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  1. I'd like to know the same things. Is she in the minority or does she have a very valid point? And did the NWCA talk to ADs about their thoughts and views of National Duals vs. NCAAs as is?
  2. I don't think they are seeking her opinions anymore at U of MD! :roll: Well, that was a very insightful post. NOT. ROTLFMAO at you.
  3. It always surprises me how low an opinion many of the posters on this site have of wrestlers. Check that, instead of surprises it DISGUSTS me. I'd like to see any of the posters here that write that one wrestler is ducking another say that to the wrestlers face but obviously they wouldn't have the guts to do that. :lol:
  4. It's pretty clear to me that was just a poorly written article and it will be on tape delay. If it was on live the NWCA would be saying that and Flo certainly would not be paying for the rights to stream it when no one would be willing to pay for said stream.
  5. Are you saying that I can watch any and every Big 10 dual that occurs this year? They didn't broadcast all BIG duals last year but quite a few and based on the increased coverage of womens volleyball this fall I expect they will show even more this year, mostly produced by Student Sports.
  6. ***I'm pretty sure you can't mix athletic aid with other aid and call it a partial scholarship. If you offer athletic aid of any amount, then the total of all aid they receive counts against the scholarship limit.*** That statement is not correct except for head count sports like football and basketball. For wrestling as long as the non athletic aid is not based on their wrestling ability then that aid does NOT count against the 9.9. For instance, someone that qualifies for 50% aid based on family finances you can then offer them a 50% athletic ship and it only counts as 0.5 against the 9.9 limit.
  7. I don't know where they are coming up with 3,000 for AU. Per the AU site Bender Arena holds 4,500 for basketball and 6,000 for concerts. See link. I would think it would hold at least the 4,500 for wrestling. http://www.aueagles.com/information/facilities/bender_arena
  8. I know definitively that CR South and Easton both lost a team point for head gear tosses. I think that Connellsville may have lost a point, too (not positive, though). Interesting. So, assuming everthing else remained the same (except as indicated below), the following could have occured: [*:14wusn88]If Easton had avoided the penalty, they would have shared the title in a 3-way tie. [*:14wusn88]If CR South had avoided the penalty, they would have won the title outright. [*:14wusn88]If Connellsville had avoided the penalty, they would have won the title outright. There's a lesson in there somewhere. I don't remember what happened as far as penalty points but the OP is wrong about Oliver since he didn't lose in the first round. The only loss Oliver had at states was in the finals at 103 as a frosh to Matt Kyler who was ranked #1 in the country at 103 at the time.
  9. Another troll post from scribe. Par for the course. :roll:
  10. Just like the BTN network, it's a subscription deal. .... Well not entirely some cable companies provide the Big 10 Betwork with their basic cable package to entice viewers in the Midwest to sign up with them. Others though have it as a premium channel you have to pay an additional fee or buy a larger package to get. Getting the Big 10 network is one reason I still stick with my current provider. With the BIG10 Network you can also pay for a subscription to the Big Ten Digital Network. I watched at least a dozen duals online last season. Well worth it for me.
  11. I doubt the NWCA when planning this event had any idea the demand would be this high. It snowballed once it was announced Dake & Taylor were going to meet. If they want to keep in in the DC area next year the Patriot Center at George Mason holds around 10K. There are other options in a big city area like DC. You don't have to jump right from a small gym to the Comcast Center.
  12. And only has one senior in it, aka they are more than likely going to be even better next year And the PSU lineup also has only 1 senior in it and he gets replaced by Morgan McIntosh after a redshirt year. Personally, I think Iowa is a bigger dual matchup problem for PSU than Minnesota is.
  13. The Iowa fans were booing while Dake was being interviewed AFTER the match was over. It was quite clear to everyone in the arena that they were booing Dake and led by the Cornell fans pretty much ALL of the rest of the fans in attendance drowned out their boos with cheers.
  14. Maybe if you read the whole article Ray worte you would understand. I doubt your last sentence and to be honest the only reason I am responding is that if you read the article you would know this his been discussed for numerous years. Do you even know who orginally proposed this idea? Do you think it was the coaches and NWCA? Ray explains in the artilce, so maybe before you go all PSU on us, you could take the time to read the whole article. I have been around this sport long enough to not let people like you or Mopar bother me. I just hope some day people can be true fans and not whatever it is that is brewing in State College. I'm sad to hear that based on 1 or 2 posters you think that all PSU fans are not "true" fans of wrestling.
  15. I haven't seen anything about the results of that vote anywhere. Anyone have any information?
  16. No, the results from the National Duals would be used as that would be the official NCAA team title. Under the current proposal it would use the scoring set up for a 16 team bracket with all of the first round losers finishing 9th, quarterfinal losers finishing 5th, etc.
  17. To the participants, sure, they are meaningful. To would-be spectators, in many cases, the final score of that dual is as meaningful as the final scores of preseason NFL games. Do you really believe that? Duals I go to the fans in attendance are VERY interested in the final outcome. Not to mention the individual bouts are very important for seedings at conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament. The problem is getting new fans to dual meets and thinking new fans will show up just because you say they will is just wishful thinking.
  18. Lawson will be a RS soph this season.
  19. Correct, and the fans would beg to differ too. All you have to do is read the message boards here and at school sites and you can see that the outcome of duals and the in season TEAM & INDIVIDUAL rankings matter to a lot of fans. SHP, I don't know why you bothered responding to my post since instead of addressing what I said about kids (and that includes HS kids) to attend DUAL meets. Instead you set up a straw man argument about 12 hour tournaments and the attention span of kids which I did not propose and neither did anyone else here.
  20. That sounds good in theory and if this passes I sure hope you're right but IMHO this will NOT bring out more/new fans. Do you really think more fans will show up at a regular season dual between say Virginia Tech and Maryland because the winner will probably qualify for National Duals and win a trip to Iowa, Penn State, OK State? It may attract a few but only if it is well marketed and since I don't see much/any evidence that schools are making much of an effort to market duals currently I don't see that changing. IMHO, the way to expand the fan base is to go after the kids. Colleges should be aggressively marketing home dual meets to the local wrestling teams and clubs and getting them to duals by offering cheap or even free tickets. Look around at most duals and tournaments including NCAAs and the average age of attendees seem to be going up every year.
  21. It won't much matter if "Sanders" is effective since he has no eligibility left. :roll:
  22. Exactly. Albany is an AHL venue, and Omaha was as of when they had their championship. I believe Des Moines was an AHL venue at the time it was awarded its championship as well. Well, I just checked and this past season if NCAAs had been held April 12-14 the NBA, NHL & AHL would still have been in their regular seasons. Plus I sure hope we never go back to Albany unless they have a new arena. My back and knees are still recovering from the lack of leg room there.
  23. SHP, IMHO you're off base here and pretty much all of your concerns can be addressed by moving to the 2nd weekend in April. First, there is NO saturday night baseball on ESPN so throw that one out. As to arenas with March Madness starting up that's what 8 arenas down the tubes right there. For NBA & NHL playoffs they start right around the 20th of April, plus not every team makes the playoffs. I don't have a clue what AHL playoffs have to do with the price of tea in China.
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