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  1. Can you imagine how nice and wholesome Kaleb Young must be to marry his wrestling coach's daughter while still an athlete? Oh and the aforementioned coach is Tom Brands?
  2. Willie’s source is probably Cael so I would believe that.
  3. Through the grapevine I heard Burroughs got a 3 match deal for $200k. No idea on other opponents, timing of those matches, or anything like that but it was all lined up for Rokfin and Flo swooped in with big money to take it away.
  4. Oliver challenged, lost the challenge, then appealed to the head table and won the challenge. I always put an asterisk by that win.
  5. “Long before” It would be what, a second or two, at most?
  6. It was mentioned numerous times during the HWC event that those amounts were for non-collegiate athletes only.
  7. Did Mekhi not wrestle freestyle during his Olympic Redshirt?
  8. Lurker that’s a lot of words to say “I’m being intentionally obtuse”
  9. I genuinely do not know if it's Rokfin or Rofkin at this point without looking. I'm guessing it's Rofkin since Rokfin sounds better.
  10. Looks like the match will be at 60kg with 2 hour weigh ins (or as Bono put it '57kg + 3kg).
  11. Saw it when they were at their highest level. It was awesome. No desire to see it now that they are both retired and have moved on from competing.
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