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  1. wrestlingphish

    Gavin Teasdale update

    I made some poor choices in college and even had to withdraw later one semester to reset myself. This was at a different B1G school but there were a few diffferent “withdrawal periods”. 1st one was in the first couple weeks and it was like you were never there minus a small amount of $$$$ 2nd one you forfeit all your $$$$ but there is no grade impact 3rd one you forfeit all your $$$$ and you fail everything and have to apply for a hardship waiver from the school for any grade relief. ”I got drunk and smoked pot too often” was not a reason for a hardship waiver unless you went to rehab and had a lot of paperwork and all that good stuff when I was there.
  2. wrestlingphish

    What's up with the video's on Flo?

    Ha of course it’s not Flo’s fault!
  3. wrestlingphish

    Duck of the month club

    Make sure to start an individual thread for all these new logos for the teams mentioned.
  4. wrestlingphish

    Duck of the month club

    That would have been my plan too.
  5. wrestlingphish

    Duck of the month club

    Ohio State sent out backups against both Wicks for Wisconsin.
  6. wrestlingphish

    Duck of the month club

    Lehigh is not a top 10 team.
  7. wrestlingphish

    100% Bonus Rate

    9 of those pins are in the first period. If wrestling had the same redshirt rule as football I bet we would have seen him against ISU as he has pinned their starter as well as their backup.
  8. wrestlingphish

    Iowa vs Iowa State

    Big bucks is what got that coaching staff there.
  9. wrestlingphish

    100% Bonus Rate

    No idea but my guess is Spencer Lee will bonus the #20 ranked wrestler every time they meet.
  10. wrestlingphish

    100% Bonus Rate

    Rivera is ranked #20? How did he fall so far so fast?
  11. wrestlingphish

    100% Bonus Rate

  12. wrestlingphish

    Hands to the Face Penalty - New Emphasis

    I’m very confused. I was told folkstyle rules are great and it’s freestyle that is full of subjectivity and refs deciding matches.
  13. wrestlingphish

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    3 kg with day before weigh-ins is wild. Doesn’t really show how either would fare in a tournament against each other as the circumstances are entirely different (same for Final X though don’t recall the weigh in procedures).
  14. wrestlingphish

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Does anyone know what the allowance was for AWL? If it was significant I feel like I still favor Zain over JO. Day before weigh-ins + weight allowance favors Oliver.
  15. wrestlingphish

    Bobby Knight

    Would love to see the evidence that Bobby Knight specifically cared about those things.