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  1. wrestlingphish

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    Next steps appear to be to schedule and then wrestle the matches.
  2. wrestlingphish

    Anything from arbitration?

    Match 2 is to be re-wrestled.
  3. wrestlingphish

    Junior Worlds

    Hope to see Carr finish this tournament off with a gold after his impressive run so far. Crazy that he was challenged more domestically this year (so far) than internationally.
  4. wrestlingphish

    Kevin Jackson

    It's my understanding that one of Jones/Slay's big initiatives was to bring those other non-resident cadets/Juniors in for more development camps along with lots of other senior camps as well. Pretty much every major college team visits during the summer as well.
  5. wrestlingphish

    Kevin Jackson

    Juniors looked great today. I hope they finish strong as we could still only grab one medal (though it would be unlikely for that scenario to play out). I was looking for examples because some of you acted like Jackson had been working with these guys for years. He was hired in the middle of June in 2017 after running the ISU program into the ground (after an abysmal run as the head coach of our Senior Freestyle team). If you want to say he's done a great job with these last two years, sure, I guess but it's not like he has a lengthy track record of coaching success whether it be individual or team.
  6. wrestlingphish

    Kevin Jackson

    What are some examples of this?
  7. wrestlingphish

    Oliver to North Carolina?

    Based off Ramos/Oliver's Twitter feed it sounds like Oliver is headed to UNC/THWC.
  8. wrestlingphish

    Fix should have been on the backside

    Wow he was flat flat.
  9. wrestlingphish

    Colby Covington in college?

    Fun Colby story... After he left Iowa him and Billy Murphy came back and were doing some local small fights. I can't remember who was fighting and who was the corner man (or maybe they were both on the 'card') but the fight was scheduled for July and they showed up in June for it. Luckily, they were in Iowa City so there was plenty of beer to drink instead.
  10. wrestlingphish

    Colby Covington in college?

    Went to Iowa at the same time as him and he partied at a house I also frequented. He is not a smart man. Good fighter, decent promoter. Not going to wow you with his intelligence. At all.
  11. wrestlingphish

    Hawk Talk with Mudflap Lineup Brakedown

    Are you saying he was average size for the weight or he was an average wrestler?
  12. wrestlingphish

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Losing close doesn't get you in the top 10 let alone the top 5.
  13. Ah yes because men's freestyle events (that aren't Final X or OTT) always pack the house.
  14. Didn’t head the head coach of USA’s Greco program make the team through legal battles one year?
  15. wrestlingphish

    Kamal Bey

    Why was he not disciplined for attempting to assault an opponent? How many times do you think Downey would have to make weight if he did that?
  16. wrestlingphish

    The Mekhi Lewis Juggernaut

    Teemer can't seem to wrestle a 6 minute freestyle match against a high quality opponent without gassing. Do we think that his tank can hold up in a 7 minute folkstyle match?
  17. wrestlingphish

    Chael Sonnen Comments on BTS

    I loosely follow MMA and follow wrestling. Chael is a part of both and I have a loud mouth friend who loves to listen to Joe Rogan and Chael (both of whom are generally terrible) so I may be a little more aware than most but his cheating and fraud were well publicized. The word of wrestling relies on access journalism and he gives wrestling media access so they love him. Oh well.
  18. wrestlingphish

    Chael Sonnen Comments on BTS

    Why do people still respect and listen to Chael? Hasn't he been busted for doping multiple times? We love to throw shots about doping at other countries but glorify cheaters here. Edit: completely forgot to mention the money laundering and mortgage fraud convictions.
  19. wrestlingphish

    DT out for this year’s worlds

    According to Penn State's SID the reason Taylor did not miss match in college was because of his commitment level. He clearly must have been more committed to wrestling for PSU than the USA. Sad, really.
  20. wrestlingphish

    DT out for this year’s worlds

    I mean Downey did accuse him of blood doping.
  21. wrestlingphish

    DT out for this year’s worlds

    Unfortunate to hear that David Taylor is not as committed to representing the United States of America as Kyle Snyder or Jordan Burroughs.
  22. wrestlingphish

    Nolf to 74kg

    Nolf has registered at 74kg for WTT. Discuss.
  23. wrestlingphish

    Wrestlers who beat the 1 seed 2 weights up

    Just read up on Henry Frick. He sounds like he was a real piece of ****.
  24. wrestlingphish

    Sorry, not PSU or Iowa related

    GMU is under fire for letting the Koch brothers not only impact hiring and admission decisions but also the actual curriculum included in the classrooms. Will be interesting to see what impact that has on the university and athletic programs. Probably not just isolated to GMU but interesting nonetheless. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/05/us/koch-donors-george-mason.html
  25. wrestlingphish

    DT Injury

    Still working out with the guy whose star pupil was busted for blood doping?