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  1. I believe the extra casting call went out to anybody who "looked like a wrestler" in Western Pa. So they didnt just use Pitt guys, but a lot of Pitt guys showed up because the filming was at the Peterson Events Center.
  2. Some of the movie was filmed on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, so there are a few Pitt wrestlers who serve as extras. Also, I believe Mark Ruffalo sat in on a couple of Pitt's offseason workouts as part of his "immersion" prior to the start of filming.
  3. Lots of great info guys. The class of 2010 should also include Matt Moley of Bloomsburg at 157. AA'ed his soph and junior seasons then lost to Adam Hall from Boise in the R12 as a senior. Not a big name, but just another for the list.
  4. Not sure what the age limit is on Universities you may see him there. But I don't believe he has any international freestyle plans. But he has been practicing with the team and mixing it up with THomusseit, Bonaccorsi, Tasser and Rizzo all year. So he isn't exactly out of shape I would say.
  5. I am curious as to how you know what Wilps weighs. Conjecture? He was a HUGE 197 2 years ago. Even Flo described him as a "behemoth". I simply have a hard time believing he was cutting minimal weight. Flo does state they have to make weight at 200 lbs even. So the weight difference will be minimized but Ruth making 200 is considerably different than Wilps doing so. Because I know him. I laughed when I saw Flo market him as a ""behemoth." He certainly looks the part and is indeed very strong,, but has always been lighter than he looks. Weighed around 205 his entire senior season.
  6. Not sure how much Ruth weighs right now but doubt he will be giving up 20-30lbs as Wilps only weighs about 205-210. That being said, the match will come down to Wilps freak strength vs Ruth's freak ability and should be a good one.
  7. Heard a rumor he is wrestling a former Pitt Panther...
  8. I thought that looked like Max... and Max was a RS Jr this year. Fully expect him to get over the R12 hump next year and get on the podium.
  9. Was told by a Lehigh coach this weekend that Riddick was already planning to pull a Heflin and jump to 197 next year, and they seemed to indicate that he should have no trouble starting over Diekel or Bolich.
  10. Pitt has had a resurgence in recent years, winning EWL/ACC titles the past five years. But they have a disturbing trend where they underperform come tournament time. They hit as high as No. 6 in the dual rankings, but finished 22nd at Nationals. THey did have three guys finish in the round of 12, so they were really close to doing much, much better, but still. I want to say they are 2-10 in R12 matches going back the past 5 years? They seem to be right there, but at the same time haven't lived up to expectations for a while now.
  11. Pittsburgh 125: Dom Forys Fr/ Jake Gromacki Fr 133: Nick Zanetta RFr 141: Edgar Bright So/ Travis Shaffer RJr 149: Mikey Racciato So/ Travis Shaffer RJr 157: Ron Garbinsky RJr/ Cole Sheptock RSo 165: Cody Weircioch RFr/ Geno Morelli RSo 174: Tyler Wilps RSr 184: Max Thomusseit RSr 197: Nick Bonaccorsi RJr 285: John Rizzo RSo Pitt enters next year with 1 returning AA, 2 returning R12 and 2-3 more potential AAs/R12 guys with a wild card in Rizzo, a 3time PA state champ who played football for two years and returned to wrestling this semester. Another solid dual team but will hold my breath come tournament time.
  12. I have a feeling Delgado would have a hard time funk rolling Anthony Robles...
  13. Edinboro definitely overperformed and Flynn deserves every bit of praise recognition that he receives. Virginia Tech also did better than I expected as did Lehigh. As far us underperformers...I'll throw out Oregon State, Virginia and Pittsburgh.
  14. 5 different weights is crazy, how many different weights in one year though? His redshirt season and rs freshman year he was 165. Spot started a few matches. His rs soph year he started for a stretch at 174 while Headlee was hurt, also wrestled some 184 (including a win over Clymer from Hofstra who I believe was top-10 at the time?) and then qualified for NCAAs at heavyweight only weighing like 188 I want to say. last year spot started at 174, might have made an appearance at 184, and then bumped up to 197 and won against Edinboro in the dual meet. THis year heavy the whole season. So I think three in any one season was the most.
  15. Definitely agree on Taffur. I'll also throw out Tasser from Pitt. Spot starter and team guy - has wrestled five different weights for the Panthers - his whole career until he gets a chance to bump up as a 205ish pound heavyweight as a senior.
  16. Not sure how long ago you moved away, but I've lived in Western PA all my life and a large majority pronounce it phonetically, and to my memory always have.
  17. I would think that Chance not being "perfect" is a good thing. Technique is poor? Well, he was an undefeated 4x PIAA champ with poor technique - thats pretty damn impressive. Now imagine where he will be after Smith has had him for a few months and gets a chance to fix that "poor" technique.
  18. Pitt might not be ready to challenge for the top, but a solid top-ten next year I think. 125:? Incoming freshman Dom Forys? Only real question mark 133: N Zanetta 141 Bright 149 Racciato 157 Garbinsky 165 Wiercioch 174 T Wilps 184 Thomusseit 197 Bonaccorsi 285 Rizzo Interesting to see how Rizzo transitions back to wrestling. Will be a smallish, athletic heavy, but Pitt has had some nice success with guys in that mold the past few years.
  19. Pretty good summary. My thoughts from the cheap seats: 125 Agree that Zanetta just seems like he doesn't have his head in it right now. 133 Agree that Morrison just hung out on top. I don't like to criticize the refs, but this guy was pretty inconsistent. Not sure that he called any stalling on top, except for one failure to attempt to return a guy to the mat on OkieState. 141 I like Bright on his feet a lot. Like most freshman he needs to improve on bottom to be competitive for D1 honors. 149 Getting to be classic Mikey. Don't go get popcorn during his matches. You have to think that opposing coaches are warning their guys about the funk, but maybe you have to get stuck to believe it. 157 Agree 165 Morelli hasn't shown much this season so I was pleasantly surprised that he kept this so close. 174 Good wrestling by Wilps. He was quoted in the paper as saying he wanted another shot after their previous close match, and he got it. He escaped with exactly 1:00.00 on the riding time clock, which is as much why he lost as the questionable stall call in the middle of the mat. A timekeeper's twitch a tenth earlier and he most likely wins that match. 184 Max sometimes seems like he wrestles to the competition, i.e. as good as he has to to win. I don't think the outcome was really in doubt here, despite the close final score. 197 I thought this was as entertaining as 184, or more so. Glad to see Bono back in the lineup after having to medically forfeit out of two matches in Sunday's Pitt Duals. 285 I gave Tasser, despite his big heart, no chance when they shook hands in the middle of the mat. The Okie State guy looked huge next to him. And then, after no TD in the first, I thought that looked bad for Pitt because you figure Tasser can't ride this elephant out, and, unless he gets a quick break off the whistle, might just get crushed underneath. Both two escapes take us to OT and Tasser just got after it. The OkieState guy just sat there on the mat apron like he couldn't believe that he had just lost (or because he was afraid to go back to the bench and get reamed out by his coaches). It will be a long flight back to Oklahoma tonight. Nice win for the Panthers, who showed some grit tonight. Decent size crowd, also. Surprised you could read some of that autocorrected jumble I wrote lol...what made me mad about the end of 174 was Perry sat there with the side headlock and literally watched the ride time tick up from his parallel ride merkle and then let Wilps out when he hit 1:00 exactly. Clearly if you are watching the scoreboard there is no attempt to turn or improve position. So he lets Perry do this for 15-18 seconds or so with no warning then hits Wilps for stalling right at the end? Just didn't sit right with me. As for PJ, he lost to Marsden at Scuffle, but it was 6-4 or something so I figured he was going to be in the match. But Marsden looked huge standing next to PJ, which made the bear hug even more impressive.
  20. Don't sell PJ short. He's an oversized 174 pounder
  21. My thoughts: 125 Zanetta is just lost right now. He pushed the action on kilmera but got put on his back twice once on an interesting mat return by kilmera and then on a counter. He's a guy I really wanted to see AA but wrestlingnews eh way he is he has no shot. Kilmera gassed and smith was not happy with him aftert he match even though he got the major. 133 Morrison pushed the pace while neutral, but started a nice trend of Okie St guys stalling on top. Escape and ride out for 2 0 win 141 bright is lightning quick and his counters are great. His gas tank and mat wrestling are definitely improving and he will be a sleeper in March for sure. This was a pretty entertaining match 149 kindig got an early td and then dropped to a double on a mat return and got elevatored to his back and pinned. Very similar situation to psu match for racciato 157 as expected 165 snooze fest. Caldwell stalled on top and I don't think he took a shot. Morelli didn't do much more 174 entertaining defensive battle. Wilps gets a questionable td at end of 2nd and ref makes up for it with questionable stall to tie it in last 10 sec. Perry pushed pace in neutral but his side headlock sit back on the hips ride was the biggest display of top stalling I've seen in a while 184 entertaining and okie st guy almost pulled upset. Went back and forth with max getting a late td for the win 197 both guys almost got tds in regulation but bono gets one in ot to set the stage for comeback win 285 lots of movement for heavies with tasser obviously undersized. Marsden got in deep once or twice but tasser gets the win with a bear hug to marsdens back in ot and pitt wins on third criteria with the only pin All in all a pretty entertaining dual meet and a great win for Pitt
  22. Apparently I should have been a Maryland Terp. Cant complain with that I guess.
  23. Pitt, in recent years at least, has had its fair share of brother sets. Headlees, Albrights, Wilps, Tassers, Thomusseits, and Zanettas.
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