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  1. I thought better of my initial comment. Focus on the edit and not the contradictions in your own beliefs.
  2. Ah yes, because prosecuting individuals for "disrespecting symbols of the state" will make us less like Iran and not more. You ever trip over those clown shoes you wear?
  3. Too bad he didn't ask Perry for advice on bulking up while keeping his weight down. Or maybe he did but Zahid keeps stealing his shakes?
  4. Nice, those should be good. Rooting for Francis and Taylor. I also saw NLWC added a women’s match. Good for them.
  5. I didn’t see an announcement for a WFS match for BTS? Is there one?
  6. Can you imagine the alternate headline of Nelson Brands testing positive for steroids Terry was taking that MStar recommended? Man oh man...
  7. Gross vs Colon Steveson vs Hillger Mueller vs Vito
  8. Well if I worked for Okie State’s athletic department I’d have a few questions such as... Has Chris ever recommended anabolic steroids to another athlete’s parents? Has he recommended them to an athlete? Does Chris use anabolic steroids while working out at OSU’s facilities and training their athletes? Has Derek possessed or used anabolic steroids while using campus facilities?
  9. So Fix “accidentally ingests” the anabolic steroids his father (and RTC coach) was taking daily at the suggestion of Oklahoma State’s assistant coach, Chris Perry? I wonder what other PED’s are floating around the OSU/OKRTC coaches fridges?
  10. Iowa loses money on wrestling and while the wrestling team is held in high regard by most Iowa fans the football team is far more popular and makes a hell of a lot more money (which as we all know is the point of collegiate athletics).
  11. LJB has no idea what the people in Iowa are thinking about the coronavirus.
  12. The stadium the baseball tournament was held in is outdoors and was only at 10% capacity for the largest class championship game. Not exactly an apples to oranges comparison to an indoor wrestling tournament. Not arguing one way or another but to say these events will be similar is not the case.
  13. Does this mean Downey isn't going to get a degree from Princeton?
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