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  1. Heisenberg: If I am remembering correctly, women's wrestling has never had 10 weights. I believe not even close. I think they started with just 4 weights actually. So we never had 30 medals for wrestling.
  2. https://www.nbcolympics.com/schedule/sport/wrestling As LJB pointed out above, hit the "i" info button in the upper right of each mat to see a drop down listing of all bouts. Looking like simple format: All 60KG Greco on Mat A, all 76kg women's FS on Mat B, all 130kg Greco on Mat C.
  3. Or NBC Olympic Network if you have it. On TV or can stream it with your TV log in. Much better stream and camera work + John Smith commentary. Everyday live for medal matches.
  4. Immediate continuation counter-score -- match continues despite temporary 10 pt advantage. If any pause before counter score, tech stands and match is over. I think continuation in Gilman match was the right call.
  5. Forced par terre is already out of the rules immediately after the Olympics. That is, after the Olympics the seniors will follow the same Greco rules that all other age groups have been following for two years now: No forced par terre. Passivity is warning-one-warning-one, etc. No caution. No stoppage. Not a panacea, but I think it works pretty well.
  6. Thanks gimpeltf. Makes sense. So classification points are only relevant (at least at Worlds and Olympics, etc.) for determining individual 6th-10th place. (And thus indirectly relevant for determining team placement -- i.e., 1 team pt for 10th place, 2 team pts for 9th place, etc.) Makes it all the more surprising and annoying when you you see the following: Guy has scored pts but is losing the match with a few seconds left. Tries something desperate and ends up on his back. Then lies there and gives up an essentially uncontested fall. He may have just cost his team placement pts (and given some to another team) -- instead of 3:1 classification pts it has become 5:0. I saw this happen more than once at Worlds.
  7. Two wrestling seasons would be fantastic. But Pamela, please name of few of these many high school athletic conferences that currently have both folkstyle and freestyle wrestling. School sanctioned high school varsity freestyle wrestling in the United States? Have never heard of it. Did I misunderstand what you said? Matt
  8. JB, been wondering this for a while: Given that team score is solely determined by placement points (I thought it was otherwise), does the display and recording of classification points following each bout serve any purpose whatsoever (other than as a ceremonial vestige of an individual advancement system no longer in use)? Matt
  9. I did too -- until yesterday. Track is so much easier to follow than UWW tools.
  10. Angry_Fish has this right. The problem is an imperfect Trackwrestling method of documenting passivity/shot clock indications. Passivity calls are NOT cautions (and never have been in freestyle since the advent of the 30 second clock). So in this match, no actual cautions -- thus last point scored prevailed. For the avoidance of doubt, criteria is: 1. Highest valued hold(s) 2. Fewest cautions (but passivity is NOT a caution) 3. Last point scored. And yes, I KNOW this. Matt
  11. Jason: Thanks. Very helpful. But I think you meant to say 12 midnight (not noon).
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