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  1. How many teams would tank that quarterfinal match (with the gap between first and eighth only four points) and send out a virtual B-squad rather than actually wrestle it then? Probably quite a few. Precisely the point as an argument against this proposal. Anything that promotes tanking a dual or a match HURTS wrestling. In an individual tournament no one tanks a match. That argument seems to be completely dismissed by those arguing for National Duals.
  2. Meh, instead of the inj def perhaps Ruth would have lost 10-3 or 10-4. That particular match was decided long before Ruth's knee "locked up". In 2012, way different story. Prior to the injury Ruth was beating Much 2-1 and was dominating the match so you can save your revisionist BS.
  3. Agreed...Ruth def had a good chance to beat Reader. He toyed with some really good wrestlers his freshman year...smashed up Lewnes and Henrich pretty good at the Scuffle that year. Beat Henrich & Lewnes again in wrestle backs at NCAAs that year too.
  4. When he is speaking for them, and or when he makes claims like he did. Yea he should. I am glad you have had a good team for two whole years. That is awesome. I am actually very impressed with what Cael has done and applaud him for it. Some of us can respect and appreciate all sorts of teams. But as we have seen in your post and wrestle(iam9) post some people can't. Yea its out east you wil probably have more fans, do you want us to make a trophy for you? Grow up. ctmopar, you need to grow up and learn how to show some class. There is nothing worse, IMHO, that a sore winner who likes to rub their win into others faces. Try acting like an adult for once.
  5. Didn't Dean & Realbuto graduate high school in 2012? They may be true frosh from an NCAA eligibility stand point but to me that is not the same as being a true frosh. They've already had a year to grow and mature and practice with college wrestlers.
  6. Based on the latest WrestlingReport rankings here are the projected point totals based on placement and advancement (no bonus points included). PSU 134.5 Iowa 124 Minn 122 Neb 77 Mich 72.5 Wis 69.5 Ill 67 OSU 65.5 Pretty tightly bunched for 4th thru 7th. Nebraska could easily fall to 7th, although I don't think they will.
  7. Awww, Ma-aaan! Does that mean if Cael changes his mind again at 149, the NCAA committee has to start ALL OVER!? :evil: ;) :) Are you capable of making a post about ANYTHING without bringing up Cael/PSU? It really is a bit sad.
  8. Tell me you're kidding. I don't follow all sports but all of the individual (as opposed to "team" sports like football) sports that I know of decide their champion the same way wrestling does and NOT by head to head competitions against other schools. Track, Cross Country, Swimming, Golf, Gymnastics, Fencing.
  9. Also, Drew reported the final score as 25-9, not 24-9 (maybe a riding time point?). I'm guessing Graf got 5 TD's in the first period, 4 in the second, and 3 in the third - which put him 15 points ahead. (Drew also said they started neutral in the third.) If you tack on a riding time point, that does add up to 25-9. I'm assuming all of Malone's points came off of escapes, with him down in the second and getting cut by Graf or, less likely, actually escaping. However, all the above is just speculation on my part. Like to see the match, must have been a mini-takedown clinic. . If they added the riding time point, then they calculated the score wrong. The riding time point is only supposed to be added on if the match goes the full seven minutes. Are you sure about that? The rules say that the RT point is awarded at the end of the match. I don't remember seeing anything about it having to go 7 minutes.
  10. Dean took a "Grey Shirt" last year at Cornell. Which means the NCAA considers him a true frosh.
  11. In the days after the "old days" but before the "new days" so i guess we will just call it back in the "days'' you hustled back to the center just so you didnt get screamed at by your coaches. Now that was funny and TRUE.
  12. I agree. However, Dean is a technically a red shirt freshman while Retherford knocked off Stieber just 6 months after graduating from High School! Grey shirt* freshman. Typically, red shirts attend college, but don't wrestle Varsity. Grey shirts attend a semester of JC to technically not use a year of eligibility. Cornell does not allow redshirting. Different words, same thing. He still has a year in a college room just like a redshirt freshman does.
  13. I have tried all the above and it seems that the rooms have been blocked by schools. Still looking thanks!! I spent less than 20 seconds at www.hotels.com and found around 50 hotels in the OK City area that still have rooms available.
  14. I searched and here's a link to their website. Under Food they have Hot Dogs so your menu choice is easy. :lol: http://www.rudysbarnyc.com/#
  15. To me he had 2 legit options. 1. Wrestle 149 for his senior year like the coaches wanted him to and which would have been the best option for the team. 2. If he wasn't willing to do #1 then transfer immediately. What he did instead was flunk classes on purposes to be academically ineligible the first semester and then miss weight at 157 for Mat Town and wrestle anyway at 165 so he wasn't eligible to wrestle 149 that season no matter what, guaranteeing he got the redshirt he wanted. Here's a question back at you and I'd appreciate an honest answer. What would you have done with a wrestler who did the above things if you were coach?
  16. Is there any streaming or TV for the Grapple? Looks like a lot of really good wrestling to be seen there.
  17. The whole idea of official records in a sport like wrestling is bizarre when you include redshirting. If I'm redshirting and you aren't and we meet in an open tournament and you win, the win counts on your record but the loss doesn't on mind and vice versa if I win it doesn't count on my record but the loss does count on your record. Very bizarre.
  18. Where is OK State going to get the $$? They already have commits from Ryan Blees and Chandler Rogers (the day after Chance committed to PSU).
  19. A testament to a Lehigh Education. The geography part or the ending a sentence with a preposition part? Is is a VERB, not a preposition so maybe you should refrain from making comments that make you look ignorant.
  20. *** Only St Louis in 2015. JJH That was for DII, not DI.
  21. Sadly, you won't get to. http://www.nwcaonline.com/nwcawebsite/N ... ar-classic Actually, I'd rather see that matchup of Brown vs Howe. I don't see Howe having any chance against Ruth.
  22. you don't need changes, you need common sense. afternoon workouts outside when the temps are over 100. i can't believe there isn't an outcry for the coaches head. the day before, a wrestler went to the hospital for heat related illness. the coach would have been relieved of his duties already if i was the ad there. I must have missed something. It's September so practice hasn't started yet so they were out for a run on their own most likely and the coaches have nothing to do with it.
  23. Very true. I can't see either of Hendricks shoulder blades in that picture let alone tell if he was pinned.
  24. Those are exactly the kind of matchups they need to make this successful, although Perry vs Ruth would be a blow out. How about Ruth vs. Nelson. That might be a close match. :lol: Seriously, the really need to think outside the box and get marquee matchups. I went to the dual last year and at least 1/3 of the fans left as soon as the Dake vs Taylor match ended. The Patriot Center holds around 10K so if they want to sell a lot of tickets they need some really special matchups.
  25. I think it would get far more buzz from everyone that posts here and from wrestling fans but not from the rest of the country. I'm not saying I don't want to have this happen, in fact I think it's a very good idea. I just don't see it getting aired by any network except the BTN.
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