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  1. Interesting comment. You could argue it in a number of different ways. This season, Nolf has faced 17 opponents. He's pinned 9 of them, TFed 4 of them, and majored 2 of them. So 15 of the 17 he's bonused. Only 1 of the 17 is not on a college roster (wrestled Dan Ritz, at the Nittany Lion Open). NCAAs are a higher level of competition, so let's look at just bouts against elite guys. The guys that were in the top 20 when he wrestled them were: #3 (at the time) Nick Brascetta (VT) #20 (at the time) Chad Walsh (Rider) #16 Kamaal Shakur (Chattanooga) #10 Nick Minotti (Lehigh) He decisioned Brascetta (4-1), he majored Walsh (18-7), he pinned Shakur (5:45), and he pinned Minotti (2:50). JoJo Smith is not ranked as he's currently redshirting, but he would likely be ranked if he were not redshirting. Nolf decisioned him 7-3. To argue all sides, you should point out that his match against Brascetta was his 2nd match in a PSU singlet, so he's likely improved/gotten more comfortable since then. We'll know before NCAAs, in that Nolf will meet IMar in a dual, and at this point seems likely to meet up with him at B1Gs. The remaining top 20 guys he'll see in duals are: Brian Murphy (Michigan) Doug Welch (Purdue -- this weekend) Mitch Minotti (Lehigh), again Tyler Berger (Nebraska) Jake Ryan (Ohio State) At this point in the season, I'd project Nolf as a 2 or 3 seed, and possibly a 1 depending on how he does against IMar. Based on that seed (which may prove to be inaccurate), as well as the above data, it seems likely that Nolf will bonus at NCAAs at least to the quarters or semis.
  2. Not sure that the 2 situations are all that comparable. McIntosh was a true fresh his 1st year, and he barely had to cut any weight. His fading toward the end of the season had more to do with his injured leg than anything else. Rasheed is a RS freshman, which is a significant difference. On the flip side, unlike McIntosh in his true fresh season, Rasheed is cutting a good bit of weight. Barring an injury, his biggest issue is likely to how he manages the weight cut. The Scuffle should give us some info on Rasheed, though it's possible that we'll learn that conditioning isn't an issue, but his inexperience with college wrestling is an issue. Morelli certainly has more experience, and would likely do well for PSU at 165. Rasheed appears to have a higher ceiling, though it remains to be seen how consistent he is.
  3. Really? Which "current wrestlers for Cael are majoring in physical education?" Please tell -- I so look forward to your answer. As a FYI, physical education isn't a major at PSU, so I will be curious to see how you reply. PSU does offer a major in Kinesiology. There are a number of career paths for that degree. Some use it to pursue a Chiropractic degree, some use it to pursue a Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy degree. Others use it to pursue a career in strength and conditioning. There are other paths one can take with that degree. FWIW, 2 members of last year's PSU squad were Kinesiology majors, and neither were starters nor were they highly ranked prospects that were waiting in the wings. As for U. of Penn. (I hope you realize that PSU and PENN are separate Universities, about 200 miles apart if you are driving), they also don't offer a major in physical education. They also don't offer a major in kinesiology, so despite your uninformed advice, I tend to doubt that Alex Tirapelle will "channel some of his recruits in that direction." So returning to my opening paragraph, please do enlighten me as which of Cael's wrestlers are majoring in physical education.
  4. IMHO, a several factors here. 1. D1CW indicates that their ranking was last updated on 8/19 (not sure if that's accurate, since Chance was still headed to PSU on 8/19, but perhaps the list was established in the summer, and not updated since except to indicate college choices, though even that is not complete, as this thread shows) 2. Boykins wrestled 220 in 2013 (as well as in 2014), and for HS guys that wrestle 220 it's always a challenge to figure if they will be at 285 or at 197 in college 3. Boykins took 3rd in AAA at PA States in 2013, but he was 2nd in his own region to Jordan Woods (who took 2nd at States), so if he's 3rd in his own state, and 2nd within his region of that state, it's kind of hard to make a case for him to be on a Top 100 list 4. I don't think he did a lot of wrestling in national tourneys to make a case for being in a Top 100 list. I believe he's at FloNationals this year, but I don't think he participated in last year's tourney, and that took place in his own state (granted, on the other side of the state, but still his state; about a 3.5 - 4 hour drive).
  5. Not a lot of available dates with the B1G schedule. I've posted some of the out-of-conference slates for recent years below. The variation in the number of OOC duals is based on the number of tournaments PSU would participate in during the respective years. Believe the last time PSU wrestled Cornell in a dual was in the 2008-09 season (at Cornell, on 11/21/08). They've encountered Cornell at tournaments since then, but not in a dual meet. Believe the last time PSU wrestled Edinboro in a dual was in that 2004-5 season (at Edinboro, on 12/12/04). They met several times since then at tournaments, but not in a a dual meet. Non-conference opponents (not including tourneys) in recent years: 2013-14: @ Rider @ Lehigh Lock Haven @ Boston U @ Iowa (not a conference match) Pittsburgh Oklahoma St. Clarion 2012-13: Lehigh @ West Virginia Lock Haven @ Pittsburgh Rider @ Rutgers 2011-12: Bloomsburg @ Lehigh West Virginia @ Lock Haven @ Utah Valley Pittsburgh 2010-11: @ Bloomsburg Lehigh Lock Haven Pittsburgh 2009-10: @ Lehigh Bloomsburg @ Pittsburgh @ West Virginia @ Lock Haven 2008-09: Hofstra @ Cornell West Virginia Lehigh Lock Haven University of Penn. 2007-08: Maryland Hofstra @ Lehigh @ Oklahoma State Cornell @ Lock Haven 2006-07: Lehigh @ Hofstra Lock Haven @ Coornell
  6. Taylor actually jumped the whistle off the start and got a caution. It was pretty clear at that point he wanted to work very quickly. As a nice little bonus, I got to meet Varner. Like I said, Taylor must have had a hot date! I haven't checked on this lately, but as of a few months ago DT was still with his GF of some time, and she is smoking hot. If I had a pic of her, I'd post it, but alas I don't have such a pic.
  7. Lots of issues here, and also what appears to be some misinformation. Let's look at the rule book for some clarification. 1.8 Dimensions Mats shall have a wrestling area between 32 and 42 feet in diameter. There shall be a mat area (or apron) with a minimum width of 5 feet that extends entirely around the wrestling area. ... The matted apron around the wrestling area shall extend at least five feet between out-of-bounds lines when two mats are side-by-side and at least five feet from the out-of-bounds line and any obstruction such as a table, bleachers or walls. 2.4 In Bounds Contestants are considered to be in bounds if any part of either wrestler is on or inside the boundary line. Wrestling shall continue as long as either wrestler remains in bounds. It is the responsibility of both wrestlers to maintain action by staying in bounds. For the purpose of awarding a point(s) at the edge of the wrestling area, a point(s) shall be awarded when control is established or lost while any part of either wrestler finishes on the mat in bounds. If there is no action at the edge of the mat, the referee may stop the wrestling. 2.6 Takedown A takedown shall be awarded when, from the neutral position, a contestant gains control by taking the opponent down to the mat in bounds. (See Illustration Nos. 49 through 52.) For the purpose of awarding takedown points at the edge of the wrestling area, points shall be awarded when control is established while any part of either wrestler remains in bounds. (See Illustration Nos. 43 through 49.) If the opponent’s body and the body of the wrestler attempting a takedown are outside the wrestling area, breaking the boundary of an imaginary cylinder surrounding and extending above the wrestling area and the opponent is out of bounds, a takedown shall not be awarded. (See Illustration No. 54.) In the illustration section, the rule book contains this information for illustrations 43 through 46: "TAKEDOWNS. At the edge of the wrestling area, points shall be awarded when control is established while at least one supporting point or any part of a foot of either wrestler finishes on the mat in bounds."
  8. If that's what you got from what I posted, you either have reading comprehension issues or you simply like to troll.
  9. You only offered 2 options, but the reasons top prospects don't prosper at a particular school are far more nuanced than simply coaches can't develop a prospect or coaches cut a prospect that doesn't fit the program. Since I pay more attention to PSU than the other schools you listed, I'll focus on them to show how prospects may not become top performers at the school they initially attended. Sam Sherlock - had multiple alcohol incidents, and was kicked off the team as a result, even though he was starting for PSU at the time. He's since transferred to Lock Haven University, and was wrestling for them earlier this year. In short, neither of your options applies in this situation. Hank Stinson - hmm, brain lock on what happened with him. I'll get back to you on that. Dirk Cowburn - an excellent prospect. Unfortunately for him, he had Dylan Alton and David Taylor ahead of him at 157 and 165. He ended up leaving the PSU team, but stayed at PSU to get his degree. Another situation for which your options don't apply Nick Ruggear - he's still on the roster. In fact, he either wrestled in a dual for PSU in the past 2 weeks, or traveled with the team to a dual but didn't wrestle (forget which one). He had Q ahead of him at 197, so he he elected to bulk up and wrestle at heavyweight. He made this decision before PSU got Jimmy Lawson to transfer in. Since that time, he's been behind Jimmy Lawson and Jon Gingrich. Had he dropped back down to 197 he would have been behind Mogan McIntosh. Another situation that does not fit the options you presented.
  10. The Pirate is usually pretty good with his facts, and it appears that he's correct here as well. Kraisser lost to Delgado in the 125 quarterfinals. This dropped him in to the consolations. He lost his first match in the consolations to Tyler Cox (Wyoming). The winner of that match was guaranteed to be an AA. Cox lost the subsequent consolation match to Trent Sprenkle (N. Dakota St.). This put Cox in the 7/8 match, where he was pinned by David Thorn (Minny), and thus finished in 8th place. So to summarize, Kraisser was one match away from AA status last year, which is exactly what SHP indicated.
  11. Vak, it was a challenge for me, but this process made if viable. Read as much as you can using the scroll bar. When you get to the bottom, go back to the last Subject Line (the top of the last post by SHP). Click on that Subject Line (1/6/15 Takedown Wrestling Media Dual Impact Index), and the data should re-display, with that which was the last weight class you could read being now at the top of your display. With the re-display, read as much as you can with the scroll bar, and repeat the process. I've not had to do this process in the past with SHP's Index posts. SHP - 2 suggestions for future Index postings: 1) put them in sequential order, 2) if you don't follow #1, then put a separate post at the end indicating that the Index is completed for that week
  12. That sounds about right. Were there any undefeateds the year Metcalf won the hodge with a loss? I think Tyler Caldwell has a decent chance of beating David Taylor at NCAAs this year. "Creative techniques" (i.e., grabbing headgear) aside, he really slowed Taylor down in the Scuffle finals, albeit without much offense, which may actually be enough to eke out a win with some solid riding and an escape. I wonder if this year's Taylor-Caldwell is like last year's Dake-Taylor, with both guys steamrolling through competition (but with Caldwell wrestling DT competitively but maybe not quite figuring out how to close the deal?). Should be fun to watch again. Anything can happen when 2 folks wrestle, but I doubt many would say Tyler Caldwell "has a decent chance of beating David Taylor at NCAAs this year." Last year, they met in the Southern Scuffle. DT won 10-0. Bottom line, Caldwell didn't score a single point. This year, they met again in the Southern Scuffle. DT won 9-1, with the point being off a caution. Bottom line, Caldwell didn't score a single point. I'll give Caldwell credit for slowing down DT's offense in their recent meeting. DT was unable to score in the 1st period, as Caldwell really did a nice job of tieing him up. That said, DT rode out Caldwell in the 2nd period, and turned Caldwell twice during the ride, and when Caldwell was on top DT reversed him and turned him again. So in 2 matches, Caldwell has yet to score a point while on his feet, has yet to score a point while on top, and has yet to score a point while on bottom. How that equates to a decent shot of beating DT in their next meeting is beyond me. Then again, Gabe Dean defeated Ed Ruth a month after Ruth had pinned him, so like I said in my 1st sentence, anything can happen when 2 folks wrestle.
  13. I'll give you one point in this discussion. I was going from memory, and thought that McIntosh had wrestled against a backup, as Thomusseit was out for Pitt. Thomusseit was out for the dual, but not at 197. My mistake. Beyond that, your comments are a mess. McIntosh was still heavily taped at the Pitt dual. As I initially pointed out, and others have subsequently pointed out, Phipps was not available to wrestle for McIntosh at the Pitt dual, as he was filling in for Ruth that afternoon. The only others in the room that could have gone at 197 were: Scott Syrek - suffered a serious injury requiring surgery during his senior year in HS, and suffered an injury earlier this year at an Open. In short, not available Matt McCutcheon - a true freshman, whose RS they do not want to blow P.J. Steinmetz - another true freshman, whose RS they do not want to blow Josh Rogers - a sophomore who is a backup at best. He's only wrestled in Opens. Before the Pitt match, his record in Opens this year was 1-4 So they didn't have any viable options to wrestle for McIntosh against Pitt, and while his injury was a concern, it was not something that would totally preclude him from wrestling. Against Ohio State, my earlier comment is correct. McIntosh was ready and eager to go, but when PSU had the dual locked up, and Phipps was available due to Ruth's return to the lineup, the team elected to not send him out as a precautionary measure. CS met with the press today, and indicated that McIntosh's elbow is much better, and he's a definite for this weekend's dual against Iowa. Got anymore facts to bring to the discussion? If not, I'm done addressing your commentary, or your feelings.
  14. Agreed. This isn't high school, where top ranked wrestlers do frequently move up a weight to take on another top ranked wrestler, in part to get more practice, so to speak, against elite competition. In college, there is elite talent in the practice room, especially at places like Iowa or PSU. Plus, as Vak points out, neither Brands nor CS place duals all that high on their list of priorities. They are trying to get their teams to be at the best in March. (I share their feelings about duals, though I acknowledge that their approach is part of the argument that the NWCA uses in support of National Duals.) Fans might enjoy seeing Ramos vs. Retherford, but I don't see that it would offer much to Ramos in terms of long-term preparation. Plus, one could make a case that it does more harm to Iowa's chances in the dual than keeping Ramos at 133.
  15. Complain about rankings if you wish, but your comments will be better received if they are based on facts, and not on what you think. McIntosh took to the mat on Dec. 6, against Boston U with his arm fully wrapped. He had hyperextended his elbow in practice some days before the match. Since then, PSU has been pretty careful about the injury. Morgan did wrestle 2 days later, against a Pitt backup in the PSU - Pitt dual. In that dual, Wes Phipps wrestled 184 as Ed Ruth was still on team suspension. Against Ohio State, Ruth returned to PSU's lineup. Both Phipps and McIntosh were introduced before the match at 197. As PSU had the dual won before the 197 match, PSU sent out Phipps to wrestle Heflin. McIntosh was prepared to wrestle Heflin, and neither he nor the team was looking to avoid Heflin. However, given the opportunity to get another week to rehab the elbow when the opportunity presented itself in the dual, they opted for that approach. You can worry about rankings in December, or make up fiction about why somebody doesn't wrestle another ranked wrestler in December. Most teams that are interested in winning a National Championship will disregard the December rankings, and do the best job they can to have their wrestlers as healthy as possible for March. The 197 bracket is quite loaded for the Southern Scuffle, so if McIntosh's elbow is ready for the tournament, he'll be going against several top-ranked wrestlers at the Scuffle.
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