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  1. wrestlingphish

    UWW released a new video on USA Men's Freestyle

    Weird video. Seemed very low effort (compared to other storylines Flo + UWW has put out). Ending was spoiled by that interview leaning on social media earlier. Oh well, I watched it and will show my mildly interested friends.
  2. wrestlingphish

    Stoll and Turk

    Since you are asking you must agree it is a matter of opinion.
  3. wrestlingphish

    Stoll and Turk

    Nothing in that article refutes the story I was given.
  4. wrestlingphish

    Stoll and Turk

    That is an opinion.
  5. wrestlingphish

    Stoll and Turk

    That is the gist of it as it has been relayed to me by multiple "sources". Sounds to me like Stoll should be more careful and maybe not try to prank people who are known to keep a pistol by their bedside.
  6. wrestlingphish

    Stoll and Turk

    What would be a more appropriate response? They were at Turk's house, Turk went to bed, awhile late Stoll tried to mess with him and Turk didn't realize what was going on and pulled his gun and shot Stoll. The only reason Turk is being punished is because of internal team/school rules. He was never charged with a crime because he was well within his rights in Iowa. Stoll is suspended for initially lying to the police about the circumstances surrounding the shooting and has plead guilty to that.
  7. wrestlingphish

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Miles Amine is wrestling.
  8. wrestlingphish

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Half the posts before mine mention performances across multiple teams. The initial post only mentioned your favorite team. Doesn't matter I just happen to find things like that interesting.
  9. wrestlingphish

    Can Someone Summarize Worlds Seeding Please

    I think the hard part when you start to compare domestic matches is weigh in rules. Should tournaments that give allowances be used for seeding? What about domestic events where they are maybe operating under a slightly different rule set as USA Wrestling has done in the past. No way can you count super matches. Completely different animal than a tournament.
  10. wrestlingphish

    U23 freestyle team line-up changes: Arujau out

    How in the hell did it take till after WTT to figure that out?
  11. wrestlingphish

    Favorite team moments/performances

    A lot of you are really bad at reading instructions.
  12. wrestlingphish

    Garrett out, Colon in

    Nahshon withdraws due to injury so Colon will get the spot and apparently a seed.
  13. wrestlingphish

    RTC discussion on Flo

    When did Eierman's coaching affiliation with Missouri and their RTC begin? Was he affiliated before J'Den got there? Or did he come with J'Den?
  14. wrestlingphish

    Can Someone Summarize Worlds Seeding Please

    If the US guys wanted seeds they should have went and gotten them. Everyone knew how seeding points would work. Some chose to get out there and compete at these events and others decided to go elsewhere.
  15. wrestlingphish

    Lee v. DeSanto in the room

    There were about 250-300 people there. Bleachers were full and it was standing room only. Every HWC and Iowa practice is open to the public. Just call ahead and they will let you know what time practice is. Tom was coming around to the fans and asking if everyone was having a good time and if there were any matchups someone wanted to see and someone yelled out “Lee vs Terry” and Tom said Terry would need a couple of years to warm up which was pretty funny.