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  1. Sure as hell wouldn't want to live in your world. Smoking dope only affects (directly) the user and is voluntary. Physical abuse/violence is not voluntary for the recipient - two very different things. "If it's not impacting the job that they are hired for, does it matter?" A few possibilities: -) your employee runs a little meth lab down the block from a middle school - 'get 'em while they're young', he says. But he never brings his side business on your premises. -) your employee runs a little brothel after hours - 'I like the foreign ones best, they don't know that they can quit any time.' But he never brings his side business on your premises. -) the tenant in your rental beats his wife and kids whenever you go by to check on your property - but he doesn't damage the property and he always pays early. In your world, profit comes ahead of everything? There is no line?
  2. I think you need to improve your command of the English language. Start by working on the definition of 'technician'.
  3. I suppose we have a different definition of technician. Stating that she'd get smoked says nothing about her as a technician. To use the Schultz example again, most people back in the day considered Dave a superior technician, but even Dave would tell you he'd get beat by the best heavyweights in the world.
  4. If 'Hampton State' is Hampton University (always a private school, IIRC), they had a program as well. JB might know more, as that's his home turf. A long (LONG) time ago, I'm pretty sure they had a blind wrestler in the lineup, got a brief mention in the news. I was matside at the ODU tournament (always early Nov), I hear somebody doing a running commentary on a match: "now he stands up, now he's trying to free his hands..." What the heck? I turned and see one teammate narrating to a guy who clearly can't see a thing. Dark glasses, white cane, dressed in singlet, ready when his turn came. I didn't get to watch his match, or how his career went - different conference than us.
  5. I wish. A few years back (2004, I think?), met a guy who was at W&M after me, wrestled for Bill Pincus and Glen Gormley. He kept in touch with people, claims they could find backers to fund the program overnight if they reinstated it. Said the admin won't even acknowledge their existence. It sounds like the athletic dept is fine with what they have now, can't see them adding anything in the near future. They just named a new president, though, have no idea what her priorities are.
  6. I suppose you can see the irony of these two phrases back to back... Although I have to agree with you, calling you a 'misogynist' based on one derogatory comment about one woman is a real stretch (I don't know your posting history). All snarkiness aside, who do you think is a better technician than Helen Maroulis? An honest question; I don't follow the sport at a serious enough level to throw out names, male or female. Back in the day we used to say Dave Schultz (still gets me angry to think of that whole cascade of events); who do people consider in that same light today?
  7. I can't be quite as anti-Notre Dame, growing up Catholic and all that, but even among the faithful, their methods and arrogance rub people the wrong way. That underhanded behavior seems pretty common in higher education, though. I wonder sometimes, in the future I can see people not giving money directly to colleges (or any other causes) at all, particularly the truly wealthy. I'll set up my own endowment, keep control of the principle and send you a check once a year if I'm good with your operations. Seems like a better way to hold people accountable, although tax laws and such might make this impractical.
  8. 54 is pretty ancient - who works your computer thingy for you? It's interesting to see the different cutoffs here, some states as early as Sept 1, others as late as December. In this part of the world, my sister/self/father are Aug/Sep/Oct, each turned 6 in first grade. Older sister/brother are Nov/Dec, each turned 7 in first grade. Even there, that makes them 18 at graduation. I'm surprised at people who say they're never met a 17-year old college freshman, or that 19 and still in h.s. isn't unusual. And to get off track here, a story I tell now and then about a straight-out-of-Dickens factory my brother and I worked in one summer. Very few of the adults completed high school, several ex-cons on the payroll. One (not an ex-con) says, "I'll never forget getting my draft notice. Sophomore year of high school, came home and there it was in the mailbox." Uh, Gary, sophomore year? "Yep, I was 19 years old." We figured his principal gave the draft board a heads-up; I don't think he was on the Ivy League track. The thing is, his Army time gave him the training and skills as a mechanic that served him well once he got out.
  9. Coach, did the school fight you on the restrictions? They always want money no strings attached, but who doesn't? As Notre Dame proved, they have high-priced legal counsel that can find ways around such restrictions. I put this on an earlier thread somewhere, my old school cancelled the program, then said, OK, you have four years to raise $500,000. Within weeks of the fourth installments coming in, they killed the program and said they'd keep the money. Can't prove it, but I always thought they ran a bait-and-switch, cynically figured these caveman wrestlers wouldn't know what hit them. Probably their biggest mistake, they should have let the program have one more season, then claim they used up all the money. As it was, their attitude got ugly when they had to write a lot of refund checks.
  10. "because they won't do anything for our sport." Weird logic. Tapping into a previously ignored participant and fan base can't possibly have any positive effects?
  11. While missing the Olympics means the general public doesn't know Kemp's name, he did not make the world team until he was 21 years old and graduated from college. By the same age, Snyder had three world-level titles to Kemp's one.
  12. 'He is an alcoholic.' Can't tell if this is meant to smear him or just a statement of fact, but obviously this is not by itself a disqualifier. Read about Brad Penrith. Back in the dark ages (early 90's?), AWN had a story about Penrith's long battle. Gable tossed him off the team a few times, finally said we've given him several chances, certainly seemed to close the door on him. Penrith says he probably would have been dead in a few years, when he finally turned it around, only his girlfriend (later wife) and Rico Chiapparelli stood by him. Not surprisingly, Gable was very leery when Penrith approached him yet again, but finally gave him another chance - says a lot about Gable, actually. While Penrith didn't have a lot of success at UNI, by all appearances he's winning the big battle day by day. Having said that, no clue on what the situation is with Pat Smith, and if he never got a degree, it's a nonstarter. If his own brother John can't get him back in at OSU, there is something behind the scenes that keeps him out. Or it's self-imposed - maybe Pat knows enough to stay away from old cronies or such that did him no favors.
  13. Weird answer if serious. Did you see either of these two wrestle? (I didn't). Hodge was just as dominant as Uetake, and I believe still has the highest pinning percentage in history along with never surrendering a takedown - admittedly he only had 46 matches over 3 years. Mind you, I'm just going off of book knowledge here, but trying to squeeze anyone between Hodge and Uetake in a 'greatest' debate seems like trying to shove a sheet of paper underneath a 1000 pound boulder.
  14. A question on this. Is pre-K mandatory in NV? Here in Virginia, the education associated has pushed to make pre-K full day and eventually mandatory, but so far mandatory enrollment starts with kindergarten. I have to agree with you on the RS. Although it's hard to project 12 years into the future for a child that young, a student held back in elementary or middle school always got looked at as 'different', fair or not. Better to do it upfront if you don't think the child is ready to start.
  15. Following on this where the original post said true freshman are supposed to be 18 to start the school year - do any colleges have minimum ages for enrollment? Being very cynical here, I would think they would only care if you've completed high school and your/your parents' tuition checks don't bounce. I've never heard of a college having a minimum age, although they'd have to make allowances for a very young student. I had a friend, her school had one of these genius types, started at her college when he was 12, expected to cure cancer and solve the Mideast problems before he became President... She spoke with him a few times, said he was very - different.
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