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  1. I went to school at Iowa at the same time as Blasco and Billy Murphy and legend has it they had a sit down meeting with Tom Brands to try and convince him they should be able to not only smoke pot but do it before matches because it helped them wrestle. Worth a shot, I guess.
  2. I have seen Jordan Oliver warned but not penalized for that stupid multiple straight arm pushes in a row thing in the middle of the mat.
  3. If you don't understand what he is saying you are either stupid or intentionally obtuse but neither are a good look.
  4. Sorry my response was for OP. Should have quoted.
  5. I would imagine they look something like this: Gilman - RBY Oliver - O'Connor or one of the Mondays (he is most likely to choose someone non-traditional) Dake - Gabe Dean Taylor - Bo or Brooks Snyder - Bo or Kerkvliet Gable - Nelson I could see NLWC using this as an opportunity to give their next generation a chance to get a feel for the big show.
  6. RBY and Gilman have apparently become really close so I would bet Gilman takes him.
  7. Nope. Don't agree with OP. Don't over complicate a rule designed to simplify things.
  8. Burkert giving a hell of an interview right now but I don't know why they are interviewing her.
  9. Just an incredible range of emotions. What a series.
  10. Did anyone think Burroughs was favoring something in the first match? Looked like he was protecting his right arm/right side.
  11. Taylor's physique looks much different than the last time we saw him at WTT. I wonder if his strength training regimen changed. Maybe a different protein supplier? Or just doing his best to fight off dadbod now that he has a family?
  12. So you think Bull will beat Wick multiple times during the season?
  13. No, Bo is a dick and he knows he's a dick. It's kind of funny to me because I would probably do the same type of **** if I was as good as him. It'll be interesting to see his transition to MMA.
  14. What's the relationship with the Smith's and Fix's like these days? John couldn't have been too happy about his RTC coach giving his best athlete PEDs.
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