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  1. ..... he did appear pinned. watched a "ref" call two defensive falls in one dual meet- that was more "odd" than questionable. both benefitted the home team. the guy is pretty good, but i wouldn't have called the second one even if it was there.
  2. revive bowling green state, toledo, miami oxford, ball state,west. mich., etc.
  3. Logan beats EVERYONE in the room consistently, especially the lil bro. Thats how he makes everyone around him better...by beating on them and making them tougher. I am pretty close with a few of the bucks and they say Logan rarely gives up even a takedown in practice. Dude is a full-time Hammer. Congrats to the young Bucks on the win in Vegas! There were some dark spots but as a whole they pulled it out. That's very impressive given the room in question. As I mentioned on the thread about lb-for-lb top 5 guys, I think Logan is the most improved national champ from last year, even more than Dake. He is noticeably crisper with his moves, has impeccable timing, and seems much more confident overall. Just an absolute joy to watch as a fan. he took rowlands down with a double the other day
  4. that's like having 5 tee's left over in that cracker barrell game.
  5. Young guys? Boyle= 4th year junior loses to unseeded Grajalel= ready for social security loses to unseeded Apland= 5th year senior loses to TWO unseeded one from the powerhouse Cal Baptist! All three of these had redshirts (Grajales two, one in high school). This is a coaching/preparation problem plain and simple. As a Michigan fan I am embarassed! be careful calling out coaches on here-some of the readers get hurt feelings.
  6. gr8estsprt


    .....Bono went there for the climate....... :lol:
  7. .........kj doesn't care enough to understand coaching......... :idea:
  8. ........onlineresumes.com
  9. ........now he is teaching English at penn state...........
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