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  1. Performance of the night and match of the night seem much more realistic and palatable for incentivizing action.
  2. Right. New tests. It's clearly stated in testing policy that samples will continue to be tested for a certain number of years as new testing methods develop. Not sure what that "certain number" is. Anyone else know?
  3. If you have people in your life that seem nice on the outside AND live life thinking of others and building others up on the day to day--even privately maintaining respect and trying to reconcile with ones who mistreat them--it's no longer impossible to believe that those types of people exist elsewhere too.
  4. Exactly...these seem like genuine responses double-translated.
  5. There's definitely no immediate evidence to suggest he IS better than these guys, but he's the one that clearly has space to grow into the weight and has a learning curve clearly pointed upward because of being in his first genuine period of freestyle focus. Evidence that bnwtwg and others might have for saying they EXPECT him to move up the pecking order is the evidence of past wrestlers that have followed a trajectory from promising NCAA champ to very tough international freestyler a couple years of development later.
  6. Agree. Not sure he'll have the freestyle chops to contend genuinely for the spot at 74 with JB and Dake, even with them being a year older--but he's got a chance for a big jump up while they're getting slightly older.
  7. I was impressed but very disappointed when he became our rep in 2016. I thought there was no way he would be high enough level to make a run at a medal. But he definitely won me over with his intensity, competitiveness, and engine. And he became downright exciting to watch with how consistently he started getting in on that high-C for big points against everyone in the world. He became a very solid rep for us and I consider myself a fan. Definitely nothing to hang his head about with calling it a career right now.
  8. We're saying the same thing about his issue. It's his power output that drops off. He can move guys around great for a short time but not a whole match. Because his general cardio was always a positive at lower weights, we can guess it's naturally good and something he know how to train. Like he can go run a few miles or sprints or do :30 go's again and again. Conditioning for power output is different. To frame it as weightlifting endurance: at 74kg, he could squat 90kg for 50 reps in 6 minutes. That was plenty to keep power output high. Now he can squat 100kg for 50 reps in 6 minutes. The problem is that an intense match at 86kg is asking him to do the equivalent of squatting 110kg for those 50 reps. He can only do it comfortably for 25 reps before he drops off because he's not strong enough and conditioned enough to keep 110kg lifts going like he needs to.
  9. His conditioning has definitely hurt him in a couple instances at 86kg, but raw cardio has always been a strength of his. I would argue that he needs a strength and conditioning program that helps him grow into the weight so he's more capable of explosively moving opponents repeatedly the way he could at 70 and 74. His power output drops off significantly during matches at 86 despite his naturally good cardio.
  10. It's now official that all earned Olympic bids across all sports will remain in place for next year's Games. A few thoughts and questions: 1. We obviously keep our 4 Greco, 5 men's freestyle, and 6 women's freestyle spots. Will knowing ahead of time that we have 2 Greco spots and a Freestyle spot to earn affect how those two styles adjust the OTT qualification process or final OTT event schedule? 2. I think it's still possible that UWW will take a hard look at scheduling a Worlds near the end of 2020 to replace the 2021 Worlds that won't happen. Scientists are suggesting the most-affected nations are near their Coronavirus apex at the moment (and ones in climates likely to be most affected should see increased cases soon and reach their apex not far in the future)--meaning life should be very different by the summer and certainly 7 or 8 months from now. 3. I would love to see UWW take advantage of the strange year with what would likely be reduced participation in a replacement Worlds event. Maybe rebrand it as a special "World Open" and allow 3 per nation, for example. Maybe require one per nation to be a U23. Let it be more a "festival of wrestling" atmosphere. Still hand out medals, but expect only some of the World's best to be there and open it up a bit.
  11. Respectfully disagree. Wrestling is a young man's game where guys often make significant jumps in a year's time and can drop off significantly in a year with injuries or personal setbacks. Doing OTTs closer to the Games sets us up to have the best, most in-form team.
  12. It seemed as if he was being sarcastic regarding his seeming opinion that Lee's top game is not transferable, considering there are no swipes or counts in freestyle and possibilities for running arm-bar tilts are very limited when your opponent is using standard par terre defense.
  13. I really like Lee for the future, so I don't understand the negativity... ..but that was funny. :)
  14. "Very possible" or "definitely feasible" would have been better language. No info. Just going on how UWW has made adjustments in the past and what a good portion of scientists are suggesting could be significant slowing of Corona with warmer temperatures.
  15. Olympics are a multi-billion dollar, 150+ nation, multi-week behemoth scheduled for July. Wrestling worlds are on a far smaller scale financially, they are always at the end of the year, and they involve a few athletes from 60-ish countries over one week. Now that there won't be a Worlds in 2021, I definitely think UWW will keep an eye on the evolving crisis, but could easily and quickly put together a 2020 World Championships if things improve in the next few months.
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