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  1. I agree that it's not just that he got the silver. His 5 performances were very solid. He didn't just beat Bajrang, Tevanyan, Dubov, Seabass--his result in each case was better than 10 common opponents could muster against those 4. Additionally, his 13-8 loss was a better performance than 4 strong opponents could bring against the Iranian. Results in wrestling don't always carry transitive properties--but usually. He was the clear #2 for those 2 days.
  2. Not to nitpick, but a 5kg difference is 11 pounds. He's going from 203 up to 214.
  3. You had 2 more 5ths also that 2015 year. With the current scoring system, you would have had 86 points from only an 8-weight competition, finishing 4th from a field with Russia and everyone involved.
  4. Our individual match record is 33-2. Any single match win by us or match loss by Iran wraps up the team title despite them having 5 guys still fighting for medals.
  5. Yeah, I was saying to someone else that the new narrative is more that Yazdani got him once when his motivation was low 6 weeks after the all-time high of the Olympics. Both fully motivated, it's tough not to like Taylor for another year or two.
  6. @Plasmodium Here's the answer you were looking for.
  7. I agree it's a cool story: his luster is fading after he loses to all 3 of the other top guys the last 3 years (Geno in '19..and '17 & '18... Steveson '20/21, Zare '21); but he shows up and shocks Zare then keeps his nerve against Mukhtur to get the title. Well-deserved.
  8. Interestingly, it's now 4 different world-level champs in 4 tournaments at 125kg: Geno in '19, Steveson '20/21, Zare '21, Taha '22
  9. I suppose the truth is that Taha won everything from 2014 to 2016 and Geno won everything from 2017 to 2019. Right in the middle of those runs for about 2 years, it felt like they were both unbeatable except by each other. Zare and Steveson of course arrived at their level now, but it honestly kind of feels like any loss between 2016 and 2020 by either of them was a lucky stallfest "only at heavyweight" situation. They were clearly head and shoulders above everyone.
  10. Geno and Akgul WERE this way for a period.
  11. Yeah, the narrative definitely now becomes "Yazdani only got him the one time his motivation was at its lowest" (6 weeks post-Olympics)
  12. Asking why Iranians love JB is a little like asking why American fans love Messi or Giannis or Ohtani--cuz they're awesome to watch doing a sport we love, they do things no one else can, and their humility makes it easy to root for them. It doesn't matter what country they're from. JB's the same in every way.
  13. Yeah, that and the onset of social media and sponsorship opportunity growth
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