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  1. Agree. I think our top 2 are bad matchups for Micic, but his chance to medal vs. the world field is just as good. My confidence in Amine medaling is probably just as high as it is for Downey too.
  2. maligned

    Pico shoulda stuck with Wrestling

    Not a big mystery...he doesn't avoid damage well. I'm not sure if he's got a glass jaw or bad chin as some have said--but the first thing I noticed in his first fight and all of them since is that he leaves his chin dangerously exposed to damage regularly. The shots he's taken would have knocked out middleweights.
  3. Coon looked fantastic and he's definitely a medal threat, but it really was a 1 in a million draw. Literally the first 8 guys we would have wanted to avoid were on the other side of the bracket.
  4. maligned

    Right now, who is our p4p best freestyler?

    I know others have responded, but I would just add that the UWW rankings are based on a scoring system that is affected significantly by participation--not quality. Bajrang Punia has never won a world title. He's been around a while and last year's silver was his best effort; and there is an argument to be made that his draw was very, very favorable to have arrived in the title match. This to say, it's a very nice win for Yianni--but in addition to the exhibition nature of the match, I would argue a win over Punia in any competition doesn't necessarily put you into a world gold favorite category. You have to beat 3 or 4 guys at about Bajrang's level to win gold.
  5. maligned

    Steveson deserves a thread

    It's impossible to be that physically gifted and technically skilled at 18 or 19. I heard he's really 21 already and Snyder was 22 when he won his first gold. --Sadulaev
  6. maligned

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Not sure about Ringer, but if Dake continues his run of good health, it's hard not to consider him nearly a 50-50 proposition in a theoretical 2020 best-of-3.
  7. maligned

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Yes, if you could do it, this would be how to beat him. But he doesn't allow it. It's one of the tactical reasons he keeps winning. He doesn't hang out in positions he doesn't want. What I mean stylistically, is that IMar isn't a guy that has a Plan B against someone athletic like JB if he can't score off of ties or force an upper body endurance war of attrition. JB will avoid ties, score a few from outside as always, and win comfortably as always in this matchup.
  8. maligned

    Final X what weights what sessions?

    Noon and 6pm sessions with separate weigh-ins for the two and a break between. I assume Silver's right that they'll do all 3 matches of half the weights in one and half the weights in the other. Flo info still says TBA for which weights wrestle which session.
  9. maligned

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Coon lost easily to Nelson in the True 2nd match too. And Taha Akgul is way, way beyond Gwiz's level. Let's see if Gable has closed the gap to Gwiz before we start thinking about him becoming any sort of favorite globally just yet.
  10. maligned

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    This is the truest thing you said. IMar depends on upper body ties and asserting his horsepower. He once again won't be able to do these things against JB. JB isn't a good matchup for anyone, but he really isn't a good stylistic matchup for IMar.
  11. No Nick Lee at 65kg? What happened?
  12. maligned

    BTS Card Finalized

    Really good analysis except for Suriano-Colon. There has to be a "going with my heart" thing there.
  13. Both already have bids to WTT's based on Lee being a 2019 NCAA champ and Steveson being a 2018 Junior world teamer.
  14. maligned

    Yianni’s US Open Draw

    Average U.S. man: 5'9", 195lbs India/Mongolia/Japan, averaging the three: 5'6", 145lbs 2012-2018 world-level freestyle medals: United States: 55-66kg: 4 medals in 21 tries 70-125kg: 21 medals India/Mongolia/Japan: 55-66kg: 16 medals 70-74kg: 2 in 36 tries 79-125kg: 1 in 69 tries (Matsumoto at 92kg for Japan last year)
  15. maligned

    Iran Wrestling News

    7 gold and 3 bronze from 10 weights in the very tough Asian Championships--even without a full-strength lineup. Nice job, Iran.