Kind of like winning the regular season title in bball. It's nice and it gets you the #1 see for the B1G tournament, but the tournament results is what everyone pays attention to.

  14. I think the best Division I targets would be schools that don't have football programs. While they aren't really "attractive" in many ways, they're still Division I.


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NC ... l_programs


    At most of these schools, athletic funding is largely derived through student fees. Interestingly, CSU-Fullerton has the largest enrollment of all the non-football schools...


    Jason makes a very good point because except for about 50 schools in the BS BcS conferences every other school that has football LOSES MONEY on football, and therefore, has less money to spend on other sports.

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