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  1. No one else who reacted understood your intended silliness. I feel you.
  2. One of the signs of a great mind is knowing who the great minds are. Communicating technical content to the masses in a precise but understandable way is also a sign of a great mind. Could everyone please stop confusing high-level mat experience and high-level wrestling knowledge or wrestling communication ability. I've never understood the jealousy or whatever it is directed at Mike Mal. He's good at what he does despite a lesser wrestling résumé.
  3. For sure a bigger obstacle when competing at age 16-17 vs college guys. He's generally considered the #3 recruit in the country for his class. As a 220lb junior, lost a nail biter at Who's #1 to the number one heavy in the country. Not a Steveson or Kerkvliet talent, but a huge get for Penn and loss for Illinois.
  4. Ljb said he was our only real medal threat. They way he's wrestling I'd have to say, great prediction Hancock's looking great. Szoke of Hungary that he's got next lost earlier this year in an Olympic qualifier to Milov that Hancock just beat. But I'm not sure Schultz can't medal. A 5-3 loss to Kajaia is a HUGE performance. Only a few guys on earth are capable of coming that close to Kajaia or beating him. Greco heavyweight is different from freestyle or even other Greco weights. It's super predictable with clear tiers. The 10-20th best guys will virtually never come that close. It's a huge result that signals big potential things to come.
  5. The match video of Schultz going 5-3 vs. Kajaia isn't posted yet on the UWW site for people like me living overseas. Can someone who saw it talk about how it went? I see from the scoring that Kajaia got 1-2-2, so assuming passivity and two turns, but then Schultz got 2 just a few seconds later. What happened? Was Schultz's 1 a minute into the second period from a passivity?
  6. This is not true. They used arguably their top guy in as many as 5 weights. They had B's in the other 5.
  7. In fact, all 3 nations went exactly 32-8 in individual matches with 3 gold medals. Russia ends up with 8 medals compared to 7 for the other two and eke out the team title.
  8. Men's weights first. Sadulaev vs Snyder will be the 6th match with no medal ceremony between 70 and 97, so probably a few minutes after 1pm ET.
  9. Yeah Iran's out of it now. We're at 168 and Russia 163. Best Iran can do is 162, I believe. If Zherbaev wins bronze at 70 for Russia, Sad/Snyder is winner-take-all. If Zherbaev loses, we'll have it locked up on tiebreakers even if Sadulaev wins to tie our score.
  10. Wow. Elahi got beat in the repechage. The best Iran can do now is 162, so they're out of it with Russia and the US already at 163 and 168. Now if Zherbaev gets bronze at 70 for Russia, Sad vs Snyder becomes winner take all for the team title with both of us on 168. However, if Zherbaev loses, the US actually wraps it up before the big showdown. Sadulaev winning would only tie the score. Russia would draw even at 3 golds a piece, but we would have 2 silvers to 1 and win the title via that tiebreaker.
  11. I mentioned this on another thread: I'm blown away by his elevated in-match work rate at 79. I'm not sure he'll ever score as much with the shorter build relative to the competition up a weight--but he looks like 2012 JB at 74 with his intensity and work rate. He seems so energized.
  12. There really are only 2 matches that matter for team score (we can assume Iran gets Elahi repechage win & Goleij bronze) --Elahi vs Zherbaev for bronze at 70 --Sad vs Snyder for gold at 97 If Sad beats Snyder, then Elahi vs Zherbaev is for first place between Iran and Russia. If Snyder pulls the upset, USA is first place.
  13. Comments by Russian coaches on the selection process were posted some weeks back. They basically gave the olympians the option of whether they wanted to compete or not then chose the rest based on who was healthy and ready and did well in recent challenge matches. Russia has always placed less emphasis on worlds in terms of training, conditioning, preparation, etc.--especially in the first worlds after the Olympics.
  14. 25-20-15-15-10-10-8-6-4-2 (two bronze and two fifths)
  15. There really are only 2 matches that matter for team score (we can assume Iran gets Elahi repechage win & Goleij bronze) --Elahi vs Zherbaev for bronze at 70 --Sad vs Snyder for gold at 97 If Sad beats Snyder, then Elahi vs Zherbaev is for first place between Iran and Russia. If Snyder pulls the upset, USA is first place.
  16. United States of America: 20, Opponents: 2
  17. I thought you were trolling everyone who blamed Zain for the olympic failure. I was agreeing with you by recognizing that it's a super difficult weight with landmines everywhere in the world. If that wasn't your joke, you're right that I missed it.
  18. Great showing by JB. Honestly, his work rate at 79 looks like JB circa 2012. He was unbeatable then because he could and did attack the legs any time he wanted. He won't be as successful in his scoring rate as a shorter 79, but he looks so energized.
  19. Yeah, that's the thing. We always think, "if only (insert name of my guy) were there at 65, we'd have a shot." Bottom line is that it remains a really challenging weight to medal. Announcers yesterday were saying 74 is clearly the deepest. That's just not true. It's perhaps the deepest domestically--but not internationally. Every single guy is a challenge from 20 countries at 65. It's such a minefield of high-level guys.
  20. Tevanyan falls 2-1 to eliminate Yianni
  21. Nailed them all. I'm always going to root for him as our rep and for being such an interesting wrestler--but it's hard to respect so many of the things he does. Many others have proven you can be great without #3 and the arrogance undergirding it.
  22. Magomedov looks fantastic. Curious to see if Fix keeps up his attacking approach in the final
  23. Fix, wow...great performance, no matter how "watered down" you think this is. He's destroying olympians.
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