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  1. Cox just announced he's wrestling 97kg, not 86.
  2. How many non-bonus wins does Zahid have? He had a 1 point match with Venz that I remember.
  3. Glory’s move on Hudkins should be revisited in light of recent conversations IMO.
  4. We have successfully paid off the bartender in Iowa city and are just streaming this match on repeat on a tv.
  5. Shakur didnt really seem interested in winning that match. Jacob Warner seemed really interested in doing the bare minimum to win it.
  6. I’ll have to rewatch but for now I amend my statements. *1* offensive move by Joseph in 7 minutes.
  7. He didn’t initiate the move. Keep up.
  8. Joseph with zero offensive attempts. Carter Happel sits on the bench very confused about why he was stalling.
  9. They certainly don’t call stalling the same way they do when it’s 1v2 and 1/2 v UR
  10. Brands said something to the ref during injury timeout. That’s all.
  11. They didn’t deduct Cael a team point for waking onto the mat during a match so hard to make this claim tonight.
  12. If Beard goes that would be something.
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