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  1. Rehab is going well. Sam is Strolling along just fine
  2. Not everything is about Penn State. Jesus
  3. My god man. My post had nothing to do with Penn State. You are way off base yet again
  4. Phish and Tbar sure ruined this thread quick.
  5. You're basing that on what knowledge? Glass half full Mr! Prayers for Richard and his family
  6. So you repeated what everyone already said a month ago. Come on Flap you have better material than this
  7. Remember when you disappeared for a month after USA beat Russia at Worlds last year?
  8. HWC is making good moves folks!
  9. Penn State gets the best results because Cael Sanderson is the best recruiter. Russia wins Championships because they have the best covered up corruption
  10. Steroids and corruption can do a lot for ya!
  11. Yeah there is. If Alex Meyer beat him, a senior Jay Borschel could have aswell. You sound like all the Mack Lewnes fans that year
  12. Nolf dominate Burroughs in 09? Lmao
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