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  1. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/238800-World-Team-Trials-2011/video/495581-74-c-Kyle-Dake-NYAC-vs-Kirk-White-BroncoI would use a right hand collar tie. If you collar tie with your left hand he will underhook you with his dominant right hand. Its better to get on his head and tire his lower back and neck out with your right hand. Roll his right wrist, and don't let him right handed collar tie you. This will stop his schuck by, because he needs that to schuck you. Don't let him get to his right handed underhook or his left handed shuck by. If you get on his head he will eventually come out of his stance. He is good in a body lock/under over situation but he can be beaten there if you shoot to your position. If you choose to shoot a HiCrotch, stand up with it immediately and put it in your armpit to finish.
  2. Wrestling Fans, Wrestlers and Parents, The 2012 NCAA Wrestling Championship tournament is fast approaching. As always, the NCAA National Wrestling Tournament has been sold out for quite some time. However, we are selling All Session tickets for the championships. We have approximately 140 tickets left that we NEED to sell. If you are interested in purchasing tickets please contact Athletic Ticket Office at Boise State University. The contact there is Shaela in the Athletic Ticket Office at 208-426-1286 or by email at spriaulx@boisestate.edu to pay for your tickets. Thanks to our 9th place finish last year we have great seats! Our seats this year are located on the lower level in sections 110 and 111. Tickets are $185 and include all 6 sessions. The Athletic Ticket Office accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and cash. Important Dates • March 15th – 17th NCAA Wrestling Championships at St. Louis, Missouri Thank you for your support of Bronco Wrestling!
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