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  1. Is Destribats entered though?
  2. The issue I have is people aren't gracious in letting others know the original meaning that has gotten lost over time so that someone can be educated. If I'm inflicting pain on someone, I want to know about it so I can stop. But people aren't automatically idiots for not realizing that "calling a spade a spade" or "hoodwinked" or "uppity" started out with dehumanizing meanings. When I do realize it, I stop using them. But give folks a chance to succeed.
  3. There was only one actual gold match in the 12 men's weight classes (2 if you count Mongolia wrestling one period vs. Takahashi). But teams know how it works and realize that backfilling is a real thing with Covid dropouts from national teams and missed drug tests on the way--that's why 77% of the bronze contestants showed up and only 1 of 24 matches had a double forfeit (Takahashi's bracket, where Japan obviously won't drop out of the Olympics).
  4. A couple observations of the above data: 1. We're really lucky to be in the Pan Am region. Africa is weaker than ours, but you can see clearly how much the two genuine wrestling nations (Cuba and us) benefit from our regional placement. With that said, we would get even more through in Africa/Oceania and almost as many as we do now in Asia. Europe is really the region that crushes advancement numbers. 2. We weren't alone in struggling to qualify people through the last-chance event. Only 12 of a possible 83 empty lineup spots (14%) got filled by this list of Top 10 (11) teams in Bulgaria--and that includes Russia qualifying 4 out of an available 5.
  5. One more. We had 14 last time with the 65kg inclusion late-on. I'm including drug issues and North Korea dropout replacements in the above lists too.
  6. Each top ten nation BY QUALIFYING EVENT (2019 worlds - continental qualifier - last chance) and percent of possible remaining spots earned at each stop (e.g. Russia 9 of 18 at worlds, 4 of 9 remaining at euros, 4 of 5 remaining at last chance): Russia 17 (9-4-4) (50%, 44%, 80%) United States 15 (4-11-0) (22%, 79%, 0%) Cuba 12 (2-10-0) (11%, 72%, 0%) Japan 12 (8-2-2) (44%, 20%, 25%) China 11 (5-6-0) (28%, 46%, 0%) Iran 11 (6-5-0) (33%, 42%, 0%) Kazakhstan 11 (8-3-0) (44%, 30%, 0%) Tunisia 10 (0-10-0) (0%, 56%, 0%) Ukraine 10 (5-2-3) (28%, 15%, 27%) Turkey 9 (4-4-1) (22%, 28%, 10%) Mongolia 9 (2-5-2) (11%, 31%, 18%)
  7. Each Top 10 nation by style (freestyle-greco-women's): Russia 17 (6-5-6) United States 15 (5-4-6) Cuba 12 (3-6-3) Japan 12 (4-2-6) China 11 (3-2-6) Iran 11 (6-5-0) Kazakhstan 11 (5-3-3) Tunisia 10 (2-4-4) Ukraine 10 (2-3-5) Turkey 9 (4-3-2) Mongolia 9 (3-0-6)
  8. Zare is definitely in that group. We're all including Gable because he's ascended to a level domestically the last year that far exceeds anything we've seen from any American heavyweight in many years. He smashed Parris 3 times recently and just handed Gwiz two of the worst losses of his career--and he's doing it with stunning takedowns that look like practice takedowns with no resistance. (And Gwiz has looked like medal-winning Gwiz, not out-of-shape Gwiz, recently in all other matches)
  9. Freestyle: Russia, Iran 6 Kazakhstan, United States 5 Japan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Belarus, India 4 Azerbaijan, China, Cuba, Georgia, Mongolia 3 Greco: Cuba 6 Russia, Iran 5 Algeria, Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, United States, Uzbekistan 4 Ukraine, Serbia, Kazakhstan 3 Women's: China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, United States 6 Ukraine 5 Bulgaria, India, Nigeria, Tunisia 4 Belarus, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Sweden 3 Overall: Russia 17 United States 15 Cuba, Japan 12 China, Iran, Kazakhstan 11 Tunisia, Ukraine 10 Turkey, Mongolia 9
  10. The Finn beats Georgiev of Bulgaria in somewhat of an upset in the other quarter in Coon's bracket, so that's who he'll have with a win. I would have leaned toward Ramonov or Kuchmii beating Coon, but he looked stout in round 1 and I'm starting to like his chances overall much more.
  11. Another tidbit: Georgia, Iran, and Russia are still alive to become the only nations with all 6 Greco weights full for Tokyo. Georgia needs to fill both 60 and 77 and is alive in the quarters in both. Iran and Russia are both missing 87kg and they're both alive in the quarterfinals. If they win, they'll face each other in the semi's to see who gets that full-team honor.
  12. I was looking back at Ramonov of Kyrgyzstan. That's arguably Coon's best win since his silver medal run. At 2019 worlds, Ramonov lost only 6-4 to perpetual gold/silver Pino of Cuba and then 3-1 to perpetual silver/bronze Nabi of Estonia in the repechage.
  13. Mat C has had some much slower matches the last hour...probably more like 8:15 for Coon's quarterfinal
  14. I realize it's been discussed ad nauseam on these boards, but I agree with many others that the evolution of offseason youth training toward mostly folk style has snuffed out any chance at us being strong in Greco for the foreseeable future. Folk still translates well enough to freestyle and kids are still doing enough free that we maintain a good level. But no one's doing greco young and the transfer of skills isnt nearly as intuitive if you get into it later.
  15. Did you see the Algerian right before that match too? Geez. No idea how he made 77.
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