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  1. Myles Amine is so smooth. He rolls through Germany's #2 with a couple of sweet takedowns and two very tough guts. He wouldn't be our #1, but I'm not sure I'd take Ringer over him at 86 and he'd give Valencia and Taylor very tough matches at that weight in freestyle too. He's got high-level ways to score from anywhere.
  2. Yeah, it was a duck to a launch from behind. Folkstyle guys sometimes instinctively try to push in and fight hands and can be vulnerable to that toss. Not sure if it's a thing or not in his case--but he was definitely rolling his eyes hard at himself lying on his belly in par terre.
  3. Micic falls 7-5 to Atli. Got tossed in the first few seconds and it was uphill from there. Atli mostly coasted. Sadulaev gets put across his back twice in a near side cradle and was briefly in real danger against Bolukbasi of Turkey. Sadulaev ran off 7 straight points over the last 4 minutes of the match and won 9-4.
  4. The European Championships (not the Euro Olympic qualifier) are going on this week. Freestyle today and tomorrow. I saw Micic at 57, the Amines at 65 and 86, and Mitch Finesilver at 74. Any others? Honestly, the fields look surprisingly strong at the Olympic weights. This has sometimes been a JV tournament in the past during the Olympic year because of the upcoming Euro Olympic qualifier. But it looks pretty solid this time around. Micic should have a rematch with Atli of Turkey in the second round. Otherwise, it's a pretty open half-bracket. He should wrestle for gold if he beats Atli and bronze otherwise I would think.
  5. Yes, I guess you realize it's the same kid who pinned Zare last year.
  6. LJB, I mostly find your straightforward thoughts harmless and good contributions to the discussion. I agree with your comments most of the time. But what people who say, "I'm just not afraid to tell the truth and others are" are really saying is, "I care more about my message landing flush than I do about giving any respect cues to the people receiving it." You're confusing honesty with lack of desire to show respect in culturally normal ways. It's possible to be very honest and also to show respect.
  7. Parris dominates Cassioppi last night to check one more "deficiency" off of his resume (sort of) because of having lost badly to him in freestyle pre-NCAA career. It's well documented that he's got a world class takedown with his fireman's, but I saw a few things in last night's match (as representative of his folk style season, really) that I like for his international future: 1) He can shoot almost at will without ever being in trouble against big, strong guys. He can maneuver back out if necessary or work to his patented fireman's and dump as a re-shot when it's there. 2) He can defend a very tough snatch single or snatch high-c, which he'll face often against top competition. Last night, he twice went to the wizzer/near ankle grab. The first time, he limp-armed out and spun behind. The second time, Cassioppi pressed in to defend the limp arm, so he reached across and attacked the opposite ankle to take him down and follow up with his turk and the fall. He will find those same two sequences very useful on the international mat. 3) His attack rate and gas tank are top notch. He attacked non-stop last night, yet is somehow very relaxed and under control between sequences and scrambles. I'm not sure any top heavyweight in the world has his gas tank with it not being emphasized nearly as much outside the U.S. I anticipate him getting into some high-scoring, high-output types of matches down the road against international guys. He's obviously got the makeup to push through and come out on top in those types of matches. I think Parris will have enough holes defensively on the feet and in par terre to be vulnerable to a handful of guys at the Trials, but I'm increasingly optimistic that he's developing into something beyond an NCAA force.
  8. For sure yet another sign that Downey is not a medal threat nor a threat to make our olympic team. By the way, AK, we have 5 guys who would be our rep at 86kg in an Olympic year before Downey, and he would never have a close match with the first three or four (Taylor, Cox, Nickal, Valencia, Dieringer). He was our rep last year because of a badly timed injury and our rigid selection system. He won't be anywhere near a Pan Am qualifier mat or Olympic mat Also, just to clarify: you thought earlier someone was making a comment about the WrestDag site. No. They were commenting on the UWW site. Someone said, "why aren't the brackets on UWW?" Another said, "in my experience, because the site sucks (UWW site)." WrestDag is an amazing site compared to other local wrestling sites in the world.
  9. There have only been 3 summer youth Olympics and 2 winter so there's not much history. What IS happening at all Olympics is an inclusion of sports that are locally popular. Traditional wrestling is big in Senegal, the host of the 2022 youth games; and their wrestling would typically be done in the sand, so beach wrestling somehow touches that.
  10. I definitely hope the two meet and I don't care where in the draw it happens. Some reasons: 1. It would be exciting enough that it's worth them meeting early rather than not at all. 2. Like so many others, I'd really, really like to see Nickal at 86kg, so I'm hoping he faces Snyder and realizes how far away he is at 97kg. 3. If Bo faces Snyder early, there's a very high chance he's drawn back into the repechage anyway and we'd still get to see him face international competition.
  11. ESPN has been doing all matches, all mats, with at least one knowledgeable announcer on all 8 mats' streams at NCAA's for at least the last 6 years--I think longer. Every guy is prepared, focused, professional, and share at least a little background context for every single guy, every single match. It's doable.
  12. On Chrome/Android, there's a glitch sometimes on Arena where it seems you can't access any of the tabs in a tournament--as if none of the buttons are live. If you hit the red bracket symbol in the bottom middle, all buttons will become live and you can navigate with no problem. Weird glitch. I hate arena for tracking tournaments. Track always works perfectly for me on all devices for tracking results. I know people hate the a la carte pricing for viewing, but what are the complaints about tracking results?
  13. As others keep saying, Parris is still so raw as a wrestler in general. And he's an infant in terms of freestyle. I think anyone expecting him to be our guy for 2020 is going to be disappointed. However, it's silly to compare him to any freestyle results from 18 months ago. I'm not sure looking at his folk style results from last year are even relevant. He's on such a steep growth curve physically and technically that he doesn't even resemble the little kid we saw at NCAAs in March.
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