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  1. My opponent exploded off the whistle. I did not. Near arm chop with a far ankle ride and I was already broken down flat. Much like Randy in "A Christmas Story", I laid there like a slug, it was my only defense. I heard my opponent's coaches shouting out instructions to him. Where was my coaches? I looked over to my corner and saw two empty chairs, as usual. I didn't mind all that much, as I rarely listened to their advice during matches. My apathy to their coaching was so much so that they eventually stopped showing up to my corner, for I was labelled "uncoachable". That's probably why I was the only #1 ranked wrestler in the state who no college recruiter had bothered to contact. But still, it would have been a nice gesture for my coaches to at least show up to my matches. I knew they were out there, in hiding, even from the ranking meetings. In the twilight's last gleaming, at the open of this season, they didn't think I'd make it this far. 'Cause they gotta blame someone, if they don't coach a state champion. I can hear their footsteps, out along the tunnel. Out along the tunnel. Lunatic coaches, I know you're out there. Can you feel my resistance, to your state finals solution? "We got caution stalling on bottom!" bellowed the ref as buzzer sounded to end the first period... 8-)
  2. Which state is this? Or is that a secret? :)
  3. So if Joe Schmoe is facing David Taylor in the last match of a dual meet and his team is up by six, what's to stop him from false starting all the way to techland? I'm guessing there must be some sort of penalty for that.
  4. Jason can correct me but Mike Akers won by TF over Bryan Lyttle 15-0 in 1:37 his senior year in the state finals, so it is possible I guess. Oh it's totally possible if you're dominant enough. All you really have to do is break your hold every time you hit a five count, which is probably a fine strategy if you're down by 5 points as a huge favorite.
  5. So by my count, that's 20 nearfall points in 2 minutes. 7-10 tilts 120 seconds.
  6. The more I think about it, the more I think it's premature to discuss who has the better career. Shoot, Taylor is just halfway through. If it ends up like this: 2 titles + 2 Hodges vs. 4 titles in 3 weight classes Who has the better career then? Do you go with the guy with more titles? Or do you go with the guy that has titles and Hodges? What if Taylor has three titles (something many think will happen)? What about 2 vs. 3? Or 3 vs. 3?
  7. Yes. That's my entire point. Taylor has more or less the same mitigating factors (Taylor got dinged by the fact that freshmen can wrestle. And has only one loss in his entire NCAA career. But Gable is 2 for 3, so if Dake goes 4 for 4, then I guess that settles it for Dake no questions asked. 1 + 2 + Hodge is not far off from 1 + 1 + 1. They are going to end up 4-3 unless there is an upset, and even Bubba said that Taylor may never lose again. So I fail to see where "Taylor does not have nearly the credentials of Dake right now." At best, it is premature to compare Dake's three years to Taylor's two. Neither one has even done anything in freestyle. But that is really all off-topic. The point of this thread is whether Taylor would beat Dake, not who's had the better career. Taylor currently looks like the better wrestler, and (more importantly) the numbers back up what everyone is seeing.
  8. This is just not true. Does Taylor have a second NCAA title I'm not aware of? This is just not true. Does Taylor have a second NCAA title I'm not aware of? The point is that it's kinda silly to say that wrestler X is having a better career than better than wrestler Y based solely on NCAA finishes. You have to look at the whole picture. Does Taylor have three other NCAA losses that I'm not aware of? Does Dake have a couple of team championships and a Hodge Trophy that I'm not aware of? Or a run even close to matching Taylor's dominance at the 2012 NCAAs? There's more to it than NCAA finishes. Otherwise, McDonough (2 for 3) is just as good at Gable (2 for 3). Dake is better and will match Cael, in all likelihood. Taylor could be better than Gable. This is obviously all crazy talk. As it stands, most people would put money on Taylor before putting money on Dake. Certainly this would be no guarantee and it may very well be the case that Dake is actually the better wrestler. But from what we do know, Taylor appears to be a notch above Dake in ability, and is setting up to be at least even in accomplishments. But this isn't a narrative, "what have they accomplished" thread. This is a "Taylor vs. Dake" thread, so any comparison should be predictive instead. Jenkins's Cradle, while impressive and a big smudge mark of Taylor's resume, really has zero bearing on whether Dake would defeat Taylor. To me, a H2H matchup wouldn't do much to settle who is really, REALLY the best unless they met a few times. Unless one guy won by at least 4-6 points and was clearly the superior wrestler for seven minutes, one match really isn't a sufficient sample size. We all saw at the NCAAs that the best wrestler doesn't always win, and that the guy who takes the first match sometimes loses the rematch.
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