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  1. Why would you skip the event if a mask was mandatory?
  2. I’m sorry that CNN repeated the idiot President’s words and took them at face value. Learn to think for yourself, fool.
  3. Are you saying the head of the department of homeland security does not know the presidents directives and can’t apply them appropriately? Because according to them US Citizens, legal residents, and their families can travel to and from Europe. That is not a ban and is not stopping travel from Europe.
  4. I’ll entertain one last post before I put you on ignore. The acting head of US Homeland Security (who trump appointed) said it did not apply to US Citizens, legal residents, or their families. So there is no travel ban. There are restrictions on US citizens but nothing like your Dear Leader or you actually claimed.
  5. Simply put, both you and the President are clearly idiots. He said that it was contained and there would be zero cases in the next few days. That was clearly a lie and his staff perpetuated that lie while receiving briefings to the contrary. There is no way to objectively look at the facts here and claim otherwise. You are a fool and should be treated as such. Adios, loser.
  6. We aren’t stopping travel from Europe. Another lie (among two glaring others in his public statement tonight). The President lied again.
  7. Basically same message for Iowa State and UNI which are also under control of the Board of Regents.
  8. Can everyone questioning this decision post their name, title, company they work for, and major projects they have delivered on and failed on? Some of you act like big shots but would love to hear how you have actually managed similar crises and situations.
  9. I’m not too concerned about it. You do a good enough job of making yourself look like a fool across wrestling message boards, I don’t need to dwell on it any further.
  10. Your analogy sucks. We aren’t removing all people from the world. There have literally thousands of advancements and protections to made to cars decrease the number of annual deaths. What we are doing is limiting where people can go. Do you think cars should be able to drive wherever they want? Should I be able to drive a car down a crowded pedestrian only avenue? Of course not.
  11. Why are you yelling? You said you can’t imagine ESPN having bandwidth issues. I’m saying that’s foolish because they do.
  12. ESPN has issues streaming the ncaa championship football game and super bowl every year.
  13. Statement from NCAA president released. No fans at championship events.
  14. Ad hominem attack = losing argument. I’ve noticed you have picked up on the NLWC poor sportsmanship parade with all the personal attacks lately. You should try and do better.
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