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  1. Was 4th and All American finish back then? I think it was only the first 3 placers. 4th was AA starting in 1941.
  2. Absolutely. This all the way. Create the exciting match ups that people want to see and then go put the product out in the marketplace. The demand is there, no reason to not make it happen. I actually think the demand would be far higher in terms of what counts (TV ratings) if sometimes these matchups did NOT occur on a regular basis, but were reserved for a conference championship match. If Iowa/Minnesota were in one division and PSU/OSU in another, I would have no problem with this as a PSU fan. I don't see any long standing rivalries that are going to be a problem. Two of these teams will be good enough to make the championship match and the buzz will better than anything we have in the regular season now. I understand your point of view as a wrestling fan and desire to see as many high quality matchups as possible. I disagree that this will be what is best to promote wrestling. I also don't see the excitement in a B1G conference tournament. 8 teams is 7 matchups, which is 5 or 6 too many at this point. I just think you build excitement from the top down. If you are having trouble drawing (attendance or ratings) to your sport, the answer is not to create more product. What might be best for those of us here that hang out on wrestling message boards, might not be best for the sport. At this time I would absolutely disagree with the statement "the demand is there." Sorry, I don't see why there would be a big TV demand for a conference championship dual meet that doesn't mean much. It would make NO difference in qualifying for a National Duals as multiple BIG teams would make that and it would make NO difference in qualifying for the NCAAs so I don't see where the demand or hype would come from.
  3. If you are cheap, take the metro. Kind of tough to do since the metro out to Dulles isn't completed yet.
  4. FYI, at least some conferences (and some sports) do this as well, placing teams based on merit...for example, the Super Essex Conference in New Jersey does this sort of divisional alignment for all sports. Atlantic 10 basketball has done it in the past. Personally, I am not too big of a fan in college leagues. Edit: I should note, it wasn't a true division or relegation system but rather every team played every team in the league and then the top 4 teams would play eachother a second time and the middle 4 and the bottom 4. I think pinnum has hit on a good point here. I don't like the negative connotation of a top division and a bottom division. However, you don't need to have them be divisions. It's just how the schedule is decided. I would still like to expand the number of BIG duals. Only wrestling 8 of the other 13 schools each year just doesn't seem like a real conference.
  5. Wow...thanks for the heads-up...cancelled and rebooked with hotwire ($58.84 total)! Edit to add: I don't usually like to book with Priceline or Hotwire because I'm very particular about where I stay, and especially who I fly, but with car rentals, it's a much different story. As long as the car gets me to and from Charlottesville, the way I see it, I'm more than happy with it. OK, I'm missing something here. What does Charlottesville have to do with the All Star Classic, other than it is in the same state as George Mason U?
  6. I'd rather have several dates for each team where 3 or 4 teams meet on a Saturday on Sunday and you can have 2-3 duals for each team and it only counts as 1 competition date. That way even with 14 teams in the conference you can wrestle all or close to all of the other teams every year.
  7. No way. The only significant revenue is tickets. Last season a season ticket at PSU was $42 and with capacity of 7K or so that's only $284K and it's less than that as students get in free (I think it's free). I guarantee that between coaches/trainers salaries, travel expenses, scholarship the expenses are well over $1M.
  8. The deadline to submit bids is actually mid-September (15th I think). Decisions will not be made until later in the 4th quarter but before the new year. Thanks PT. Everything I had read earlier made it sound like the site would be announced this month.
  9. According to the article they are "planning to bid" to host NCAAs in 2015 & 2016. Since the decision is supposedly being made this month it's a little late don't you think?
  10. A drop off yes, but I don't think it would be much of a drop off. Last year as a RS Frosh wrestling up a weight Conaway made R12 at NCAAs.
  11. Frey couldn't make 141 last year so I see no reason to expect he will make it this year.
  12. Because the seeding is based on the entire season, not just one match. Duh. For instance, Reece losing to Thorn in the BIG finals might have something to do with it. Once again, Duh.
  13. To sum up what OBJoeB posted the rules are so freaking complicated you need a special PhD in NCAA rules to have any hope of understanding them.
  14. David Ray & Marvin Jones 1986 Jeff Gibbons & Rob Koll 1987 And those were the only two years I even looked at. I'm betting there a bunch of others. ????????????? Jones was the only one you mentioned that lost first round and came back and took third. Koll defeated Kenny Fischer of Oklahoma first round Gibbons defeated Glenn McMinn of Arizona State first round Ray defeated Glenn Jarrett of Oregon first round You're right. Mistakes in the brackets at Wrestlingstats.com. I only looked at the consys and they have those three wrestling in the first round of the consys instead of the person they beat in the first round.
  15. I don't think that is correct. If someone gets a need based or academic based or whatever ship for 50% and wrestling adds 25% it does not count as 0.75 of a ship against the 9.9. It only counts as 0.25. The key is that the wrestler has to qualify for the non athletic ship piece on their own and not be given it because they are a wrestler.
  16. David Ray & Marvin Jones 1986 Jeff Gibbons & Rob Koll 1987 And those were the only two years I even looked at. I'm betting there a bunch of others.
  17. I don't think there's much chance that Nevills will be in the lineup for 2015. He'll be redshirting and one Lawson, Gingrich or Ruggear will be at 285.
  18. I challenge you to point out even ONE post where someone said they prefer low scores and we should be like soccer. Talk about a ridiculous straw man argument. :lol:
  19. How about not promising the moon to every high school kid that fancies his eye before the signing period? You can say that you can't blame Cael for doing this, but it might make other wrestlers a bit down the ladder think hard about doing a verbal with PSU when they could lock up a sweet spot with many other top notch schools. Wow, scribe. "Promising the moon"? You did read the article itself, didn't you, where Haines' father specifically says they hadn't been promised anything (apart from accepting Haines' commitment to attend)? That's just a blatantly false post. Kind of ironic, too, that a fan of an institution (Cornell) that plays far more fast-and-loose with recruiting (e.g. Mike Grey) and admission (e.g. "gray-shirts") would be critiquing the recruiting tactics of another school. People living in glass houses... and all that. scribe takes many liberties when it comes to hating on anything PSU.
  20. How old, or what grade his high school peers are has nothing to do with him. His eligibility clock starts ticking when he has enrolled. He then has 5 years to wrestle four, provided he does not take an Olympic redshirt in the next Olympic cycle. He can take a redshirt any time before his fourth year of competition. You need to keep up with the times as for D1 the clock starts 1 year after graduating HS whether you are enrolled or not so he does NOT have a redshirt to use.
  21. Umm, they already do give 1 pound a day at NCAAs. Not sure about Midlands, etc.
  22. I went to the Adam Frey Foundation website and there is absolutely no information about the event.
  23. Ramos just beat Graff outside the state of Iowa back in March.
  24. Teague, this sounds like a great idea. One thought I had on scoring is to not award an escape point if the top wrestlers cuts the bottom wrestler. The reason for this is that with the first to ten it would be very difficult to come back once you get down by more than a few points. For instance, say you are losing 8-3 and your opponent is running out of gas. You can't just start taking them down and cutting them loose because the score progression would be 8-3, 8-5, 9-5, 9-7, 10-7 and you lose so you would have to score only by pushouts and near fall points.
  25. The D1 Preview edition of WIN magazine had a piece on this. Since 1972, there have been 14 wrestlers to do that. Seems like a lot, but really it only happens a little more than once every ten years. Prior to 72 the person who beat you had to make the finals in order to be in the conso's. There was also the span in the 80's where a first round loser had to be pulled in by a 2nd round win from the guy who beat him. Um, Math 101. If it happened 14 times over 42 seasons that is once every 3 years, not once every 10 years so it actually isn't that uncommon. This season it went the other way. Of the 20 wrestlers in the 3rd place match 18 of them were in the semis.
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