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  1. what happened in the second period of cuba vs mongolia?? i thought mongloia got the push out and tied it up and since he scored last he would win..? but cuba's arm was raised.
  2. looking at the brackets, i think escobedo could make it it the finals...
  3. yes it is. check out mark perry's twitter page, he's coaching him.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj8-wQLS7Hg
  5. what networks are covering this dual? btnd or cbsaccess?
  6. free: iowa vs iowa state http://apps.ohlulz.com/ncaa/?lulz=rtmp: ... _1200@3243
  7. dake vs taylor: good quality by glbl media
  8. mangrum up seted, looked real bad out there.
  9. anybody know if the live stream is for free or not??
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