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  1. Does this mean Downey isn't going to get a degree from Princeton?
  2. Now that Tbar has stepped back from the forums I think you have taken the title for most likely to ruin a thread within your first three posts.
  3. I mean there are countless more examples and probably thousands more we will never hear about. You made the claim that those who go into battle are held accountable. Not me.
  4. This is simply not true.
  5. Basically. We had a JV kid who went like 8-20 every year and lost his **** in the locker room every time he lost.
  6. Were there any ****ty losers who lost more than the folks listed here?
  7. J'den is there part time and Jordan, Steiber, and Hall are not competitors. I know they have a couple Greco guy as well but it just seems weird when they seemed so stacked not too long ago.
  8. If Nato gets taken up on his tweet and he moves out of Columbus, who is left in the OhioRTC as far as senior level contenders and even competitors? Martin, Moore, ... Bueller?
  9. I’m watching. Production isn’t that great but I’ll take what I can get.
  10. He was arrested with cocaine the night he lost to Cory Clark in the R12 (could be wrong on the round) and dismissed from the team only to be allowed back and compete for two more years. Unless there is more to it, like Daton/Derek outright lying to Coach Smith, I don’t see how they cut ties for this.
  11. Eddie Klimara was allowed back, right?
  12. Not sure what else he does but Gibbons has a farm where he raises steers in Grimes, IA.
  13. If 2021 is JB's last go, what happens to Nebraska's RTC program? Do they have any other athletes besides him at this point?
  14. Hard to imagine Green competes into the next cycle. He's already made 5 world teams and medaled. Add the major injuries for the last few years all signs point to one last hurrah. SERTC/ Va Tech would be smart to keep him around to mentor and roll with Lewis.
  15. Why would you skip the event if a mask was mandatory?
  16. I’m sorry that CNN repeated the idiot President’s words and took them at face value. Learn to think for yourself, fool.
  17. Are you saying the head of the department of homeland security does not know the presidents directives and can’t apply them appropriately? Because according to them US Citizens, legal residents, and their families can travel to and from Europe. That is not a ban and is not stopping travel from Europe.
  18. I’ll entertain one last post before I put you on ignore. The acting head of US Homeland Security (who trump appointed) said it did not apply to US Citizens, legal residents, or their families. So there is no travel ban. There are restrictions on US citizens but nothing like your Dear Leader or you actually claimed.
  19. Simply put, both you and the President are clearly idiots. He said that it was contained and there would be zero cases in the next few days. That was clearly a lie and his staff perpetuated that lie while receiving briefings to the contrary. There is no way to objectively look at the facts here and claim otherwise. You are a fool and should be treated as such. Adios, loser.
  20. We aren’t stopping travel from Europe. Another lie (among two glaring others in his public statement tonight). The President lied again.
  21. Basically same message for Iowa State and UNI which are also under control of the Board of Regents.
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