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  1. If the mats are raised I would avoid the floor seating. You are closer but sight lines tend to be terrible with those seats and I feel like two mats would make that even worse.
  2. He’s not being negative he’s being a realist.
  3. Not sure I’ve ever seen BadgerMon pick a modern day great over a historical great.
  4. What’s your definition of ‘ducking’? If someone is injured and chooses not to compete is that ducking?
  5. The classic “Tom Brands Coddles His Wrestlers While Simultaneously Being Too Hard On Them” paradox.
  6. Is it even that though? Suriano doesn’t get 4 titles if he beats Lee. It would certainly add to Suriano’s legacy and impact Lee’s negatively but it’s not like he gets to absorb Lee’s other accomplishments.
  7. Wrong. If no one reminds you of Cael at all, then they all remind you equally of Cael. Therefore the answer would be everybody. And Spencer Lee reminds me of Santa Claus since he hands out back points like they are gifts.
  8. This answer failed to correctly read and comprehend the question. 0 points awarded.
  9. Where in the bracketdoes the match take place? Consolation semifinals at NCAAs? Gimme Desanto. Semis at the Big Ten Tournament? I'd probably lean Rivera.
  10. Perfect timing for the new NIL rules.
  11. You aren’t supposed to fight the hands from bottom. I agree it’s stupid but it is what it is. You rarely see other countries do it but it’s part of that folk style mindset.
  12. If you are looking for jammen to use logic you will be looking for a long time.
  13. In the 2021 NCAA Finals these were the winning margins... 2 matches were decided by 1 pt (both 3-2) 4 matches were decided by 2 points (3 of which were a TD in OT) 3 matches were decided by 4 pts and then Lee won 7-0.
  14. Interesting to see that Sadulaev is going. I seriously wonder if he is trying to make sure Snyder doesn’t win anymore titles as long as he is around.
  15. If Gable is 35 already people really need to lay off Kemerer and Eierman.
  16. I didn't say you sued Flo. Where did you get that from? Serious question, as I have no idea how that all turned out (wrestling media drama isn't my forte), what was the verdict? I struggle with big paragraphs that ultimately don't take responsibility for **** so try to avoid those if you want me to understand.
  17. Gambling lines are designed to get a nearly identical amount/volume (I will not get into a semantics argument here) with more amount/volume being wagered on the side the house thinks will lose. This is the premise of gambling. You are essentially asking Vak to offer odds that are favorable to you as the individual, which is not how smart gambling works. Really, you want Vak to be a gambling addict and you want to take advantage of it. You aren't asking for a fair line, you are asking for your line.
  18. Aren't you the guy who had a super public (S/O Stalemates) trial because you couldn't deal with the terms of your contract after you quit? Were you not playing the victim there? Should we give a sh*t about the big bad flo picking on lil Willie when crap like that happens every day?
  19. Pretty sure he got a suspension for getting drunk one night and trying to come on to me and posts are missing on this thread already... You are gonna need someone else to take this wager.
  20. This happens all the time on these forums. You see it with greco supporters a lot trying to convince everyone that their style is the superior style of wrestling.
  21. Looks like there was some confusion around whether or not the Living the Dream fund fell under Operation Gold Grant but apparently I was incorrect and it would not apply even if it was. I don't think I ever revisited the thread after seeing the initial post but there is a good explanation in the posts on this page http://board.themat.com/index.php?/topic/27715-gable-steveson-not-going-to-worlds/page/7/&tab=comments#comment-606585.
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