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  1. The fleeing at the end of match should have been a caution +2 no doubt about it
  2. Khin and Higuchi are both going up to 61kg and I wouldn't say he blew through 97kg today. His finals match was 8-7 and had some questionable calls (non-calls) go his way
  3. Teasdale is at 60kg. Missed weight by .3 kilos
  4. My bad on this I was thinking as long as you were 20 as of 1/1/17 you were good, but I doubled check and you were right. So he is too old
  5. I'm surprised not to see Cenzo too. He's not too old. Turns 21 in June
  6. 2. He is in Minnesota. Assuming working out with the Minnesota Storm
  7. it's possible Shields, Valencia, and Valencia move up to fill the hole at 184. I think Anthony was cutting too much weight for 165. Then you can fit Tsirtsis and Maruca at 149 and 157. Maruca has the height to move up and wrestled 152 as a senior in high school
  8. Say Penn State loses all their semi matches that still puts Sorenson (Iowa), Berger (Nebraska), Massa (Michigan), and Brooks (Iowa) in the finals. Would have almost the same about of finalists from the B1G even if PSU dropped all the semis.
  9. Great match by Jimmy. Great confidence booster. Although Gasca basically wrestled with one arm. I think his shoulder is pretty injured
  10. I think it will end up being Desanto and Fix. Lee isn't competing in the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic but will serve as the honorary captain for the PA team. He is currently ranked #4 behind Lee, Teasdale, and Mejia (who is also on the USA team). Fix is ranked #1 at 132. He was coming down to 126 specifically for Lee
  11. I think the PA team will look something like this: 120 - Matty Parker 126 - Spencer Lee 126 - Austin Desanto 132 - Brian Courtney 138 - Max Murin 145 - Jarod Verklereen 152 - Cam Coy 160 - ??? After Hong got upset, not sure who to put here 170 - Mikey Labriola 182 - Nino Bonaccorsi 195 - Jake Woodley 220 - Brian Kennerly 285 - Niko Camacho/Brendan Furman
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