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  1. Wow. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/October/10/Snyder-to-train-at-Nittany-Lion-WC
  2. What would be preventing Abounader from wrestling Israel and then never wrestling for Lebanon again? Would the country threaten or imprison his family still living there?
  3. Didn’t Cox almost accidentally make 86 kilos after a practice this year? I feel like I remember a photo of him weighing out at like 87.x after an OTC practice.
  4. Snyder has zero creativity to his game. If you can withstand the physical pressure you know exactly what’s coming. Sharifov used heavy hips to shut him down on the single and Snyder had nothing else to go to.
  5. What exactly are you doing right now? Oh yeah, hiding behind your keyboard jerking off to old Downey matches while dissing people. You aren't Downey so you're just as pathetic. Clownbaby.
  6. Why are you continuing to hide behind your keyboard? What a sensitive snowflake. Runs to defend his little buddy every time someone posts about him. Next time you come up for air from Downey's nuts maybe tell us who you are you little clownbaby.
  7. Senior National Team member, World University medalist (beat Nahshon to make the team).
  8. Well it’s happened in engagements since the Civil War and we haven’t called any of them Civil Wars.
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