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  1. The Finn beats Georgiev of Bulgaria in somewhat of an upset in the other quarter in Coon's bracket, so that's who he'll have with a win. I would have leaned toward Ramonov or Kuchmii beating Coon, but he looked stout in round 1 and I'm starting to like his chances overall much more.
  2. Another tidbit: Georgia, Iran, and Russia are still alive to become the only nations with all 6 Greco weights full for Tokyo. Georgia needs to fill both 60 and 77 and is alive in the quarters in both. Iran and Russia are both missing 87kg and they're both alive in the quarterfinals. If they win, they'll face each other in the semi's to see who gets that full-team honor.
  3. I was looking back at Ramonov of Kyrgyzstan. That's arguably Coon's best win since his silver medal run. At 2019 worlds, Ramonov lost only 6-4 to perpetual gold/silver Pino of Cuba and then 3-1 to perpetual silver/bronze Nabi of Estonia in the repechage.
  4. Mat C has had some much slower matches the last hour...probably more like 8:15 for Coon's quarterfinal
  5. I realize it's been discussed ad nauseam on these boards, but I agree with many others that the evolution of offseason youth training toward mostly folk style has snuffed out any chance at us being strong in Greco for the foreseeable future. Folk still translates well enough to freestyle and kids are still doing enough free that we maintain a good level. But no one's doing greco young and the transfer of skills isnt nearly as intuitive if you get into it later.
  6. Did you see the Algerian right before that match too? Geez. No idea how he made 77.
  7. I wouldn't say he was getting into that situation from having his head low. That was clearly the Turk's go-to set up. He'd feign underneath setups and jump into that position again and again. And it was a tough, heavy position. More than anything, that seemed to be what wore Porter down and led to the unnecessary risk at the end of the 1st.
  8. Porter falls 7-0 to a very tough Turk that's a former world medalist and U23 world champion. He made some things interesting in the first period but seemed to be getting a little impatient down 1-0 and went for a big lateral that sent him to his own back. That was the match. The Turk's only other points were the automatic Greco 1 for a passivity caution and a last second 2 when Porter was flailing trying to make something happen. Matches on all mats have been averaging about 7 minutes and we're 12 matches from Coon's quarterfinal on Mat C, so I'd guess that will happen a little before 8am ET.
  9. I've praised his reinvention toward match control, tactics, and situational awareness on multiple threads. That said, saying the pendulum swung too far yesterday is a fair criticism. There was generally a pattern of a laissez-faire attitude toward stepouts and an apparent approach of opening up in the last minute that could have started a minute earlier. Saying he didnt give it everything is stupid, but I'm sure he'd say he could have handled things with better awareness.
  10. @bnwtwg I guess I was too subtle with my silliness since you took it as serious and two others liked your comment or agreed with it.
  11. Definitely 6. We have 5 in men's freestyle, all 6 in women's, and 4 in Greco with Porter and Coon taking their shots tomorrow to increase that last number.
  12. Sidenote..i dont get why Andreu Ortega didnt wrestle for bronze at 57. If Japan pulls out of the olympics, he's in.
  13. Fully on board with this request..please give us more.
  14. Yes. People are talking about the poorly executed between-days weight management at OTTs (and apparently in this case)
  15. We should have sent the OTT version of JO...the one where he fought for every inch, battled from the first whistle, and saved just the right amount in the tank for late-match action. The pendulum from all-attack to ultra-conservative swung too far today and he eventually paid
  16. Only possibility becomes Destribats testing positive or Argentina dropping out of the Olympics
  17. This backfill process is exactly why smart nations will take tomorrow's repechage and bronze matches very seriously
  18. Those two scenarios are exactly how UWW handled it last Olympics and have handled bid licenses affected by doping this cycle too (some have already been backfilled, thus confirming the use of the same process)
  19. He obviously lost to a guy who would be near the top of the depth chart if he were still in Russia
  20. Amine at 86 and Micic at 57 definitely have a real chance. Micic came within 1 point twice at last worlds and Amine has beaten everyone of note at 86 outside of the big 3 (Yazdani/Taylor/Russia). Russia obviously has more medal contending exports than we do if that's your point, but the guys that jump to other nations for us are generally really competitive even if they're not top 10 for us domestically.
  21. He definitely looked tired the last 2 minutes after two nail biters back to back in such short order. Glad he'll get a few hours here before the next one so he can start on more equal footing. Don't forget Ogannesyan won by forfeit in the 2nd round and had 4 hours to sit around waiting for this match.
  22. It's the new JO, coach. The old JO has a 6-0 lead after one minute and loses 18-8. I'll take this version. One more, baby!
  23. Mukhtarov's been around. Not a transfer as far as I know. He's athletic and has kept some big opponents close-ish before. But this is by far his biggest win. David Habat can absolutely beat him next round and head to the semi's as a clear favorite to steal an olympic berth
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