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  1. If you move if forward 2 weeks you only have to compete with 2 basketball games and it means there are a lot more arenas available. Plus that moves the conference tournaments completely away from states. As it is now B1Gs, EIWA, etc. are usually the same weekend as states and when they aren't it's because states are 1 week later.
  2. Amazing!!! You've lowered yourself to making fun of a 3 time finalist/2 time Champion. Are you suggesting we should hold 3 time finalists, 2 time champs in higher regard than immature, tantrum throwing, embarrassments to their school and sport? I completely DISAGREE with you. Lots of guys have thrown their (other than first place) medals in the trash over the years. McD is most definitely not an embarassment to the University of Iowa or to wrestling. OTOH, you are an embarassment to yourself. :oops:
  3. I'll disagree on that last one about hotels being reasonable. In DC they are very expensive, albeit not New York City expensive. However, you can get much better deals in Virginia and take the subway which goes right to the arena.
  4. Yes, but what is parking like downtown on Thursday's and Friday's with 20K extra people in town. In St. Louis that's a drop in the bucket plus most of the fans stay in hotels that are walking distance to the arena or take the train, which has a stop right next to the arena. Plus, airfare is extremely expensive to Des Moines and you can't get a direct flight from most cities. Nothing against Des Moines itself but it needs to be in a large city with a large airport so the majority of people can get there easily.
  5. I agree with this other than I would still probably keep Mega at in the lineup unless you want to bring him back as a 133 in 2015 and Have Gulibon at 141 by that time. Personally I would leave Mega 125 and have Gulibon 133 next year 41 I think Frey does as well or better than Pearsall. As for Gulibon and Connaway Jordan has performed incredibly well and above my expectation but simply is not beating Gulibon out ever. I would not be surprised at all to see Gulibon top 4-5 in the country next season at 133 especially if Steiber moves to 41. Frey couldn't make 141 this year so I doubt he makes it next year. Beitz will probably be the starter at 141 while Retherford redshirts.
  6. Both of the stalling calls against Delgado were when he was in the top position and failed to move up off the legs so I don't understand what your question is.
  7. B1G wrestlebacks for 9th place at weights that had 8 auto qualifiers. Finishing 1 place below AQ at your conference tourament earns you a bronze standard and therefore a potential at large spot in NCAAs.
  8. Anyone know if it's going to be video, or just audio?
  9. Probably missing this pin call on Hendricks... :twisted: Why do people keep posting that pic as proof that Hendricks was pinned? You can't see his right shoulder blade at all so how can you tell from that pic that he is pinned?
  10. The B1G didn't want or need them. :) I would much rather have Mizzou in the B1G than Maryland or Rutgers.
  11. Ain't likely gonna happen on here; tickets are tough. I'd head to stubhub, if I were you. Tough ain't the word. At StubHub, one all session ticket is starting at almost $900 going up to over $2,000 for better seats. That's many multiples of what I paid the last two times nationals were out east in Philly and Albany. And even if I was willing to pay that for the tickets, I can't find a hotel room. So someone remind me again of the advantages of holding nationals in DesMoines, other than native Iowans don't have to travel as far, no offense to native Iowans. The advantage to having it in Des Moines is they paid the NCAA more money than the other cities that bid on it. When are people here going to figure out that the NCAA doesn't choose the sites based on what is best for the fans, but on what makes the most money for the NCAA?
  12. And who, pray tell, are we discussing here? Good question, because I thought OK State and Iowa were both going to National Duals this year, although there have been recent years that they did not go.
  13. That is correct. Here is the language from the rules. 1.6 Determining Wrestling Order Immediately after the weigh-in for a dual meet or multiple dual meets conducted on the same day, coaches may mutually agree to determine the order of matches to be wrestled, allowing for a particular weight class to be featured. Once the first weight class is established, subsequent matches will continue in the traditional sequence of increasing weight class. If coaches cannot agree on the wrestling order, a random draw shall be conducted to determine which weight class will be wrestled first.
  14. All session tickets for Des Moines were $205 or at least the ones I bought were.
  15. And Q pinned him last year at NCAAs, although Ed did do it faster.
  16. The top point scorer for the event will be the team scorer, and likely the starter for the new year. Whoawhoawhoa...is that just for the HWT's, or are you talking about Gulibon as well? Gulibon is wrestling unattached in spite of what the preseeds say so he can't score team points no matter what.
  17. I think it will be a typical Dake match. He'll get a 1st period TD and ride him out, an escape in period 2 or 3 and a riding time point for a 4-0 win.
  18. The Citadel is a private college, it is not a military academy.
  19. http://video.btn.com/allaccess/[/quote[/url]] BTDN and all access are the same thing. You can get just one month or a whole year and you can also order only events from one school or from every school. Most of the duals where a B1G school is the home school they will either be on BTDN or on TV, of course, for a lot of those you get the fist to the back announcers. :lol:
  20. novalion


    From the article "Ryan wrestles at 141 and 149 pounds and was a four-time state champion runner-up during his career at Bettendorf High School." What the heck is a four-time state champion runner-up. Did he beat himself in the finals every year? :lol:
  21. Note that BTDN is not on TV. It is streamed and you have to pay for it, although IMHO it is well worth it.
  22. According to a number of PSU fans, Ruth will likley win every match this year by fall! :roll: Nothing like just making things up. Can you name even ONE PSU fan that posted that? Of course not as you are just trolling as usual. :lol:
  23. The "pros" are that most coaches and fans posting on here would like to see it happen. The "con" is that the NCAA apparently won't sanction two championships. That pretty much sums it up.
  24. I would say this clearly states your LOW opinion of wrestlers. With fans like you no wonder the sport is in trouble.
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