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  1. Spencer's redshirt had not been pulled and he was competing unattached when he lost to Bresser. The redshirt was pulled later making the match count towards his record retroactively.
  2. Nothing you said changes the truth of what I said. Spencer was still in redshirt when he lost to Bresser just like Cael was in redshirt when he lost to Jenn.
  3. Cael lost a fokkstyle match the year after high school while still in redshirt (just like Spencer did when he wrestled Bresser).
  4. Trying to be hip is his entire personality.
  5. John Smith also did not qualify for the Olympics 8 years after winning his first Olympic gold. In fact, he didn't even come close. So Burroughs gets negative points for continuing to wrestle?
  6. Dom Parrish WORLD CHAMPION Congrats @Mike Parrish
  7. Calling it a fight felt disingenuous. Kerfuffle felt right.
  8. Both young men in that kerfuffle can be douchebags. It's not a one or the other situation.
  9. Lee stated somewhere That his walk around weight is 130-135 and he gets to 125 with little effort. He would be very undersized at 133.
  10. Like I said, you sure are sensitive.
  11. You didn’t offend me but you sure are sensitive to being called out for criticizing others for the same behavior you engage in.
  12. I just thought It was funny that you admonished someone for discussing something on a message board (when they made it clear they were actually working through the appropriate channels to address the issue) and clearly felt entitled to some sense of superiority over that individual only to come over here and engage in discussion about a different issue without actually doing anything to solve it.
  13. Who did you propose your solution to? I don’t think just saying something on a message board actually counts as doing “the day to day work to change it” and per your previous statements if you aren’t doing that work then you are grandstanding and merely attempting to be seen as intellectual.
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