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  1. looking for a list of NFL players (current, former, whatever) who wrestled in high school? Also looking for a variety of articles where NFL coaches promote and praise wrestling. Thanks for the help!
  2. He took 4th at the scuffle as a freshman @165. Is that a d1 accomplishment?
  3. Hi, I am looking for 2 tickets for sessions 4-6 (friday night, saturday morning, saturday evening)....is anyone trying to sell any?
  4. Cant find them....anyone else have this problem?
  5. Yep...id be shocked. I cant guarantee hell win "bro" (loser) but i can guarantee illinois wont have a press release excusing him not winning bc of an injury ala iowa/mcdonough....that was so sad I know that one struck a nerve, just like delgado handing mcdonough his first carver loss as a freshman, and just like delgados beatdown of clark at ncaas. You iowa guys were all fired up clark beat him at some turdament over xmas. Gilmans worse than both clark and mcdonough. They could chop delgados arm off before the ncaas and id still pick him over gilman at the big dance. Gilmans best move is his mouth. I thought youd be happy abt delgado being hurt so youd get a chance to live up to "the best 1 , 2 lightweight combo" hype iowas been pumping since 2010. Believe it or not im a huge fan of iowa wrestling and what they used to represent. A toughness without excuses....gable never made excuses like brands does, and frankly i dont remember zalesky complaining when he lost mcneely, israel martinez, willie parks, or mocco. I was still a fan of the tough guy attitude then. Now with baby brands its the same in the corner and with his fans. its jeva doesnt listen (hes a 5th year sr and hes GOOD), or mcdonoughs shoulder was hurt, or ramos got screwed out of backpoints vs stieber, or lets boo kyle dake for easily beating st john, or now the new one nick moores back is hurt. Maybe bc nick moores been carrying your fan baggage for 5 years. And its not the kids fault its the culture....you turn your back on your own (jeva, alex tsirtsis, nate moore, joey slaton, jim zalesky etc etc etc). Come at me, i dont care, im scared of the old iowa not this whining bunch. Bombard me like you did MSU158 for making sense. I like delgado hes got the heart of a lion, so ill surely bet on him...
  6. Heres a little bit of a better breakdown on how the field has done against delgado on their feet. I wont even get into trying to ride him, but good luck with that. Nashon 3 matches 0TD Waters 2 matches 0td 1 free 1 collegiate Dance 0 TD 1 free 1 Collegiate Gilman 3 matches 0TD 63 minutes against the top competition in the weight and 0 TD That being said anyone can be scored on but if people think he's going to roll over you got another thing coming... More importantly as a fan of wrestling you would think people would be rooting for someone to make history. Especially for a kid who didnt even win the state tournament as a senior in highschool. His backs against the wall for sure, but with hunter and perry getting him ready I wouldn't count him out. In fact, as I said, it would shock me if a guy with his confidence and experience didnt win. He seems like he is very mentally tough
  7. Here's my bet: Jesse will repeat this year and become Illinois first 3x NCAA champ, as well as the first 3xer @ 125 since Stephen Abas (pretty elite company) Why? Because despite his low scoring matches so far this year, with the departure of Mcdonough and the redshirt of Megaludis, no one currently at 125 has EVER taken Jesse down. He's 9-0 in total takedowns against Nahshon, he easily beat Waters both times they've wrestled, and Gilman got 2 backpoints to beat him at Midlands. And anyone who's been following this kid knows he has a history of losses around xmas time --- in fact, Delgado has never won the midlands. He lost to Garnett two years ago (maybe as a freshman too?), and he lost to GIlman last year. Additionally, Clark smoked him (6-1?) around xmas two years ago, and that ended up 10-5 in Jesse's favor in last years NCAA 1/4's. We'll see when he wrestles Waters this weekend, but I'm taking Delgado, and I'm going to go as far as to say as he doesn't lose again in college. Not to mention, the kids a winner, I just wish someone would get off there knee to actually wrestle him. At least Megaludis did that. Nahshon tried, but the only time he stood up in the finals Jesse took him down. Plus, he sounds pretty confident in the video FLO just released. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252114-Illinois-Visit/video/760045-Im-Wrestling-To-Meet-My-Own-Expectations
  8. they look pretty darn good at midlands w/o delgado for nothing going on in the program
  9. I hear I can watch the wrestling without getting a ticket so what's the deal with the expensive ticket prices? What kind of perks would I get by purchasing them instead of watching on the side lines from time square? Thanks!
  10. It's interesting that Delgado is the only guy I can remember that you MUST change your style (ie wrestle most of the match cautiously waiting for his shot or on one knee most of the time) bc he is THAT fast. I honestly don't think anyone beats Delgado at the NCAAs, he's just a gamer, and to reference any of his losses doesn't help. The kid only loses at the beginning of the season, or during Xmas time when he's fat from cutting weight. I mean he lost to an Iowa freshman last year who he's now beat pretty easily twice. He lost to another one this year. He loses at the midlands every year twice to someone way less accomplished but still good (vtech kid). When garret wrestled him standing up like he does mega and last year McDonough he got smoked bc Delgado is just as fast as Garrett. I hope Garrett grows bc I disagree with the freestyle remarks I think Jesse could be AWESOME on the international scene with both his size/length but especially his speed. When he gets his feet moving it's awesome to watch and other than the Cubans I'm not sure any country has any training partners as athletic as these two guys. Garrett reminds me of a much more technical multi-dimensional Shawn bunch. Unlike fast guys like bunch or one , Garrett has multiple attacks and awesome re-shots. My ideal team in 16 would include those 2, Oliver or stieber, dake, Burroughs, a big DT or Chris perry, cox or Ruth, and a fast athletic heavyweight. I feel bad for Megaludis bc he's an awesomeeee wrestler, but I think both these kids are still learning quite a bit and I hope they end up at different weights on the international scene
  11. Would you 1) fight (it'd be awesome if later down the line he fought Johny Hendricks) 2) Coach like brother Mark (and would you coach at Illinois or Okey State or elsewhere)? Or 3) Compete to try to make the world/Olympic team? To me this young man seems well suited for all three so I'm curious what others think?
  12. Delgado Ramos Stieber Tsirtsis Dierenger Taylor Perry Ruth Cox Nelson
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