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  1. The dual meet is scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday, 11:00 am CST on BTN! I was at the meet and am looking forward to watching that match again - it was crazy!
  2. I'm pretty sure college has never had "bad time"! That's a high school thing and pretty sure it is not in the college rule book these days!
  3. After some research (and it was tough to find): http://www.teamusa.org/Home/USA-Wrestling/Events US Senior Nationals - Las Vegas - April 17-19, 2014 US Freestyle World Team Trials - Ann Arbor - May 29-31, 2014
  4. Thanks for the info/update SHP!
  5. Does anyone know if Ryan Loder, Northern Iowa is entered at 184? He is noticeably absent from the seeds!
  6. Chance Marsteller posted on Facebook about 30 minutes ago that he will be wrestling for Okie State!
  7. Good one AKHUNTER - I agree that was historic!!!
  8. Back in the 1973 Midlands the starter for Northern Iowa at 134 lbs was Jim Miller and he was either sick or injured so did not enter the tournament. His backup at the time Tom Garcia entered in his place and won the Midlands! Keep in mind this was back in the day when the Midlands was an extremely tough tournament! I believe this was the same year (season) that Miller finished 2nd at the NCAA D1's in Ames!
  9. At the 1976 All Star meet held in February (I think) at Madison, WI Yagla & Kemp agreed to meet at 150 lbs with a 5 lb weight allowance as this was Kemp's sophomore year and he was competing at 158 lbs! This was a rematch from the previous year's finals match at 150 lbs which ultimately kept Kemp from being the first 4-timer! It worked out well for Kemp as he won something like 7-1 (not sure of exact score)!
  10. Hurricane - was trying to inject a little humor about Kemp vs. the great state of Iowa! Yes indeed Mr. Kemp did eventually get the better over the competitors from Iowa colleges! I'm pretty sure that Kemp beat Yagla in the finals of the Northern Open in overtime his freshman year (that was the first time they met). Then Yagla defeated Kemp in the dual meet and Big Ten finals by identical scores of 4-0. Then I believe you have the correct synopsis of the NCAA Finals and the All-Star match the following year. Yagla and Kemp met 5 times in folkstyle with Kemp winning the first and the last times they met. They met several times in freestyle at 163 lbs. with Kemp winning all of those matches (final tryouts for 1978 World Team - best 2 of 3 - Kemp won 2 straight) and a few other times I believe. Kemp is definitely one of the all-time greats in my opinion!
  11. Not so fast with Kemp on his freshman year! Pretty sure he had 6 losses that year with 3 of them at Midlands. He lost in semis to Holland-ISU, consi semis to Galea-ISU, and forfeited the 5th place match to Blasingame-UNI. He then lost in the dual meet, Big Ten finals and NCAA finals to Yagla-Iowa. Still a great year for a true freshman barely 18 years old. Moral of the story - stay away from the schools located in the great state of Iowa!
  12. Have to chime in with some Hawkeyes from the '70's - how about Yagla, Holm, Kinseth? They didn't give up many escapes!
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong/uneducated but does Dake have any significant international experience other than last year's trials and working out/training with Burroughs and the rest of the Olympic Team? The U.S. has had lots and lots of excellent college wrestlers that never had international success! Keep in mind that guys like Schalles, Zalesky, Churella, P. Smith, etc. never even made it onto an Oympic or World Team for the U.S.! Not saying Dake won't do it internationally but that's a whole different ball game!
  14. BigApple - I don't think it is fair to assume it was bad coaching! Sometimes the athete does not listen or perform as directed by his coach! You could be absolutely right but unless you have inside information on the coaching not fair to criticize in my opinion!
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