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  1. This is why I think the collegiate wrestling should be a spring, rather than a winter, sport. Move it away from the high school season, and you stand a better chance of getting the high school kids in the stands. +1,000 to that. I've been hoping for that for some time now. Start the season with the holiday tournaments and have NCAAs the 3rd week of April instead of March.
  2. You really think WRESTLING will get ANY money out of this? No way, only the NCAA will get more money out of this which is the only reason it's being considered.
  3. SHP, I must have missed it. Where did FT say anything remotely close to that?
  4. They only can fit eight mats inside McKenzie Arena (and it's a fairly tight fit), whereas the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center would lay down ten mats and had plenty of room to spare. That's the difference in terms of the number of teams. Not sure how many teams last year but it was more than 21. Most of the weight classes had more than 32 and the tournament went off without to many hitches. I especially liked the part of the score board that showed the next 4 (or maybe it was 5) matches that would be on each mat.
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